Maino - Bandana Lyrics

My bandana
Your my star
Your my moon
My guitar
We don't know
Where we are.
Still we stand

[Verse 1: Maino]
They say people like me
End up dead or in the jail cell
No food had to eat off crack sales
Before u try to judje me off of my life style
Put your self in the shoes of a black male
What's my chance as a kid knock? a poverty
It's my god given right to pull a robbery
Society labels me a misfitter but in the street I'm looked at as a real nigga
My bandana in my right hand I fold it up and tie it around my whole hood
They don't understand why I keep a rag, why it's hanging on the back of my pants
I keep 1 maybe 2 or 3 represents where I come from
It's a g thang salute all the young boys and the OGs
Every thug in the country knows me

My bandana
Your my star
Your my moon
My guitar
We don't know
Where we are.
Still we stand

[Verse 2: Lloyd Banks]
I keep a rag cause u never know bandana my face
[?] show incase u gotta let it go
Damn near more than good from queens to foreign hood
Hoodstar touch the block like the man in office could
My bandana pass down for my son, sons and brother
One 'fore he turn 21. gun salute biggie out the coupe
While I shoot up and down the block thinking how to get the [?]
The jake don't see a celebrity
They see a set up plotting to knock u down before u get up
U talk and live it. Just left my homie came off the visit. revisiting good times back before he did it
Had the weed going and pop another bottle. they thought we never make it here victim of the hollow
Out here everybody got a hammer I never change for the camera that's on...

My bandana
Your my star
Your my moon
My guitar
We don't know
Where we are.
Still we stand

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Maino Bandana Comments
  1. Omar Moheedin

    Who sings the course

  2. Gina Jones

    Love this

  3. Richie Conti

    This was the last of the great body of music now it's clout chashing YouTube views which ruined hiphop

  4. Richie Conti

    Society labels me misfitter .. But in the streets I'm looked at as a real ni66a

  5. Richie Conti

    One of favorite songs

  6. Jamil Jones

    Bitty 4 president knot tha st tha heat beat swift level close open hearts life baby naw rest o hefty bags zip cloth swollen bitch rollin👣👣👣

  7. Pedro Epic Dives

    One of the best tracks ever

  8. It’s cj Hoe

    2019 anyone?..

  9. Majin Kid Buu

    Lloyd banks maino hi

  10. Sandra Clark

    Real heads stand up from Australia!!!

  11. Shakir Worthy

    One of the best songs within my youth

  12. Ryan Bernstein

    This song saved my life on spice

  13. Music STAR

    Miss 2009😕

  14. mightywhitey718

    Sick beat

  15. Tyler Fredette

    i dont sleep on no g shit

  16. •Viking Wolf•

    PLK till the Death of Me 🔥 🙅🏻‍♂️ 💯

  17. Jamil Jones


  18. Jamil Jones


  19. living life w no BRAKES!

    2018 anybody?

    Josh Horton

    2020 soon

  20. Rob Jr


  21. eli cage

    it the shit

  22. Reese Rivera

    Is that Akon on the hook?

    tony soprano

    Reese Rivera no...

  23. JimmyDB -

    Do y'all know who BlaqueSunflower is? You know, the flat earther?

  24. a grvs

    See u again Sam will misty and cannon .... 😚😇🎸🌍🌝

    Jehovah abebe

    Hi 😍

  25. Tejay Mathers

    Eminem and Lloyd banks have a good one too! Damn Lloyd kills this one, but he is even better with the mix with EM, Rapgod Mathers <3

  26. BeastMode FIAZCO


  27. Shaun Aaron

    this song was my shit

  28. Eazy c

    I pledge life before death but death before dishonor...I BE GD 410 FOLKS LOVE OR NO LOVE BROCKTON MURDAMASS WHERE THEM G'z at

    Codeinecowboy 44

    Eazy c I fuck with Brockton I'm in Hyde park but always over there

  29. Michael B

    banks bandana is red white and blue greatest american placed in the universe, key to every city 🔥✌️💯

  30. NiiCk

    You really Maino?

  31. Zsky Rabbit

    east AZilla wmat Geronimo Stlye

  32. Jonny Hilton

    Su woo to the beehivr

  33. Lord Soul

    Society labels me as a missfitter, but on the streets, im looked at as a real nigga. 

    John Simmons

    Real Talk

  34. Lord Soul

    One of the most beautifull tracks i ever heard in my life. 

    vito coreleone

    Too bad this album flopped tho..

    Richard Dunn


    Richie Conti

    I feel the same way the word play is perfect it's real it feels like everything we go through living in the inner city ( just visit my man came off the visit we visit in good times back before he did it .. Banks )

    j-starz dee

    @vito coreleone it was undershipped there was 3 hit singles on this album

  35. Michael B

    lloyd the greatest musician ever.

    Michael B

    seatown206 four seconds of hh-v6, three seconds of fno-hh2, two seconds of aonliu-blue friday, only one to ever have the gift, no one else. illest ever with the words since earth established

  36. Choice FirstInFlyght

    the realist music always gets slept on
    #HustleHard #GUnit 

  37. Richard Schoneck

    Fuck any bloods folks all day slops down gs up igd brooklyn all day homie 974 718 idgaf slops bounce of the folks shyt


    Bkig Cs on mine homie cin city 781 lynn murdachusetts Chatham street

    Lex SmokedOut

    @stellarchk24 Lynn, Lynn the city of Sin. 2-15-19 74-14 508 Broccton MASS

    Eazy c

    +Lex SmokedOut G'z up or freeze up folk

  38. The Demize

    Maino sounds like jeezy


    Na Maino sound like Maino!

