Machine Gun Kelly - Street Dreams Lyrics

On a east side night
Under that street light
On the corner of don't think twice
I find my mind where it shouldn't be

[Verse 1:]
Crack Rock in that pad lock
With a stash spot in my ragtop
Street dreams down the block from my dads spot
Bad cops on my payroll
At a buck a pop like Faygo
Add 50 Cent for like 3 keys,
Open up the doors for that Yayo,
White nights cause I make snow
Bright lights then I lay low,
Fight nights I'm like Mike Tyson
K/o for that peso
That's the life that we chose
Talking bout
Money cars and these clothes
Fuckin with
Twenty broads that's exposed
And we in the
Strip clubs till they close
These are the chronicles of a hood muthafucka doin what he gotta do to get paid
Chronic smoke In every follicle of my shades
Writing my obituary diggin my grave,
Cause all they say is jail or death,
And I figure there ain't nothin left,
That I ain't did and since I'm knee deep in my shit, don't hold my breath,
Oh shit,
Guess it's back to that broke shit,
Roach clip in my ashtray
2Pac on my posters
Dreams of living like Sosa,
But I'm wakin up on this sofa,
Said I'm wakin up on this sofa,
I ain't waiting round here no longer,
Get it how you live it bitch we livin dirty
Most of us that's livin now ain't livin thirty,
Get it how you live it bitch we livin dirty
Cock that.38 put on my mask and it gets blurry
I don't think you heard me,

What I need a shirt for?
When you beast shit and you go hard till that tours gone and you back onto that street shit,
What I need this shirt for?
When these tattoos that I bleed with say everything about my story come read this,
What I need a shirt for? Huh? [x3]
When I go hard
So hard, to get everything that I worked for

[Verse 2:]
At the top is no friends dawg,
At the bottom ain't shit dawg,
Middle man'n ain't it dawg,
Plotting drinkin this Hen dog
And I said lord my savior,
Have I not protected my neighbor,
Have I not neglected these haters,
Have I not kept you in my prayers,
So when my life keeps going downhill am I wrong for looking upstairs?
Am I wrong for feeling you hate me, am I wrong for thinking you'd care?
Am I wrong for keepin this weed lit and these smoke clouds In this air?
But I can't sleep without my mind gone cause of shit I witnessed last year,
That boy that left out was just family,
I ain't see the shit comin,
We was supposed to be at these Grammy's
We was supposed to be stuntin,
Shit, we was supposed to somethin,
Fuck that we was supposed to be brothers,
Helped you out when you were struggling, I don't owe you nothing muthafucka.


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Machine Gun Kelly Street Dreams Comments
  1. Nevermind

    Don't owe you nothing m...

  2. Travis Clayburn

    y0 mgk this shit is gold my dude

  3. Shaklin

    why is this song not on spotify?

  4. Dr. Kira

    Seven years later, and Kells *still* ain't over his ex friend leaving him just because Kells forgot about the Grammys.

    N-Word Salesman

    Dr. Kira you wrong and gay as hell

    Dr. Kira

    @N-Word Salesman fuck outta here, homophobic dumbfuck! 🤬

  5. Joshua McCraney

    Is this on itunes???

  6. Lawmzuala Chawngthu

    Fake Mgk fans won't find us here

  7. Phuc Chu

    Back when he was good... R.I.P


    Obviously you haven't listen Hotel Diablo yet

  8. Jeff Mullins

    Been here since before the kid was famous an I gotta say Wish he would make more songs like this 😢 wat happenedddddddd 🤦🏼‍♂️ on tour with fuckin Young thug are u seriousss 🤮 this is a banger,these new pop songs are whack af,guess that's what happens when u make it an ain't really gotta try hard anymore 🤷🏼‍♂️

  9. kelly stone

    It's like an ultraviolet tone. It shares my thoughts. And I'm thinking is it me or is it talking to me? It's strait communication.

    kelly stone

    Do I pose a threat?

    kelly stone

    The energy was only meant for me. Or humble yourself until you feel no one else. (It's what humbling does to you) no one else wants to be you. And You don't want to be a scar to another person You feel only yourself.

    kelly stone

    It's where life begins to be real.

    kelly stone

    What's it gonna take to do what I do? Get your own cross up.

    kelly stone

    It's why I'm left alone.

  10. Justin Lavery

    Powem 4 Power
    God speaks on toungs the toungs that has faith & love For The Almighty
    Jesus Christ Our Savor Of Humanity. THE END WILL COME.
    God will speak words of words You wonce Judge hide the truth And faith ever rising up.


