Maddie & Tae - Fly Lyrics

Baby blue staring in the window pane
Just counting drops of rain
Wondering if she's got the guts to take it
Running down her dreams in a dirty dress,
Now her heart's a mess
Praying she will find a way to make it

So keep on climbing, though the ground might shake
Just keep on reaching though the limb might break
We've come this far, don't you be scared now
'Cause you can learn to fly on the way down

Searching for a sign in the night even like a lonely string of lights
That'll burn just long enough for you to see it
The road's been long and lonely and you feel like giving up
There's more to this than just the breath you're breathing

So keep on climbing, though the ground might shake
Just keep on reaching though the limb might break
We've come this far, don't you be scared now
'Cause you can learn to fly on the way down

On the way down

You won't forget the heavy steps it took to let it go
Close your eyes, count to ten, hold your breath and fly

Keep on climbing, though the ground might shake
Just keep on reaching though the limb might break
We've come this far, don't you be scared now
'Cause you can learn to fly on the way down

Oh, oh

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Maddie & Tae Fly Comments
  1. Allison Dotson

    Wait yall copied the song bc annie leblanc sings this

  2. Diana Rodriguez

    I believe in you pingins you can do it fly 🐧🐧🐧🐧

  3. Andile Moloi

    This song gives u new hope, a purpose, and really shows u that u can fly.. Above all the hurt ,heartbreak, betrayals, depression, pain and darkness.. We can all rise above that
    We can fly
    Yes we can❤

  4. Ruby Tennis

    Keep your head held high because the ground is too beautiful for just the ground to see it.

  5. Alyssa Cunningham

    I did it with my nose-scerbed and liked

  6. Alyssa Cunningham

    8 drive 5 with mmt my nose

  7. Ashannie Thailand

    Who else is here because Annie LeBlanc?

  8. Crystal Playz

    Yall are so Underrated

  9. We love Fredward

    Song sucks

  10. Brian Hennessey

    My 6 year old daughter loves this song and makes me play it over and over.


    Just wanna say that this whole video is so beautiful <3 good job u guys!!

  12. Tracy James

    I was 5 when I hard this song and now I knew I hard this song before as sone as I lade in bed I Remered my mom sang the song to me in bed

  13. the gaming psychos

    good song

    I have to sing it in chorus at school

  14. Drake Brown

    its regimes me of my mom hue i don't see



  16. Trudy Collins

    This is the song I am singing in my beta compiton

  17. [{:xXcrystalclearXx:}]

    hey do you know in Phillipines tae means poop😳

  18. Jayden Jewell

    this reminds me of my uncle who died 2 years ago. but it makes me try harder in basketball every game we win is for ones I lost or ones I don't see much. Keep on trying every one

    Jayden Jewell

    you guys are the best I love this song it makes me sad because people bully me it gets so bad I run in the bathroom and just sit and cry it makes me hope this docent happen to my little sister. Fifth grade is hard! all my friends are braking up its hard

  19. jordan reece

    i'm 13 and I've been listening to this for 2 months and i listen to it at night time to go to sleep because my parents are going through a divorce and I've been with them for 7 years and i got put in foster care when I was 6 and they adopted me and no things aren't going so good I wish I could fix everything I was the one who got it started because I told the school counseler that he was child abusing the kids that were in the house at the time there were 12 of us and now there are 5 they got put back in foster care because they weren't adopted and 2 of them were my brother and sister macy and mason a 1 year old and a 7 month year old and this song was all inspirational when i got an award at the website 13-year-old to speak at CASA fundraiser | Herald Citizen and I was just so exiceted to win it and I thought of ya'll and I won it

  20. Khalid Juaksan

    This is what we sing in our graduation

  21. Gina Bell

    You r so beautiful my love thank you for the gift of love from a stranger

  22. khu ngovan

    this song is very good, it's still listening to 2020

  23. Amber Manness

    Is this from the set of blacklist ???

  24. Isabel Maddocks-Puetz

    this is me

  25. Leslie Ann-Elizabeth Holmes

    <3 .!!.

  26. Isabel Maddocks-Puetz

    True song

  27. Ashley Evans

    Has anyone noticed Maddie is always the first to sing an tae is kinda a backup

    Amanda Ash

    That’s the way Tae prefers it. She’s said that in an interview.

  28. Alea Harper

    This song is so beautiful and it has so much meaning😊

  29. Lexi Landis

    I've been in a really dark place since my cousin died in a corn bin fire 3 month ago, my school did nothing, my parents tell me to get over it, but he and I where best friends. I heard this in the car and had a melt down, now everything I do is for him......I starting trying again after I heard this

  30. baby bear

    I Wish i wouldve heard this song back in april when i was at my lowest, im glad to still be here.

