Machine Head - Bulldozer Lyrics

Into the battles, making cages rattle
There's a pain that's inside us and we're letting it out
Charge right in, we dare to fail
No one is giving in, always we live to win
A hunger turns and burns inside of all of us
And it will not be denied

Walking a path untraveled to reach higher level
Challenging always going against the grain
Blood for blood - that is the rule
And we will make the rules, never be fortune's fool
There's right and wrong in almost everything we do
And we do what's right

Bulldozer feeds upon the weaker as they fall
Bulldozer crushes all

Somebody told me I should do what they told me
But there's a hole in that plan and I'm tearing it down
Trust our guts, follow our hearts
No one can break these nuts, these lips ain't kissing butts
The path of most resistance tests all of our strength
This strength will not be denied

Bulldozer feeds upon the weaker as they fall
Bulldozer crushes all
Bulldozer feeds upon the weaker as they fall
Bulldozer crushes all

Walking on paths untraveled
Challenging one and all
Deeper into the battles
Alone and standing tall
The more evolving changes
The more we stay the same
Full steam against the odds
Go headfirst against the grain

Full steam we go against the odds
Headfirst we go against the grain

Bulldozer goes against the odds
Bulldozer goes against the grain

Against the odds, against the grain
We go against the odds, against the grain

This is the bulldozer
This is the bulldozer

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Machine Head Bulldozer Comments
  1. Ritchie J

    I miss machine like this :(

  2. Robert McCraw


  3. Nachtrevi 82

    now i see why i quit mh after the more things change

  4. Comanita Andrei

    2:02...that fuckin riff..jeesus fuckin christ...

  5. Jaffar Naqvi

    Old mh was best n this is best

  6. AnimeAmv Ireland

    Those were the days.... And it still kicks ass.

  7. Osman López

    supercharger es el mejor álbum de machine head y me importa un pico lo que opine el resto.

  8. Craig Hauser

    Those drums when the intro drops are ridiculously powerful

  9. Ivan Petrow

    HELP! Who can understand the INTRO words from 0-30, sounds like: "Praying, "Why!". And the background words from 3-15, it's like: "Full steam To go"??? Can you help me with that?

  10. The Sh1ttyGamer

    still one of my favourite albums. far better than Catharsis

  11. David Schibilla

    Love the lyrics to this song and guitar as well.

  12. Nicholas Alawine


  13. Southcoot Northernyam


  14. Southcoot Northernyam


  15. Southcoot Northernyam


  16. Southcoot Northernyam


  17. Soulkey sbr

    Bulldozer goes against the odds
    Bulldozer goes against *Ukraine*

    Now you cannot unhear it.


    Ahhh I guess that is what Phill Anselmo heard.

  18. BiRDiE

    3:55 8 string? :o

    Digital Damian

    Dive Bomber, 1 Octave down

  19. Iskell Sanson


  20. Iskell Sanson

    yallstillaliev lamp

  21. Iskell Sanson

    KABOOOOOM zapmfraaaaazpacarowhotrallupinodeyaoweeemommy

  22. Iskell Sanson


  23. Iskell Sanson


    Iskell Sanson


  24. Iskell Sanson


  25. Iskell Sanson


  26. Iskell Sanson


  27. Iskell Sanson


  28. Iskell Sanson

    UGH raaaaaaaaw

    Iskell Sanson


  29. AngryMisanthropicLoner

    Are you sure this isn't a slipknot song?

    pepsi dude

    Are you sure your not projecting?

  30. fire youngman

    This should a wwe entrance

  31. Mountainmetalhead 666

    I feel my anger rising every time I listen to bulldozer 😡🤘🏻

  32. WilliamPo 4

  33. Dustin Pulliam

    Fuck It All

  34. Dustin Pulliam

    All Machine Head is top notch

  35. panetero

    They play this live like a mean muhfucka...

  36. DanDiabloJSY

    Listening to Bulldozer walking through green lights not giving 2 fucks...

  37. J E

    "HA-HA!........YEAH!........ COME ON!"

  38. Miki Ogo

    Absolute the best

  39. Ricardo Martins

    Fav song by them!!!

  40. Josh Taylor


  41. brent11511

    Fuck yeah... This song never gets old.

  42. Yusuf Janahi

    Heavy as fuck

  43. reece parkin

    banging riff but the slow partd ruin it abit for me they shoulda just hammered it the whole way, still love machine fucking head though

  44. Ivan El Machirulo

    Why people don't like this album too much? What's wrong?

    Horror and Halloween 101

    It was heavily influenced by nu metal, which at the time was very popular, so a lot of people though Machine Head "sold out." Personally, I don't really like this album but I quite like The Burning Red.

    Kirby Stomp

    Because this is machine heads best album

  45. Ronaldo Santos


  46. Dimitrije Nikita

    even today these riffs kill newday nu metal, metalcore and shit

  47. SIX

    Nelson Mandela's favorite track.

