Mandisa - Voicemail (Intro) Lyrics

Hey it's Manidsa, leave a message after the beep...

Hey Dis, it's Laura, just want you to know I'm thinking about you, I'm praying for you, and I love you, call me back

Hey Mandisa, this is Dan, just want to check in, see how you're doing
Just want you to know I'm praying for you, and um, I hope you're hanging in there. I'll talk to you soon

Hey Manidsa, Dave calling. Hey, I miss not hearing from you over the last several weeks, and I hope that you're alright
I wanna remind you that you're a daughter of the most high God, so give me a call when you get a chance. Love you, bye bye

Hey, good morning Di, just checking in again
I just really would love to know how you're doing, and um, just know that I'm praying for you,
and I really really really miss your friendship, but I know that you're walking through a dark time
I just don't want you to walk through it alone. So, um, I love you and I'll be here for you when you're ready to connect

It's me again. I just wanna say I know you're trying to push us away, um, but that's not gonna happen
You're my friend for life, I'm not going anywhere, and I'm gonna keep bugging you until I get you back

Mandisa, it's Chan. I'm knocking at your door right now, can you open the door and let me in if you're home?
Just wanted to check on you to make sure you're OK

End of messages...

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Mandisa Voicemail (Intro) Comments
  1. Isabelle Lourenco

    When I lost my Grammy, the night she died I listened to mandisa to get me through a dark time.

  2. Isabelle Lourenco

    Why 2 dislikes?

  3. Isabelle Lourenco

    I am glad that I have a lot of friends as well.

  4. Isabelle Lourenco

    I have felt sad before.

  5. Isabelle Lourenco

    Amazing to have so many friends.

  6. Isabelle Lourenco

    Amazing voicemails.