Mandisa - Joy Unspeakable Lyrics

This is not another song
About all we’ve done wrong
We already know
I think it’s time for us
To find the freedom in the trust
Of letting go

Let’s take some time
To thank Him for the blessings
Let’s go big tonight
With all our hearts adore Him

With joy unspeakable
Let’s get on our feet
Movin’ to the beat
Wave our hands high in the air
Celebrate His love
Grace that is enough
Give Him all of our cares
With joy unspeakable, joy unspeakable

Let’s raise our voices to the One
Because He is worthy of
All of our praise
He’s given us a second chance
Turned our sadness into dance
We have been changed

Let’s take this time
To thank Him for the blessings
Let’s go big tonight
With all our hearts adore Him

With joy unspeakable
Let’s get on our feet
Movin’ to the beat
Wave our hands high in the air
Celebrate His love
Grace that is enough
Give Him all of our cares
With joy unspeakable, joy unspeakable
With joy unspeakable, joy unspeakable

You and I were made for more
Can’t imagine what’s in store
We were meant to soar
Like an eagle
Leave religion at the door
Raise the roof and shake the floor
Let’s get loud and let’s explore
Joy unspeakable...

Joy unspeakable
Let’s get on our feet
Movin’ to the beat
Wave our hands high in the air
Celebrate His love
Grace that is enough
Give Him all of our cares
With joy unspeakable, joy unspeakable...

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Mandisa Joy Unspeakable Comments
  1. Eduardo Merino

    This song empowers my gay spiritual believing soul. #GodLovesTheLGBTQ+CommunityToo

  2. Eduardo Merino

    Madonna is the Queen of Pop and Mandisa is the Queen of Christian Pop.🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  3. Takeya Harris

    The movie “Christian Mingle” brought me here 💕

  4. The Princesses Of Random

    This song just makes me happy! ♥

  5. lightning bolt 5

    Beautiful 😇

  6. Jp Sanchez

    This song is amazing!!!! I just ABSOLUTELY LOVE it!!!!!

  7. April Robinson


  8. April Robinson


  9. wolf blood

    Dancing to this while walking downtown!!! People stare, and I don't care!!

  10. Natalie Purdy

    I was upstairs and I was getting ready for church and I turned the volume on high and I was dancing praising jesus and enjoying the day the lord has made.

  11. Nanda Persad

    love this song

  12. phil chickenfingers

    Christian mingle was a great movie! loved this song in the credits

  13. Natalie Purdy

    Love this song!!!!!!!! mandisa jesus gave you a gift to sing I love that you share your love for jesus

  14. Kelly Mesteth

    god bless you

  15. Lori Patrick

    I love this song so much that I might just listen to this in the car very time I'm in it and we.all bleed the same.

  16. pinky munoz

    Please make more songs like this!!!!!!

  17. pinky munoz

    I love mandisa

  18. Bya Lyma

    I love youuuu ❤Aaaaaaaa

  19. Snowing leopard The Guardian of light.

    So amazing and uplifting!!!💖💕

  20. daisy gosibotsile

    Isaiah 61:3..he deserves all of our praise

  21. Fedora Brookshields Prasad

    Im in love with this song 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍pls somebody upload this in Smule 🙏🙏🙏

  22. Inosuke Yuusou


  23. Marinne Rae

    ganito po kasi yung pangexercise

  24. Kevinisha Lockhart

    Great party gospel jam👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌😍😍😍😍😍🎉🎉😍✌✌🎉🎉👋👋👋

  25. Temitope Omoba

    Blessed, Lovely

  26. Isabelle Lourenco

    We should count all of our blessings.

  27. J. D.

    I really like this direction for her. She sounds amazing in this style and it can really get me dancing and inspired.

  28. Gabba Bialoneim

    I love her music! I have a joy unspeakable

  29. Julyana EsTc

    I just feels like...Full of joy and unspeakable

  30. Alana Catherine

    makes me wanna dance!!!

  31. BTSlays me

    Can someone explain to me why she says "leave religion at the door"?