    I get to see myself turn 18
    I get to give birth to my baby in june
    I can have many more days, months, and years with everyone i love
    Its all going to be worth it

    Heres to a better 2020 ❤

  31. Wynter Chalifoux

    Yesterday I told my sister I never want to see her and she isn't picking up the phone😭😭😭😭😭😭 and I'm worried if she killed her self

    it's karsen

    oh no, i'm so sorry. do you have any updates?

  32. Isabel Maddocks-Puetz


  33. Kyla Coffel

    I love Maddie and Tae

  34. Jon Adams

    Maddie tae the fly

  35. Megan Beaulac


  36. Lacy Novak

    Me whenever my cat hisses at me-

  37. Patrick Star

    I danced to this song. And it was really good

  38. It’s Alli Bug

    how can they both have gorgeous voices and be beautiful and kind????? Great song btw

  39. Brielle Hursh

    this song makes me cry cause i dont want to grow up

  40. Kaitlyn Florian

    I really needed this song tonight. I'm honestly just so sick of life and all the curve balls I've gotten in the last two weeks. I dont know how much longer I can do it.

  41. Jayden Simonson

    I love this song

  42. kyree shields

    I want everyone who is is going through something I'm praying for you I might not know you or what your going through but God does. Don't give up you are loved and wanted ❤️

  43. kimberly beard

    anyone that thinks you are ugly just remember they are just mad they aren't that prettydon't let anyone change you stay who you  want to be never chnge cause others want you to

  44. Mary Hofstetter

    yes i need to fly away

  45. Mistee Lee

    One of my favorite country songs!

  46. Sharron Hartzell

    If you love this song then like👍

  47. Kaylen Case

    my ugle has cancer so please pray for him

  48. Jules H

    This song came on shuffle today while I was driving and thinking about making a huge, risky career move. I’ve been working in a toxic workplace for about 4 years now and I recently had an opportunity kinda fall into my lap to switch to a new agency. I have been struggling and doubting whether or not to take this leap of faith... but I know that I’ll regret it down the road if I don’t even try. This song came on at the perfect time and reminded me that this opportunity didn’t come out of the blue. It’s my chance to grow in my career and make something out of the issues I’ve been dealing with lately. Listen to not allow yourself to become a slave to toxic leadership. If a flower doesn’t bloom, you don’t change the change the environment it’s supposed to be growing in. 💜

  49. Ela Zentangle

    Yo solo vine por Dany Hoyos Art🤗

  50. Shelby Robertson

    i love this so much i was geting bulled and one person told me to hear this and i love it now and i will never change and yall are bootful the way you are. lol

  51. Lena Friesen

    tae should do lead a song

  52. I Purple Jungkook

    Am I the only person who isn't sad about anything and is just listening to this song cs I like it lol?

  53. Kendra Phoenix

    I love your music

  54. Rylynn Bice

    You are amazing

  55. Jessica Dulaney

    this song will never ever get old I will never forget it , it makes me feel like I can do anything as long as I believe

  56. Per olav Damstuen

    love this song and girls, voices like angels

  57. Tim Desbrow

    these women can cheer up anyone!

  58. Betty Prater

    Annie Leblanc stole you song and is taking credit

  59. Erinn Yori

    people believe that country music is just love and breakups, it’s not, there’s songs like this. People, realize that there is motivation in country music, songs that let you can keep going on and not giving up, there’s songs that make you realize you’re not doing this alone, and songs that explain that it’s going to be ok

  60. Susan N.


  61. Ryan Inslee

    Dang Tae! I’m so proud of you girl! I’m so glad I had the chance to meet you, and be able to be a guest of my family in 2012! Never stop dreaming!

  62. Rodney Laymon

    Thank you Maddie and Tae.

  63. Bruh.Itz.Bails

    I don’t get bullied by random people in my school I get bouilles by my “friends” I gave bruises from them hurting me all the time I’m really bad at standing up for myself idk what to do

    Ayana Pender

    Bruh.Itz.Bails💞 hey girl. go talk to a teacher if you are scared. they shouldn’t be hurting you if they are your true friends. you got this!!