    BECAUSE the race of
    lies is race of non
    you think you protect The Lies
    it with that gun.
    Force it back down with
    false teachings. Your
    teaching Thats dumb . Your No Creator Of all Things Like God The One
    That You Thought You Were better
    Than me for you will wipe floors for
    For the man with no money
    You called a bum.
    He loved all but he was judge
    For lost his money haven a lil fun
    But it was for God the one.
    He crying for help saying
    He will make it happen you see
    But it's sad he froze in the streets
    Because of
    Faith and love he new
    Safety he be
    .keep the those riches
    Their meaning less
    For me.

    Life Is FOR Faith
    For God To Come and be
    But all you live
    For is a imagine of what
    Sinners and greed lil money
    That raised you up.

    But you didn't study enough because in
    The beginning God Said He is The Creator Of All so all shall have fun.
    This is poems for all makes one For failures is strength for Father to Come.
    The man writes this
    Powem is high on drug.
    What bout pills big farma is
    Faith & Love

    you say he who fails looser in your street

    Has no chance waite till
    faith finds him Faith is all he needs!
    You say its Problems of his mind
    That he sees why so mad of nothing
    He failed for me.

    When I Get In Charge. Their Be Real PROBLEMS You See

    IKNOW how To Fix
    PROBLEMS That Will Never
    Again Be
    Problem like saying he is not to see
    His daughter for what is nothing to
    Me. He loves his children he cries
    In sleep that he be a millionaire
    Just to gain power just to see. I know
    U judge for now he so nice and clean Now that's a father of and success you scream.
    Those lies are no match for me.

    Because With My Teaching
    Of Faith Faith For All to see just follow Faith
    To End

    Its faith I

  11. David Henderson

    one of the only RN left!!!

  12. N-Word Salesman

    What a nostalgia trip, thank you Kells for bringing us on this journey

  13. crystal schwiegeraht

    Whatchu know about faygo??

  14. Larry Smith

    When the moon sleeps the sky
    Cold showers no heat
    Candle wick flickering
    Stomach empty need to eat
    Lost in the land of soldiers
    Geeks staggered through these streets
    So secluded inside demons creep
    Hold tight to imagined dreams
    Midnight skeemon nightmare
    Imperfect scenarios
    All ways told would add up to zero
    In the mirror of life always seen a loyal hero
    But if figures bro
    Here we go again
    It always something
    Ain it tho
    Sweat of your shoulders
    Holds the integrity
    egg shell grip feather lights
    In ya eyes the stars flight
    Red dotting better decisions
    Picking apart personal relationships till they sink
    In sands of time
    You’ll be in ya prime
    When ya down ya the last second
    Tick that tok
    Till the ruthenium
    Till all of them
    Pretend ya hold there own to contend
    But underestimated is the fuel to conquer the sane
    Those warriors whose only ammo
    Is forged from irreversible pain

    Levitate my soul
    I’ll pay the toll
    Let’s take a stroll
    I’ll never settle to be the perfect cell
    Demonstrator aka
    Struggle through the rubble
    Keep crawling till the finger nails rip from a last breath grip
    It’s all lead up to the heartbeat the pumps to ya shoes don’t ditch ya self just ya get the issue threw
    To yourself stay
    Ya ta the end

  15. Anthony Patronaggio

    Miss the old kells

    N-Word Salesman

    Anthony Patronaggio we all change and evolve bro

  16. HiT lIkE

    Marty Duran of Reidsville at 16

  17. Ghost Asakura

    Back when EST and Laceup meant something to him.

    N-Word Salesman

    You dumb, he still obviously loves the fans

  18. john david roy

    MGk b killa

  19. Joshua Peters


  20. Rihanna123

    I think MGK play this song before recording Rap Devil “ what I need a shirt for?”

    Amber dawn Black

    What I need a shirt for then

    Amber dawn Black

    Nice balls!!!!! Okkk

  21. Jeremy Bradley

    What i need a shirt for? MGK greatest rapper alive! Love you my guy!

  22. Tyler Tw

    Why does mgk remind me of romanatwood

  23. Kristen Mathis

    You saved my life MGK

  24. GratefulSFOaKFoXy 11LoVe77GirL11

    i still love cask640

  25. Kristin Garrett


  26. Crystal Curtin

    Do you know what time it is? And yea I am really in need of some answers.... NP 06...05?

  27. switch gaming

    Been kicking it since o3.

