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"Oh, on that night I had came from a party on 3rd Avenue with some friends and I was going home. And that's when I was stopped by police officers, and they was explaining to me that there was a guy in one of their police cars that was saying that I allegedly robbed him, and they had searched me and the guy actually... at first he said I robbed him, I didn't have anything on me. And that's when..."
"You say nothing, you mean no weapon, and none of his property?"
"No weapon, no money, anything he said that I allegedly robbed him for"

They told me freeze, I can't run far
So now I'm stuck, handcuffed inside the cop car
Told me I'm wanted in connection with a robbery
The witness said he wasn't sure but it was probably me
Told 'em I'm innocent, I swear it really wasn't me
The cop laughed and just kept on fingerprinting me
Asked me my age and I told him barely sixteen
Read me my rights, didn't know what them shits mean
Inside a room, the lady asking me like where I was?
Taking pictures of my tats, was I crip or blood?
I repeat I wasn't there, I was in my home
Are y'all finished? are y'all done? now can I go home?
They put me back inside a cell with that pissy smell
Where niggas layin' on the bench and on the floor as well
Blew a pin, cheese sandwiches, I wasn't smilin'
At my arraignment judge told 'em take me to the Island
He set bail, what the hell, I can't post that
My mama poor, all this over a backpack?
The folk building where they took me I heard stories 'bout
Where adolescents chew rocks and spit razors out
Just a boy but they forcing me to be a man
And my [?] in the day room got me throwin' hands
They tryna jump me but I'm fighting back with all my might
Dirty CO's just watchin', let 'em beat me twice, this can't be life
Got me thinkin' I should take my own
At nights I cried, fantasizing that they send me home
I miss my family, these days turning into months
Ride to that courthouse on this filthy bus
I want my trial but the DA said they still ain't ready
And since I fight back they put me in solitary
Twenty-three locked down, ain't no commissary
Write letters, stand strong, mama don't you worry
I feel trapped, got me livin' where the mice at
I feel darkness in this cage, where the lights at?
Countin' the bricks on the wall, think I lost my mind
I can't take it, lately contemplating suicide
I can't believe I been here and three years past
All charges dropped, finally being free at last
My whole family is happy that I'm finally back
But what they took from me I am never getting back
Look how they stole my childhood and they beat me soft
Comin' home slightly different than I was before
It was horror, all the memories at night haunt me
Wakin' up screamin', thinkin' that the CO's on me
I'm hearing voices now, I'm paranoid, who do I trust?
Tryna find my way, gettin' harder to adjust
I can't take it, please somebody get this pressure off me
Man I'm feelin' like God ain't throw a blessing towards me
I feel the love but the demons in my head is louder
The court-appointed lawyer that they gave me did me fouler
I'm depressed, sorry mom, I couldn't make you prouder
I give up, take my own life, Kalief Browder

"The judge told me that if I plead guilty, I would be released from jail that same day, but I didn't do it! You're not gonna make me say I did something just so I can go home"
When we first met him November of last year, he was doing better, he said. Earned his GED, started classes at Bronx Community College, pulling a 3.56 GPA. But the psychological trauma from jail had taken its toll
"When he first came home, he would just walk the four corners of the driveways"
"You hear animals do, that have been confined to a space"
"Yes, he did it. And I had to watch my baby go through all of that"
In the last year, Kalief grew depressed, deeply paranoid
"You know deep down, I'm a mess. I feel like I'm a grown old man"
And then, two Saturdays ago, two years after his release from jail, Kalief Browder hanged himself with an air conditioner cord in his home in the Bronx. He was 22

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Maino Ghost Of Kalief Browder Comments
  1. Don Jaxx

    Dope song..and a sad reality.

  2. Dominion Ezinwa

    This song hit me deep

  3. FeddyTownUce Tuigamala-Lologo-Tasele

    RIP to the brotha.

