Mandy Moore - I Wanna Be With You Lyrics

I try but I can't seem to get myself to think of anything but you
Your breath on my face your warm, gentle kiss I taste the truth, I taste the truth
We know what I came here for
So I won't ask for more

I wanna be with you
If only for a night
To be the one who's in your arms to hold you tight
I wanna be with you
There's nothing more to say
There's nothing else I want more than to feel this way
I wanna be with you

So I'll hold you tonight like I would if you were mine to hold forevermore
And I'll savor each touch that I've wanted so much to feel before, to feel before
How beautiful it is
Just to be like this

I wanna be with you
If only for a night
To be the one who's in your arms to hold you tight
I wanna be with you
There's nothing more to say
There's nothing else I want more than to feel this way
I wanna be with you

Oh, baby
I can't fight this feeling anymore (anymore)
Drives me crazy when I try to
So call my name and take my hand
Can you make my wish, baby, your command (command)?

I wanna be with you
There's nothing more to say
There's nothing else I want more than to feel this way
I wanna be with you

Oh yeah
I wanna be with you
Wanna be with you, ooo, yeah
I wanna be, I wanna be

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Mandy Moore I Wanna Be With You Comments
  1. Jalilah Taratingan

    I suddenly miss my childhood days. I wanna cry. 😭


  2. Gian Saculsan

    She tryna be britney here?

  3. Johnnie Tupou

    Listening 11.01.2020 👌❤️

  4. Livid Ramen

    I used to be on the Message Board/Forum with other fans trying to promote this video on MTV/TRL. LOL. I LOVE THIS SONG & Mandy!! <3

  5. My Linh Luong

    sexy without "meat"

  6. BarryBoi

    Who's listening to this in year 2020

  7. minerva 6

    2020 ♥

  8. Khamy Ntsumy

    2020, is there anyone else?

  9. J daniel

    i eat is just this cause all very beauty girls was for others..

  10. Brian Leonell Gomez

    Somebody listening in January of 2020???

  11. GELA

    This song is so relaxing and so calm like the breezy sea.

  12. Ecko jhey Arias

    Who listening 2020 Mandy Moore 😊😊

  13. Ika Puspitasari

    One of my fav song on my playlist... January 5th 2020🥰

  14. B C

    Who's here April 2028?

  15. nisfatin ulia

    Januari 2020.

  16. James Jaramillo

    2020 anyone.

  17. smileyGal626

    Living in 2020 but YouTube recommendations be living in a different time zone hahaha

    At least it's a song I liked !

  18. Axelle Le Mouel

    2020 😅

  19. Cham Engrez


  20. 7Windy Cold

    2020 😃😃😃

  21. Andyta Restiana Dewi

    January, 2020

  22. Carlo Maramag

    Jan 3. 2020 ❤️

  23. Phoenix Echoes Audio

    Jan 2, 2020. Random flash in my head.

  24. John _Red_Corn

    Blonde mandy

  25. Stuart Little

    2020.and still my fave😘😘

  26. Chris Canberra

    It's fun going 20 years back. There's just some things from the past you never want to let go. Come to me Mandy

  27. NAFE210

    Who is listening on 2nd of January ?
    Quien escuchando esto el 2 de enero de 2020?

  28. Patricia F

    I love this movie Center Stage, when I hear this beautiful song that's what I think of.


    2020 anyone?

  30. Evan Luu

    Thia the girl from tangled?

  31. Christian Enciso

    Es una peli los videos de tras fondo? Que peli es?

  32. Adam Muhammad

    And happy new year Mandy Moore

  33. Adam Muhammad

    My name is Adam Muhammad I from Denton Texas in USA I am Islam when I was middle school of plainville u sing a song I want to be with you when I was 6 grade I love your music Mandy Moore and I love u Mandy Moore let be friends

  34. upham Valiente

    I wanna be with you ( quiero estar contigo)😢🌷

  35. R. Khansa

    Oh my gosh, i found this song #again

    Perfect song 4 perfect situation 🥰


    Alguien escuchando? 29/12/19🤪

  37. Leide Santos


  38. Dina rahmadina

    I knowvthis but my mom said dont sing it,coz im still junior high school on that time😘😍

    R. Khansa

    Dina rahmadina
    Wah ada org indo juga tnyata dsini

  39. Jordzyi1

    I wanna be with her.

  40. Shari Savedra

    Omg the memories associated with this song !!!! i just can’t

  41. Joseph North

    I found her Jimmy love always mcrandy

  42. Fatin Suhaimi

    Those boys are looking like BSB rite?

    R. Khansa

    Fatin Suhaimi
    Yg bner itu "right" bu
    Iya emag, mrip kya prsonil BsB yg tatoan itu, lupa spa namany, saking dah jadulny itu boyband

  43. Phyfelayne Castillo

    I am living place for listening

  44. Yus Hulu Langat

    Wait... What!!! Why now...

  45. Dephika Channel

    Aroma era 2000 an awal semerbak wangi di lagu ini...

