Machine Head - The Burning Red Lyrics

I see the sun begin to rise
And I'm blinded too
I've seen the world through jaded eyes
That I'm crying through
I watch the darkness hypnotize
And can't fight it
Hold On I'm falling
Can't breathe anymore
As an ocean has opened
These scars need to heal over

Caress the needle prick in my eye
The tears fell like rain
I've rode the phoenix as she glides
And I've gone insane
I've seen the light of suicide
And I'm dying

Hold on, I'm falling
Can't breathe anymore
As an ocean has opened
These scars need to heal over

Hold on I'm falling, can't breathe... breathe...

Colder and colder
Just hold onto me

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Machine Head The Burning Red Comments
  1. ironicl3

    Best for the darknest nights...

  2. Silentmay Robert

    So deep and emotional at the same time

  3. Ash B

    Shame-it would be perfect if it wasn't for the blown speaker drum sound.

  4. Aenimatized

    Right on par. This was always my last go to - as much of a prepper for things that I even unfortunately tried (and failed at, thankfully) as it was a release. I'll always have a special place in my heart for this ballad of the broken.

  5. Mofine Bovine

    Is the audio quality of this garbage, or is something wrong with my setup?

  6. Kaleidoscope

    Помню... Моя бывшая подружка любила вашу песню...

  7. xXTrendkillerXx

    As I read the comments for this song, this is ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY proof that music can save us from ourselves, and inspire us to feel again, even when every feeling has died. Ive battles with suicide for a very long time, and to have a complete stranger write lyrics that perfectly explain what I couldnt in my darkest of days is nothing short of fucking unreal.
    Stay strong my fellow metalheads....Much love and respect to you all.

    Giorgio Medolago

    xXTrendkillerXx 💎

  8. Tom Zeunert

    I thought I blew my speakers the first time I heard this

  9. JfnDWatchesVids

    *I've seen the light of suicide, and I'm dying*


    JH D

    Hold on, bro.

  10. Rand Om

    is this a tribute or plagiarism? or a cover?

    Rand Om

    bass should have been lower or heavier

  11. Omgwtflmaololrotfl

    Up there with my fav songs

  12. israel oliveira

    2:47 come on sadness

    Bryan Mardis

    israel riot INTENSE

  13. David Parmenter

    Light of suicide I’m dying

    Bryan Mardis

    David Parmenter Soo Deep

    Bryan Mardis

    Colder and colder just hold on to me

  14. Hotaru Tsukino

    Haftalık keşfe düştü 1.45teki cızırtı yüzünden ses kartım bozuldu sandım.

  15. Chad Doell

    Teenage nostalgia. I don't know how many times I listened to this song, but it's still pretty cathartic.

    Glendrey Drey

    Yeah when I was 15 years old and this album came out.

  16. Nebojsa Stevic

    Never ending legendary...


    It will be the last song....

  18. Ελένη Πηλού

    Amazing !!!

  19. Melissa Snyder

    Fuckin right

  20. Ruzica aka Rose

    And I've gone insane

  21. Yeeboii

    Man i cant listen to this song without crying. it reminds me of my younger depressed self. im glad i didnt end my life tho

    Bryan Mardis

    Great memories... thankfully didn’t end badly

  22. ilga Timur

    Nereye düştüm

  23. Patrick S.

    Maybe you like my piano version of this :)

  24. Osman López

    temaso, ideal para sentarse a escucharlo y pensar mucho mientras te tomas una cerveza bien helada.

  25. ExpertTroll

    It's like Hurt by Nine Inch Nails but not as good or well written. This is the poor man's version.

    Peter Hughes

    Thats well, like your opinion man😉

    Hoovy 11

    Thought i was the only one who thought it sounds like hurt by nin hahaha

  26. Chase Kirks

    This song came over my bluetooth the other day, and I just stopped what I was doing to jam out. Never gunna forget this one.

  27. Longpig

    This album is a once off masterpiece. The change in style for the following album was probably due to not being able to recreate this. I think this body of work was earned through a difficult lifetime, to put it it mildly.

    Bryan Mardis

    Joe Unfortunately the style of music was/ is no longer excepted... i how ever LOVE IT!

  28. sylvania the hacker

    Ha nice copied Machine Head. I'm not their fan anymore. They should've written their own song.

    Waiz 02

    Lullaby ?

    sylvania the hacker

    @Waiz 02 yeah..

  29. Brice brice


  30. bonnita- marie decarvalho

    love 🤗🤗🤗🤗😈😈😈

  31. l'histoire sans fin

    This song just break my heart 😢 but I love it

  32. translipcorsia

    "Grievance" by Lord Belial brought me here. Go listen to it, and you'll see why.

  33. Dewayne Prater

    This song is gonna be played at my funeral

  34. Liam Savage

    Machine Inch Nails

  35. bonnita- marie decarvalho

    this touches my heart and soul 😈😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😈😈😈😈😍

  36. Mahmood Toorani

    Broken Beat? Broken Heart Beat?

    collab orator

    And the fade out...burning red.. as the beat slows and fades. Ending.

  37. Hela ‘

    I love this song so so much...

    Arnaud Mauger

    Me too beautiful

  38. israel oliveira

    Duran Duran

  39. 清水謙祐

    The Burning Red album was brought up to the higher level with this beautiful ending tune.

