Maddie Poppe - Keep On Movin' On Lyrics

Holding fire to polaroids of me and you, babe
Lighting up these memories, and watching them turn to smoke
There ain't much left for me to say to you, babe
Except so long, with no dear John for you when you get home

And I'll be gone by the morning
Yeah, I'll be singing a brand new song
Sometimes, this life is a stormin'
So if the sun don't shine, you gotta pay no mind
With a keep on movin' on

No, I ain't gonna cry to desperado
I've heard those lines too many times to let them bring me down
I've packed up all your records and my sorrow
Left them in a cardboard box with a duct tape lock on the other side of town

And I'll be gone by the morning
Yeah, I'll be singing a brand new song
Sometimes, this life is a stormin'
So if the sun don't shine, you gotta pay no mind
With a keep on movin' on

Sometimes things don't work out like you planned them
That lemonade you're sippin' turns to lemon in your hand
Well, let this be your little leavin' anthem
If the sun don't shine, you gotta pay no mind
With a keep on movin' on

And I'll be gone by the morning
Yeah, I'll be singing a brand new song
Sometimes, this life is a stormin'
So if the sun don't shine, you gotta pay no mind
With a keep on movin' on
Yeah, if the sun don't shine, you gotta pay no mind
With a keep on movin' on
So if the sun don't shine, you gotta pay no mind
With a keep on movin' on

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Maddie Poppe Keep On Movin' On Comments
  1. Mat Zavy

    0:47 miss grundy's carr

  2. Abby Wingate

    This song and music video is adorable!!!

  3. 裕彦大槻


  4. Live Music

    the song is unique just sounds to country, say is only okay, She has a title to her name will investigate other tuns by her, plus her Idol title.
    i work in music, like her get overlooked, yet at large city even a large production company to note of my ex[erince even asked me to apply in music production. I worked as Band manager was fun, Booking agent not my thing, was asked by two charities to organize large fundraisers, really liked that aspect, then to be apart of music production. that is my first choice to cll music a career.

    So little krs poppe were i had several roles in music, she might change course and become superstar without question, More she tries the more she will succeed. Success comes from trying experience and , finding out what you do best.
    never know she might become songwriter as well, add to her resume and have a name with the big acts in music, Shania, Faith, Dolly and more.

  5. Oleysia Ogren

    Still watching July 2019 luv the song and video.

  6. Tra ze

    Why isn't this in the album? I really like this one.

  7. Butterfly Pixels

    Such an amazing video idea 💡

  8. Resting Bird

    Such a fun song 😊

  9. Mary Kettle

    i love your songs you are so funny

  10. PhuongThuy Japanese Cover

    I make sure that you'll be much more famous. Now, in Vietnam, not many people know you. But soon, your name will be popular. For me, I'm swayed by your voice and rhythm. I love you, MADDIE POPPE.❤

  11. Vanessa Barbarán

    I love this soong!!

  12. drolyadch

    this sounded like “Mississippi Isabel by King Charles”..

  13. J Dc Pn

    Why did she flop so hard 😂🤟🏼

  14. K L

    OMG ... this is ADORABLE! "Intermission" [You go girl!] xo Kate

  15. Christina Jenkins

    You're so darn cute Maddie!

  16. Ayaan Khan

    Checkout Maddie Poppe's latest song with lyrics -

  17. GLUC

    The girl could have just donated the things she threw in the trash...

  18. Madelyn Petrochko

    Those dogs are so cute!!!!!

  19. crystalmeitner1

    you make my little girls heart sink at the consert

  20. alex corona

    You rock with all your recent songs!!!!!! Waiting for "made you miss"

  21. Merce Rene

    You and Caleb.
    Doing a tour together.
    Singing Johnny Cash and June Carter cover songs
    Is where the money's at girl! ♥️♥️💲💲💲
    But I really like this song good job.

  22. Cookie Cookie

    I love you

  23. Valerie Peterson

    I love this song!

  24. Carrie

  25. haileyxin

    Awww the video's too cute too

  26. T Shaffer

    Keep on being you Maddie ,can't help but love you being you .

  27. Jessica vargis

    Your music sucks so much all of your songs are corny as fuck going gone is not even that great you have no talen y did you when the show

  28. Steve Leahy

    Saw this video at Costco had to check it out on YouTube

  29. Darls Buffett

    Love your music :) so bright and bubbly. The type of music I like to play on my radio gigs. Well done! :)

  30. Jazmin Tully

    Such a PERFECT song! Fills my heart with joy <3

  31. Carrie

  32. Elizabeth Suggs

    That was fun. I used to have a car like that!

  33. 2fast4U 99

    Maddie for president 2021

  34. Zaylie Windsor

    listened to this like five times and I cant get over how good it is!

  35. Amanda Yoder

    I love ❤️

  36. GaRoger's Customs

    Great lyrics, catchy song.

  37. Like a Troll

    I love the brandy honey shirt

  38. Mojo Swia Fan

    You are a great singer! 😘 Great Job at winning American Idol 👍💖😁

  39. Boris Berkov

    I love that song and singer! Great talent!

  40. the one and only Orecon

    Such a beautifully made song. Great job Maddie for going back to your roots instead of "Popping it up," through making more calm music. I love you Maddie. Such a great person with great music

  41. KTnarnia

    This is the best version of Thank U, Next!

