Mandy Moore - Ladies Choice Lyrics

You did everything
I asked you not to
Look where it got you
I'm sure
You heard it before
How could you?
Baby, why would you?

Goodbye, sweetheart
Countdown started
Words are heavy
But I'm far from broken hearted
Goodbye stranger
I'll take the fall
Lies were tempting
You know you never really threw me off at all
Go ahead
Waste your time
Count me out
Take your place at the end of the line
Raise a glass
No surprise
Here's to us at the end of the line (oh)
Here's to us at the end of the line

I'll miss the version of you
Who loved me
And all that they don't see
You said you could be good
Somehow you're guilty
And you're not even sorry


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Mandy Moore Ladies Choice Comments
  1. randy Baker

    good toon four shore mandy is won of tje best off all time

    randy Baker

    i mesage mamdny a lot. she hasnot respdonded yet shes provuvly wateing un til she has time too tock she is bisy

    Party Town

    randy Baker she gets thousands of messages from her fans a day. So the chances of her seeing your messages is basically zero.

    randy Baker

    paotyrw tpown . not ture . hoo else mesujes her then/??>../, ?? nowons toled u that buddy not true . bet u shore haeveint u say shes bad! nice try pal . i win .

    Party Town

    randy Baker nigga, her thousands of fans message her? You act like you’re the first person to ever message her💀 you clearly don’t know how celebrities work.

  2. Amanda Lopes

    Amazing. Love you Mandy ❤

  3. randy Baker

    rfrigin awesom cunsistinly good frigin unreel lejind mandy more now foureve r!

    randy Baker

    lejind just like randy b

    Party Town

    randy Baker You’re not a legend. And you never will be. But whoever the fuck Mandy Moore is probably is a legend.

  4. John Ling

    John ling

  5. Jesus Ramirez

    Mandy forever since 1996 now 2019

  6. Jhon Player

  7. Raju Zala


  8. probal Saikia

    I have just watch your movie "a walk to remember" it was very natural and beautiful. I saw you in the movie singing and it was really awesome and that's the reason I came here. But that's not the only reason I came here.
    The perfect reason is that you are very beautiful.
    If the word beautiful got life even it would be very jealous for you.

  9. Jess’ Life

    Why is sheriff Callie cancelled

  10. sophiafariasツ

    Dear Lord you are so underrated (other than you voicing Rapnuzel) you have such a beautiful voice and i aboustley adore you i wish i could meet you i wish i could meet you the first time.i saw you was in Princess Diaries and u hated you but now i realize you are one of my idols
    -n artist

  11. Isabelle Charyse

    What an amazing voice! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  12. Forever x


  13. E Trotter

    So pretty mandz!

  14. devirk

    a walk to remember star with this less views
    fuck taylor, nicki, ariana, ellie......... demi
    only due to her i like Ronda Rousie

  15. Adamost

    I am imagining Rapunzel singing this

    Sarah Parker Bowman

    Adamost me too haha

    randy Baker

    hoo rupunzel

    Party Town

    randy Baker if you don’t know, then go away, tf💀

    randy Baker

    prroroen. if u dont like it then leavre! not drigin hard too grasp buddy

    Party Town

    randy Baker Who said I didn’t like it?

  16. Dani -Se

    Eu ficava pedindo pra ela voltar a cantar e só agora fui ver que ela voltou kkkk ainnn meu sonho

    Wig Snatcher

    Pena que flopou 😐 esse vídeo não tem nem 20 comentários

    Débora Rapacci

    @Wig Snatcher pois é kkkkkkkkkkk

    Wellington Tongh

    nao voltou nao ! eu sou intimo da Amanda Mandy e sei de tudo da familia Moore e conheço pessoalmente .

  17. stephen horn

    she is so very beautiful just like her very beautiful voice

    randy Baker

    yup ! ramndy like her to

  18. Arun Kumar

    Great song.And your voice is awesome

  19. Queen Jen Jen


  20. Jazzy Miriama

    Buying this whole album 😍💕