  28. Caleb Sexton

    And more you chance everything EXCEPTFOR A WHILE

  29. Aditya Naik

    Mumble rapper 🤣🤣


    Quit smoking crack it's bad for you

    Montavious Gray XX

    @Anarchy thank you

  30. Waynewilbz420NorthernBoy

    On An Est Side Night ,Under That Street Light

  31. Jonathan Patterson

    Years later and still catch myself randomly singing "What I need a shirt fo...huhhh"


    Same dude lol

  32. Peyton Edwards

    Here after reading "mgk a mumble rapper" smh tf these ppl smoking? EST FOR LIFE

  33. Lee Steel


  34. Thyssen Edinburgh

    Actually A Classic

  35. Red Roses

    Does anyone else wish he would sing these old songs at his concerts?


    I believe he sings many of them like "see my tears", but sadly I don't think he sings songs from his mixtapes...

    Heel Akki

    @Hit he can't cause he doesnt use the rights for the beats and stuff.

    Marco Bison

    @Heel Akki he can use another beat instead

  36. Jose Zepeda


  37. Banmaitphrang khongsit

    What I need the shirt for

  38. Ventured

    Years later and I’m back

  39. Zach Daugherty

    I don't care what anyone says this fucking guy is the realest fuck the beef with em mgk makes the realest music out est for life lace the fuck up Ohio shit

  40. Spencer Passmore

    More drugs more hate this shit get boring we need a new mov(eme)nts

  41. Aaron

    I find my mind where it shouldn't be

  42. Nocturnal NinetyTwo

    I miss this kells💔


    Album 4 he's coming back to this 🔥

  43. brandon biscow


  44. Jasmine Easy

    Will always love this ❤️

  45. seekal walid

    2019 any one?! Mgk for life est 4life lace up #nevergiveup LACE UP MOTHERFUCKERS💖🤟🔥

  46. sif DAwsm

    All time favv👆

  47. mcwiller aluc

    Mgk need to go back to this

  48. Cypryss B

    I remember when he dropped this on Soundcloud back then. I love Black Flag, still jamming in 2018.

  49. DKB 369

    You need shirt cause no one wanna see yo stupid tatted up skinny ass.

    Solar Blitz

    But you're here tho lol

  50. Lily Rich

    Who was here years ago?

    Lester Gene

    Also been here since 2009 2010

    Dallas Walton

    Lily Rich since I was 14 and I'm 21 now 💙


    Been here as long as i can remember

  51. MotigEx

    Cant compare Binge to this

    Leader Of A02

    Bruh you are not a true fan i love all mgk music. I dont diss anything of his.


    @Leader Of A02 Hey man, we are not stans like eminem's, we are better than that. We can love one of kells' styles without being to forced to like what we don't like. I liked a couple of binge's songs, but if I have to be honest, this song is beyond that.. I'm sure some of his other fans liked it just as much, but that's what versatility does to your fandom xD #HotelDiablo

    Leader Of A02

    @ReallyUnexplainable yo look i dont dis any of kellz music ight and i know yall going to be calling me a stan but dude all of his songs have details that are in everyones everyday lives. I am going to be 💯 i dont listen to nothing but kellz. You can put any rap song on ill turn it off and put MGK on. I only list to the GUNNA 24/7

  52. Leing Lo

    what Emeniem songs are hard like this, Till I Collapse ,etc, etc, basskncks tbh

  53. CDP CrazyDeerProductions

  54. Knobcio

    I don't give a fuck about the beef. I will always be coming back here. cheers

  55. Brian Bennett

    mgk bad ass youngster way better than emiem by far

  56. Shiragi D AMV

    now he wants to go after eminem. i dont know if that's wise though

  57. Jacob Davidson

    EST FOR LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who ever hates mgk and all the other people who talk about the real crap going one in this world they are a bunch of stupid ass people who need to see the truth about MGK(the best person ever) and Eminem and everyone else. Keep it up mgk ur making a difference and i would love to meet you 1 day just to meet the person who has been helping me get past the negativity since 8th grade. Btw live in st. Peters missouri and this is wat i got to say to the world peace out

  58. Bubba 0903

    He just don’t get the credit he deserves bro. This guy right here has done some shit that no one else would ever do. Respect bro.

    Kushal Anjan


    Lee Steel

    @Kushal Anjan ♥️


    Love MGK, was a huge fan and then he beefed with Em who is my fav rapper. I didn't like how MGK handled that beef, showed how childish he can be, However I am not gonna sit here and act like I wasn't bumping this daily a few years ago. Wish He would spit like this again, his new shit doesn't hit me like this does.

    Emily Pyles

    A lot of people talk shit about him because they're jealous. This man came up from nothing. He's an inspiration for people who came from the same type of life. He's proof that you don't have to stay in the shit you grew up with and I love him for it.

    Dr. Kira

    @Emily Pyles problem is, everything's set up with HUGE barriers to success.