  4. Capricorn ScarFace

    I watched the full documentary of Kalief Browder and still now am processing the circumstances of his life. I was in tears watching those mf abusing him,torture him,beating him up,even now am still angry because l feel like justice never been served for him. He stood his ground, he wanted a fair trial, he made jail for something that he didn't do it. All those beatings were made to say that he's guilty, he chose not to say "am guilty ",the mf system fail him,they did not even apologise when they realised him,nothing. 9 judges fuck his life up 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬,those low life who fighting for money and power are the most hateful individuals in my eyes. I wished,all of them be dead and l wished someone could bring some closer to his family (not his dad). I feel so much Kalief's pain and l wish him a beautiful life ahead there in heaven with all the angels on his side 🙌🤲🙏❤❤❤ rest in peace beautiful soul ❤❤❤❤

  5. Jamon Thomas

    I respect maino

  6. Reina Loves

    Who's here after the Netflix mini series?

  7. Charles Jefferson

    Maino was the perfect person to make this song. He was able to so easily speak from Kalief's perspective because he's had similar experiences. You can almost tell how naturally it flowed for him. Wish this had gotten bigger.

  8. Derrick Jefferson

    This was so underated it's sad this was pose to win a grammy 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  9. Ac Bo

    This jam always leaves me with goosebumps at the end. Wish he stayed. RIP

  10. track music

    the dislikes were the lost souls and haters

  11. Jesus flores

    This song is so underrated

  12. Emmanuel ABOUGHE


  13. James Sherman

    That new producer fooled everybody, plus Meek Mill. He in the lab right now rapping on this same beat. Meek just got word from Maino that ol dudes a fraud🤦🏾‍♂️


    lmao!! Yeah he did fool everybody lol I hadn't heard this record before. K.R.I.T. also used it on a song called "King".

    James Sherman

    @lifestraight damn, K. R. I. T on it too 🤦🏾‍♂️


    @James Sherman KRIT used it in 2010

    James Sherman

    Yea I just heard it a couple of hours ago

  14. Nick Ten Brink

    RIP Kalief Browder. you deserved so much better

  15. Mr. Mr

    🔥 this is so sad, but so true. God this its pain, my boy painted a real picture. Maino is a real nigga.

  16. Chris Sloan

    Lol who here after that one beat went viral¿😭

    Tammy Zulu

    Been here since last year.


    he fooled us all smh


    Chris Sloan yep

    Duce Pap

    @RacksForeverRecords it's a whole different beat just the same snippet 🤡😭

  17. Suburban Noize

    real nigga

  18. YouBen

    Who else here because of that Trizzy beat on IG?


    First we have to make sure its actually his beat 👀

    Gerald Mccall

    YouBen just heard that on Breakfast Club from Meek Mills New producer..7 20 19

  19. GTRenegade04YT

    This was once my favorite song


    This deep

  21. mandybelle p

    This story shocks me to the core . God rest his soul . At peace at last


    Not only was this an excellent jam with some seriously powerful lyrics I'm glad that we will never let this kid be forgotten he's my hero. The only thing I would change , instead of, I give up I'm Kalief Browder. I just wish that would go I was murdered, I'm Kalief Browder cuz this was the most incredible story of a kid who rikers island couldn't break for the sake of taking a plea, but, the damage was done already

  23. C Frances

    Will forever listen to this~~~ REAL MUSIC REAL MEANING !!!!! RIP KALIEF BROWDER !!!!

  24. 12345 123456

    Fuck this is sad and happens too often Maino paints the best picture hands down 🙏

  25. Dawud Yelton

    just for the memory of kalief; may the Most High forgive all of us for our shortcomings and grant us mercy on that day...ameen(amen)

  26. timdhump

    Manio been hard !! This shit go cuzz much luv from Cali ,!! Fucc the police!!!!!!

  27. Luis Marquez

    Lookin in his eyes in the interviews breaks ya soul.nothin worse than a person gettin served pain they dont deserve you can see him struggling just to live

  28. Jonathan Mortimer

    I'm a white boy but it's a game so sad what them f*** ass blue motherfukers did to this kid

  29. gnk2430

    Gives me chiccen skin so sad 😞 that not only him but many young men and women get set up like this

  30. Dat Persian King

    This beat has so much pain 🔥

  31. Jonathan Mortimer

    Being a white man not black all i can say is the 32 dislikes u either a racist or dont no the game street or rap go put mgk n listen to the Eminem dis on repeat fuckboys

  32. Michael Wagner

    The island is rough. What happened to right to a speedy trial?

