Madison Avenue - She Lyrics

Oh, dish washing liquid
Don't forget dish washing liquid
And Ajax, Ajax

Ooh, and and fresh milk
Ooh, and cat food
Don't forget cat food, cat food

She, who

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Madison Avenue She Comments
  1. helen james

    NO ever does that in their sleep. Such nonsense

  2. Maram

    انا وش شفت

  3. Izio Shaba

    too much Cheyne Coates. Almost gets a little ego maniacal.



  5. Lalafigaro

    Has the singer got a dick🤔

  6. Lino L


  7. Dan Galek

    OMG Ibiza 2000 club Anfora, 19 years later still a wicked choooonnee

  8. Jean Grey

    They were excellent.

  9. Karl M

    OMG memories from 2001.

  10. fk1386

    That body is just 😮 my #inspo these days. Today’s super-muscly look isn’t doing it for me, I want this slim super-toned look 👌🏼

  11. Krafty Karrizzma


  12. Chancel Balhoud

    Madison Avenue with their second Hit "Everything You Need". The Australian duo (Andy Van and Cheyne Coates), split in 2003.

  13. Мила Красноярцева

    sexy music

  14. Leigh Miles

    She is much more talented than Kylie & way more gorgeous & beautiful.

    Joe Nathan

    Leigh Miles lets not go nuts


    @Joe Nathan wtf I know right 🤣

  15. Daniel Pena

    A very bad imitation of Kylie Minogue!!

    Мила Красноярцева

    you are not right!

  16. Val B.

    simple times when you didn't need breast implants to be considered hot or to make it in the industry

  17. legnbackpanter

    Wow what tune!! is the best that i've heard !!

  18. Thelma Romero

    i wonder if the woman singer of the video is the same as the one who sings the track..


    she is!

  19. esteban villanueva


  20. Celio19891

    Shame they never made it past one album.

  21. Moondog

    Great song, reminds me of the hot summer. Wish MTV still played stuff like this! Oh, and Cheyne Coates was fit!

  22. spankie

    I've always liked this song...never seen the video till now...honestly the singer ruined it for me..I get beauty comes in different packages..and many people prob think she's attractive.but for me..she make me not want to watch it again..physically her face and body look like Iggy pop....hey some might think thats hot lol...that's cool I'll just avoid then video from now non..

    Leandro Ciccone

    flat bodies were trend back in the day. while now ppl love to see anything big and curvy :)


    Her body is beautiful, even in 2019. A body like that takes dedication, it’s a dancer’s body.


    The Polyester Embassy is a great album.....wonder what happened to these guys??


    @DIETRICHCICCONE Well DJ Andy Van is still doing music under the alias Vandalism

  24. Armando B.

    Good song. Strange thing I never saw this before. Just knew their other famous song.

  25. AlanNCA

    love this song

  26. wj guerrero

    i got the album may be 10 years and don't feel tired about

  27. wj guerrero

    suena increible en 12" woofer MTX en mi dodge ram

  28. penenadpi

    She's got that something and her voice is as damn sexy as her body.


    Yeah, she's hot and sings good.


    Hormones and illusions!

  29. Luke Harding

    She looks like a hot school teacher I once had

  30. wutheringheights01

    proper house. not the avicii shit we have today.

    Dominik Maassen

    Kurt!? You're dead!?

    DJ. Sam ReivaJ

    kurt & avicii both are dead

    Alejandro Durán

    Es correcto

    Chris Bailey


  31. bamagal6791

    Andy Van is adorable. Wish we saw more of him!

  32. Shams Qasr

    Does anybody have the other version?? Where there's a guy in white underwear (I don't know, but I think it could be the very Andy Van) over a pink(?) couch?? It had scenes with Cheyne dancing as well as Andy scratching... Has anyone also seen it??

    Joe Nathan

    Shams Qasr i think Dailymotion has that version

  33. Simon George

    Sexy lady. Not heard this before. Sounds sleazy bit like porn music.

  34. francisco cortez

    this music of 2000's on mtv > that music on mtv, now 

    Tara Webster

    ... But there's no music on MTV now...?

  35. JReed1985

    I don't care what anyone says about Cheyne, I always did find her sexy despite her having small tits and a somewhat funny looking face. 

  36. TrafficScience

    There's a way better version of this song I used to have on tape. It was a new years eve set recorded live at some club in Sheffield??? I list it and just remembered it after all these years! It starts with a drums kind of noise. Anybody hot it or a link let me know! Pisses all over this version!


    Bongo Maddy Alive


    Played alive it's a mashup of this and safari duo. Probably the best mashup ever made imo

  37. Kaan Kaant

    I actually don't think her face is more than averagely attractive.
    She IS fucking sexy though.

  38. Luke Harding

    There is something about her look she reminds me of a sexy school teacher for some reason.

  39. Johnny Jaruwan

    Roller skating rink music.No Im getting a retro disco inferno vibe here

  40. Michael Curd

    What is Cheyne Coates doing these days??????

    Thomas de Bercey

    I believe Andy Van said in an interview not too long ago she's not that interested in the entertainment world anymore. She still keeps in touch with Andy somewhat: "I'll text her and maybe a week or two later she'll get back to me."

  41. Ade Brown

    Yes we did, depending on the club or the room, I definitely played it @ my residency at Time Flies, Ministry Love To Be and various others... If the crowd was right, or you hadn't pigeon holed yourself, like most DJ s do these days you could get away with playing a lot more variety... plus it was always better to play the back room :-)

  42. J M

    Great song

  43. TheRomanianRambo

    Its funny how one song can bring you back in time....oh the memories!

