Mandisa - The Distance Lyrics

I stood at a canyon
A great divide
Sin left me stranded
With You on the other side
I thought I was hopeless
But in my heart
I heard a still small voice
That was callin’ my name
And all the miles between
Started melting away

Oh, it’s amazing
Your love is erasing
The distance
And You won’t stop, You won’t stop
Even in my weakest moment
I can feel You closin’ the distance
And You won’t stop, You won’t stop
Closin’ the distance

You are relentless
You’ve always been
Pursuer of my heart
Over and over again

Oh, I hear the still small voice
And it’s calling my name
I feel the miles between us
Melting away
And suddenly I can see
I was never alone
You’ve been reaching for me
And pulling me close

Oh, it’s amazing
Your love is erasing
The distance
And You won’t stop, You won’t stop
Even in my weakest moment
I can feel You closin’ the distance
And You won’t stop, You won’t stop

Nothing can separate us
No one can stand between
From beginning to the end
Your love is enough, enough
Nothing can separate us
No one can separate us

Oh, it’s so amazing
How Your love is closin’ the distance
Even in my weakest moment
I can feel You closin’ the distance
And You won’t stop, You won’t stop
Closin’ the distance
And You won’t stop, You won’t stop
Closin’ the distance
And You won’t stop, You won’t stop
Closin’ the distance
Closin’ the distance

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Mandisa The Distance Comments
  1. sheila kahaki

    2020 ❤️

  2. Nathan McElwain

    Anyone listening in 2019!?

  3. Kyria Louis


  4. Joyce Huggins

    Praise God!

  5. Natalie Purdy

    Nothing can separate us from gods love not even the devil. nothing will separate me from the love I have with god

  6. Elizabeth Dekneef

    lovely song just broke my heart felt such thankfulness with the lord ty for your music this world needs it ,be there at champion forest church this year cheering you on,

  7. Natalie Purdy

    I love this song you have a gift from jesus and you share it to the world

  8. Aundrea Skelton

    Jesus is good and this song spreads a great message to the world. Thank you Jesus!

  9. Melissa Brown

    The sunset turn into the Ray's of a beating heart and he , layed his glory cross the heavens like that of every souls story written in the stars brushed as the dust of diamonds shines the light of hope a waiting for time it's self to begin a new! Title the Ray's of diamonds shine

  10. Melissa Brown

    She reaches into her heart to find herself again breath in the missing piece of her soul as nature breaths out the glory of nature and the soul is beyond the words to speak of! Title a diamond lost in time

  11. Melissa Brown

    Title memory magnet
    The Colors in your Eyes shine and Dance That Spine Around the Room making Music with just that alone , Sound and Color the test of the Mind is to Remember the Magnet of the Adam which is the Math equation to it's own solution to of the problem! New still working on and searching!!!?

  12. Elizabeth Jowski

    does anyone have an instrumental for this? im getting so frustrated about not being able to find one or make one

  13. rjgamemaster2011

    I always love the comment sections for Christian artists music/lyric videos, always so encouraging and inspiring, it seems the darker the world becomes, the more people keep pressing further, and further into sin. the lighter God's people become and the more they keep pressing further and further into him, as we should be :)

  14. Christina Sukka

    Amazing song...

  15. Pipo Evans



    Mateo Silva not 2017

  16. Shemeeka Phillips

    this song really strengthens me thank you mandisa continue to keep up the good work

  17. Resmond Banke

    Nothing can´t desperate me and the Lord nothing not even the devil

  18. Imre B.Szabó

    love you Jesus

  19. Bledar Xhota

    super song.greeting from Albania.God bless you Mandisa

  20. maria luz

    Good lyrics for addicts and darkness.   Thank you.

  21. edith drissel

    I remember as a young girl wondering if I'd ever get out of those circumstances and yet God you are faithful. it's hard to remember when now I have him. I'm so unworthy but so grateful. Thanks for this song.

  22. Yovonne Arango

    Love You..Mandisa..since..American Idol..Wonderful Album..Hear Your Music on Radio..just Wonderful

  23. Emilio Morales

    Esta Buena Esta Cancion De Pop Cristiana

  24. Christel Casse Dasilva

    The distance is only because of our sins. Despite Jesus died for our sins and redeemed our souls. We need to take the plunge. Acknowledge Jesus as our Lord and saviour. Then he will sent his Holy Spirit to Make us holy. Then the distance will be no more!

  25. Douglas Dobbs

    WOW! Your voice is Amazing and you message is on point!  God has blessed you with such talent, praise him.

