MANN - Amsterdam Lyrics

[Pre-Hook: Mann]
Rollin Up, Rollin Up Hey
Rollin Up, Rollin Up Westside
Rollin Up, Rollin Up Hey
Rollin Up, Rollin Up Eastside
Rollin Up, Rollin Up Hey
Rollin up, Rollin UP Southside
Rollin Up, Rollin Up ...

[Hook: Mann]
I gotta bad bitch on my team
Making money I'm doing my thing
I'm the Man, I'm the Man and
I'm smoking weed in Amsterdam
I'm all that and a dub sack
Up all night just counted my racks
I'm the Man, I'm the Man and
I'm smoking weed in Amsterdam

[Verse:1 Mann]
Traveling across the globe
Life, Sex Drugs and Rock N Roll
First question when we stop is "Who got's the Dro"
Cause you know the youngin' got to smoke
Something proper though
Retro west coast flow for 'em
Had my first driving lessons at the Forum
Niggas envy. Ladies adore him
Everybody want to be friendly
Once they see that he on, on
On some different shit
No dirty Money, Nall Homie my shit legit
Kickin' raps making racks to spit lyrics
Man I went over seas and hit a lick
Do you want to know how much I'm making in pounds?
Man I'm breaking it down. They not making a sound
They was hating back then, They ain't saying shit now
Because I'm in Amsterdam, and blazing it down, Owww


Double brought me over, Chase and J came with me
Got Steve lifted in the Red light District
I love my life nigga, wish that all of yall could live it
Record label budgets, Black Cards, no limits
Far from where I started but I don't feel different
Ain't shit change this should of always been my image
Young Nigga Getting it, just a young nigga getting it
That's who I was when I started thats who I'll be until I finish
Everybody I fuck with got to be Bout it
VIP section crowded and cloudy
Rolling up that loud, repping the Dannon Proudly
Smoking weed in Amsterdam where they found me


[Post Hook]

[Verse 3: Dj Quik]
A day in the Life of my main nigga Mann
Put Dj Quik on your mixtape and you can fuck up the land
Compton is the Brand, West LA got them strands of kush
That keep you walking west to see the fish in the sand
Something bout the coast, makes me want to boast
Lets do it like Julius Ceasar with Champagne and roast
White grapes and some cheese, this shit is a breeze
I'll read Jet Magazine while I check that Green
Now whats your motivation if you got no passport
Whats the situation if your bumming a newport
Sugar Free help me introduce them to new sports
Get them out the country get these niggas on a new course

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MANN Amsterdam Comments
  1. Dion Vincent Commandeur

    Amsterdam triple X my city

  2. Klenk

    Glad I found this again after 6 years


    Still Jammin in the One sev

  4. hames jarden

    Alltime Classic

  5. Christine Dunkin

    Cool like that

  6. ha charlie

    like. amazing

  7. TheReblz

    great track love cardo beats

  8. Petar Jovicevic

    I smoked weed in Amsterdam!

  9. Daniel van der vaart

    that's not true. it is still allowed. also people from other countries are allowed to smoke grass in amsterdam. only the rest of the netherlands is affected

  10. Cosmic Traveler

    this is myyyy shi !!!

  11. qucee84

    say what....who cares what weed ist the strongest. I've smoked weed in europe (amsterdam & switzerland my friends!), and i got stoned like sh!t. I've smoked weed in the states (North Cali my friends), and i got stoned like sh!t. I have even smoked weed in canada (Vansterdam & Montreal my friends), and i got stoned like sh!t. It doesn't matter where your ganja's from. It's only important that it get's you high as sh!t....stay high my friends! peace

  12. Eddie Sakamura

    u obviously never were in europe.... but i already was in san diego. the weed in europe is very much stronger!!!!! but i like american weed more.... its more natural.

  13. writelearnlead

    I love how the beat changes when Quik spits.

  14. mjudge111

    not necessarily California has some of the best bud the world has to offer for example their afghan is grown on the same latitude as it is in Afghanistan some and I have been to both Amsterdam and Cali

    do your homework

  15. writelearnlead

    Amsterdam is no longer the location for weed smokers. Weed sold to foreigners (non-Dutch) is being banned in the Netherlands. This may be one of the last times you'll hear an American rap/sing about the joys of weed in that country. SMH.

  16. Mr SammyB

    but can yall please explain y in america ppl be rolling weed up in a paper skin with no backi that shit dont burn why dnt u buy wraps and can someone tell me what a ten bag weighs up like in the states cos over here its like .9 nw which sucks a blunt is a fukin luxury nw compare 2 like 3 years ago when i could pick up a 8th roll up a nice blunt and still have bare weed left the dealers nt putting the deal in there dealing.

  17. Mr SammyB

    im loving this shit wasnt sure wat 2 make off mann but this something 2 blaze 2 besides its got quik in it but not in the vid.

  18. Yout00ber1

    I don't hear it.

  19. Karl Dillon

    this songs got so much good flow

  20. ganjah farmer

    the largest joint i ever smoked ^^

  21. Eddie Sakamura

    european weed is 5000000 stronger than us weed.

  22. emce rutek

    he thinks he's the man smoking weed in amsterdam damn i'm going to say this to Peja - SLU GANG TERRORYM !

  23. Cope2KDS

    love for my city! I wanna die there

  24. South London Notorious

    If anything he sounds like the like skinned Chris from Kriss kross (in this song)

  25. Jenna Ronk

    I like it...

  26. djeragon07

    ReSpEcT from italy

  27. emce rutek

    0:30 it should be hey what's up ppl greeting from U.S

  28. emce rutek

    go quick hate him for that

  29. Alexandre Oliveira

    lyrics please

  30. tripleb4life

    Not mine ;), but i understand

  31. KemalKemoi

    he sounds a bit like Warren G

  32. KemalKemoi

    hmmmm i think it says in the title who produced this. you welcome

  33. Lover Lover Player Boy

    Throw Boom on there... that's on my page - it's a smoker's song

  34. chopsticks and knives

    quik produced this????

  35. levent ersoy

    aaai jatochjatochjatoch

  36. Chbuye

    make sure u check out babylon coffeeshop

  37. Chbuye

    thats ma city all day bitch!! northside bby

  38. C Ryan

    one of his best

  39. Joe Dreamz

    Love to see dj quik still doin his shit after all these years lol

  40. I-CLICK TV

    We put this on

  41. tripleb4life

    every black mans dream to smoke Amsterdam weed

  42. Yxng187

    3:05 <3 . <3

  43. RHHH

    where da dj quik

  44. Ineed Kush

    lol i live in holland if im correct he made this clip like 2 3 weeks back cuz i was watching scary movie that day xD

  45. Ineed Kush

    well he posted it himself so yea

  46. IntelligenceG5

    haha that's amsterdam im goin there the day after tomorrow

  47. Doug

    shiiit third view - FRANKDOUGLASENT