Madela, Jed - Hold On Lyrics

Yes, it's you ...
You're the one in my life I've known
From the start that it's you I'd spend forever with
So please hold on with me...

You know so well that we can't last a day
Without each other
You're all I have and I'm all that's there
Ro keep you goin'

Hold on, just keep on holding' on
It may not be for long
Just keep on holdin' on with me

Hold on, just keep on holding' on
It may not be for long
Just keep on holdin' on with me

Funny how we both try to show
That we don't really care
But deep inside the thing that matters
Is to have you by my side

Let the tears roll down, that's okay because
Tomorrow no one's goin' away
Just let this be and hold on with me
Hold on with me

Hold on, just keep on holding' on
It may not be for long
Just keep on holdin' on with me

Hold on, just keep on holding' on
It may not be for long
Just keep on holdin' on with me

Hold on, just keep on holding' on
It may not be for long
Just keep on holdin' on with me

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Madela, Jed Hold On Comments
  1. Martin

    2020 - I watched Spiderman 1-3 last weekend and its still one of the best superhero movies of all time IMHO.

  2. Mr Mass

    Give me Rent! ×45

  3. kleber01ify

    show spider man 2 schow show brasil 2020

  4. Mateo Airaudo

    "The Importance of Being Earnest".


    Spiderman 2 is the best Marvel movie!!
    Change my mind

  6. TX Terminator

    "He's a menace to the entire city! I want that Wall Crawling Arachnid prosecuted! I want him strung up by his web! I want Spider-Man!"

  7. TX Terminator

    I miss Tobey as Spidey. I've moved on to other phases and other Spider-Men, but whenever the mask is lifted I always expect to see dark brown hair and bright blue eyes.

  8. Edoardo Facchino

    Beautiful song 😍

  9. YourBroBlogan

    It’s almost 2020 and the country is great right now because Trump but it seems like people aren’t happy or fulfilled, cheers to 2029.

  10. Brett Lee

    I TOTALLY forgot this was Jet!! This movie WAS MY CHILDHOOD!!!!

  11. peter gresh

    I wanna see Spider-Man 2 in the movies again I saw it with my mom back in 2004 loved the whole movie

  12. Agus Armen

    This song remind me to nplh_

  13. Khulood


  14. Distracted Globe Productions

    _Everybody loves a hero. People line up for them, cheer them, scream their names. And, years later tell how they stood for hours in the cold rain just to catch a glimpse of the one who taught them to _*_hold on_*_ a second longer._
    _I believe there's a hero in all of us who keeps us honest, gives us strength, makes us noble, and finally allows us to die with pride, even though sometimes we have to be steady, and give up the thing we want the most. Even our dreams._

    ...Oh, uh, I mean
    *_I'm gonna blow up the city!_*

  15. BAJA


  16. Mano Mano


  17. Emanuel Sigona

    Pizza time!

  18. ielya tehrani

    The moment that you realize when
    In the new Spider-Man movie this song plays after Spider-Man left Mr. Ditkovich get burned in the building & his suit was taken by J. Jonah Jameson instead he had Batman suit in Marvel

  19. 得意地飄

    Tobey Maguire my only one Spider-Man . And , ‘Rent ! Where is my money ‘ 🤣🤣🤣

  20. Colin Andersen

    Yep, good song and perfect for Peter Parker...and yes, Toby Maguire was the best Spiderman hands down. He was perfect for this role, no one can take that away from him...:)

  21. Jace Griggs

    Who's better? Toby Maguire or Tom Holland?

  22. Rocky Raccoon

    Thanks for the ride

  23. Cj Carpenter

    Rewaching spider-Man 2 never gets old. Rewaching again. 3 days in a row. I love it

  24. 123spidergeek

    Spiderman 2 anyone

  25. LayZ Typodo

    Just three words come to mind while listening to this great song: “oh boy yeah”

    Distracted Globe Productions

    *"Oh boy yeah", what?*

    LayZ Typodo


  26. Thomas Houghton

    When I am sad I listen to this song and think what I could do better in life

  27. sta_bby

    Even though i'm a DC Nowadays, i've always grown up and looking up to Spiderman.

  28. Junior

    2019 anyone?

  29. Al the Alligator

    Me: *happy*
    This song: "I'm gonna put some dirt in your eye."

  30. gu :v

    Spider Man 2 s2

  31. Fren Manzano

    2019 still listening?

  32. Emma Crook

    2019 😊

  33. Michael II Cañares

    Where is my money?

  34. Chandler Bing

    ••• WHERE IS MY MONEY????????????????

  35. Isaac Segura

    Spider-Man 2 is the best movie of Spidey. 🕸🕷

  36. Sam 2002

    Spiderman 2 will forever be the best spiderman movie 🕷🐙❤

  37. Bruno Oliveira

    Music spider man 💓

  38. LeonX

    how did you do that ?

    Distracted Globe Productions

    Uh, y'know... get plenty of rest... eat your pizza.


