Mamas And The Papas, The - Tanhaee Lyrics


Az roozi ke to rafti paride range shadi,
ama khorshid mitabe mesle yek rooze adi,
chetor hanuz parande dare haveye parvaz,
chetor hanuz ghanari sar mide bange avaz?
magar khabar nadaran to rafti az kenaram,
chera behet nagoftan bi to che hali daram?

Be chashme khastye man asemoonam sard shode,
lanat be in tanhaee delam barat tang shode!


Aftab neshaste rooye golhaye sorkhe ghaly,
khiyale to kenaram toye otaghe khali
atre tanet pichide toye otaghe khabam
ba to che joon gerefte taranehaye naabam
az to hezarta ghese cheja bedane sakhtam
ghalbe poraz ghoroor che asheghane baftam

Be chashme khastye man asemoonam sard shode,
lanat be in tanhaee delam barat tang shode!

Shabha morvade eshghet ... neshastam
sadbar azat boridam sadbar azat shekaste
Esmet beruye labham tooye taranehame
... gerefteye eshgh to ghorbate sedame
ghalbe por az sokootam deltang az in jodaee,
bi to bebin che sarde tabestoone tanhaee

Be chashme khastye man asemoonam sard shode,
lanat be in tanhaee delam barat tang shode!

Be chashme khastye man asemoonam sard shode,
lanat be in tanhaee delam barat tang shode!

Be chashme khastye man asemoonam sard shode,
lanat be in tanhaee delam barat tang shode!

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Mamas And The Papas, The Tanhaee Comments
  1. lee Brown

    Sip Everyone God Bless yall

  2. twaght hammer

    i can smell LSD induced 4some from here

  3. Amilcar Melendez

    Amo esta canción y mas aún su solo de flauta...

  4. Lake View

    Sill holds true

  5. Ashitaka

    Great song.

  6. Andresh

    George benson dos a wonderful work on this song

  7. douglas ramirez arce

    definitivamente un clasicaso de la historia

  8. Randra Pardewo

    Anyone get goosebumps at 1:25? Does anyone know what chord that is and why it goes so well with the flute?

  9. Rodolfo Kuri

    Gracias por compartir un Beso Muy Buena musica me gusto mucho

  10. Serge Baguitka

    Кстати нормальная песня. в духе Трампа. Одобряю

  11. Case Dismissed Guaranteed

  12. JHS-79

    Vaya puta mierda de canción

  13. 가음영경

    이거 한글자막 한국 사람이 단거 아니죠?

  14. _ BullCity_

    Ohh no 2020 what is this, gonna need 2 ear phone for this, 👍

  15. CoopyKat

    222 million views. WOW.

  16. Rob carlisle ._.

    0:47 he looks scary

  17. where the wildflowers are

    My uncle produced this song. I have the original papers to all his work. Amazing

  18. Matthew G

    Stepped into a church is my favorite line because of the way he says it with his voice

  19. André Sales

    O melhor som do mundo meu Deus.Parece anjos cantando.

  20. Alberto Jarro

    hermosa canción que al principio pensé que lo cantaba los beatles pero eran the mamas and the papas, lo escuchaba por la radio cuando era niño, algo recuerdo, like a la manito si lo siguen escuchando a febrero-2020.

  21. galamoth LOW WAR

    When a Powerfull song in the air never dies.

  22. Sue Stefaniuk

    loved it then still love this song in 2020

  23. dreamweavergypsy5515

    ..........This song feels like somebody poured warm maple syrup over my soul....(not my words, but 100% spot on..)
    ...please, please all you musos out there, I need you to tell me why I been having this tune on loop last couple days....

  24. Huber Hacker

    My dad’s music 😢

  25. Mirlen judith Montes carasco

    You colombiaaaa

  26. Scarlett Münster

    The Girls look like that this song was recorded yesterday

    Leah Addari

    plus sized women have always existed


    @Leah Addari BRUTAL

  27. Emin KILIÇ

    Backing vocals are definetely amazing whole song though.This is real music.

    Eat Raw Meat

    **laughs in dubstep**

    Onur Gümüs

    Yorumlarda bir Türk gormek sevindirdi 😊

  28. Daniel Lai

    I wasn't even born at that time, but i wish i was born in the 60's. I don't like the present, especially the music...


    Same here, I'm 17 but feel like I'm older (not to be cringey but like it's true) I feel like I belong in the 60s and 70s when people appreciated each other and nature. Music today is just not for me.

    Daniel Lai

    I am 18, but ya are right, in fact i usually sing songs from 60s and 70s. They are wonderful. Greetings from Italy
    Where are ya from?

    KayLynn Squires

    Daniel Lai hey this is Tashina, my reply wouldn’t go through. This is my sisters account. I hope your test goes well. If you ever wanna chat my instagram is vintage.honeybee

    Daniel Lai

    @KayLynn Squires
    Thanks Tashina, but unfortunately i
    don't have instagram.. Maybe i will download it. Cheerio😁

  29. Shad0w St4r Gaming

    We had to do this in school I love it !'!!!!

    Shad0w St4r Gaming

    Ah yeah there good at singing as well

  30. Vojkan Perović

    2020?beautifol time an pipl!!!!!

  31. RJK

    Who else realised this is a cover??

    evy santos

    Who sang it first?


    @evy santos Barry Mcguire

  32. Tensai Juusan

    Heartbreaking we have Billy Eyelash.

  33. Коралина Есенина

    Это так круто😍

  34. Nikhil Pant

    Reminds me of vietnam war archives

  35. unicornzNbeez

    Can I use this whith out copy right???

  36. ItsWhatImDoing

    I'm headed to Beatles next to hear "twist and shout". I love when great singers can yell lyrics so beautifully!

