Manilow, Barry - In This World Lyrics

How have I found you?
How in the world?
Now that I've found you
You are my world
In these times that keep us guessing
You're my answer and my blessing
Pretty damn amazing, given
This peculiar world we live in

In this world
That's lost all its reason
At last there's a reason
For hope in my heart
In this world
Unsure of its future
So sure of you
I say, let the future start!
In this world
That's yearning for someone
To answer the call
From out of the blue
In this world
I prayed there would come one
Magnificent someone
Someone like you

In this world
That's lost all its reason
At last there's a reason
For hope in our hearts
In this world unsure of its future
Somehow with you
I'm sure where the future starts
In this world
That's yearning for someone
To answer the call
From out of the blue
In this world
I prayed there would come one
Magnificent someone
Someone like you

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Manilow, Barry In This World Comments
  1. David Dobrow

    I'll Get You Pussyface.-Beverly Sutphin

  2. jackslater230011

    Serial Mom.........

  3. Catherine Jackson

    Theme song from movie serial mom.

  4. Brandon Johnson

    When I drive to Baltimore, I think of this song from Serial Mom lol

  5. Obie drier

    Good kick line song

  6. rosie t

    Whenever I feel down this is a great mood lifter 😀😀😀

  7. Alexandra Amaira

    Love it ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  8. MrJacobrabbit

    Congrats on wedding to his guy

  9. Kimerie Tate

    I was born in 1970, and this was MY SHIT.I'm Black, from Memphis, TN, and my mom WORE THIS 8-TRACK OUT.This was THE JAM, and it's PERFECT FOR DOING THE CARLTON DANCE.

  10. Tombo Vitale

    Serial mom brought me here was a funny movie

  11. Tombo Vitale

    Kathleen Turner brought me here for her role as serial mom. She was awesome in that movie.

  12. Людмила Филатова

    Just the best =)

  13. Boogey On!

    Almost sounds like he's singing about "date rape".

  14. Norah Newman

    Two words. folks: "Serial Mom"  LOL!!!!  I love this song. thumbs up

  15. Tombo Vitale

    You can't wear white shoes after Labor Day she applies that's not true anymore then yes it is didn't your mother ever tell you boom please fashion has changed no it hasn't you're dead then Suzanne Somers looks at her like you are a murderer and that was the end great movie with a great ending song

  16. Tombo Vitale

    Forgot that cereal is spelled serial mom

  17. Tombo Vitale

    Cereal Mom great funny silly movie. Kathleen Turner is a great actress she was so cool n funny in Cereal Mom. This was the ending song of the movie. Great song Barry Manilow rocks

  18. Mark Curtis

    Does Barry Manilow know that you raid his wardrobe?

  19. evelina perez

    cuando sera el dia que venga a CHILE?????

  20. Di Láo 07

    Ouço essas músicas do Barry desde a década de 80,anos incríveis da música Mundial

  21. Armando Albano

    I Used To Skate To This Song In Maine with My Beautiful Girlfriend Debbie And When
    We Skated It Was Magic I Could Not Even Start To Imagine!!! My Whole Body Went Into
    Overdrive!!! I Started To Cry My Heart Out Because Debbie was In Front Of Me!! She Would
    cry Too Because The Love And magic was So Strong Between Us!!! Even Now i Still Cry and
    i HEAR her Talking to Me Songs Like These Make Life Just So Special!!!

  22. evelina perez


  23. evelina perez


  24. Loveliness DePinto

    September 5, 2017. Dear Ashley, It's "insanity" writing, who is also known as the Empress Great White Elder lady padme grace loveliness hanzo master truth. I'm insane in my mournful lonely sadness. I am a great teacher. You..... name your punishment..... see a listener. I need Finnick right now!!!!!!! I AM INSANE, AND I HATE ALEXANDER!!!! I am sorry, universe, that I said the word, hate.... publically. There is sorrow humans don't know about.

  25. Declan Hollingworth

    date rape

  26. BuzzT Music

    Who don't like daybreaks?! :D

  27. joycegodwingrubbs

    My son and his daughter just danced to this for their Father Daughter dance at her wedding. Both love this song. 2 generations............