  44. MatchEntry

    Kylie who? :D

  45. dwayne torno

    one utterly gorgeous australian-she has got all that is needed

  46. ProfChrisK

    Didnt Cheyne Coates have something happen at the ARIAs that led to their split??

  47. Angel Sanchez

    and i ask for myself...who is the Bed Pretty Girl????

  48. Xclibur2001

    OMG I luv her.

  49. MentalRaptors

    @dzoni2zr I agree with inner101aggression, she's a bit too thin for my taste. But then that voice... DAYYUM! And the grooves are equally hot!

  50. kboyebi

    I used to have the MADDEST crush on this DJ! lol Man, wild times...good stuff. Reminds me of my fake I.D. at 16.

  51. rOdor251

    jamiroquai! haha. they have a lot in common. funk, acid. :D

  52. Nic Skordos

    @HeidiHoencamp feed her me... please for the love of god!! feed her me!!

  53. Discotizer

    @savisk Not sure about this one, but they sure played Dont Call me Baby

  54. Micheal Salvatore

    did they play this in non commercial clubs when this was released?

  55. Heidi Mariska

    @Roshan3L No, I'm not American ( as you can see on my channel ;) ), why do you ask? The rest of your comment doesn't make any sense to me. Retards? Mc Donalds??? Explain.

  56. Spraycando

    Where is she now? On the dole?

  57. sissylon

    cooler sound !!!

  58. sissylon

    super rauchige stimme !

  59. Gabriel Paiz

    Fuck!!!! Cheyne Coates is so fucking hot!!!!!!

  60. mudbutton2

    Fuck this girl was a spurter!


    Cant find this on Itunes,,,anybody out there can tell how? Thanks!

  62. 99pandora

    Havn't heard this song for a long time, but this song would still work in a club now. Good song Mad' Avenue.

  63. AnimalsRightToDance2

    that was a very good period in house music

  64. INTHEMIX74

    some good australian house music

  65. MrSalchipapas

    @HeidiHoencamp I would. Tons of milk.

  66. Cilla1985

    she reminds me of kylie minogue

  67. Discotizer

    @dzoni2zr word! :) It's like you said...

  68. Nikola Susak

    i dont know what is it her eyes or her voice....or that great half funky half vocal disco house music but she is the most sexy women i have ever seen and their music is great i could listen to those songs for the whole day and it is never is always mooving

  69. left-wingers-are-terrorists

    @SixStepKevyKutBak the singer or the girl writhing around on the bed as if she's covered in maggots?

  70. Marko Rancic


  71. Franklin Rodríguez


  72. B A

    Yuk. Look up the song they sampled here. Full Tilt Boogie by Little Louie. That is total jam!!! This is sacrilege.

  73. Heidi Mariska

    @zak4tt4ck Haha allright! X

  74. zak4tt4ck

    @HeidiHoencamp LOL .. its cool dw i have something to feed her with np.

  75. Heidi Mariska


    I'm not fat, my weight is about 120 pounds. My hight is about 5ft4. I have a nice body ;)
    Just think she's too skinny, but that's just my opinion. And as I may add: I never said she's ugly, she has a very beautifull face.

  76. zak4tt4ck

    @HeidiHoencamp 41 fat women agree congrats..... yes yes pie time.

  77. Slávek Domes

    Líbí se mi její zpěv a všechno....

  78. foleybarbarian

    Still has the looks i may say, but the voice is kinda gone.

  79. Evelyn Danger

    She kind of sounds like Kylie Minogue....

  80. benbrenyefski

    she's gorgeous! very classy!

  81. Saulo Cisneros

    Cameltoe, anyone?

  82. lazcarr1342

    this song so rocks!!! If you like this track check out "Reminiscing" of which when i was younger HATED the song. Madison Avenue managed to change that for me.

  83. Carlos Leonardo Torres

    she is almost perfect!!

  84. TheJazzie64

    Just realised she is an Aussie. Figured with a name like that and her clips she was a yankee

  85. lazcarr1342

    Love this song!!

  86. strwbrybabyg245

    shes got an interesting voice..

  87. whatthe funk


  88. fixdeluxe1

    A good area in Aussie music passed on!

  89. Vlaka

    it's a shame Australia doesn't take dance as serious as it does the fucking country and depresso music it pumps out.
    These were the good time of music!

  90. malcolm garrett

    the broke up in 2003

  91. jasunjames

    She looks fine, she is just a smaller body type. What did happen to these guys?

  92. fixdeluxe1

    Awesome dance,party song with a romantic twist.

    Never thought Aussies could do this!

  93. malcolm garrett

    top bass music

  94. inner101aggression

    hmm, shes too skinny for me(i woul like just a little more meat on the legs)

    but as personality,I FREAKIN LOVE HER: shes so natural, she flows with the music, shes pretty straight forward and curageous (at least this is what comes out in this video)

    not to mention i love the lyrics


  95. vegana Veganismo

    she dances very well
    wish i kould dance like her!!
    and she's so slime
    i envy her, i'm fat :(

  96. Lisa van Acquoij

    shes just thin,
    its her body,
    she can't do anything about it.

  97. Xdyek

    wwoooooo i remember those days.........why they stop. love they music.

  98. JUDAH J

    @topz888 she reminds of kiley minogue lol

  99. Heidi Mariska

    somebody feed her please!