  33. Ginio Lamy

    The Bronx is cursed 💔💔💔💔😢😢😢😢 RIP LESANDRO FELIZ RIP KB

  34. Chase Fisher

    Shit still make me so mad how they did him smh

  35. filipe ferreira

    rest in peace brother Kalief Browder, nobody deserves this, you are a soldier and one day the justice is coming, rest in peace man

  36. GorgeouslyReal T.V.

    Your brother was on my live last night. I will keep your name alive!

  37. Genesis Barnes

    Maino captured the essence of this Heartbreakin story!

  38. A 1

    Speak that shit my nigga 💯☝️💯💪🏼💯

  39. Rashaad White

    I feel like Maino could of saved brah life

  40. Yourmajestybitches Jones

    System is Made for Murderers isn’t made for people to be Equal. People Who works for the system takes no accountability in any wrong doings but playing God. Man Plan will fall to the real boss God with his plan. RIP Kalief Browder!!!

  41. Now Born

    Not the Heather Headley sample, lol. Still dope though.


    R.I.P Kalief Browder

  43. Peoplez Jukebox

    R.I.P. KALIEF! Maino u did ur thing bro. Painted such a vivid picture. Shed tears everytime I hear this track. Salute Maino! To anyone who has a loved one that is incarcerated, don't forget about them. Write and visit as much as you can. It goes a long way.

  44. Whitey harris

    R.I.P. the good die young

  45. Tramaine Jennings

    Dope ass track bro much respect maino R.I.P Kalief

  46. Barbiestay High

    wish i could of met him. R.I.P damn this man touches my heart and shows us we all need to unite as a nation

  47. Jarvas Johnson

    Just got done watching this on Netflix. Fuck the police system

  48. ML 2MUCH

    If they wouldn't have arrested him all of this wouldn't have happened

  49. ashlynn Hunter

    never forget where you've been!😔💯

  50. Reece H

    me and my brothers just watched it and my youngest bro is the same age as kallief and i just kept on thinking if it was him and knowing that people have been and are going through such injustice's and you can't help them it's the most painfulll thing.

  51. Official Braigwood Jizzle

    Kalief Browder I wish I had the power money and resources to get justice for you bro #rih

  52. Luth Khan


  53. ILLmaculateSounds

    This shit is real Hip-Hop man damn...

  54. Dumebi7278

    Rest in Police Kalief Browder. It’s so sad what you had to go through. Salute to Maino for this.

  55. Deepstar 5

    Maino good for this one.

  56. Herk ules

    I have much respect for maino for making this song

    Jehovah abebe


  57. Crimson 9

    RIP KB ... Rest King Respect Maino know this shit was hard to write and to all my brothers Living in that rotten ass apple Group Economics Brotherhood study Law library unity is our way out

  58. kero cali

    RIP, you're free at last.

  59. mystery man

    holy crap! beautiful song!

  60. Kym Shavers

    I finally watched this last night and i cant stop crying , I just cant believe they kept him jail 3 whole years for something he didnt do I also goggled this story once i got to work this morning and it just brings all the pain back all over again my brother was set up n the system and rail roaded he has been n and out of jail his whole life and is currently n jail now my heart breaks for this Family.

    Crimson 9

    Mz 2 Sexy Brownskin Yeah which is why we need unity in order to fight the Republic of America

  61. Clutch_masta77

    May his story live on RIP KALIEF

  62. Sandra Myers

    btw thank u Maino, told the truth...

  63. Sandra Myers

    I love you Kalief, I'm sorry Jay Z and that man Rosie O'Donnell didn't help you more, a ball game and a laptop, he's making millions on your back she's crying, oh I tried so hard to help him, I'd have helped you.... You're the bravest, strongest man I never knew but I wish to god I had. You're HOME and have done so much good down here. More than that Jew and his bitch jay z. Ill never forget

    Leslie Jay

    Y'all all sound stupid. Jay Z PRODUCED the documentary, to expose Kalief's story. Shut up.

    kero cali

    Leslie House So he made a grip of cash off dude's misery. You the one that seems to be sleeping.


    The browder story is a Weinstein production don’t get it twisted allot unanswered questions that boy was afraid of something

    Chris Smith

    Kalief trusted his race(Jay-Z) not whites like Rosie who destroyed his life. Rosie tried to help but it should've been Jay but Z is a HUGE SELL-OUT


    sound stupid.

  64. Mykey Irene

    I cried.