  28. Jaki F

    Barry has the most beautiful singing voice with that wonderful New York twang that makes him so endearing to millions.

  29. Frisky Bottomsuuater

    Date rape, if you wanna believe,
    It can be date rape.
    Aint no time to breath, said its date rape,
    If you only believe and let it shine!

  30. the fabulous Greenbean

    singin to the world.
    everybody's caught in the spin.
    look at where we've been

  31. Ana Trevino

    I'm so happy I could shit!

  32. Marty Emmons

    Barry Manilow understands what it takes to get happy. I can tell by listening to this song!

  33. Jerry Smith

    Beverly Sutphin for president.

    Willie Gordon

    Jerry Smith Who the fuck is that?

    David Ritchie

    Beverly Sutphin is a character played by Kathleen Turner in the John Walters film 'Serial Mom'. 'Daybreak' is her 'tune' in the film.

  34. Marco Darko

    Sing it to the world! Or sing it in your car as you're chased by the police, either way it's great!

  35. beatrice schneider

    great song and great pictures👍👍👍

  36. vegaslover777

    Like it!

  37. Michael Branham

    40 yrs later and this song still makes me smile

  38. Bill Tolles


  39. Shawna Jackson

    one of my favorite BM songs, even when you're in a bad/sad mood this song makes me smile

  40. terence sommer

    This is the song from Serial Mom.

  41. jason quartin

    great song

  42. nelson iervolino

    questa è la musica che rivitalizza i miei anima lunghezze Barry Manilow.

  43. Dalva Suely

    Amo Barry e suas musicas! Elas me fascinam com sua voz deslumbrante! Parabens Barry! Deus te abençoe! 😍😚😚

  44. Jaki F

    Another magical song from the world's greatest live entertainer. Simply magnificent.

  45. carlos Renato

    velhos tempos, muito bom.

  46. StrongEnough78

    I love you Serial Mom!

  47. Fabricio Macchio

    Serial Mom!!!!!!

  48. 福田栄昌


  49. Ashton Forsythe

    Joshuawynne is a good girl homework nice woman

  50. Ashton Forsythe

    Asthon you broke my I pod

  51. Ashton Forsythe

    Very good sorry bad Joshuawynne

  52. Kenneth Herrick Spencer Collins

    I love Barry. My mom used to sing his songs to me when I was a baby.

  53. Ashlew Van Vurst

    I like the concert version



  55. Oscar Quant

    thank you so much for sharing this!!👍👍

  56. Bob Laubach

    The only serial I know anything about are Rice Krispies..

    michelle rosemarie flynn

    +Bob Laubach Right on Bob !

    Darren pat


    Tube Socks Brigade

    @mistersurrealist PUSSY willows, Dottie!!

  57. nayibi

    Serial mom brought me here lmao

  58. MonkeeJuice


  59. C. A. Thompson

    Admit it, Serial Mom brought you here.


    +michelle rosemarie flynn It's a film by John Waters

    michelle rosemarie flynn

    so what ! does that mean I can't enjoy it ?

    Steffen V. Vogel

    You are right!

    Jacob Kent

    Yes lol

    Unknown 1081

    And her husband is Jack McCoy (aka Sam Waterston) from Law and Order, her daughter is the original Tracy Turnblad, and her son is Stu from Scream, of all things...

  60. Kadisha Akbar

    I love this song and I'm 13 lol

    Walter Jeffery

    +Kadisha Akbar REALLY?!?! I played as a session musician for MANY Manilow recording and in fact THIS SONG! It was recorded in 1976. A LONG time ago! Good music indeed!

    Kadisha Akbar

    mistersurrealist Serial Mom is the reason I love this song, I'm now 15 years old lol

    Kadisha Akbar

    mistersurrealist I love John Waters and his films


    Like it matters. lmao

    B L

    I fell in love with him when I was 13 in 1978 and he’s still my fave

  61. torben lyneborg eriksen

    King of romance.

  62. Christa 2000

    I cannot understand some of the comments! So stupid! Clean your ears or shut up! 

  63. Colbzi Garrett

    Are those pussy willows?

  64. diane189444

    One of the best song writers, singers, ever.   He is so talented.  I adore him and all his music. 

