Makari - Knives, Knives, Knives Lyrics

I woke at night with cold sweat slithering down my face in streams
The drops were salty snakes poisoning my dreams
There was a sea of white boys - broken screens, and white noise
I asked them what they are doing here, and they replied "Surprise!" And now...

There isn't any blood on the dance floor, cause no ones dancing anymore
There isn't any one bleeding, did you mistake that for breathing?
They're not the same anymore
It's just a disguise, like a little mask on Halloween when you were only five

I don't hear any clapping cause' if I did the lights would go on and off, and on and off
There aren't that many hands, or did you mistake your computer screen for sweating?
Because it's not the same, and you will never feel anymore alive

There isn't any blood on the dance floor, cause no ones dancing anymore
There isn't any one bleeding, did you mistake that for breathing?
They're not the same anymore
It's just a disguise, like a little mask on Halloween when you were only five

I don't know if this is real - good God I hope it's not
The seeds we've sown are overgrown and I hate what we have wrought

I don't know if this is real - good God I hope it's not
The seeds we've sown are overgrown and I hate...

There isn't any blood on the dance floor, cause no ones dancing anymore
There isn't any one bleeding, did you mistake that for breathing?
They're not the same anymore
It's just a disguise, like a little mask on Halloween when you were only five

Knives, knives, knives!
Don't turn your back on them!
Knives, knives, knives!
Surprise! Surprise!

There isn't any blood on the dance floor, cause no ones dancing anymore. (Knives, knives, knives)
(Knives, knives, knives) There isn't any one bleeding, did you mistake that for breathing? (Knives, knives, knives)
They're not the same anymore

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Makari Knives, Knives, Knives Comments
  1. DEEJAY In The UK


  2. shaolinskunks88

    i think its the media outlets causing racial tension is there a need to try point the finger at skin colour. crime happens worldwide all colours of the spectrum do these crimes. hats off to the guy actually trying to make a difference.

  3. Leather Neck

    This guy would be more famous if he was more well spoken and dressed better!

  4. It’s Hifzur

    “Bang, Bobs your uncle”

  5. Ali Pakiza

    Peace loving XXX-sized Christians spreading love at knife point. Peace out from Sharia compliant Bradistan to Londonegro.

  6. Adam Halpin

    ‘Tell me’ ‘tell me’ why not speak to him with respect? Snobby slag

  7. pro Sluer

    I cant believe some people ready to discredit this interview both parties involved were respectful to each other.
    It wasn't a condescending vibe in this interview at all stop the nonsense

  8. budo r

    What country is this?
    He doesn't have a South African accent. Sounds almost like a London Ebonics accent. Where are the white brits?


    Faron=genius hes done more in 6 months than the prime minister and the entire scotland yard has done in 3 years..... on his own! i wish we had a faron in our town

  10. Rashid Majera

    much respect,

  11. Ibrahim moods

    he's don't a lying

  12. david downer

    That's because they're a little more trusting and a lot less volatile.

  13. steven davis

    The way he dresses and acts is an indication that he’s a fukwit , why didn’t he turn up in a shirt and trousers , instead of look like a G , innit bro ?

  14. Saeed Tha PraLem

    We All Need To Support This Man✊🏿.....

  15. pryan1978

    What planet does this make sense?

  16. Joanne Shearer


  17. ketashi Ketashi

    Why they arlways chose knifes?


    Guns are banned in the uk.

  18. surbon514

    This guy is trying to make a difference despite his poor English skills. Bless him!

  19. Mark Dunbar

    Not sure if it's the right things he doing but at least he's trying to do something

  20. T West

    Sky News didn't block comments on this one as is usual, so their liberal crap is sure to be attacked by anyone with common sense. Only the idiot leftists believes that getting rid of knives will stop the violence, as if knives are inherently violent!, any diversion is better than facing the Islamic truth!

  21. Rob James

    Take your hood off man

  22. Shrunken Presence

    The fucked after this

  23. SMEGY 89

    waiting for the evidence as all he is doing is claiming.

  24. mel obrien

    He has a threatening affect; if I met him on a dark street I'd have to pull my knife. LOL.

  25. Uncanny Conceptions

    Indigenous English people so polite that they invite the problem onto a t.v. program to ask the problem how to solve the problem. What is her final assessment? "Your amazing!" that's it, keep coddling them. The blacks are taking advantage of the English hosts polite culture to no end. All while the soft invading brown races are outbreeding English people right out of their own capital cities and worse. Wake up ,ENGLAND and take it back!

