Manchester Orchestra - Cope Lyrics

I want to watch it all fall until it's dark,
you both look exactly the same at night
I'd arrange the bed like crosses, watched them fall into the floor
Made me stop and forget what we were fighting for
It's like everything that I ever have imagined's coming true today

There is a cost, my friends
Of living out some other dream to find the consequence
It comes and goes in seasons around here, I thought again
There's nothing left around to yield this sorry ignorance
If I do echo I hope you never see
There is no one there that's waiting after me
And I hope if there is one thing I let go it is the way that we cope

Now I hope if there is one thing that we know
From the way that you and I will wander on
And we won't become a lifeless lope that wanders round and hopes for sorrow

And I know!
I know!
I know! Know!
I know!

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Manchester Orchestra Cope Comments
  1. Sohail Khatgar

    Need the guitar tab please

  2. Stephen Jones

    I am loving this band. The more I hear the more I'm intrigued.

  3. Machael Allen

    I found your music a few days ago and I don't know why it took so long! It is amazing like a spiritual awakening ❤❤😍🤗

  4. GI J*A*N*E

    There is a way to fix it..
    Manchester Orchestra ♥️♥️♥️

  5. Robert Bauer

    First thoughts: Jose Gonzalez. Don't know who influenced who, or even if there was influence. It's beautiful either way.

  6. Frank Jones

    The voices of old souls my friends :-)

  7. Eva Gobec


  8. ThEj

    Great guitar work and harmony. Well done Manchester Orchestra. Two guitars and a voice with such a rich sound.

  9. Nonie kirk

    His voice is AMAZING!!!!

  10. Maurice Woodworth


  11. Renaldo Matadeen

    2019, we are still here

  12. TroutEhCuss

    Music to fall asleep

  13. shane fountain

    Chords? I’ll Venmo whoever figures them out. Dead ass

  14. thedarkside

    Ohh, their voices...I'm in love! Pure talent, amazing performance! <3

  15. Simone Wendorf

    Megaaa Nice👌♥️♥️♥️♥️

  16. bhargav sripathy

    Cope is dammm good 👌👌👌

  17. arnaud casanova

    Amazing, i love everithing you do!!

  18. Jay Hong

    Wow, sounds like Mike Rosenburg but softer. I mean, it's an impression, and I'll definitely recognise his voice. Beautiful!

  19. Anja W.

    Amazing Voice ♡

  20. Line Dali

    Merci douceur d un son

  21. Ryno’s Raceroom

    I hear Peter Frampton in there. Bad ass song!🤘

  22. EggNoggDreams

    STAR CODES COMING STROOOONG!!! ♡♡♡▲1212△747∵△▲

  23. Vlad the Inhaler

    My two favorite songs on the album.

  24. Pål Andreas Westby

    Whoever recorded and engineered this session. Respect! The sound is so good it’s mesmerizing and these renditions of the songs are spinetingeling good.

  25. Detomaso


  26. AR Lancelot

    My God. These guys are so freakin talented. One of my favorite bands.

  27. Pat Anderson

    This just reaches down somewhere and grabs you...Perfect. Just discovered Manchester Orchestra(thanks Spaniard Belen).Sufuckinperb rockers,but acoustic...Ooooft…...This band is now on a loop.

  28. Anne Marie Stepanovic

    This is what a miracle sounds like...

  29. huntasoup

    Perfection 💜

  30. Thomas Roberts


  31. Martin Johansson

    Two amazing songs, among so many others you've done!

  32. Mtn Man

    ass kicker yes

  33. kyle moore

    I love the Misfits Hoodie =D

  34. H N

    Should really clean them windows.

  35. Taylor Barnes

    Manchester Orchestra never disappoints. They are a MUST see live.

  36. moth x

    now I hope if there is one thing that we know //// we won't become a lifeless lope that wanders round and hopes for sorrow

  37. Joe Roper

    amazing love it! Hey if you ever need a cajon player based in Manchester I would love to play with you!!

  38. Patty Nimmo

    I just bought a new fender electric now I gotta pick up my acoustic again

  39. Patty Nimmo

    you need tee shirts that say "I COPE"

  40. Patty Nimmo

    you rock my world and I COPE


    man oh manchester!

  42. Whitehawkvisionfilms

    They are great, but the recording quality is brilliant!

  43. Jett Incorporated

    Going to go pick up a guitar again..its been 25 years but this has made me want get back on it tomorrow. Bravo Gentleman, Bravo!

    Joseph Pfister

    did you do it?

    Daniel Buhr

    2 years later this guy is Jimmy Hendrix now

  44. Scott Anders

    I think I listen to this every day

  45. Mark Twein

    Much times that i dont hear you...but i like you every time like the first time that i listen your first album.I have it. <3

  46. Paige Carter

    Anyone know what chords they use? It sounds rad acoustic

    Billy Taylor

    Paige Carter its in drop c

  47. Steven Cho

    what kind of asshole would dislike this?

    Yeah whatever

    An asshole who doesn't appreciate music and probably listens to pop

    kyle moore

    A troll

  48. LÚ sp/L

    bonita wow

  49. Manella Raine

    swiftboys,Swiftly Done.!!!!!!!!

  50. Maitri Anjani

    This session is absolutely flawless. Manchester Orchestra IS flawless.

    brad owings

    Maitri Anjani I live for this

  51. wes lewis

    The words are perfect

  52. Kate

    They nailed it with the entire Cope album. Completely in awe of these guys.

  53. Sophie O

    Andy's Voice is Bliss.

  54. M1kael Wesker

    Ну просто отличные треки, готов слушать часами

  55. mr agust

    I Love it

  56. Marisa Miller

    I wasn't a huge fan of Cope, but this video convinced me to give Hope a chance and now it's one of my absolute favs. *applause*

    Sean Hoy

    All we are saaaaying, is give Hope a chaaaance.

  57. Owen Vandegrift

    I love how Andy uses the natural acoustics of the room to shape the vocals.  That is a sign of a true musician imo.

  58. escapeartistjuneau

    Inspiring and beautiful

  59. Nick Vincent


  60. Brent Palucki

    I hope that 6:32 is what I see over me as I'm dying.

  61. Cole Duda

    Wow. That was freaking amazing! I love you Andy!

  62. Shane Joseph

    Absolutely amazing session. So cool. Lightening in a bottle. I love these guys so much. so refreshing for me

  63. Max Swan

    Guys, this is beautiful.

  64. Bev Kean


  65. ivov94


  66. North House

    Super awesomely rad.