Machine Gun Kelly - Miss Me Lyrics

[Verse 1: Machine Gun Kelly]
Cleveland on my back L's up when you see me
Came from the underground now they on tv swear to God haaan
Ain't shit changed
Fool, you can miss me with that rap shit
You can miss me with that stereotypical "he isn't lyrical" barbershop chat shit
Miss me with that frat shit
Only university I graduated was Hard Knocks
I'm from Cleveland where they trap shit
Five bucks for the catfish, five bucks for the bad bitch
Five bucks in a drought in this city could get you a piece of that cactus
With saran wrap for the wrapping
What u mean?
Meaning we bundling all of this loud into Garcia Vegas
I swear it's contagious the way that we passed it
Patches on my denim vest about as old as my dad is
Blood stains on my chucks cus well we know what that is
Jet lag from these long flights still sitting coach like it's practice
Feeling like students when the schools back I'm trying to see what first class is
Cash is the root of all evil
But maybe that's why I do bad shit
Fact is, I do what I need
Cause the country we live in is fascist,
And no Catholic or Baptist, warlord or pacifist,
Could've seen what I seen without IMAX's and 3D glasses
Ya'll in family houses like Bob Saget
Both parents
I was on family couches like "you don't want it?" ill wear it
Inheriting hand me downs as a grown man, embarrassed
And these dreams seem far-fetched
When reality is you're sharing a shirt, shower, and shitter while your newborns in the carriage
Packaging groceries in bags for an hourly seven dollar average
This ain't living this is strife, mixed with Hennessey and some sprite
But maybe one day they'll remember me like they remember Mike
When I'm gone
Uh, Kells
Maybe they'll remember me when I'm gone

[Hook 1: Machine Gun Kelly]
When my times up on this earth
And they bury me in the dirt
Don't say that I ain't milk this life for everything that it's worth (everything that it's worth)
And when I die remember me like Kurt, BANG!

[Verse 2: Dub-O]
And they say Dub quit with that humble shit
You can only be cool for so long
Don't misjudge I'm not the one you wanna rumble with
Write it down, take a pic
Do whatever you gotta do to remember me
I'm in your memory for infinity
And the same goes for your bitch
Remember me from Kennedy
Or East High on the east side where niggas die over anything
Yeah, Dub-O,
Oh, you ain't know?
I got go, I rock shows, I be calling plays like Flaco,
But I'm so Cleveland it's a damn shame
And EST is my damn gang been reppin that since way back and that double X is my campaign
Pop bottles that champagne it's Cliquot for the champions now where the hell is my damn ring?
Biatch, celebration for nothing let you believe what you see
I'm in the back but no frontin
7 days out the week I be working I'm full of hunger
That jealousy is the smell of defeat
Remember who told you
I'm gone
Remember me when I'm gone

[Hook 2: Dub-O]
When the time is up on my watch
And they bury me in that box
Don't say I ain't give this game everything that I got (everything that I got)
And when I die remember me like Pac, BANG!

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Machine Gun Kelly Miss Me Comments
  1. Cr0issant

    "Miss me with that stereotypical he isn't lyrical barbershop chat shit"

  2. DJ Jon804 Remixes

    these lyrics all fucked up

  3. Harmz1229

    Miss me wit that Frat shit 🔥🔥🤷‍♂️

  4. GK_ Music

    Why do people who don't know the lyrics of a song do lyrics videos?? 😒😒

  5. Alex Taylor

    Better than all y'all rappers since day 1

  6. Connor Roberts

    You slaughtered the lyrics...smh

    Jonathan Patterson

    For reals

  7. Drew Thielen

    These lyrics are so incorrect

  8. Putri Khadijah Binti Megat Mohd Ariff

    Title perfect hmm miss u much very

  9. Jonathan White

    The last good album released by him

  10. jsp tv

    kill shot boy #Eminem

  11. Abe Wells

    Type of diss track he could of fired back with.

  12. Alexander The Great

    I remember when MGK and Dubbo made this is parked car lol, you can still find the video on YouTube.

    Mr Wilder heres the link

  13. DiggingDeeper Daily

    1:10 Bob Saget (on this video actually said that, regarding him being mentioned, Saget said "that's actually poetry. Thats nice to be a part of that. I mean, it's kind of sad, but honest, so I like that. I've never heard that." Pretty neat.

  14. Savannah Black

    You can miss me with those cuss words you ain't hard 😂(fucking with you) I helped make the code so

  15. Savannah Black

    The use of money is the root of all evil not the money itself. Peace.