    @Distracted Globe Productions That's what my mom is always saying i just never actually believed her

  39. Luchi Felicini

    Spiderman 2 theatre scene

  40. The spectacular Spider guy

    I watch spiderman 2 every sunday at 5PM

  41. C C

    life sucks

  42. SixNeuf Lyon1950

    The Best Spider-Man movies of all Time !🔥🔥

  43. Ryan The BIGDOG Sedlack

    Tobey is The best Spider-Man

  44. Amanullah Faruqui

    So many memories of my childhood

  45. carlos zerbinatti

    this songs is part of teen time,which i miss alotttttttttt...............................

  46. The spectacular Spider guy

    Prime time me would have been so happy

  47. Sara Hendrix

    JET's music brought me here.

  48. VItor mello

    Ta passando agora

  49. Lucas Caetano

    Spider man 2 😆

  50. Username 6661


  51. luzivert


  52. Elian Bogado

    Hola, que es hola? Se puede gastar? :v

  53. CJ Miller

    Spider-Man 2

  54. Santiago Navarro

    I'll like this video when you fix this DAMN DOOR.

  55. arist silva

    Who’s listening in 2019 brothers!❤️

    Shadow Man

    arist silva me


    See you in 2020.

  56. Vivek Daby

    Tobey was the best Peter. Man, you could feel his pain. Trying to balance his life between working, studying and being Spidey. Didn't have enough money to pay rent but still he was out there saving lives. What a childhood we've had! :)

    Son Oyun Gecesi

    Absolutely. The feelings Tobey made us feel. Can't describe it

  57. Fame Hame Ha

    “All that you had don’t seems so much” really hits me & hi

  58. Al the Alligator

    *RaInDrOpS aRe FaLlInG oN mY hEaD*



  60. Party Ghost

    It’s crazy how this song and Spiderman 2 was a relatable song and story. We all want to have our plans and life work out but it doesn’t at times making us lose ourselves. Just gotta remember to hold on

  61. The spectacular Spider guy

    Oh spider man 2

  62. Joel Gutiérrez

    2019 and remembering spidey!

  63. Faye Roberts

    All Spider-Man actors are equal to me Tibet was the Spider-Man we grow up on who we wish to inspire us the Andrew Garfield came along and played Spider-Man who showed us a different perspective of peter Parker and Spider-Man and seen more story then Tom Holland came along to play in 3 amazing movies who is for the new generation of kids to show them hope that Spider-Man gave us and we can thank Stan lee

  64. P H T M

    S P O D E R M I N

  65. Colton Richardson

    Buys the whole album just for one song

  66. Happy Now

    Just rewatched the rami trilogy the last few days, clocked the game to 99%, just out of into the Spiderverse and Have been very slowly reading Amazing Spider-man from the start since Ditko died, not to mention watching endless spider-man video essays oh and the Spectacular Spider-man for the first time in a couple of weeks. Fucking love that character sooooooo much. And I'm loving this song since the Spider-man 2 rewatch :)

  67. Party Ghost


  68. Party Ghost

    Workout, plenty of rest, you know eat your green vegetables.

  69. Party Ghost

    If it’s a woman you say “You are good woman, I am good man”

  70. Party Ghost

    I have ears like a cat and eyes like a rodent.

  71. Party Ghost

    Pizza time

  72. Piero Minaya Rojas

    Pizza time

  73. Jugg98

    Spider man❤

  74. Thomas Crowston

    Spider-man 2 brought me here


    it makes me tilted sad lyf

  76. Lucas Lima

    Spider Man
    Tobey :')

  77. Graham harris

    R.i.p Anna

  78. SliK


  79. Khuma Hekte Hmar

    The song that I loved most when I was a naive teen

  80. Julian Gómez Da Luz

    It looks like he's talking about my life 😮

  81. Marcel Koman


  82. Sandra medina

    beautiful song, I heard it in the best movie that can be

  83. peter gresh

    Where's my money

  84. peter gresh

    Spider Man 2 will always be my favorite I remember seeing it at the movies with my mom when I was 9 years old in 2004 and today I still love it now and always

  85. JAGUAR-17



    Fantastic four



  86. StewPac

    I need more songs like this. What genre is this? So damn good.

  87. Prasanna Deep Adhikari

    RENTTT !!

    Jake Company

    Prasanna Deep Adhikari you’ll get your rent when YOU FIX THIS DAMN DOOR.

    Harraz Haqim

    Can you shut the fuck up ??

  88. Spider-Man1962

    This song fits so well with the movie. Perfect choice

  89. Fahad Huda

    Who am I? You sure you wanna know? The story of my life is not for the faint of heart. If somebody said it was a happy little tale. If somebody said I was just you're average ordinary guy not a care in the world, somebody lied. This story, like all stories is all about a girl. That girl, Mary Jane Watson. The woman I've loved before I even liked girls. I wish that was me sitting next to her. Heck I'd even take him.

    Matt Wilkinson

    Don't worry Arthur, i HaVe A pLaN!!!!

  90. Kevin Alberto Martinez Cruz

    Me gusta la canción jejeje

  91. Sandeep nahar

    This song deserves more likes.

  92. LUCA$ELMZ123

    first this song in spider man 2 2004 (the year I was born) then are you gonna be my girl in 2005 the longest yard and 2006 flushed away and then falling star in spider man 3 2007



  94. CleatusPro

    Everytime i listen to this with my earphones i feel like peter parker for some reason

    Obito xshinobi


    peter gresh

    Omg same