  48. osssshhh12

    32 seconds "BRING ME WINE"

  49. NPM NPM

    Has anyone noticed the value of the lyrics this song possesses? That is totally relevant to todays mainstream society. Apologies for politicizing the comment section. Peace!

    David Schibilla

    Some of the best lyrics ever. So powerful. Humans are weak, always have been. People need this shit. Live it. Walking on paths untraveled Challenging one and all Deeper into the battles Alone and standing tall The more evolving changes The more we stay the same Full steam against the odds Go headfirst against the grain

  50. Epic Ogrelord

    The only song on this album I like (notice that this is an opinion, not a fact)

  51. Lara Nari

    a friend of mine recommended me this

    b miller

    Cool story


    you have smart friends

  52. jypsy cope

    love this my fave by far the best!!!!!

  53. Craig Hauser

    One of the best one hit wonder ALBUMS not BANDS before i get flogged. I love Machinehead as much as anyone but this album sucked balls but this one song is extremely bad ass!!!


    Excellent song, but I prefer Only the names and Trephination.

  54. Kraliyet

    sounds like a Turkish metal song called Murder King - Susma

    Ilker Soner

    C.E.M Yoğamına

  55. Fred Durst

    Thrash Metal+Nu Metal= This song lol


    Mario Campozano groove and thrash are pretty much the same. Goose is just slower

    Cringy Craig

    I like Limp Bizkit.


    Idiots bastardes. Robb is old thrasher from vio-lence band.

    Soviet Re4per

    @Cringy Craig I dont like you.

    Joseph Steiner

    Fuck Chris is a faggot m I loved limp for ages . The band members can actually play . I hate metal elitist. Machine hear jammed some Nu metal , Get used it

  56. Emily Woodcock

    cannot wait to see these in 2 weeks🎸🎸

  57. Metal upyouras

    Great Song

  58. Nyctokat

    Love this song. ♡


    +Veiled i do too, can't stop listening to it!



  59. ByTheRiver

    Machine Fucking Head!

  60. Guillaume Cleaner

    Not a huge fan of this band, but this song is good, as Supercharger.

  61. donthr

    ordered a John Deere! Right fucking now! 1 point 8 to bring it DOWN.. UHH!

  62. antonio claudio crispim

    do caralhoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  63. Cam Par

    I  dont care what anyone says, this album was awesome

    Forever Metal

    MH have all albums good!

    Joseph Almy

    Hellalive is really good too they use to open every concert to this then Blood,Sweet,Tears

    Roman Robledo

    hell yeah i agree

    zz top

    Yeah, i really really like Burn My Eyes and Through the Ashes of Empires, but Supercharger will always be a standout album for me.

    Vishal Sanoo

    yes may friend...............fully agree

  64. Míchele Cobré

    He straight up bit David Draimans style with these harmonies on this song

    Míchele Cobré

    @Amber Cote and? That has nothing to do with the fact that copycatted david draiman's style

    Míchele Cobré

    @Amber Cote stop talking please because your being disingenuous and illogical

  65. Uli Feine

    einfach nur geil !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. hiyabuddy69


  67. BossProductions

    Slipknot disasterpeice anyone 0_o what? That riff is so similar. Tit tut slippy

    Cam Par

    @BossProductions not exactly

    Gabriel Belon

    +BossProductions Which riff? I dont see any resemblance between them


    I meant sic! Sorry wrong song. Listen to the end of sic . The end of the song when he is screaming sick


    +BossProductions Sounds like Dittohead by Slayer to me. Done way before both songs.

  68. littlesmoke992

    not the best album but an awesome song!


    not the best album but a good album!

  69. Jo Kesonu

    This in my opinion, is the most bad ass music machine head ever made.

    Jo Kesonu

    I had waited nine years to hear this song live. Finally got my wish at the HOB Houston 2013. I'm not sure anyone felt the way I did about that song that night. Fkn rocked it!

    the snowdawg

    @The Industrialist TBH-- Tool or LoG...!! Naw, patiently waiting... Or whatever, I trust ur judgment!! Have u ever seen the MH tour diary from '96?? I just discovered it, is Awesome!! They singing Snoop Dog and Dre...

    Jo Kesonu

    Since we are back in the 90's, I strongly recommend some Bolt Thrower! When cannons fade....ha ha!

    Return the Slab

    Wolves man, that shit is VERY hard

  70. Foever378

    Omfg that flam hit on the Tom and then hit to the snare plus crash symbol hit is sooooo dammmmmm groovy good. That begining is awesome!!!!

  71. Franck Desmars

    haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ca met en forme 

  72. Chloe Hannah

    3:54 until the end though <3 <3 <3

  73. Eloy Saenz

    Bulldozer crushes alll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    even an other bulldozer?