  26. Sarah Eckley

    This song reminds me that even when I fall away from God, He is still there pulling me back to him.

  27. Poise C

    Nothing can separate us, no one can separate us.. Your love is closing the distance

  28. Lisa Stotz

    You have an amazing voice and I love this song. It's my favorite one of yours. I wish it was on the radio more but it's ok I just pop in your CD when I need my Mandisa. I loved seeing you here in DC at DC Fest! I heard you might be coming back with Casting Crowns? I hope so . ill be there. I was glad to meet you very briefly maybe next time you will be meet your fans a bit longer and ok photos with them. Was disappointed we were rushed by barely being able to say hi!!

  29. Kiki Lo

    I love it

  30. Nicholas Attanasio

    Check out my cover to this song on my channel please!!!! :) <3

  31. Airah Buyagn


  32. Joseph Njuguna

    Mandisa, your music is amazing. God bless you for inspiration through your beautiful voice....

  33. Anderson Alcala

    Beautifull  music.   from Venezuela!!!!

  34. Hannah Bickham

    This song expresses so much of God's love. It reminds me how relentless He is in His love for us. Even sending His Son to die for us.

  35. Abby Spark

    I believe that we can close the "Distance" from God If we believe in him and His unfailing Love. And Mandisa, I love the way you find the right words to your songs. God has truly given this world an unforgettable gift when He created you. Love you 'till the end. You help me soooooo much. I know It's not enough, but Thank you with all my heart.

    Anita Czech

    Love I love it I think it's great

    Ethan Mitchell

    I don't mean to be picky or anything, but you've forgotten that WE don't need to close the distance. Jesus already closed it!

    Abby Spark

    Ooh, good point.

  36. scr1231

    Love this beautiful song.

  37. Carrie Pizzingrilli

    new fave song

  38. Rach k Ortega

    i love u and the lord I have been set free again!!! :D

  39. Hallie Rojas

    I don't see why people don't like man disappointed song she is good singer

  40. Hallie Rojas

    Lord you r good !!!!!! Amen!!!

  41. Billy T

    Jesus I've been so far away from You. But you would never give up or stop watching over me. Thank you amen!

  42. Jamie

    Lord... You're always there when I'm lonely and it feels like no one understands or loves me. Even when I've wronged You, You never stop closing the distance

  43. Kellee Evans


  44. Nancy Muturi

    i love this song.. God is erasing the distance :)

  45. Garrett Yarbrough

    Amazing song!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Disney Freak

    Really feeling alone right now...hopefully listening to this song will help. Even though I'm really close to God. Sometimes I just feel the "Distance" getting farther away from Him.

    Michael Clay

    He will never leave you or forsake you.  Even when it feels he is a million miles away, He is still right there, with you.

    Disney Freak

    @Clay Michaels Thanks, I actually needed that :) 

  47. Raph Youbie

    love it <3 <3

  48. Dance For Life

    Thank you, Lord, that I will never be alone. Thank you for closing the distance when I was too weak to even start. Thank you!

  49. Tanaratanam R Ramaloo

    This is real music.

  50. Esther D.C.

    Only if there was many like buttons, this song is so courageous and it's a reminder for us all that God is still there, especially in the times of need and he's always there no matter what :)

  51. Dan Means

    I love mandisa

  52. Atria Allods

    Thank u jesus 

  53. Pat De La Cruz


  54. devourerofwatermelon

    This song is amazing o.o

  55. Denischa Briddell

    Woo hoo you won't stop coming the distance.

  56. julianna H

    I was never alone, You've been reaching for me.

  57. João Eduardo Verlingue

    Eu adoro a Deus em todo o tempo e em todos os idiomas possíveis aos quais o Espirito Santo me permite.

    Igreja Evangélica Livres Pela Verdade

  58. Vincent Verzola

    Lord, I thank you. :)

  59. joelle341

    Thank you for this song!

  60. harobed76

    Great song, I need to introduce this song to my praise and worship team at church:)

  61. Maruva Shamu

    i just found this! feeling blessed

  62. glenna rose

    I never knew mandisa only until tonight when im trying to find a nice song to dedicate to my bf name john then it leads me to her vevo and all her songs are so amazing!! Thanks God for leading me to her vevo :)

  63. Halie Lopez

    ♥ it is amazing

  64. DJ Kaster


  65. inetbutterfly

    All the way in Japan, we love your music :)

  66. Steven Jernigan

    I thank God for you! Your songs touch my soul! Stand strong and proclaim the word!

  67. Leidy Enciso


  68. Leidy Enciso