Manilow, Barry - And What Do You See? Lyrics

Every day
As I sit and stare through my window
I look out
At a world that's tearing apart
This is what I see
And what do you see?

Time goes by
And the times get worse
Through my window
Still I watch
As the madness darkens the heart
This is what I see.
And what do you see?

Tell me how do we live in a world
That is crumbling away
And be happy
As we are today?

Still I watch
As I pin my hopes on the future
Still I wait
Wond'ring what in heaven will be
Is this an ending
Or a beginning
That I see?
And what do you see?

And at times it appears that our happiness
Hangs by a thread
Can we hold on
Through what lies ahead?

People say
I should turn away
From the window
All the worry
In all the world doesn't pay
And still I wonder
What kind of future
Starts this way?
For you...
And me...
And what do you see?

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Manilow, Barry And What Do You See? Comments
  1. Sebastián michaelis

    Siempre que escucho esta canción me viene hellboy a la mente xD

  2. Nueng thanakit

    เด็กหลงยุคครับ XD
    love this song <3

  3. b km

    Give me the f_#&king beer now

  4. Boy Kulot

    I don't care if youngsters don't listen to this except me. I love this and will love this like forever

  5. Hanji _

    He can laugh he can sing,he feels happy when Im sad

  6. Hanji _

    but he can smile without me

  7. stef meier

    last christmas

  8. Johana Navarro

    Me recuerda a mi crush 😿

  9. Joe Crazy

    Write "Yes I Can" if you can sing Last Christmas to this.

  10. brigitte george

    Such a beautiful song.

  11. Nadia López

    With this song I remember and cry to my dog ​​who died 3 months ago 😢😢😭😭

  12. Blake garner

    Hellboy bought me here

  13. Iwut Here.



    Lovee hellboy, make me like this music! 😍😍😍😍😍


    Acho top essa música

  16. Joey K.

    So this is the song that inspired George Michael to write Last Christmas👍

    Joey K.

    @Maialeni 34 I didn't understand why you say no ....just inform why G.M. payed for this ...

  17. huy trinh gia


  18. fulldragonball dragón ball super héroes


  19. Camila Muñoz

    I listen to this song every time I'm angry or frustrated so I can calm myself

  20. James Blayney

    light years away :(

  21. Davina Stanton

    Stacey my dearest daughter, please get in touch sweetheart. I don't know where you are. 😢
    Heartbroken darling. Love you, Mam. X 😢💔

  22. てっちゃん


  23. てっちゃん


  24. Rolando Cosme

    Sos un crack

  25. Beru Beru

    Hellboy II as always


    yep im gonna need a beer to

  27. Andrea Pelayo


  28. Morgane PRAIRE

    🎶🥰 Love, love, love ...

  29. Nicole Kokoczambo

    wiem, mi też się bardzo podoba.

  30. Random Elvis

    Try singing “Last Christmas “ to this 🎄👍

    Andrea Pelayo

    Dammm 🤦 🤣

  31. Stefan M

    Salut Parascheva!

  32. Terri Mobley

    He was so fun and positive in the 70s. One of my faves! Now he's just mean and bitter and caustic..
    TDS bad. 😣

  33. PANAGO

    You know I can't smile without you
    I can't smile without you I can't laugh and I can't sing
    I'm finding it hard to do anything
    You see I feel sad when you're sad
    I feel glad when you're glad

    If you only knew what I'm going through
    I just can't smile without you
    You came along just like a song
    And brighten my day
    Who would have believed that you where part of a dream
    Now it all seems light years away
    And now you know I can't smile without you
    I can't smile without you
    I can't laugh and I can't sing
    I'm finding it hard to do anything
    You see I feel sad when your sad
    I feel glad when you're glad
    If you only knew what I'm going through
    I just can't smile
    Now some people say happiness takes so very long to find
    Well, I'm finding it hard leaving your love behind me
    And you see I can't smile without you
    I can't smile without you
    I can't laugh and I can't sing
    I'm finding it hard to do anything
    You see I feel glad when you're glad
    I feel sad when you're sad TOTTENHAM

    If you only knew what I'm going through
    I just can't smile without you

  34. Juana Del Carmen Vasquez Rivera

    Hellboy 2


    Starsky and Hutch anyone?

  36. Ulises Gallo

    La amoooo

  37. O Sargento

    Hellboy ! Kkkkkkk

  38. Phát Hồng

    Hellboy brought me here

  39. Leyla Abituriyent

    Anyone from 2019 for hellboy 2?

  40. ขนบ วรเวชธนกุล

    The song in my mind

  41. Verio Oktanema F

    November 2019

  42. Angie uwu

    me lo dedicó mi novio🤧💖💖💖💖

  43. nOcas

    This song makes me feel so f****g happy idk how to explain

  44. Matt In Full Vision

    Tottenham till die, can't smile without you Tottenham Hotspur

  45. film017forever

    Last Christmas,
    I gave you my--
    OOPS, wrong lyrics.