  59. Alexander Childrey

    I'm from Michigan. This is is an anthem

  60. Marcus Deras

    I’ve recently started trying to make my own music and I listen to so many artist for inspiration but I don’t relate to anyone as good as I do my man🙏💯hope I get to meet you someday

  61. Bella Mountz

    Me like

  62. jayninja

    All these crazy ass comments.. Mgk... This album... Black flag was when he was so fucking hungry. Then each album he show cased his skills, let true hip hop junkies know I'm here to stay. By him staying though, he fed into, "greatness is recognized." It sucks seeing this rawness get killed because mgk still feels like he has something to prove. It's the whole season why mgk has dipped off into the movie industry, he is chasing acknowledgment. Hip hop has signed him off and he has believed it. Greatness is something that works and it's nothing that humans is use to.

  63. cxiong21

    Really wish 'Black Flag' and '100 Words and Running' were on spotify...

    chase nathen

    yesss, like do you know where you can listen to Run This Town that track is so hot, but got deleted off Youtube years ago. Used to listen to that shit on GrooveShark. Those were the days.

    Rasmus Ekberg

    chase nathen run this town is on spotify but under the name ”gun” theres alot of mgk songs under that name so go have a look

    Rasmus Ekberg

    chase nathen

    zach cronin

    @Rasmus Ekberg youre a legend for that link

    blijad Mobil

    Napster got pretty much every album from him

  64. josh wilson

    Omg this is the first time ive heard this song it is just amazing

  65. Damon Matthews


  66. Delia Cheatwood

    This is the song that made me fall hopelessly in love with him ❤❤❤

  67. julius cäsar

    Stipe Miocic!!!one oft the best rapper mgk

  68. black bear.

    Where can I find the instrumental of this?

  69. Anthony Valdez

    u saved me lace up

  70. Joke Ribbens

    TG here MGK I ask you are you 2pac in a new body

  71. Shawn Star

    2pac my poster i like it and you

  72. S h

    Thanks for being you and all of the motivational support that you bring to so many. A true angel among us.

  73. Joseph Pope

    who's he dissing talking bout we was supposed to be at there grammys

  74. Teresa Quisenberry

    get it how we live it, chronicle of a hoodrmf...

  75. Patrick Picard

    B4 he went all mainstream!!

    Itsyoboy HaramBr0

    Hrs far from main stream

  76. The One

    i looked up nas street dreams, why am i here now?

  77. lily stclair

    This used to be my shit. Still is ;)

  78. Emma Peterson

    No porn
    No nudity
    No use of *Authentic VIEWS d o t com* to get views
    No bitches , ass
    No bad lyrics
     Amazing talent
    Nice song
    Great video

    Jack Kallis



    Emma Peterson and you'd be %100 correct AF 😁 Kells is not short of a lyrical Mastermind who brings together people from every genre of music and from every direction across the world! I don't know of very many artists let alone"rappers" to have touched and moved as many people as him #EstXXtillidie


    Respect to all .

  79. AfghanVet 88

    What I need a shirt fo?

  80. james hilton

    Who is watching this in 2017 ?
    Well many singers are using *Authentic views d o t com* to get views

  81. selena sipra

    About 4 Years Ago and i am listening this SONG
    Who is still watching this VIDEO in October 2017
    I heard Justin Used *AUTHENTIC views D0T C0m*

    micheal faraday

    still watch this

    Jesus Beater

    OCCTOBER 2018

  82. Detrea Lemieux

    MGK I asked everyone that means anything to me, what love is. No one gave me an answer n I became cold and bumping your music I finally heard the answer to my question. "Love is Pain".. you saved my life.. music is all I ever had that was steady in my life and your lyrics are fuckin sick. I feel you Kells thanks for being in my speaker when I needed you

  83. Britney Baldock

    #kellskilledit 2017

  84. Keinuvakeila

    This song is beast by MGK

  85. Lance Forde

    Pure 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  86. Chris Dunning

    2017 and still bumpin this shit 💯💯💯

  87. Lamar Satan III

    Wish black flag was on Apple Music

  88. Rickie Beaty

    I'm an old stoner,And I'm 60 years old Been smokin'The great weed for fiftytwo Still Love it Rick Beaty MGK love you bro

    Shanon Lench

    How ibplan to be when I'm sixty!!! Hha

  89. Chito 420

    Fuck the Haters!! ✌😜
    LACE UP!! 🔫👌💨💯

  90. Hazim Ruzain

    I grown up with his music and now I am 21..

  91. Grizz

    Check out some music on my channel!

  92. John Steele

    does this remind anyone else of lonely island i threw it on the ground, when he says what i need a shirt for.