Mandy Moore - Fern Dell Lyrics

These are the thoughts that keep me up at night
I sleep with the dogs, all bark and no bite
In love with a fool, feasting for my eyes

Fern Dell, Fern Dell
I thought I knew you well

Follow the kicks and punches with the rest
Rearranged the furniture, hoping it would make more sense
But it didn't make a difference, it only made a bigger mess

Fern Dell, Fern Dell
I thought I knew you well

Here comes Malone fresh in from the cure
Slaughtered the sheep lined up on my windowsill
Something's gotta hold on me
Regrettably you never will

Fern Dell, Fern Dell
Oh, Fern Dell, Fern Dell
I thought I knew you well

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Mandy Moore Fern Dell Comments
  1. Maik Russa

    Can you share with me this record, I just loose my copy and I can´t find it its not in apple music, or itunes and I want to have the great CD


    This is old school song writing. Thank you Mandy Moore for taking a path different than Britney and Christina. I respect this!

  3. Shay Johnson

    I love this song, too. start to finish

  4. Rey Benkos

    really??? Oh God how lucky which city does she live in??

  5. Gabi Teixeira

    GOSH, did you ever seen Mandy?!? Alexander Hammond??

  6. kassiani

    the title is weird hahaha

  7. Tamro Kankava

    @lizzyvance but she is so popular isn't she ? I'm so glad she is very different singer than she was years ago ! !! Now she is a really good singer ! love her and i appreciate her growth in music !

  8. badtznikmaru

    I love Mandy!

  9. Liz de carlo

    Too bad she is so underrated. Oh well. Love her and she is one of my favorites.

  10. Fran Weng

    i love this song

  11. Fern Keeney

    my names fern :)... so she just added a dell.

  12. epicmeade

    it's funny you should mention that. because I live in hollywood and just last week I was walking up by the Griffith Park Observatory when I walked past a street called Fern Dell and I thought to myself "Oh, This must be where Mandy Moore lives and thats why she wrote that song". well, thats my theory at least , but it makes sense. it also makes sense because its a slightly upscale street in the hollywood hills which is where someone like mandy moore would live.

  13. bliz78obrien

    So, there was a Mandy in my class, I never called her Amanda, but knew it.

  14. Usman Tahir

    woooooooooww she ROKS


    Never really cared too much for Mandy Moore. But this song seriously impressed me. Way different than what I expected. In a good way. <3

  16. mdtolentino

    Can't wait for the new material!!!