    Kyle Simmons

    revenge is like the sweetest joy next to getting money '

  16. night scape


  17. Dante Herndon

    Listening in 2017

  18. Britney Baldock

    Killed it kells frazier

  19. Nathan Tugend

    Why the fuck is black flag not on spotify my favorite album besides genreal admission

  20. M. Bacon

    Way more typos than I even mentioned in my previous comment. Fuck it.

  21. M. Bacon

    0:55 - "Still sittin coach like it's practice...1:01 - "cash is the root of all evil but maybe that's why I do bad shit...jus a few things i caught while watching the lyrics. Think I've got every song he's ever released memorized at this point...#EST4LIFE

  22. blake mason mgkfp pickett

    is that the guy from pot luck

  23. Charles Davidson

    You spelled dad as did

  24. Riley Elliott

    There are so many fucked up lyrics in this video, smh.

  25. Aaron Exendine

    thumbs up?

  26. Woka Floka

    if u can't fucking read the lyrics and sing it drunk u know its fucking sick to sick for your simple ass my mothfucking nigga godamn I wish we went to school together

  27. Geoff Tuck

    Whos mike?

  28. T GillyDilly

    this fool got some of the lyrics wrong

  29. D1m3bagd

    got bloodstains on my chucks but yall know what that is

  30. Gamer Anthony

    how do you upload lyrics video with out getting copy claim?

  31. Gikiller

    KILLED IT [email protected]!$#!

  32. Donald Sanchez

    hell yeah flocko ra

  33. Vinny Hughes

    The lyrics in this video are FUCKING SHIT! Who in HELL put this video up without thoroughly listening to his actual lyrics?? Take this shit down.

  34. Daniel Heritier

    #man u need to do a featuring with #EMINEM

  35. Colby Yarborugh

    Took me a while to realize this was sampled from Drake's song lol

  36. M A

    0:41 i tought it was "a piece of that cactus" lol

  37. Andrew Taylor

    Just Like Mac Miller No one gives a fuck unless its Em

    person person

    mac miller stuck

    Joe Mamma

    Andrew Taylor yea umm MGK is way better than Mac miller.

  38. Andrew Taylor

    The most underated rapper


    Bruh you are so wrong, MGK is one of my most favorite rappers but as a rapper myself I can tell you there are others out there a lot more underated

  39. EpsteinsPlasticSurgeon

    this beat is fucking godly

    Emmanuel Nwankwo

    i dont know how drake find such ill beats , what a beast

  40. Icorruption_TGW

    it should say im gone instead of miss me

    Colby Yarborugh

    beat is from drake's miss me thats why its called that

  41. Brandon Frank

    wowww song is great MGK is a beast been a fan since before wild boy so no bandwagon fan here ...but the lyrics in this particular video are wayyy wronggg j/s listen aint that hard is it

  42. Zom Bie

    Too good for shit

  43. Matt Tobin

    leave the "catfish lyric to yela " u aint no billy shit . use a billy bong ...ashes to dust ..nothing

  44. Nathan Lloyd

    he raps my life

    Christopher Colombo

    Nathan Lloyd from cleveland?

    Kyong Naga

    Nathan Lloyd lol


    if you go to slow it down so you can get them right. then when you are ready to make the video put the right speed on it.

  46. David Cottrell

    The lyrics you have put on this video are not even correct this video sucks

    Josh Hilton

    Ranger Gaming kaa

    Kyong Naga

    David Cottrell MGK?

  47. AkA X

    this song is coll

  48. Kind Old Raven

    Lyrics are kind of really off here and there, but the music quality is good at least ;)

    Aimee Perkins

    Kind of but I don't know man

  49. Jesser Vega 07

    Me gustan tus vídeos deberías pasarte por mi canal

  50. Jane doe

    And this ain't your shit?? Sped take it the fuck down then

  51. Jane doe

    Fix the fuckin lyrics dude Jesus Christ

  52. luther Collins

    come up

  53. robert Wilson

    2016 and its real shit omm

  54. 23DDrum

    Why make a lyric video if you don't know the fucking lyrics

    M A

    23DDrum "Patches on my denim vest, about as old as my did is" LMAO

    Christopher Fangman

    23DDrum I was bout to say the same damn goes "bundling all if this loud into Garcia Vegas"

    Jay Sk

    so many typos just ignore it i just listen anyways dont need to read it to know what hes saying

    xach white

    why does he say "bob saggots"? saggot wouldve rhymed just as fine. typoss,,,,,,,, "mina, we bundling",,,,"still sitting cokes like its practice",,,"sharing a shirt shower is jitter" idgaf about the typos, its just funny. but why not just copy em from an actual lyrics site. i wonder how many of the dislikes are just b/c of typos, heh. lace the fuck up or die

    ryan merring

    For real

  55. N-Word Salesman


  56. GitGud

    why are people talking about mgk?