  46. Harry Donnelly


  47. Husan Gaming

    IT Almost 2020 :)

  48. Husan Gaming

    HELLBOY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2019 -2020

  49. Christopher Parish

    Had a dream about my mom who passed away. (I was 13)

    (I was my current self in the dream) I walked up to a vehicle in the middle of traffic jam on a rainy day.

    My mother was singing along to this song on the radio smiling and I looked closer and I seen my 8 year old self in the passenger seat.

    (I had never heard this song in my life untill the dream) I woke up and looked it up.

    Cried for 30 minutes straight. Im 29 years old this November 2019.

  50. Devi Mutiara Sani


  51. Desolator 0690

    2019 anyone??? There are a lot of new songs each year but I always come back to these types of songs to freshen up my mind after a hard day's work...
    Works every time... Old but gold is an understatement...
    More like Historical but Eternal...

  52. bangyoga

    11/10/2005 smile 05/11/2019

  53. sandra velis

    Hellboy 2 apenas la termino de ver. prefiero ver mil veces esa a ver la tres

  54. Anjay Bisabed

    Who watched this after watching Hellboy film? Raise your hand

    Wally Wheezer

    Welcome to the club!

  55. Mohamed Atef

    Nice song.

  56. hüseyin aktepe

    hey barry onsuz gülümsemeden nasıl yaşarım ki

  57. Mohammed Hamzah

    I wish father was here he'd know what to tell you.. Us.

  58. melanie tsukino

    My favorite song ❤

  59. montse xena

    es como un bálsamo para el alma.

  60. Pak Lang

    HellBoy II brought me here...

  61. Gustavo Henrique

    Hellboy 2 😍

  62. Rick Mays

    To that special someone out there!!!!!

  63. Luis Alberto Sosa Penedo



    I can't smile without you my LOVE

  65. Lilly Schubert

    Last Christmas Melody?

  66. Pee Geezee

    When you meet a girl at work you can live without.

  67. Julia Kosecka

    I am from Poland, small country with great traditions far away from USA. Now I can listen to this music in almost free country. This song is really beautiful, it makes me very.....

  68. JústinMixX Perú

    someone in this 2019

  69. Digo Romeo

    my ex give me this song... when we still together... we dance all the night long... then i realize how happy am i that day and this song just like a ghost in my head

  70. yankarla vc

    I can't smile without you....

  71. Ben


  72. narongsak Wuttiaekanun


  73. hapit hidayat3232

    2019 ? Stil here ?

  74. Christian Rivera

    I came here after hearing Sleeping At Last's version, and damn, both are very good, different arrangements but they sound perfect to each artist :D

  75. Sqwee

    I love this song when I was kid and still love it till now. I feel old. 🤭💗

  76. Javier Castro

    Saludos desde Fresno CA..

  77. LuLy OL!!

    That one could be on the new joker ending credits

  78. Sira Burton

    this is stupid but every time that i hear this song in some point i say "i can't shit without you".
    ok, i ruined the song.

  79. Michael Kintobor

    Hellboy 2 anyone?

  80. Kowalsky Oswald

    Yeah, i feel glad when your sad..
    i feel sad when your glad...

  81. smokethug13

    Hellboy? please... Starsky & Hutch...

  82. Can Da


  83. mohd firdaus

    hellboy bring me here

  84. Quang Thuy Le

    Love this song 0~0

  85. Dele Alli

    THFC 💙

  86. chuyot poonsombutlert

    so beautiful song , i luv

  87. Harriet J.

    Draco :Can't smile without Harry ♥ ~~

  88. Detlef Huppmann

    I still sit here and have Tears in my Eys. I Think some Beers will help me. To all the lovers in the World. Dave from Germany

  89. Marilane Bastos

    i love this song

  90. Kat Cymru

    Who doesn't love this?

  91. jcorona0791

    I grew up with this song ,and never liked it. Until recently because of the love of my life.

  92. Francisco Simón Saavedra

    This song does not appear in "Joker" but when leaving the cinema, this sounded in my head.

  93. Panda Ti Ti

    The Golden Army bring me here .3 oct 2019

    Alexander Blackmore

    HBO? 😂

    jason fidler

    Damn movie and song made me realize that I'm in love too and now I am here too. 😎👍

  94. Wan Nazreen

    Abe and Hellboy bring me here

  95. Mario Josué Méndez Vargas

    Hellboy 2

  96. Compumundo Hypermegared

    < como cuando el hellboy queria hacer kgar pa dentro a la chica de las nalgas ardientes :v