  37. Ilyas Muhidin

    2020 🙏🏽

  38. Ken G

    Don't you wish there were bands and singers like that today. Michelle Phillips is the only one still with us and she'll be 76 this year (2020). Mama Cass was one of the greatest voices in pop music and sadly passed away in 1974 when she was only 33.


    Mama Cass was too ahead of her time...

  39. Jefferson Nascimento

    Esse vídeo é fake, porque essa música é bem antiga e não foi lançada em 2010 como diz a data da postagem.


    2010 - it s just the time of posting on this channel

  40. Riel Boire

    kind of a hippie mom and dad thing google riel boire for music

  41. kill me

    They look like the most stereotypical 70s people

  42. pietro guerci

    Remember when my dad Song for me California dreaming...R.I.P. great men 💖

  43. Victor

    This song is about Nam maaaaaan!

  44. julien rano

    moi aussi j'écoute en 2020...

    vite les français mettez des j'aime à mon comm

  45. Jeff Missy Honea

    Did i mention i have this sugar glider fetish?

  46. MarlboroMan

    the california's hippies

  47. bruno einsfeld

    The Best sond forever

  48. Leon Marka

    I am an old stump who has never been to the USA, has not seen California, why do I cry when I hear this? Great song!

    Nicolas Redondot

    Leon Marka trust me hun, California is a dumpster hole now

  49. Juan Martinez

    Michelle is so beautiful..

  50. Ana Batista

    John Phillips was the most despicable man...very talentous but horrible father and man

  51. James Conyon

    2020 love you guys xxxc

  52. Kako17

    This song reminds me the movie a turtle's tales

  53. Donald Psy

    night lovell - deira city

  54. Карина Завьялова

    Love it 😍

  55. Lomoto

    Spirit of sixties wrapped up in it..oh to bring those times back

  56. Arkiino ‘

    this song sounds like something from a book, not the lyrics but the song itself

  57. Arif

    Came here after chungking express.
    And continuously listening

  58. parashos petmezas


  59. Susan Oakes

    Flash back would have loved to be in that summer of love

  60. Roman Nowak

    I can listen to this song everywhere all the time!

  61. emir erk

    Listened in a taxi in Dubai it was safe and warm but no Church around

  62. Gary Lee

    Great harmony

  63. Able Danger

    the modern version is "communistic dreaming, with human feces and used needles".

  64. Evangeline Pasion

    the belko expirement song

  65. Misti Doggett

    Suspiciouciously invitingly beautiful and Hermoie/Ericka/Melissa, murderous and towards David's pre Woodstock murderous.... What do ya say rodi

    Misti Doggett

    Good sounding

  66. Richard The Lion Hearted

    I want sloppy seconds on the fat chick🤯👊💀

  67. babek

    You’d be better off in Miami.

  68. Edielson Almeida

    my God, what a wonderful song, for us to listen to great music like this we need to go back a few decades ago 60, 70, 80 because in the last twenty years only trash

    Twin Origin Project

    shpongle, younger brother, globular ... psychedelic ambient and dub. not everyone's taste but trash? dunno about that.

  69. 20 subscribers with no videos

    This song invented ad libs

  70. Zack Zallie

    Rebel Wilson looks exactly like the late Mama Cass Elliott. I hope there would be a Mamas and the Papas movie where Rebel casts as Cass Elliott.

  71. Jermaine Jackson

    Working at Lowe's for 4 years, all of the musak songs grew on me.

    Like if you discovered this song at work.

  72. Brythonic

    The modern version of this song would be called Califonia Convulsing

    Fay Ryuujin

    go fuck yourself asshole

    Adam FLP

    Fay Ryuujin relax


    @Fay Ryuujin no u

  73. Simple Marìa


  74. Kendall Fraley

    Its so sad she choked on a ham sandwitch


    she didn't lmfao, she had a heart attack. The ham sandwich thing was a rumor.

  75. starguy2718!!!!!!

  76. IzJusMe



    actually none were baby boomers.

  77. Cesar Augusto Santos Cajaiba

    Amo a grupo e outros de genero
    Tenho 17 anos 😄

  78. Abhishek Constantine Winchester Roy

    All the leaves are brown, and the sky is grey. I've been for a walk, on such a Wednesday.



  80. Nicolas Redondot

    Well all of us Californians are Chicago dreamin 🥵

    Niko Nikolic

    Nicolas Redondot - and your Londoners are also dreaming! As long as we have our dreams nothing can stop us!


    Chicago dreamin’ is Chief Keef - Love sosa

  81. Hùng Xạ Điêu

    "Chungking Express" brings me here

  82. We Are All Devo

    God I loved Cass. Such a loss.

  83. Sasuke Uchiha

    What happened to California bros

  84. Aliyah Monthe

    Even though this is good the carpenters done a better version x

  85. O S V S L

    Ended up in Cali a few years ago... moved back to the East Coast to be closer to my parents... such a mistake.. wish i were back on the best coast...

  86. Susana Britos

    At 18 yo,as a Latino girl,I just loved the song,not knowing nothing about lirics, today..well.. I learnt English 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    Андрей Томилка


  87. Anthony Ruan

    Chungking Express ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  88. Zakaria BOULARAB


  89. Natalie Monterrubio

    I always thought this song was a Christian song. It’s sounds very depressing.

    Jovani Games

    He even pretended to pray!

    Brony Mash

    Jovani Games lol

  90. Turbo T

    I want a haircut like the guy in the vest

  91. Michael Chasteen

    This song reminds me of the times i would dance in the rain on acid.. fun times

  92. pinotic2009

    Me gusta

  93. Heide Eyting


  94. Mistro Tech

    I'm 12 years old and I chose to listen to this song because of its beauty. New music is not comparable to this. They all sound so good together. RIP Cass Elliot and others.