  57. Sic Semper Tyrannis

    The first 3/4 of Kells verse was hard af, then he slowed down a bit.

    Jack Young

    Yea s bit

  58. Julia Calzaretta

    sorry to tell ya = im aware its not a big deal but im drunk s im going to correct ya lmao
    its " Still sitting COACH like its practice" not "sitting COKES " jut had to put myinput
    I feel betterlmao jp LACEUP EST 19/XX

  59. Teresa Troya

    I just realized what the cover means the ladie is his grandma who pasted away r.i.p mgk's grandma and she was blind so thats why she is feeling his face


    +Teresa Troya no the reason she is doing that is you are partilly right that is his granma and she was blind and she did pass aways but she is not feeling his face because he is blind because he is lacing up and and he needs help from his grandma

  60. Jcyguas

    bob saget

  61. g1l2x3

    Get the words right.

  62. evan zona

    You missed a line
    "Meaning we bundling all of this loud into Garcia Vegas, I swear it's contagious the way we passed it"

  63. Jeremy Dole

    Some of the lyrics are wrong lol

  64. Rj Smith


  65. Corey Jord

    yall in family houses like bob saget both parents, I was on family couches like yall don't want it? ill wear it



  66. Ricardo Cook

    Keep it coming,,,

  67. Brad Griffith

    Ur lyrics are wrong as fuck listen to them before u post

  68. Christian Richards

    Holy fucking shit. Yall are good but you aint fucking pac or kurt. 

    rebecca lynn

    he could be the next pac "in my opinion"

  69. adamwest456

    shirt shower and shitter, not shirt shower is jitter.

  70. Devon P

    Dub-O Murdered this shit....MGK always kills it so no surprise he killed this....

  71. Mark Walker

    and its strife not strike:)lol

  72. Mark Walker

    its he isn't lyrical not and lyrical barbershop chat,just a heads up so your video can be right bro

    Jeremy Dole

    It's actually years of lyrical


    @Jeremy Dole No it isnt. "you can miss me with that sterotypical, he isnt lyrical..." Saying he dont wanna hear the muthafuckas saying he isnt lyrical.

  73. Tyler Carter

    Shirt shower and shitter, package of groceries and bag for only a 7 dollar average

  74. Tyler Carter

    Still sitting coach like its practice

  75. Tyler Carter

    Meaning we bundling over the sound of Garcia Vegas I swear it contagious the way that we passed it

  76. Tyler Carter

    5 bucks for the catfish
    5 bucks to the bad bitch
    5 bucks in the drought in the city can get you a piece of that cactus

  77. Jimmy Murosky

    just throwing this out here all you h8ters out here and on youtube quite listnin to his shit if u dont like him like thats fucked up lace the fuck up yo EST

  78. wrea†h Laurel Music

    like I am noit one to hate but like a lot of the lyrics are clearly wrong.. im sorry.. hahah other than that great job!

  79. Jason Andrews

    Why make a lyric video if you're gonna get the lyrics wrong? People come to these videos to see the correct lyric of one or two that they cannot decipher on their own. Posting the wrong lyrics just points them in the wrong direction

  80. Matthew Brown

    Hey man, who cares if you messed up the lyrics a bit. It ain't as problem bro.

  81. rope ropesman

    that shit borin bitch im snorin

  82. tanner routley

    Dub-O kills it

  83. Print Wizard

    Maybe since im from Cleveland i know the correct lyrics haha

  84. william rotter

    for real though dude... you fucked up on some pretty obvious places...

  85. Jay Mg

    Dis song is soo deep dope

  86. Jeromy Lyon

    lol its rediculous that you make a lyric video for kells and disrespect him by fucking up his lyrics...dont get mad at that person because u fucked up lol....seriously

    Kyle Simmons

    we are all mad down here

  87. The ødds

    ya you tell him

  88. TheStryckn9ne

    I have to watch the video once to know its wrong dont I?

  89. TheStryckn9ne

    bro do you even listen to these songs? some of your lyrics are so obviously wrong its ridiculous

  90. xOR4CL3x

    His weewee.

  91. PaigeTrucking

    "You can miss me with that rap shit
    You can miss me with that stereotypical "he isn’t lyrical" barbershop chat shit"
    fire from the start!!!!! best line

  92. Briana Mays

    i love MGK Lace up 4 life

  93. Nismo 114

    Mgk's lyrics go hard