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Gonna tell the world what he did for me

Don't worry
Don't cry
That's a voice I hear inside
But it's hard for me to see
Tomorrow's but a dream
'Cause today's reality is right in front of me

They say you'll never make
They say you can never change it
What you are is what you'll always be
They say that I should give up
Once you're down you'll never get up
But that's not the truth for me

Who the son sets free
You best believe it's free indeed
Wanna take it to the streets
My Lord Delivered me

Who the son sets free
You best believe it's free indeed
Wanna dance and shout and scream
I'm free indeed!


Gonna tell the world what he did for me

I've tried and tried and tried
To make this mountain step aside
Or to climb it on my own
But what you did has more than helped
Do what I couldn't do myself
You said that I was not alone

Then I thought I'd never make
Then you can along and then you changed it
Made a way somehow and brought me through
As I was just about to give up
You took me hand said baby get up
Now here I am because of you
Stand beause of you!

Who the son sets free
You best believe it's free indeed
Wanna take it to the streets
My Lord Delivered me

Who the son sets free
You best believe it's free indeed
Wanna dance and shout and scream
I'm free indeed!


Gonna tell the world what he did for me

If you need a friend to the very end
To be there by you side
To get you through the hard times
The dark times of your life
To bring you into the dawn
He's the one your lookin for
Your Savior
Your deliver

Lord delivered me

Who the son sets free
You best believe it's free indeed
Wanna take it to the streets
My Lord Delivered me

Who the son sets free
You best believe it's free indeed
Wanna dance and shout and scream
I'm free indeed!


Gonna tell the world what he did for me


Gonna tell the world what he did for me

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Mandisa Free Comments
  1. Sarah Short

    I love this song. Its so empowering

  2. Abigail Boyer

    LOVE IT!!!

  3. Fabio Cerignoli

    I love this 😍♥️❤️ song ❤️❤️ and I am so happy that God gave us the choice of Free Will 🙏🙌❤️

  4. Feliciano Thorpe

    This song is so dope!!

  5. coolio 900

    Amen jesus ;)

  6. Jessica Greve

    Awesome Song Thank You Mandisa Great Song.

  7. Laura Wofford-Brown

    GOD /YHWH knows your heart. 🐝💕💞💙💙

  8. Laura Wofford-Brown

    Disagree Lucifer is the king of the world. Jesus is the King of Kings of the Earth. Because we're on a flat Earth plane. Not a spinning globe. Lucifer lie is the Globular World. God's true EARTH is a FLAT PLANE!!! And Free is Free!!!

  9. v facchine

    I Thank God for you ,and pray for your safety and protection on your coming concert tour! May God bless you and keep you!!! See you in Phili!

  10. angela haynes

    I love mandisa's songs but this makes me think how God has changed my life. I struggled with a lot of things and like the song when I thought to give up Jesus took my hand and said I'll be ok thank u mandisa for free I sing everyday cause now I know I'm free of what the enemy did to me years ago god is awesome love u Lord!

  11. Rachel Fair

    I wish I could meet you someday love your music it really uplifts me and sends a positive message about the Lord and I deeply appreciate that you are reaching out to the broken and lost.
    my name is Rachel. me and my 2 brothers have autism it has been such an amazing and tough journey for us. but God is always helping us. :)

  12. Mara Moo

    i love your song

  13. carolyn cummings

    God will come and the police think the can come for you take you of

  14. carolyn cummings

    The Angel in heaven was sent to you when the earth will open up there will be no food things a a rd round you.

  15. Cory Rowe-Kitchings-White-Baugh

    Good Music

  16. Erinn Gordon

    Such an amazing song, and so true! Galatians 5:1 "For freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery."

  17. Cynthia Kectic

    i luv this song because my soul is free indeed 

  18. Keavin Brown

    nice song

  19. Brittany Thomas

    I really like this song!!! It's A blessing!!

  20. Autumn Johnson

    my soul is F.R.E.E. to the Lord

  21. Millie Poulos

    And no better slave to be then a Love Slave To Christ Jesus, because He Shed His Precious Blood for us over 2000 years ago and 4Real Now That Is Love To Eternityyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!:):):):):):):):)

  22. Oluwagbemiga Ayoola

    Keep up the good work Mandisa. Your songs are a direct message from the throne room of heaven. God bless you real good.

  23. Joe Chev

    I here people say being a Christian is like slavery, but we CHOOSE to be FREE in Christ!

    david louisard

    dummy mandisa is talking about lucifer because he is the one and only true god of this earth......all hail satan so next time come correct or u will be thank u sir have a nice day!!!

    Joe Chev

    @david louisard If you had a look into demonology, if you are a Christian whatever you say to a demon (such as Satan), they must obey the Christians command. So now we know, Jesus is the one and only true God
    "That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth." -Philippians 2:10

    Jessica Greve

    Joe Chev

  24. Surftouka

    Alain Gauthier-you're wrong, not in opposition with science, you'd be surprised how much of the Bible science has proven... it's ok they had to find out for themselves the hard way.  Of course they may not want to tell you that their findings have anything to do with the Bible, but they very much do & I can't begin to list what the Bible spoke of that science has proven-some even recently.

  25. jessie esparza


  26. Ministério Irmãs Andrads

    Canta muito.

  27. Jordan Leia

    Love it

  28. hoochiemoochie

    Mandisa is one of the best Christian artists now. Almost every song is great across her four albums and she fills a niche that I find rare right now.

