Machine Head - From This Day (Edit) Lyrics

You gotta
Stand tall and cut away the ties
Drop walls and hold that head up high
The world is fast and youth aint gonna wait
So grab a hold before it gets to late
Bare your soul and strip away the cold
Of withered life thats past so gray and cold
Cause all the pain that thats filled these eyes you see
Was made to bleed just recently
Tears that made me
Ashamed to be me
But that gave me
Strength to see me
Made a spark that
Lit the dark
Let me shine

Time to see, believe this in me
The pain that i feel deep inside

Cause its time we come together
Be on because im bout to now
So do it now or never
I fall sleep to freeways far from here
Spend half the night just drinking beer
From this day on shall be the words
My flesh and bones shall make it heard
Dont you test Ill have to mess with you
Do my best so fuck the rest of you
One of these days
You'll see I've always been right


And it makes me glad
When i see the sun
And it makes me sad
When you feel my one
And i thank my god
Got a girl like you
And i thank my god
Did you save me


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Machine Head From This Day (Edit) Comments
  1. Pedro Henrique

    How this become the thing i heard in locust

  2. From A Great Height

    blunderyears holy shit

  3. Movies For Adults Music

    That era blew dog.

  4. Connor Peet

    I grew up round the nu metal era, enjoyed the bands that came around, dont get why people hate on the nu metal era, why dont peiple just shut up and enjoy the music

  5. Reality

    Looking at these comments, all i can say is RiP to the old NON JUDGEMENTAL Metal community.

  6. N_I_C_O 27 ITA

    i love this but it cringe me at the same time

  7. Jeannie Sanders

    Robb Flynn should dive off a tall building...They suck even more when they do poser thrash..They are better at poser nu metal...Lol

  8. Veton Ademaj

    Spiked hair? Check
    Jumpsuits? Check
    Facial piercings? Check
    Rapping? Check
    I diagnose you with 1999.

  9. N Y

    2020 to 2010 to 1990 🤘

  10. Alex Shadows

    Fucking awesome

  11. Dc mobile Dc mobile

    eso es malo jajajajaj

  12. Eso - One

    Hard to think this same band made the masterpiece known as the blackening.

  13. Clayton Martin

    This is more Nu-Metal than Nu-Metal

  14. Daniel rojas

    2019 en mi playlists

  15. Feiry


  16. Demitri

    A poor copy of Limp Bizkit....

  17. Supaflexx

    Back when music was great.

  18. Jacinto 14

    This album and the ones before it, are the best records they made. I know people don't like this days of MH, but I disagree. The first album of them was the announcement of this band to the world, the second solidified the sound they had made in the first album, and the third were them combining the sound they had established for themselves with other genres (successfully, I might had).Now, I'm not saying that the Burning Red is perfect(some lyrics are awfull and wtf happened to rob hair), but it was still a solid album that showed that the band was ready to expand themselves (in a criative way). Supercharger was for me, at least, when I started losing interest in the band because their raw groove metal style that putted them on the map on the first place was almost gone(just compare any track from that album to "burn my eyes",and you'll see what I mean).Although, Through the ashes and The Blackening were ok albuns, I still think the MH from the 90s was kinda of gone, and for me I see those albuns as a new band, just as the ones after.

  19. Zombie Mosher

    I dig the album but the look is hilarious. 🤣

  20. Ruben Villanueva carrasco

    Mi grupo favorito 🤘🤘

  21. Keir Livock

    Actually hard to believe it isnt a pisstake

  22. Dean Withey

    Still a tune

  23. The Path Of Zero

    MachineKnot. Wait I meant KornHead.

  24. The Path Of Zero

    Robb Flynn = trendy douche canoe

  25. acid oblivion

    This is masterpiece compared to Do or Die

  26. 明けの明星サタン666

    I wonder if they still play their nu metal songs now days, or is this something they try to pretend never happened? lol

  27. Mike Welch

    And they say "do or die" is a cringefest

  28. Nick Cervenka

    That awkward moment where Limp Bizkit is more sincere in their music.

  29. Issac Conrad

    worse than glam metal

  30. Video Demon

    This would've been good but the dated outfits make it a lot worse and this is coming from someone who actually likes nu metal

  31. frank biadno

    Wait what?... Same band that sung locust?

  32. The Greenman

    Thumbs up if watching this gives you second hand embarrassment 👍

  33. Torture Room

    This is a lot worse than i thought it could be.

  34. Derangedxzombie

    This is better than their "die motherfucker die" thing, that's not good.

  35. Slobodan Dakic

    Still less cringy than "Do or Die".

    The Jugglernaut

    literally, anything is better than "Do or Die", specially for the lyrics.

    Stephen L

    Hahaha!!!!!! No this is making me feel embarrassed.

  36. Neil McLaughlin

    I’ll stick to ‘Burn My Eyes’ thanks...

  37. skydriver 4602

    I thought for the longest time this was papa roach!!

  38. terraincognita96 fucking holy shit like shivers down my spine bad

  39. sonicwingnut

    I still remember being disappointed by this as a 17yr old 20 years ago, after the first two albums.

    Luis Martinez

    I remember riding the train with my discman after buying this CD, total disapointment!

  40. Francis Taquin

    Montreal in 2020 🥰

  41. Ingrid Rodriguez


  42. KaMui1987

    They cut off the breakdown... >:(
    Shitty video edit.

  43. TheMIKE263

    The only problem i have with this video are Flynn's hairs

  44. Bonus BRS

    Good old Nu-Metal

  45. green 182

    Is that Machine Head?