    Ayana Pender I tried that a while ago they didn’t do anything about it. My school are one of those schools to not really care until someone kills themselves

    Ayana Pender

    Bruh.Itz.Bails💞 you can stand up girly! you got this. get some people to go with you. that’s what i had to do

  64. Joe Clifton


  65. Joe Clifton

    Is that your twin and your kid and mom with a baby

  66. Breyer Universe

    My friend group abandoned me at school.
    I asked my crush who he liked, and ended up telling him I liked him and he ignored me.
    I embarrassed myself at basketball practice.
    Barely any of my *friends* noticed me at the football game.
    I am now playing this son on repeat in my bedroom crying.
    This was the worst day ever.

  67. Diego Ballivian

    Listening! November of 2019....

  68. NZ Shares

    I luff u chicks

  69. Zaylee Booth



    they're bffs not sisters

    Zaylee Booth


  70. csoro aladar


  71. Let's Fish

    Maddie, why the long face? oh sorry.

  72. Hailey Puerner

    I love this song every time I listen to it makes me think of what all I went through because when I was only 4 I had leukemia so I faught through that for a year and then when I was 11 I was diagnosed with epilepsy so 2015 when the song came out I also went through brain surgery to cure my epilepsy so this is one of my favorite inspiring songs because I was also bullied all through school what I went through

  73. star fish

    I just seen them at Fort Knox and damn this song hits home I’m not a big fan and really didn’t listen to them til tonight but I love this song

  74. Maxwell James

    My grandpa just died and I feel like crap. My school keeps on bullying me. And my friends barely help. Someone told me to listen to this and this has helped

    Jayden Simonson

    Stay strong don't let anyone push you down

    Gina Bell

    It's mytheme song baby

    Lola Cotton

    Maxwell James I’m very sorry for your loss and don’t let those people tear you down.

    Londyn Vice

    Stay strong 😋


    stay strong you will be ok

  75. Amelia Davison

    This song is so awesome it reminds me everyday to stay strong even though people try to tear me down always and mess with me and i know times are tough but just keep climbing even though the limb might break

    sky light

    You are a beautiful light in the world, Amelia.

    Amelia Davison

    @sky light Thank you

  76. Julie Bliss

    This song got me strength to get through a rough storm💕

  77. Jenny Rose

    🥰 this song really hits me hard ,has gotten me thru some tough times.... Keep on climbing 🥰🤩😍

  78. Dez Does Music

    This song means so much to me, I hope my little Elisabeth will come back to me someday... For now I will have to let go of the pain of loosing her and fly

  79. Lori Gibson

    This is going to be my dance this year

  80. Wesley Harris

    love it

  81. Alex Karson

    Taylor 😍😍😍

  82. Mary Druck

    Love the song, they are amazing artist.

  83. Mary Druck

    This song reminds me of a truly bad time in my life. A time period when my world was starting to turn it's inside out in such a bad way. I had no clue how much hurt I was about to experience. Other people's choices SUCK BUTT when you're a minor and have no choice in how you're going to live your life. I love the song though. An important event happened to wake me up.

  84. Prewitt

    I saw maddie and tae on October 17th 2019 they are amazing ❤️

  85. J.R. Lobinsky

    My favorite song by Maddie & Tae, great lyrics and melody that definitely deserves some recognition!

  86. Emalee Schindewolf

    My bf just broke with me today... any suggestions on what I should do???

  87. Berlinda Tilan


  88. Selina Boggan

    I heard this when i was 8 and still listen even though I’m 10 and it reminds me of my twin sister who passed when we were born and it remains my favorite song!

    Kirsten Waggener

    Heard this at 12 and im now 15 still makes me smile

    veronica garvey

    Wow I heard this when I was two and then I tried finding it I never found it I thought I made it up I finally found it when I was on my phone crying because someone said they wanted to kill me I smiled when I found the song I felt confident to go back to school

    veronica garvey

    That's the safest thing I have ever heard in my life

    Artistic Plant

    veronica garvey this song isn’t that old how did u hear it when you were two? Lmao

  89. Kaili and Vaida Coffin

    This song is so sad

  90. cool kid

    My mom's mom loves butterflies and I love her so much and she loves the song

  91. Brendan McDonald

    I SO MISS YOU TWO ALSO........, BABY'S!!!!!!!!

  92. Aubrey Eaton

    Love this song

  93. WatchingThaClouds

    This song puts tears in my eyes but lifts my soul - I love it! Beautiful lyrics <3

  94. Kailey Whitley

    I herd this song from Annie Leblanc 😊

  95. Precious Rubi

    Não conhecia essa dupla...AMEI

  96. Hope. Anchored.Wellness

    Absolutely beautiful.
    I love this song

  97. Madison Thigpen

    I love this song

  98. Kathy Forrest

    Jaylynn I miss you