    Most contemporary Christian music is the kind I really don't like: praise and worship, which is pretty much all the same (put a guy with a guitar in front as he sings indie rock with deafening back-up music to where I can hardly hear the words save for the screen that many of us read like robots).

    Not trying to hate but it bores me to death.

  29. Carol Linhorst

    I am real

  30. TruthIsASword

    Actually not really cuz in the christian world theres a difference not putting christians on a pedostoal or anything we arent on a higher status but with god we let the drinking and all that go

  31. tdawgisindahouse

    Mandisa made it into the top 10 of American Idol! I'd say that means she is accepted in the secular world. In the music business, it's about talent and personality, and 'Disa has plenty of both! This song should be released as a dance single in the clubs, everyone appreciates positive music with a message. Respectfully, Christians use drugs, drink booze, and have sex like the rest of the world. The Christian world is not really that separate from the real world, we are all in this together.

  32. tolani coker

    What a beautiful song!

  33. Ember Fenton


  34. Doc Limitless

    Hi everybody

  35. Doc Limitless

    It's snowing in jacksonville

  36. Natanael Quinones

    so true :( thats why we have to keep trying even if they don't want to hear.

  37. Stranded Stardust

    Love it!! I'm glad he died for me :^)

  38. mariasmassage1

    oops I meant to say claiming

  39. mariasmassage1

    Well believe it or not, Christianity is ranked the highest religion in the world. 33% of the world is claiming Christian as their religion. 21% is Islam, and 16% is non-religion, with the remaining 30% divided into a variety of religions. We are getting there. I think the problem is that many people caliming to be christian aren't acting christian and it gives our whole belief system and Christ himself a bad name.

    James and Travis In Oklahoma

    Amen.. I say there is two Christians.. the fake ones who hold it as a identity not as path to follow.. Then there is real Christians like myself who wake up every day knowing today will be another battle with Satan and another day I will face persecution because I find joy and strength in Jesus our savior.. You either in this or your not..

  40. Chipo Chuumpu

    RevelationEverlasting God
    Everlasting Saviour
    Every thing in my Life

    Those are just some things 2 describe my saviour Jesus Christ <3

  41. Barbara Martin

    I'm loving this song! I'm free my lord deliever me.

  42. Greg and Wa'Lisa

    Please visit ....gregandwalisa com .....GOD IS AWESOME!

  43. sydsemone

    Hey Alaina! I don't know who you are but I will definitely pray for you and your dad :) seeing how much you care, I feel as if God will bless him to have a change in heart. God bless!!!

  44. Lyndon Schwartz

    and o my i will definately pray for your dad alaina!!!

  45. Lyndon Schwartz

    i love all of mandisa"s songs... God shines right through her!

  46. Alaina Putz

    Thank you!

  47. SuPerFabAline13

    Alaina I will try to pray for u and ur dad and ur famliy everyday :)

  48. Chuang Ryan

    SHE'S GREAT cause of GOD is in her life

  49. Alaina Putz

    Love this song I don't know why but this song reminds me of my dad he went to jail when i was born he hasn't seen us for 10 years and he doesnt know when me and my brother's birthdays are and he isn't a christian and im not asking for much but if you would just pray for my dad so that finally he will believe Jesus. Im 11 years old and I don't want him to be in hell

  50. Brittany Willis

    If sex was so good for a person, why are SO MANY PEOPLE scared and hurt from willingly having premarital sex????? In honest situations, and it's been proven by statistics and crap, that the majority of people who have had premarital sex have come out of the experience wishing they hadn't....

  51. Brittany Willis

    GOD created human beings with the desire for sex & He makes it perfectly clear throughout the Bible. However, He also makes it perfectly clear that we are to wait until we are married, for sex is designed ONE MAN AND ONE WOMAN in perfect unity. In the Old Testament a man and woman who had intercourse outside of marriage were to be put to death. That's how serious God takes our commitment to HIS gift to us and our spouse. In the New Testament it speaks of it being unholy, outside of marriage.

  52. Christopher Quan

    Woe. AWESOME and UPLIFTING song. This is my first time listening this song.

  53. Smiley Williams

    I love her <3

  54. Behealthyandlove

    our dance to it is going to pwn lol!!!

  55. Behealthyandlove

    great song!!!

  56. Heather Benavides

    you rock

  57. Venelle Powell

    this is a nice jam!!

  58. Camille Alphonse

    this song is totally amazing an the lyrics are very true

  59. 457Rocky

    This song ROCKS! thank you Lord for setting me FREE!

  60. vietmanch92

    @williskidz4god1 I know like its so sad but it also makes me feel blessed and happy that God let me come back to him before it was too late for me. We are F.R.E.E indeed my friend WHOO!!!! :D

  61. Aileen Rosario

    Glory to God!! Amazing :)

  62. Hannah Spahr

    I love this song! She is AMAZING!

  63. Brittany Willis

    @barbie303shiggle She is CRAZY famous! :) in the Christian world. Problem is, the world doesn't accept Christianity the way it accepts drugs, booze, and sex :(

  64. greenish04

    I"M FREE! And I will come up again! Amen

  65. A Noel

    This song is so uplifting :-)

  66. Romancia Shoonga

    i love this song and good morning... i am so gonna share ith amy friends on fb..

  67. bazzingaification

    @briofreakonfire omg yesss thats what i thought a swell!!!Oh well!!loll but you're definitely right anyone works!!xD

  68. Becca Gold

    I thought at first she said L-O-V-E not F-R-E-E!!! It works still.