    Mariah Wisdom-Peters

    It's kinda hard to explain because we describe Christianity as a religion. But she means living in true faith in a relationship with God, rather than just going to church and gong through the motions and appear as a good person. if that makes sense. The song is focusing on being joyful in God's presence and praising him for all the good we see him do, rather than being consumed by religion that will put you in a box and just remind you of all the bad you have done. Kinda like how the Pharisee always convicting Jesus of stuff and obviously Jesus didn't sin so it kinda show the constraints of religion. Hope that helps maybe a little. Sorry its sooooo long!

    BTSlays me

    Aahh, I see :) And I understand now so don't worry about the length haha. I see Christianity more as a lifestyle myself, so that makes sense! Thanks for taking the time to explain ^^

    Mariah Wisdom-Peters

    No worries!

  32. Wal Silva

    Love Mandisa 😉

  33. Andrea Corea

    who else listening in 2016?

    Brandon Smith

    Andrea Corea
    Me!!! Hahahaha!!!

    Aryam Fikre

    Andrea Corea 2017!!

    Hope Rocky

    What about 2018???!!

  34. Andrea Corea

    in love

  35. Mika2016 Barros

    lindas as músicas

  36. Masvanhise Family


  37. Masvanhise Family

    Love it

  38. Nathan Jason Moodley

    I love your music Mandisa 😃❤️

  39. Jhon Kirchner

    Gent gostaria de saber si essas musicas sao gospel?

    Jhon Kirchner


  40. Phillip Saulters

    Yahweh bless all.

  41. Sarah Stanley

    Ugh Christian Mingle. Such a 🧀sy film

  42. empressjay1

    Just watched christian mingle, lol like this songgg

  43. crazynathanbproductions

    This is awesome!

  44. Charlotte Martin

    ur such a joy 2 listen 2 ! hope u keep recording more Christian Music!

  45. Israel Cruz

    Lindaa... Perfeita... a voz maravilhos <3

  46. Taylor Mebane

    uhmmm..."Move your body, get on the floor, put your trouble aside, start living"

  47. karina farias

    amei as musicas sao lindas e que voz Deus abençoe sempre :)


    This is a new dimension in Praise and worship music Mandisa.
    Excellent job.

  48. Allistair James

    Mandisa u r such a blessing

  49. Dagoberto Pimentel

    love it🙌👌

  50. Sam Abril

    You're one of my heros!!!

  51. Sam Abril

    Keep going Mandisa

  52. james Dumanon

    I love this song! Owraytt!

  53. Kaylene Barreto

    I love your sooooooooooooooonnnngs

  54. Kaylene Barreto


  55. Jonathan Santiago

    wow that bootyful

  56. Just me

    My inspiration <3 God Bless you Mandisa !

  57. Stephanie Kirathe

    This now what I call the perfect Gospel.

  58. Ester Coelho

    As músicas de Mandisa são maravilhoas. E a voz ... imcomparável.

    Carla Da Silva Nunes Machado

    eita um brasileiro aqui

  59. Sydney Roberts

    We have a cheer dance to this song at my school!! And it is awesome! I love this song

  60. Julia Vendrechoski Santos

    👍💜Amo Joy Unspeakable💜

  61. Stanley Imaino

    happy Thanksgiving everyone whoever is listening in 2015 thankgiving

  62. Stanley Imaino

    Jesus loves you Mandisa

  63. LeandroXP

    loveable music,when have something about jesus,we became very happy..nothing in the world can change Gods word.

  64. pigsrcool626

    Love It! God bless us all!!!

  65. Madi Hersey

    I love you mandise😇😘👍💙💝💘💞💖💜✌👑🎇🎁🎂📲

  66. glitterific love

    I like the music

  67. Miss T

    Your beautiful mandisa...I love you!

  68. Elizabeth Takura

    Mandisa-you inspire and challenge me with your music. The lyrics are so in tune with everyday life! STRONGER is my favourite song and all the other songs are right there in 2nd place! I solve all your songs! Thank you for obeying your call! God bless you abundantly!

  69. Skywatch114's Edits

    This should be one of the first songs a newborn Christian should listen to

  70. canders

    nice song

  71. Sherry W

    great encouraging words to reflect on ! positive music to reflect God's awesomeness

  72. kalissa Henry

    You are amazing at what you do:)

  73. Luca Vono

    joy unspeakable

  74. Chloe John Nunes

    I'd did this in upward cheerleading

  75. Ashima Susan

    how does she rite songs like this ??
    it's jus amazing?!!?