  46. S P

    LOL it's limp Bizcut without the backwards cap.

  47. jay c

    Garbage pure and simple

  48. 2nd Amendment

    LMAO this singer is critically a dick. If he thinks Phil anselmo below him.#Trendkill .nice hair its trendy

  49. Don

    Offspring meets Korn :D

  50. BraindrillCP ༄

    *From This Day* were Nu Metal

  51. BraindrillCP ༄


  52. M C

    fuuck.. No wonder I never liked this shit.. Still don't.

  53. dnadeau819

    This sucks like linkin park did.

  54. Bloodyy_Mari

    These is some sci fi shit right here

  55. the gothic pirate

    fuck the haters, i am not nu-metal but this is fucking kickass \m/

  56. Draxthos

    Golden area for MH

  57. Jamie Thomson

    We all loved nu metal back in the day but boy is it embarrassing.


    Jamie Thomson Why is it embarrassing? Cuz it's not cool anymore? Lmao, gtfo. You clearly never loved nu metal if you think this way—you just loved donning a hot trend. No surprise; this is what simps do. Smh.

    Jamie Thomson

    @DownfallDarkness Oh I definitely did and spent a lot of money on it too.

    Nu Metal was a fad and that is why it is died a long time ago. I just need to state that fact for you.

    Lots of Love from a simp...😂🤣

  58. Kimmi Lesea

    well that was special.. i knew when i first heard this in 99/00 it was interesting and a nice difference to other nu metal that i was listening to at the time, but today is the first time ive seen the film clip and im shocked they went there. I had no idea they tried out nu metal so profoundly.. the burning red is a nice album but this clip is majorly bringing me back to what i thought was cool in highschool. Its funny i didnt see the top guys comment before the clip but during the clip i automatically thought about how 'well pantera used to be in glam rock style'. I used to love this song but now even after listening to it i cant get out of my head Locust.

  59. Kristian Krastanov

    Still less cringey than the whole ''Bastards'' thing

  60. killyourboss 624


  61. Mark Corrigan

    As much as I love Robb and Machine Head this is best left forgotten

  62. Fernando Sanchez

    They are the backstreet Boys?

  63. Kingston Knightly

    Holy late 90s, Batman....!!!

  64. GMGuitar

    I didn't know Luis Suarez was the singer for Machine Head😂😂😂

  65. Michael Reser

    Korn!!! Machine head was aware this what was gonna make them money. Glad they knew it and stayed with Dividian era

  66. Jason Fick

    And this is why I stopped listening to Machine Head.

  67. Martin Fernandez

    Yes Nu metal sucks

  68. Cyrus The Virus

    Best MH song ever!👍👍👍

  69. Alper Ömer Esin

    yesterday I was watching machine head 94 seattle interview with vanessa warwick. she is asking comparison them with metallica. now watching this clip and thinking about interview again :) machine head turned from a fault with 2003 album thankfully. Still my fav band.

  70. FreakishPower

    This video is fucking hilarious. They are totally ripping apart all of the guys who make videos like this.

  71. yoe91

    I still love a lot of nu-metal that I listened to as a teen. So I'm flexible with my metal. But this is just rap, and a shitty chorus that was written in 3min at max. Oh well, they made some money on this at least and quickly went back to proper form.

  72. jjj bigrat

    Fucking sick this will be a classic one day. Every one remembers this album love or hate it.

  73. NeroKatatonikGaming

    Damn, when did Sugar Ray join Machine Head?

  74. Bryan Mardis


  75. Let me Eat cake

    Jesus. Catchy chorus though

  76. Henrique Catão

    What a dope song!

  77. El Gamerico

    This song actually sounds good.....until Rob Flynn starts rapping 😁

  78. zeitok8

    lol the metal conservatory police, burning red is a goo album.

  79. Icenesis Wayons

    Cataclysm's own Rock Group!

  80. big cryptid

    this sucks

  81. The Karnige

    always thought they were trying too hard. clearly this wasn't who they were just going with the times.

  82. Philip Farnan

    Chilling on green...looking up old videos. ☺

  83. Pete Thelman


  84. Tfa ruk

    Why this fucking song always in fucking sony library must exist when i want to download a song

  85. PeteyC_ AZ

    Late 90's early 2000's were an awkward time. Still love these guys

  86. Phil Jamieson

    I don't know man, if they'd came out of nowhere with this, they'd have been praised for it at the time. It's better than a lot of similar shit from the same period and some of the tunes they've done since. Don't criticise in retrospect, if you're a metal fan between 36 and 42 years old, you also dressed like this in the late 90's.
    I think the middle-aged cowboy hat / pirate look is worse.

  87. Abraham Perez

    I didn't know Spider from Powerman 5000 had a twin brother...

  88. Dinokill

    I have a drum stick played by Dave Mcclain :)

  89. Themaster Of Metal

    even for the nu metal this sucks cock

  90. Jerome Peters

    How embarrassing


    The first time i see that music video is with RealPlayer Software when i was 14 years old

  92. Jesse Jusek

    Are we really not talking about Dave's leopard print dye job...?

  93. ferox965

    Can't beat that chorus...caught them a few years back doing this one. Sounded way better...this tune with the heaviness of Burn My Eyes really crushed.

  94. fuckfake

    When the fuck did Machine Head do shit like this?

  95. Gen Li

    I'm glad that this was only a phase

  96. Velocisaurusman

    Oh lord

  97. Максим Пушкин

    Единственный,нормальный трэк, со всего альбома!!!!)