  26. Morge Zorge

    Weird, we also have knifes but no knife crime epidemic, maybe it's not the knifes, but the people and their culture?

    Dan tayler

    Morge Zorge thats bcuz where ever ur from probably doesn’t have a poverty issue

  27. J H

    I bet he is selling some knives on.

  28. Ange Browne

    I don't believe him for a moment that 70% of knives come from Whites. Some people want to misappropriate all the good achievements of my own white and asian people, but not accept the blame for their own crimes.
    self taught black historian

  29. Love Pod

    Her body language and her whole approach to the interview was very condecending. Why didn't the producers in her ear piece tell her she needs to free up her attitude. She pissed me off! But redeemed herself ish within the last 30seconds.

  30. leon derose

    the headline on this video is so far off!!

  31. Adders Dewinter

    Is that because 80% of the population is white??

  32. son of Susan

    So it's white people's fault? Ffs

  33. kool kev

    He doesn't realise that the lady interviewing him is being supercilious towards him.
    Also she directs some very negative comments toward him. Which he's fails to pick up on.
    He' thinks he's found a new bestie. 🤣

    Lil Nostrils

    Right ,he is such a good person and it's sad

  34. Aspartame69

    I cant take the bubonic tribe speak, init.

  35. S Bless

    big up faron love

  36. Pal Tomori

    He sounds like a very uneducated person with a low IQ. It means he is less likely to get a proper job, so he is a potential threat to the law abiding citizens. Like so many others from the same culture. These people must be separated from the civilised ones for security reasons.

  37. Shazzler

    Done your bits My G , Big up keep up the good work

  38. Martin Martin

    The anti-white diatribe never misses a beat, does it? The audience deserves the crap they get - look at the comments, they'll swallow any old rubbish.

  39. B T

    What percentage of people who murder others with knives are white?


    He looks very serious, and a cold steel look in his eye.

  41. C9rdelia

    This woman was so rude

  42. Fortnite Stuff

    That's my g 😭

  43. Callmedeeds

    4:21 south east London, Woolwich and Plumsted aren't in South West London

  44. Its_Kacper

    this to a degree proves something opposite since only 3% of englands populations is black. so if 30% are of a different race are giving this man knives this shows are large disproportionate amount... not great

  45. James Robo

    Why is she talking to him like she is... 👀👀🤔🤔

  46. Danny

    I’ve met him and handed a knife to him I was in a dark place but this man opened up my eyes

    DEEJAY In The UK


  47. carguy

    I have a hood on during an interview and talk like my mouth is full, but my ideas are awesome follow me. Just get guns and shoot the criminals. Having the dumbest people alive create solutions probably isn't a strong long term plan.

  48. Zar_ ttg

    Good thing he's doing but I bet more than half of the people do it just for the vouchers they don't actually carry on a daily basis

  49. callum peers

    see now this guy is clever unlike these people who think they are clever by stabbing people

  50. TZ TZ

    taking all the knives,,,, 20 hrs later---> ok my friends this is all i have for now,,, come back tomorrow to get more but dont tell anyone :DDDD hahhaahh i wouldnt be surprised if its true :D

  51. Kit

    I love this guy, he's so chill and real about everything!


    I feel like i loose brain cells listening to him but still

  52. Blank

    I disliked because of the woman 🤬

  53. Stuee6899

    What a fantastic human being he is. Wish him nothing but the best of luck this.

  54. #M2tooBolo Jr

    Very intellectual individual

  55. Savage_drillz

    What can u get from jd for £10 😂

  56. Jerry Tom

    Majority of knife attackers in British cities are non-Whites,and those that got stabbed too.Checked police records of their origins and names,it's pretty obvious.With this kind of a false narrative that ignores statistic and relies on opinions, knife violence will continue to go up,as long as the groups that are doing it the most don't get called out.

    kool kev

    @jerry Tom,
    It's was bad in Glasgow in around 2005, so bad some American doctors were travelling to Scotland to get practice on how to treat stab victims. And in Glasgow the knife carrying criminals were predominantly white, go figure. 😎

  57. Conkadong bongomon

    He's a legend. What a man. Doing something great and being real about it. Well done mate

  58. proton2020

    Look at her afraid to ask the right questions .