    Azariyah Yahozadak Yahozeph

    @Ashima Susan  You Know How .......


    it's the power of the lord! :D

    Azariyah Yahozadak Yahozeph

    @***** the Qedosh Ruach of YAHOVAH the Holy Spirit of JEHOVAH and our sister wisdom that's how.....


    Mayak 100 Yes it is

  76. Love 101

    Joy out in it love for all

  77. Love 101

    Love u mandesa

  78. Victoria McIver

    I love this OMG!!!!

  79. Yekison Telenggen

    awesome.......... loved it

  80. Carol Youwer

    I just want to thank you Mandisa,for helping me through some very hard times! Your music has helped me more than you know with faith, fear and acceptance. I'll be seeing you in Baltimore in March! Can't wait!!! 


    Carol Youwer Thank God

  81. Benjamin Moriniere

    Awesome song!

  82. sophie J Charles

    love this song so much

  83. Kelsey Aggrey

    Love this song

    Cathy Volner

    Hi my name is Caroline i am 8 year's old i love this song it makes me smile and dance and sing. I love to dance it makes me feel happy. And I love to sing: )

  84. alyssa breon

    Go mandisa!! :D love this song!! ☺❤

  85. Tracie Anne Davis

    I love this song!! When I was on my way home from church, I was listening to this song on volume 37 in my car with the windows down and the sunroof open. I was getting my praise on at the red light. When I looked over, two young men were jamming for Jesus with me.. LOLOL.. The Joy of the Lord is definitely our strength... Praise Him saints!!!

    Mayah Gunther

    yes! i really agree with that praise him saints!!!!!

    wolf blood

    Sing it to the Heavens sister!!!

  86. Raphael Okwatum

    Great praise album

  87. Abby Spark

    THIS IS MY JAM!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you Jesus for making Mandisa. She makes me feel happy with her music.

  88. scr1231

    Beautiful song.

  89. Alexis Mathis

    Does anyone know any slow Mandisa songs? I am looking for a good song for my youth group to sign at church.

  90. Jayden Rose

    Hey this is such a wonderful song and so upbeat. I've struggled with a facebook addiction and I've always loved christian music. I went to a friends wedding and gave my heart to the lord night of april 25th god has been such a blessing to me. I am free of my addiction songs like this give me faith every day to continue. Keep rockin it mandisa!

  91. Jacob Martinez

    I just love madisa songs. I would love to get her albam.#:)

  92. Chloe Johnson

    God bless u mandisa

  93. Chloe Johnson

    God bless u mandisa

  94. Te Aorere Komene

    Wow so awesome :D . I'm in love with these awesome worship songs xox. keep dem coming.

  95. Timothy Morris

    Another top inspirational hit after overcomer with great rhythm to boogie or exercise, the best joy filled power voice singer who can energize anyone
    this needs to be on the radio soon

  96. Marie T

    My fav!

  97. Chance

    I'm a worship leader and I love this song! (Really, I love all of her music.) Really wanna do this with my worship team. Fantastic message; fantastic beat....We're taught that we'll worship Him around the throne for thousands of years. Can you imagine dancing in unabashed worship of the Lord for ten thousand years to the beat and lyrics of this song! WOW!

    Paula Richards

    Chance, I have a question for you.  Do you believe that this song suitable for the congregation?  It is a great song, in fact ALL of Mandisa's music is FABULOUS, but the reason I asked is because I too am a worship leader and there are just some songs I would never choose for the congregation.  I wanted your take on this particular song.


    @Paula Richards Hi Paula! Ya know....I think I would. But it goes to the heart of how I build a worship set. The words to this are Biblical, Spiritual but not deep. As I said above, I love the beat. So...I would use it at the very beginning when my purpose is to refocus people's attention on the worship service, give them a sense of the enjoyment to come in the worship of God, and prepare hearts for the songs to come which will be deeper, less driven, more reflective. Overcomer may be better even in the use I've just described, but, I really like this one. Thank-you, for asking me!

  98. spongebomba