  42. Ekansh Tyagi

    Love love and so much love


    saw the add and i'm so glad i did

  44. gil sim

    eto pala c moira xD

  45. kyndra krieger

    Its amazing Maddie 💙

  46. Jacob game west

    I love this song!! It's Great🤗

  47. North Land

    this song sounds forced / produced.

    plz let this girl > (amazing maddie) do it her own way... she is way better as an artist without all the production /background noise or hooplah

  48. Audrey White

    Happy birthday Maddie!!!!!

  49. Audrey White

    I live in Iowa

  50. Brenda Johnson

    Love you Maddie! So talented!

  51. likajeje

    Maddie Poppe my teacher said you’re her friend. Is that true?? Oh and her name is Kyra Ross😜

  52. Bill deplorable22

    maddie always leaves me with a smile

  53. Taylor Wolfe

    One take music videos are so cool!

  54. Ali Scruggs

    This is so good!!!!!!

  55. Edmond Tiwari

    I didn't really enjoyed it

  56. Courtney Jones

    Lol a pay phone in video idk thought that was the song

  57. Amber Hakkinen


  58. Joseph Carbone

    This song will never mainstream the way it should, sounds to much like high school musical. She needs to transcend into a different sound to relate to all genres or a different type of music. Shes never going to grow if she doesn't appeal to a different audience. This video + downloads should have had 1+ million by now shes fresh new to the market, her numbers are not shining through. I blame her manager.

    James Jorgensen

    In other words she should strive to sound like everyone else?

    Joseph Carbone

    @James Jorgensen I dont know what you mean by that but I dont think every artist sounds the same...I said she needs to transcend into a different sound to appeal to other genres like the pop genre. I personally like Maddie just not her sound approach it's not my forte and with a show like Ameican Idol she should have been bigger than what's shes been doing. Then again who am I I'm just here your there Maddie is Maddie.

  59. Aingell28

    I thought u were Tori Kelly. Both of u have the same smile. 😊

  60. dhruba intisher

    Maddie is just amazing!!!

  61. Katie Ho

    this is so wholesome ahhh

  62. Jimmy STUDZZ

    So so needed in this world at this time ! Breath of fresh air 👍

  63. Kim G

    Loved the intermission part xD

  64. Kim G


  65. Alv Tibi

    Why I always feel a good vibe every time I hear your music. So soothing to the ears.

  66. melo drama

    great song, great video, keep the good work maddie

  67. Cynthia Smith

    Loving this Maddie....It's beyond Wonderful...

  68. eddictionz

    Is this country?

  69. Ella Smith

    Omg maddie I love u so much u are an amazing role model for me when I’m in school you really pick me up when I’m struggling with math thank you

  70. Barbara Baer

    Love it

  71. Renee Ossman

    Maddie you are so authentic and a beautiful soul. It shows through your music, videos and your smile. Keep being you and believe there are millions of us going through this journey of success with you! Keep on Movin On :)

  72. Gary Pierce

    That was really cute. I'm sharing this.

  73. Hatch Man Do

    Love your hippie flower power style and sound!!!! You’re one of a kind & thats what the music biz needs!! Way to go girl!

  74. Hailton L. Aiala

    Remember the band Sixpence None The Richer

  75. Valarie Obeidat

    I’ve never heard of Maddie Poppe before and stumbled upon this video quite by accident. I’m so glad I did. What a beautiful voice and really great song!


    She won American idol this year, you should check out some of her performances.

  76. Steve

    Loved you on American Idol, but this production is too low brow.

  77. Best Username Ever

    Why isn't YouTube recommending this? I'm ten days late to the party

  78. Majyd Inam

    Maddie - You are LOVE!!!

  79. Michael Bohrer

    She's got that mysterious magical happy ingredient.

  80. Dina DiFrancesco-Bayless

    What a fabulous, fun song and a super cute video! Love it!

  81. Sydney G.

    Love it! Gorgeous voice, and the song is great.

  82. richa danda

    Awesome videooo

  83. rosie pie1018


  84. Becky Hix

    Love, her , Love her. Give us much more of her

  85. Erica Schindler

    she deserves as much fame and success and kelly clarkson or carrie underwood

  86. Teresa Fountain

    I love Maddie Poppe
    The video was cheap looking....

    Going, going gone was top notch..

    Love ya Maddie

  87. Canada's Cool Covers

    Intermission lol 😂 love this video!!! Great message!!!!❤❤❤

  88. Canada's Cool Covers

    Yay!!! Love this song!!!❤❤

  89. Angel Adriel

    You’re amazing and I can’t wait for your album!!!

  90. Anonymous YouTuber

    This is so sad, Alexa play Desperado

  91. Inayah Cee

    Honestly its sad because because idol is going to try and own her when she has so much potential to grow bigger


    I think they’re pushing her too much into the Disney direction, trying to market her to children only. She’s better than that.

    Inayah Cee

    @Zoe Well, I think she'd be perfect for Disney actually! And she would do so well she has the voice for it. I just heard that Idol seeks to take a portion of the money the winners make and tries to control their careers. It's just not pretty

  92. Gary Smith

    That was truly uplifting Thanks Maddie

  93. Tiffani Linde

    Love you Maddie your an inspiration you keep doing you and never stop singing. Amazing job!

  94. Nancy Kulka

    Her sound is amazing. Was a tad bit disappointed when I heard Maddie play some beat down old traditional Christmas song. Maddie write your own music. You're too good for elevator music.

  95. JacobB477

    I think she should do a song with Jason Mraz in the future...I think their voices would make a good combo...

  96. Grace Victoria

    Is it just me or the first guy looks like Caleb, side view? 🤔😯😁

  97. Lonard Holanda