    Eloy Saenz

    Especially other so called dozers

  74. Katt AD

    yes yes yes!!!!!!

    antony hughes GO

  75. Tarquin Temporal

    Oh the fond memories from years past ♡

    antony hughes

    super charger was the album after seeing these crazy fuckers at Manchester academy. ell Nino supported. what a perfect night

  76. Randy Dubin

    Dave McLain is a brilliant, versatile drummer IMHO. 

    Volume Dealer

    Randy Dubin *McClain

    the snowdawg

    Randy Dubin I couldn't agree more

    Southcoot Northernyam

    Randy Dubin he should join Phillycoruiiitera lmla Vinnielynsnotty lmoa my son

    Gary Frano

    Sucks they broke up. Glad i was able to meet them on the farewell tour. Fucking amazing live.

  77. Now I Am Become Death The Destroyer Of Worlds

    Heavy Fukking Metal From Machine Fukking Head.

    antony hughes

    machine fuckin head

    Jumbo Paras

    No it's Machine Mother Fucking Heads!

  78. fehzorz

    I'd like to heart hem record a more metal version of this song and other songs from their "nu-metal" albums. Speed it up a bit (ie make it consistently fast except the breakdown at the end), change the vocal style a bit and add a guitar solo and you have yourself a song that fits their current (and earlier) metal style.

    Nathan de Groot

    +Gabriel Belon it is nu-metal. more rap. not trash stuff. this realy nu-metal.

    Nathan de Groot

    +Gabriel Belon trash is to soft at this

    Gabriel Belon

    @Ultimate Music Maybe Machine Head songs are mostly Nu Metal , but this one in particular has much more Thrash influences. And some Thrash Metal Bands are really heavy , especially the new ones


    Late comment but the live version on Machine Fucking Head Live is pretty close to this and it destroys man, though it still doesn't have a solo


    For me 'current' (or more recent especially Blackening/Locust) MH is further from the early stuff (first two albums) than their so-called 'nu-metal' albums were (and I've been listening since 94').

  79. Ezequiel Berazategui

    I think i found my alarm

    Krispynachos 99

    my alarm is Messhuggah - Bleed...that shit rips you from your sleep, ready to tear shit up for the day!

    threasa zimmerman

    it is my alarm lol

    Bruno Lr

    The best way to obliterate a song


    Its mine alarm since 2015, never failed

  80. ari achmad


  81. Mike Popowich

    Now I'm starting to wake up!

  82. zellmer

    When I was in school I set this as what played wen the alarm went off.  Was perfect with the intro.

  83. Skillamarinki Dinkydink

    Ok, the MUSIC is good. But i hate Machinehead's vocals, personality, and for some reason the singer bugs the shit out of me

  84. Skillamarinki Dinkydink

    I don't see why people keep bringing up Slipknot... They're not very similar. I love Slipknot, and i've been listening to Machinehead songs for the last hour to see if there's any song by them I actually like besides Darkness Within. Nothing. Sorry, but they're kinda shitty

    Craig Hauser

    Machinehead is amazing hard to believe u like Slipknot and metal and think they suck. Listen to the first 2 albums especially the hits like Davidian, Old, Ten Ton Hammer, and Take my Scars!!

  85. y4rny

    BANG !!!

  86. CrazyBear65

    Saw these guys in Richmond VA with Megadeth a few years ago, walked out of that pit bloody, had the time of my motherfuckin life. \m/ \m/

  87. Julian David

    NO MMS :3

  88. InduztrialRulz

    By far their best song. Love it!

  89. felynecomrade

    Reminds me of Threshold - Slayer

  90. gocubs1815

    they actually played this song live when I saw them on Mayhem Fest in Detroit this year! talk about an unexpected blast from the past!

  91. Shivenis

    You have no idea of music.

  92. MercilessTide

    The ultimate mosh pit song.

  93. daweedian84

    Again, those are both different genres of metal. You can't compare them. And because of that you can't say who has more talent... I think that Machine Head has some insane riffs and a lot of technically hard pieces, but Slipknot has them too. Only ''problem'' here is that you are too big of a Slipknot fan and you don't want to see anything else beside them. It is OK not to like something but to say it is bad just because you don't like it, it makes no sense.

  94. KempfPlus

    2:00 <--- Push for instant orgasm.

  95. 2Bonthewater -- "Live to be On The Water"

    Machine Head pre-dates can anyone compare the two? I love both bands.......the voices.......Machine Head rocks and then some...........always making you bounce...........and metal head has many LOVES: sepeltura, pro-pain, rollins band, CROWBAR--all hail the riffmeister, Pantera, Biohazard, Helmet-------Faith No More.............don't bash it.......ENJOY IT---life is too short to label and destroy........embrace our differences...makes us HUMAN

  96. Shane Schroder

    Thrash metal days! :)