  46. Tamera Calloway


  47. Jaypee Dela Rosa

    Maligayang pasko

  48. maria da gloria

    Eu queria entender ela canta bem mas precisa coloca uma baita de língua pra fora kkk

  49. Ippo M

    La mujer más linda que he visto en un vídeo musical. 😘😘😘😘😘

  50. siti khairiyah harahap

    Mirif Mieke Amalia

  51. Alana Ash

    Listening to this in december 2019 the end of a decade!

  52. Brandy Webb

    And how many times have you said that then turned around and laughed in my face, threaten my life, or remind me that im not enough for you. Sorry, your words dont equal to your actions.

  53. D Martinez

    Exactly how I feel whenever I miss my boyfriend

    the Beast

    There is always a way back to someone. Wether its giving them space or being more understanding or something else just try to figure out what it is.

    tirador ako

    Sure do u miss him

    D Martinez

    Whenever I can’t see him because of his work or an illness that’s when I pine for him

  54. Jordan Elizabeth

    She’s got such a sweet voice

  55. Evelin hdz

    she would be direct competition of brit. I don't know why I don't achieve so much success. This girl is very pretty and talented.

  56. slime seros


  57. Music

    Bellísima Mandy 🌷🦋🎶🌈✨

  58. Dannibee Hill

    Tough xx u look after my baby's xx

  59. felipe noyah

    My favorite track of the movie..... :)

  60. Beryl Nydia Novian

    Dec 2019 ☝️

  61. myyoutube youtubeofmy

    I am listening on 19Dec'19

  62. Bistorion

    I can't believe the 90's is gone because that's my era that I was born.

    S L

    The cycle will return.
    Make it happen soon.

  63. Mona Lisa Portugal

    2019 and I’m here. Yasss!

  64. Queen Selena

    hailee is that you ?

  65. Dream Travel

    Love you Mandy! <3

  66. snow flakes


  67. Rising Pheonix

    Mandy Moore's ass is so beautiful.

  68. the Beast

    😍😍 Such a powerful song got me through sad times

  69. Ua Lee

    Does anyone know what was the movie called?

    Joey Gomez

    Center Stage

    Joey Gomez

    she was not in it, just her song.

  70. sissy valentia

    Kangen lagu ini💜

  71. Brad Lee Butler

    Brad wanna be with Mandy Moore

  72. Danzkie mikkzz

    . first release the song 2000 but from now 2019 i'll descover this awesome song by mandy moore new favorate i wanna add to my playlist , 3songs in my phone "cry, only hope and this one i wanna be with you

  73. Mckinly Noel

    December 2019 and still here for this. Definitely missing those early 2000’s years 💕

  74. Megan Prim

    Since Mandy hates this album so much she should rerelease it with the songs that didnt make the cut to the album.... Along with the few new songs that were on this album....


    Every i listen this song ,,,i remember when i am falling in love for the first time on Junior high school...

  76. Yhang Muñoz

    love you forever idol MM😘

  77. Deangelo Brewster

    Am I the only black man who remember this I’m 28 years old now ❤️

  78. Mark Gunting

    December 2019? so nostalgic :<

  79. Guadalupe Lucio

    Love this song

  80. Dams Jas

    Always on my playlists. :)

  81. William yuji Ishikawa

    Olá aqui do Brasil, de um fã que ama todas as suas músicas. 😘

  82. Arlene Tejada

    I've watch this movie and its so good.....😍😍😍

  83. Nilam Biru

    l love 100000000x

  84. Gwendoline Paul

    I'm here Dec 2019...... #thosedays

  85. Benny Demson Sitorus

    Memories ....😢

  86. BRINE The Songwriting Extraordinary

    I needed this song tonight

  87. arman maukemana

    🤘 Desember 2019

  88. Nisa Ahmad

    this song stuck in my head for past couple days and I can't get rid instead i want to play it on repeat

  89. jay lawson

    I wish that i could hold Mandy Moore
    In my arm's and love her

    Danzkie mikkzz

    . same to you bro

    jay lawson

    Thank ya

  90. Sgt K.

    she's always being invited in every events. "Performance by: Tyler Swift, Dua Lipa, ........and Many Moore"

    jasmine sparks

    Sgt K. Tyler Swift 😂😂😂

  91. Gustavo Verón

    Who's listening in december 2019?

    Anastasia H

    Gustavo Verón me

    Alaiza Watan

    I'm here 😊

    Lucinda Moorghen-Cesar

    Im here

    shey mei

    My all time fave song 😌

    koko Junior

    This my fav in my school 20 year ago

  92. Jean Vhodka

    2019 and still sounds so good..old songs are better every now and then..remarkable in our hearts..

  93. isaac clark

    I worked at a bookstore once, during my break, I was staring at this girl, which is my crush...this song was played while im staring at her without blinking, it was a beautiful moment...

  94. Verr Yana

    Desember 2019💕💕💕💕