    Tafadzwa Ncube

    I can only be me ma nigga

    The Demize

    +Tafadzwa Ncube ur not maino nigga

  39. The Demize

    damn jeezy woulda killed this track

    tony soprano

    The Demize Julez Santana and 2pac..and prodigy...RIP

  40. matthew cory

    i would be sick if they kicked kidd kidd off of g unit, and took maino instead.. that would be the come back of new york

  41. Ariel sanchez

    king love no its red

  42. alien messiah da guru god

    da hella bent degenerates 

  43. Frank D

    Banks killed this


    My scar sits on the same side

  44. azma775

    Banks killed it!!

  45. forohfour

    When i hear this song it doesnt remind me of gangs etc etc it reminds me of my life in california all my friends who gave there lives just to represent there hood sad stuff why cant people realize that gangs cause more problems then they solve

    tony soprano

    forohfour this song about gangs...its about the struggle...the hustle.

    Richie Conti

    That's deep it's funny u say that cause this song takes me back to places in my life that not necessarily as the same as yours but puts a smile on my face on how I overcame all the inner city obstacles we face everyday even though they were bad to me they were good cause I'm here

  46. Kurrupt-killer88

    will i am not stoping tell am King of every STATE

  47. YurrGTrain

    My Bandana

  48. The Trippy Shit



  49. Adriano

    thumbs up if your bandana red white and blue. Were all the same at the end of the day.

  50. gretchel hines

    21st century gangstas ;)

  51. rjfink217

    412 all day kidz....... u aint gota have a flag hangin out your back pocket to rep where your from, especially sinc since HALF OF YOUU NEVER EARNED IT.... yeah meaaaan? lol

  52. bloodline808

    "I keep a rag cuz you neva kno, bandana my face/wont let it show, 'case u gotta let it go"

  53. Treye Connor

    fuck yah 402

  54. D klassen

    @ScotianBoii For sure

  55. xJesusJuice95x

    rep tht red bandana till tha death.

  56. Piffmaster9000

    must be wrinkly

  57. Fattz Papi Chulo Chill

    i keep my bKlue rag to the left every where i go every time i roll i dont sleep with out my flag

  58. 24ftbllrules

    Thumbs up if you ain't gotta bandanna but know music 402 Nebraska fucks wit Maino all day since at least last summer

  59. Mr. Erbz

    Haha ja den er nice.

  60. jusk

    Thumb up if your bandana is Black.

  61. Orangechapel

    Lloyd Bank$ killed it

  62. Colin K

    fuk u weaper n lilsuning, das all......

  63. whoopmusic

    My Guitar <3 Rap = Story of my life <3 i swear rap is my favorite genre, just cause all these rappers rap about their life, the real world, what hate and pain and shi* they go through, mind you some do it to themselfs, its still nice to hear someone else goin through the shit your parents or your past may have put you through, rappin bout the roads we take = love and peace to the world but we still need some bad to equal out the good.

  64. gff135

    red B.T.I.D

  65. slapaf2pacnydlivet

    jeg elsker den her sang :) . . iiiiiiiiiiiiii love thiiiissssssssssssssssssss :D

  66. jyrza14

    This is a very good song... why real music ain't popular anymore. Now days it's just about the party music and funky beats.

  67. Big Homie KABAR

    @Weaper007 crab

  68. Asia williams

    @Weaper007 Blue= Anal Sex

  69. whiteboynigg

    goddamn i gained so much respect for banks when i heard this track

  70. Sean I

    thumbs up if ya bandana has a skull wit a strawhat


    13 peoples bandana is purple for justin biber

  72. cccc

    Thumbs up if your flag RED!

  73. SuperJas1993

    @Amp1tude the most underrated mainstream rapper now and the past 5 years forsure

  74. Blair Waldorf

    Must be alot of hardcore gangsters nowdays who watch youtube vids... LOL

  75. Chris Liberte wit a La in front

    5th ave boy BL00D gang! suu woo

  76. saviglacoste

    my bandana is 6lue606 crip mafia

  77. strainul11

    Maino and Banks are great .. Man, i mean ..this is better then many platinium rappers milion views, radio plays and charts top singles..No hating, no dick riding, is the truth.

  78. twoamw1921

    @Amp1tude Banks is a beast, probably the best if not one of the best right now.

  79. Tyler Sharay

    it doesnt mean hes a blood , he got the scar on his face from when he cut some duude a while back then the dude was in the same barbor shop as him &cut him back .

  80. Troy Jackson

    Bitches bleed red bro

  81. Weaper007

    thumbs up if your bandana is blue

  82. Randy Holloway

    A great song by 2 great artists

  83. Brian Andrade

    Brooklyn shit

  84. dontizzle805

    Banks a beast damn everything

  85. celtic348

    listen to the music son its soo real it reppsss life and why ppl do thing

  86. r8rfantilidie

    whats the sample????????

  87. pdotm1

    1017thebreezy ur crazy hfm 2 was best album of 2010

  88. Alex Green

    banks was good when hunger fo rmore was out.. rotten apple was alright but hfm 2 sucks

  89. JoelKG

    1 of tha GREATEST SONGS EVER!!

  90. JewishPotat0

    banks awesome

  91. Amp1tude

    banks is too underrated

  92. foreigner1964

    lyod banks great

  93. Kiwicuz

    LOL this fella reminds me of when Andrew Jenks got smacked

  94. L3ban3s3Soldi3r

    Who sings the chorus? I no it's not akon or tpain, cuz he has an accent