    Pauley Pavillion

    it is...I play this song as well as good morning starshine whenever I get the chance to see the sunrise on our planet and watch the sun rise and feel the sun rays beam on us earth creatures.

    Rudolf Trost

    Join the club.

    Ange Ange

    HE IS THE BEST. Still going hot and strong!!!!! GORGEOUS 💜💜💜💜💜🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷💜💜💜💜💜


    Poorr americans so isolated even in the age of YouTube.

  65. diane189444

    Love this song :)

  66. hikingdruid

    Beautiful song AND lovely video! Thanks!!! if you'll only believe... let it shine, shine, shine....all around the world!!! Love to you!


    Thankyou hikingdruid.  5 years since I put this on here and still it's viewed and listened to. I did have another BM song on, but somebody complained that they owned the rights, so it was taken off regardless that it wasn't Barry.....Keep smiling!

    ree ree

    Thank you for all the songs, so many memories with barry's songs.

  67. Caz PK

    Thanks v much for the upload - beautiful photos and song.

  68. Laura Stone

    LOVE Daybreak!  Barry knows how to make me smile!

    Sydney Greentree

    you pervert

  69. Dad Ronald

    Salamanca NY, late 70's sometime, 5th grade-ish, music class takes us to the local radio station (amazing we had one), TO SING THIS SONG !!! There were maybe 7 of us girls and boys...this is why I YouTubed this video 40+ years later !!!

  70. Stand andDeliver

    Never really a fan of his, or anyone else's romantic "l love you shyte, but I've always loved the message and positivity of this one since I was a wee child

  71. Cassi Spencer

    Serial Mom brought me here Like if serial mom brought YOU! here

    phil janovick

    Cassi Spencer lmfao..... 1994 Kathleen Turner..... love it.... :-)

    Jody Wilke

    No--Barry Manilow brought me here, NOT some stupid movie!!😒💒

  72. More than words

    serial mom with catleen turner brings me here :)

  73. Jimmy8317

    Serial mom brought me hear

  74. eric hill

    Happy Birthday, Mr. Barry!!! I love this song! It's one of my favorite songs by him!

  75. Ed Esteban

    these people will never be perfect

  76. Ed Esteban

    only 15 in the office

  77. discosoul trent

    that funny!!

  78. mac mckenzie

    thought he was saying "date rape" at first. great song though

  79. Russell Thompson

    I love this song and his incredible voice!

  80. Adam Watson

    Thumbs up if you only like this song cause you heard it on Serial Mom!!!

  81. nowatout

    thank God for my music teacher Mrs Tobin for hipping me to this song in the 4th grade 1974..I loved this song ever since..wherever you are in this world I wish you well and thanks for opening my mind and eyes to the wonderful world of music, its taken me out of the ghetto

  82. Michelle S

    Love this

  83. Gustavo Aguayo Cantellano

    ¡Qué bonita canción!

  84. Charmander74

    Serial Mom !

  85. diane189444

    I love this video and the photos I sub's thank you Hugs

  86. Kurt Jones

    Pussywillows Dotty.

  87. James Smith

    I love this song thanks to serial mom haha! One of the best movies ever!

  88. Sandy hernandez

    hope u feel better

  89. shellyco74

    My 18 yr old son left today for boot camp for 5 mos for the Army.And I'm having a really hard time with him leaving and this song just makes me happy and I really need that now.So thank you for the download

  90. moviefannnnnn

    Serial Mom brought me here.

  91. Mister Sarajevo

    I only came here because of "Serial Mom." Eventhough this song is a typical piece of shit from that no talent ass hat by the name of Barry Manilow.

  92. Hasan Can Yildirim

    Beverly Suthpin aka Serial mom! :D

  93. 민서

    not really my style but well..
    -.- still good??

  94. msred boot

    how could anyone dislike this song, its perfect!

  95. MonkeeJuice

    Serial Mom brought me here!

  96. diane189444

    Great photo's it's day break right now here in Pa and this song is perfect. :) Great video

  97. diane189444

    I love this and all his songs thank you. Gotta share :) :) Hugs

  98. diane189444

    Great video he is a great singer a real singer Hugs

  99. calalilygirl

    Song makes you feel great.