Mamas And The Papas, The - Glad To Be Unhappy Lyrics

Fools rush in, so here I am
Awfully glad to be unhappy.
I can't win, but here I am
More than glad to be unhappy.

Unrequited love's a bore, yeah,
And I've got it pretty bad.
But for someone you adore,
It's a pleasure to be sad.

Like a straying baby lamb
With no mama and no papa,
I'm so unhappy, yeah.

Unrequited love's a bore, yeah,
And I've got it pretty bad.
But for someone you adore,
It's a pleasure to be sad.

Like a straying baby lamb
With no mama and no papa,
I'm so unhappy, yeah...

But oh so glad

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Mamas And The Papas, The Glad To Be Unhappy Comments
  1. em jay

    My favorite version!

  2. Luba Fan

    Interesting and creative slideshow. Very well executed. 👍
    Thanks for posting.

  3. Sean Camargo

    Wow honestly their take on this timeless standard is awful. It’s disheartening because this band was and is great but you just can’t beat those gut wrenching vocal jazz arrangements which really allow the lyrics to shine

  4. The Deplorable Jared Brodersen / Trump 2020!

    Very cool version! Sinatra's rendition will always be my favorite though.

  5. MrDLOC11

    Great lyrics, arrangement, vocals .....pure TMATP gold!

  6. Douglas Jacobs

    Papa John was absolutely brilliant at arranging vocals.  Love this piece!

  7. dscharlesworth1

    Unrequited loves a bore and I got it pretty bad. What a great line.

  8. Lukas Lopez lagos

    the lyrics are contradictory with the melody

  9. acapulco ramon

    wise am i...........great musicians!!!!!!!

  10. Holly Simpson

    I actually prefer this version. Big band isn't really my style.

  11. Carona Nigma

    I really like this version^_^ Reminds me of a nice summer day'.' Well, a melancholy one, at least!

  12. Barclay Benjamin

    Man these people could really sing!

  13. David Porcel


  14. Beegee Oh

    dat bass guitar

    Trevor Ley

    Joe Osborn...fantastic.

    Paulo Palomino

    Joe Osborn ,y su gran estilo de bajista ,mamas and the papas ,quinta dimension ,Johnny Rivers .

    Luba Fan

    The Wrecking Crew was a group of musical geniuses...not the least of which was Joe Osbourne. A monster at his craft. 💗💗💗

  15. MrManorAvenue

    I'm in agreement with moosejaw6... I like The M's and the P's, but I don't care for their rendition of this song.  To me, its melody and lyrics don't lend themselves to a rock tempo.  Billie Holiday does it to perfection; Old Blue Eyes' rendition is a close second, to my ears. 


    Have to disagree there. For me the Ms & Ps version is the best. Just played the Billie H version and it does nothing for me.

    But we can agree to differ :)

  16. jim redden

    kinda short. you won't be unhappy very long listening to this. great so song.

  17. Anner Chisline

    Um hi it's not judging, Sarah it's the truth.

    you're a cyberbully, btw if you can't see that calling someone a zitface in hs while telling not to judge is hypocritical.

    Check Creque alley lyrics. :D

  18. Hannah May

    That was Creeque Alley actually.

  19. Sarah Penick

    can u walk on water, nope didn't think so so shut the fuck up. u probably were a zit face in school so stfu and stop judging ppl

  20. Sarah Penick

    people just need to chill the fuck out and worry about themselves and be happy.

  21. Anner Chisline

    Also, recheck the lyrics of California Dreamin' and you'll hear something about noone getting fat cept mama cass.

  22. darrenjray

    Where ya been looking?

  23. Anner Chisline

    Cass WAS fat. A lot of people are. Big whoop?

    They are fat because they want to be. They'd be doing something to change things if they didn't.


    nobody wants to be fat. thats a lie you tell yourself to get over the fact that u r fat.


    Being fat is what killed her.

    Awake 7

    @Pepper The drugs, the stress, and the unhealthy diet was what killed her.

    Luba Fan

    I'm sure the yo-yo dieting and stints in so-called "fat farms" didn't help.
    Regardless, it was a tragic loss for all of us. 😥

  24. Corey C.

    The "Fat one" is/was more famous than you will ever be and seems like more people like her than you. Sucks for you. Her voice was pure and had true talent.

  25. geezersinc

    How did you get the audio back? Great song BTW.

  26. celia bach

    este es mi grupo favorito y tengo 13 años! todo el mundo deberia conocerlo y poder disfrutarlo!!!!

    Awake 7

    Yo tengo 16 y lo descubrí hace poco, me descargue The complete Anthology que traé todas las canciones y no paro de escucharlos

  27. dmnemaine

    @OrunitaVivi, That "fat one" is Cass Elliott. One of the greatest singers of the 20th Century.

  28. Mamma Jamma

    Never noticed a fat one before

  29. Aedotox

    @moosejaw6 everyone's entitled to their own opinion, its just that yours is wrong.

  30. SuperMarioStar10

    Fantastic song! Love Denny and Cass's vocals. Wayyyy underrated.

  31. Fred Cooper

    OH, pipe down. The Mamas and The Papas version is great.

  32. 4002023


  33. aguz2211

    Muy buenas las imagenes!lastima por el audio