Maino - Love My Niggas Lyrics

[Verse 1 - Maino:]
All my niggas eat bread
Couple niggas in the feds
Little homie got shot so many damn times
That he still gotta bullet in his head
Gotta nigga that just came home
Went to jail before cell phones
My nigga wasn't right or wrong
That wasn't love to the homies that's gone
Yup, love my niggas
To the motherfucking head my niggas
Started from the bottom win win
Had shit sold now it's real chips my niggas
Little nigga with heart like a big mac
Dope boy rock rollies like wrist bands
Niggas said he'd take his own life
He had killas and a wife I'm a save it for the next man
Got friends that trick too much
Dumb nigga don't think too much
Middle finger in the air like he don't even care
This nigga don't give two fucks
Most of my niggas pack hammers
But all of my niggas bananas
Get the boys mad they turn green like a banner
My friend bought a Benz off dope money
Played strip like hoe money
Brown paper bag like coke money
Way back when we ain't have no money
Some of my niggas is Cs
Some of my niggas is Bs
But you can bet all of your money
That every last one of my niggas is Gs

I love my niggas, I love my niggas
I love my niggas, I love my niggas
To the end we trust my niggas
Some of them killas some of them dealers
Some of them straight my niggas
Some of them rich, some of them poor
But all of them still my niggas

[Verse 2:]
I love my niggas
Remember when we ain't have shit
Growing up in the projects
Sleeping on a dirty mattress
We all living with our mother
Young niggas ain't got our father
Fuck basketball, we gotta sell drugs
If we wanna make it out the gutter
Went from 10 grams to a whole brick
Young nigga she was on the homes dick
Niggas mad we getting money now no shit
Niggas coming through shooting at us oh shit
One of us gets shot shoot him right back
Kill a nigga for my nigga it's like that
Every nigga round me feel like that
Can't fight for a nigga that don't fight back
(No pussys over here)
TTG we trained to go
Shot a nigga from a block away
I got lucky I swear I wasn't aiming yo
(I ain't got no aim yo)
I shot him cause he shot my nigga
In lobby I'm like man he tryna 2pac my nigga
(Remember porn studios)
It's bang bang when we see the enemy
All my niggas drink Hennessy
Most my niggas in the penitentiary
Free my niggas in the penitentiary
(Free Debo Brown)
All my niggas got felonies
I love my nigga to the death for me

I love my niggas, I love my niggas
I love my niggas, I love my niggas
To the end we trust my niggas
Some of them killas some of them dealers
Some of them straight my niggas
Some of them rich, some of them poor
But all of them still my niggas

[Verse 3:]
I love my niggas
Twenty one gun up twenty for the sun up
I hug my nigga, hand in I'm watching your gut case you run up
To show when I'm ready the 40 is on me, this fucker is heavy
You walking up on me, I'm holding it steady
Put one in your belly then jump in the Chevy
Fuck can you tell me? some of them cool and some of them deadly
Some of them shoot and some will get feddy
Some of them Boosie some of them Webby
Nigga they whiling, always on point never cracking a smile
Some of the rejoice they got crack in the valley
Went from a coy to the stacks to the pounds
Nigga I'm now, get my weight up
Got a move a hoe but I don't break up
My nigga bag the weed and roll the shake up
My nigga full champion team I take a paycut
Plenty snakes in grass let them rake up
Man I love my niggas
Cause when they get ill and shake
They still be like fuck y'all niggas

I love my niggas, I love my niggas
I love my niggas, I love my niggas
To the end we trust my niggas
Some of them killas some of them dealers
Some of them straight my niggas
Some of them rich, some of them poor
But all of them still my niggas

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