    Crimson 9

    Mykey Irene Indeed my feelings exactly him Sean Bell Trayvon and many more innocent victims of the American system

  65. Rob suddens

    Never knew u but ur tragic story touched mine any many hearts. May u rest in peace always young bro.
    My condolences goes out to ur fams. 🙌🙏


    Nothing has ever touched me the way this story did. I think it made everybody realize we could all fight a little harder at everything we do he was here for a reason handpicked by God probably because he's the only one on this Earth that had the balls and the heart of one like no other,the baddest SOB's in this world would have tapped out by at most the 7th court appearance I would have on the first one

  66. Tray S


  67. Christian Buckner

    maino been hard since smack dvd📀💻🎥📼💿


    Dang maino still got it 💯💪🏾

  69. Moore Nicholas


  70. Steve O

    Maino is "The Man" for tellin his story. #RipKaliefBrowder
    I was aware of his situation b4 Jay Z did the special on him, and he was a bright Young Man. #Rip to his Mother also

  71. Nikki - Renee Staley

    #BlackLivesShouldMatter you're making our ancestors proud #MrKOB BkFinestYouAre

  72. Dorian A. Mallory

    thanks for bringing NY back! you, murda and santana get it in.

  73. Rowan Poirier

    Shout out to you maino on this track man
    you really a real nigga my G you always been for an about the streets/hood an not just BK you really a voice for the streets and ery real nigga love you ! you humble an real OGs are just that ppl who ant feelin U dont unserstand ur shit but 99% of real street dudes can relate & respect 💯 weather they black/white/hispanic you a voice for all of us growin up in the streets 💯 keep it pushin my G

  74. Toronto raptors

    brave brave brother rip

  75. Mike mizzy

    probally maino best song

    Rashaad White

    Mike mizzy check out helicopters

  76. Lex Vazquez

    I went trough similar shit so i defenetly can relate fuck da system RIP khalief Browder



    Salute to Maino for this song!!!! And Salute Kalief Brower for stealing as a man even though he was only a child Real Gangsta s*** stand for what you believe in no matter what the consequences is

  79. Stephen Maxam


  80. GorgeouslyReal T.V.

    Can't stop thinking about you Kalief!

  81. Own Paradise

    #KaliefBrowder #RiP This Gives Me Chills 😢......🖕🖕🖕 Tha Opps

  82. Allen Massimino

    Maino is one of the most underrated artist hands down in my top 10 real as fuck

  83. JAYRES 183

    DAMNNN!!!! G.lookz Maino...
    💪📿🙏.R.I.P. K

  84. Litty Live

    this shit hard

  85. Tadoww Ent

    May he Rest In Peace

  86. Tharsan J

    fuck those goofy fucks who rapped homie and bashed him weak ass hoe move rip

  87. Tadoww Ent

    Too much it made me cry

    vito coreleone

    EK Milla 😭😓🙁☹😟😔

  88. timdhump

    man cuzz im in Cali th his shit true!!! from East to West ! RIP LIL BRO !!! Feel like God aint send a blessing towards me !! TALK THAT SHIT CUZZ !!!! FUCC THE SYSTEM!!

  89. casey howell

    this song needs a video
    like it

  90. OG Bobby Johnson

    shit is dope

  91. Enrique Hernandez

    Savage ass song anyone whose been locked knows how that shit feels this songs the truth i couldn't stop the tears from coming down my face I remember being in that place I still feel that way.

  92. kenny R

    yo hot 97 this is what the streets is bumpin bozo Ebro pay attention it's free

  93. Shammgod faeji Karim Bahir

    rip forever.. brother kalief

  94. Dee Dee

    great work Maino.. RIP Kalief 🙏

  95. Hector LOCO

    i watch every episode heart wrenching long live kalief Browder and fucc them coward ass co's who jump him n them bird niccas on the island who jump kelief and he popped on them scary goofy niccas REST IN PEACE🙏🙏🙏🙏


    word to mo Cuzz! fuCc the policE!!!

    flash korvette

    Hector LOCO im gonna watch it this weekend

    Tony Steen

    rest in peace kalief


    Thassa facttt

    Gdot Mdot

    kalief went out like a warrior doe he didnt take no shit on the island , poor kid got a raw deal another reason why if u become a police officer u need to be responsible 1 dirty jake put this dude in there and killed him