  40. ArunMadTrad

    Moves me deeper then I could ever possibly express

    Bryan Mardis

    ArunMadTrad the whole album changed me!

  41. Joey Tucker

    Takes me back to my youth

  42. Joey Tucker

    Not terrible. This songs awesome machine head fucking kicks ass

  43. Mateus O.

    Música perfeita para suicídio <3

  44. Omgwtflmaololrotfl

    This is real...

  45. Özge Özgül


    Baldwin IV

    Bu grubu bilen tek Türk olmamak güzel

  46. shadowsmustfall1

    Somehow I always come back to this song whenever I'm feeling super down. It's been my go to since I was 13. It so perfectly captures the feeling of hopelessness and desire to free myself of all the weight of life. I would never do it, but i think that, for people who see the appeal, this song just gets it. This whole album is an emotional roller coaster, and this was the perfect end. I imagine myself falling through the air and then somehow just floating in the clouds during the outro, weightless and free.

    Ado Podrinje

    same here I was 14y back then in late 99, but really Davidian is 1 of my ALL TIME favorite songs ever! for some1 who LOVES Mortician until Darkthrone and Savatage and Machine head and nightwish and everything in between ;-)

    Richard Landucci

    @Ado Podrinje I was 20 bro.


    so same fucking here

    Ruzica aka Rose

    You should write \m/(>_<)\m/ gives people the feels and it's good stuff to read

    Vlad Ionescu

    Yup this and Nutshell by Alice in Chains

  47. Validation225

    This song is real goods yo, you guys better preobtain..?

  48. unscarred

    This song gives very unique sad vibes.

    Waiz 02

    Actually it gives Low - Lullaby vibes...


    I see the sun begin to Rise
    And I'm blinded too
    I've seen the world through painted eyes
    That I'm crying through
    I've watched the darkness hypnotize
    And Confide in...

    Hold on I'm fallin'
    Can't breathe anymore as
    The ocean has opened
    These scars need to heal over

    Caress the needle prick in my eye
    The tears fell like rain
    I rode the phoenix as she glides
    And I've gone insane
    I've seen the light of suicide
    And I'm dying...

    Hold on I'm fallin'
    Can't breathe anymore as
    The ocean has opened
    These scars need to heal over
    Hold on I'm fallin'
    Can't breathe.... breathe
    Colder and Colder
    Just hold on to me


    good work mate!

    Peter Hughes

    Thanks 😉🍀

    Mark Swordfish

    Jaded eyes

  50. Tesla Einstein Space-Time

    Beautiful darkness

  51. Ana Leyva

    So beautiful

  52. Dark Spark

    This song is so calming during these moments in my life. I was recently told that a 5cm tumor exists in the cetner of my chest. Life isn't pretty, thus appreciate the tranquility of sorrow.


    Stay strong Dark Spark - I know exactly what you mean


    Dark Spark Oh yea that is utter crap. Sorry to hear that thats happening to you.

    Chris Miller

    Stop plaguing the comment section with your attempts for attention, thanks.

    Renee Andrey Barbosa Zemczak

    Trash Boat, You should learn when to stay quiet


    their best song hands down

  54. Andrew Bowen

    Do they have any other songs like this? I like this and Darkness Within, all the others I've heard are too heavy for my liking

    Andrew Bowen

    @Christopher Frost I'll give it a listen

    Hasn 666

    message in a bottle

    Hasn 666

    +Christopher Frost isnt it heavy?

    Chad Billings

    a farewell to arms


    Damage Inside and Deafening Silence

  55. Dark Spark

    This song from the moment I heard it, I always wanted it to play at my funeral. A survivor of several suicide attempts, listening to this song takes me back to when suicide was just an idea when I was a kid. The way life develops the mind.


    Dark Spark

    I carry my scars of suicide with me and I notice them on a daily basis. Life is too precious, no matter how villainous others or oneself can make it. We as a species survive because we have no choice. To prove our worth to a fallen God.


    Robert Lewis

    system of a down toxicity

    Oliver Von arx

    Dark Spark
    You’re not the only one - in fact i HAVE it on my list for when this moment arrives.

    John Doe

    Attempts are an affirmation of your will to live.
    A life is more than most people can manage to take.
    That said, if your wanting to an hero, I reccomend ayahuasca.
    Ego death is the only death we need, and it is available.


    Stephanie Gonzales you are very stupid assuming it was a girl

  56. Викторио Т

    Damn perfect!

  57. Chaz Fenwick

    So fucking awesome!

  58. Mega Misanthrope


    Oliver Von arx

    Mega Misanthrope
    No need to listen.

  59. Jei H

    Beautiful Song!!! :)

    Oliver Von arx

    Loser Loser
    You embrace beauty - you are NOT a loser, mate.

  60. SanRaikou

    Favourite Machine Head song to date

    mick price

    +Holden VanWinkle brilliant isnt it :D


    +Holden VanWinkle Yep takes me back, brilliant!

    Turuk Makto

    How about behind the mask

    Mike Romeo

    SanRaikou mine too (well tied with Damage Inside... My two favorite songs ever of all time). Even have an entire tattoo sleeve for this song 🤘🏼🤘🏼

  61. chuck woolery

    AB-SO-LUTE shame this video has as few views as it does



  63. Tayla Wood