  59. proton2020

    knife crime is a black drug war problem 90% of the time but people are afraid to tell the truth in case they offend. Hilarious delusional society

    Seek & Execute

    Grumzz shut up


    @Seek & Execute avoid the hard answers and dont fix the problem

  60. Dan 84

    He seems to be doing a lot more positive work that the likes of this demonic, rancid patronising bi*** of a news anchor!

  61. tyler ramsey

    Who will pay for the vouchers? Knives are readily available everywhere. It's the mindset of these youngsters that needs to change.

  62. active aks Aks

    All the white kidz giving knifes in cuz they never use them hahaha

  63. Gucci Grandex

    this woman is bare patronising

  64. MovingT5


  65. Margerine Sun

    Shame on Sky News for going with this title when this man's message was explicitly about moving the conversation away from race. He specifically used that statistic to counter the reporter when she tried to make it about race.

  66. Russell McDonald

    Biggest O.G of the here and now, infinite respect brother!

  67. I'll back d 15 inch I ain't no verbalist 247

    I mean I've got bare knifes but would I give them to him probably not if this is coming out his own pocket I'd definitely give him bit of doe like

  68. Shel Sparkle

    I believe if it was white slang it would be more acceptable like a cockney person

  69. Bwadgal

    This is a regular guy . doing extrodenary things . Thinks outside the box . Entrepreneur . Saving lives. Helping the community. And people STILL want to go on about division and race SHUT UP

  70. Bwadgal

    Good good guy 😘

  71. Jaajaa Rogers

    It’s a global thing 🌍!

  72. Jaajaa Rogers

    This young black brave man should be awarded I am being serious also hope being paid for this interview 👍🏼👏🏼🤲🏼🙏🏼✊🌟🍀😔🌍

  73. Jaajaa Rogers

    The interviewer loved his company , the young man has courage and putting himself at risk too 👍🏼👏🏼🤲🏼🙏🏼✊🌟his doing well government should be putting out their dammmmm trained employees to do this !!!!

  74. Archive_stff & Drummer

    👍🏾'Nobody cares untill it's thiers, and everybody is going to wait till it's too late'👍🏿 Well done bro.

  75. Ahmed Ali

    Ahmed Ali
    07 04 36

  76. Ernestas LIGMA


  77. Just Facts

    Respect for going out there and doing something yourself because no one else seems to be.

  78. Jones4K

    this guys made my day. more power to him man

  79. Love Nurtures

    This woman sounds so patronising...Disrespectful. Don't like her approach towards him, she don't get the lingo too bro, ey that's David my G! Most respect to him!

  80. Palestinian wangatanga

    The media put this title up so this guy would get hate

  81. Troy Townsend

    Certified Guy, Dickhead title.

  82. Williams Christopher

    The woman is so rude with "tell me!". It shows that she has no interest in what this guy is doing whatsoever.

  83. Millwall Joey

    The title of the video is to get clicks. Fair play to Faron for what he’s doing top bloke 👏🏻

  84. Stephen Blizard

    Thinking 'Hood up, naaa hood down, Actually have it up'

  85. Sksksk

    Looool these people getting offended are white

  86. Ai Xing

    Terrible title, but good a message and initiative.

  87. Zeus Olympus Driven

    Ope everything he sets out to do tackling this huge problem gets achieve, true role model. Need more young role models like this out their

  88. world mm

    This young childrens it's easy to fix this problem anyone got catch hold knife need to help and clean his street for one month. After one year it's will go down 50%

  89. AdamC

    I bet everyone who disliked are one of those who carried or carry a knife.

  90. Holly Tinkler

    Amazing man need more people like him

  91. Original Yardz

    That title is out of order. I was thinking something completely different 🤦🏾‍♂️

  92. hustle onair

    The life we live just to protect our family & friends smh

  93. Mas Bang123

    Bullshit knife way life in London blacks the ones with knifes like him 🍌🍌


    u didnt listen to what he said

  94. jtr_just_say_no gaming

    Thats because white people are stupid enough to hand them in 😂

  95. NB GamesHD

    Doe care if white or not get anythin from anyone no matter what colour still your own choices

  96. GoldGod 432

    I bet the increase is due to a change in energy, frequency & vibration. So whats changed in the UK in the last 10 years? According to Mark Steele a microwave weapons expert those new LED street lights are 5G and pulse modulate a dangerous frequency. Its worth looking into.