Machine Gun Kelly - D&G Lyrics

[Hook: Sean McGee]
Tryna figure out my dreams,
Cause I don't really feel like dreaming anymore,
Tryna figure out my dreams,
Cause I don't really feel like dreaming anymore,
I can't even lie I want the diamonds and gold,
Diamonds and gold, [x16]

[Verse 1: Machine Gun Kelly]
Uh, stories of a Prima donna,
But when your broke that dream is common,
Where I'm from we don't see designer,
Where I'm from we just see dishonor,
Where I'm from I don't see my momma,
That bitch left me like Halley's Comet,
Can't look in my daddy's face,
The street's came in and took his place,
Sometimes I don't wanna wake up
Can't see past my bitches make-up,
I heard that boy done sold his soul,
For the price of them diamonds and gold

[Hook: Sean McGee]

[Verse 2: Machine Gun Kelly]
It's hard to dream when you ain't sleepin right,
My fuckin nostrils look like poltergeists,
I miss going to rock at open mic's hoping that I got noticed by labels and blow up over night,
Never happened but passion led me like Holy Christ,
Good intentions just Breaking Bad like I'm Walter White,
I owe my life to my own advice,
"Follow your muthafuckin dreams until those visions come to life"
Till those diamonds glisten in the light,
Remember they wouldn't listen to us right?
But I never had to sell my soul,
To earn my right to these diamonds and gold.

[Hook: Sean McGee]

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Machine Gun Kelly D&G Comments
  1. Waynewilbz420NorthernBoy

    cheers megan lace up EsT19XX D&G

  2. Larry Oswalt

    Underrated as always 💯💙 he's always gonna be. The best musician of our time.

  3. Tiffany yea

    I miss home...he takes me back there

  4. Keanu

    Sometimes i dont wanna wake up , can't see past my bitche's make up

  5. Fabienne Grebe

    ❤ ❤

  6. E-funyuns

    “Just breaking bad like I’m Walter white” BARS

  7. Shuvam Kashyap

    You guys know that mgk actually won in that clash right?

    umpa lumpa

    of course he won


    Duhhh No Shit He Won

  8. Lucifer's Son

    Yeah.😈 🔥🔥

  9. Mathias da Silva

    This was my fav song when it was released back in the days.

  10. Bella Mountz

    And I'm a diamond 4,5,77

  11. Bella Mountz

    My dreams are crazy , I learned how to lucid dream when 6 In a dream ,, been attacked too

  12. styk mayne

    D&G are my initials

    Nathaniel Tirpak

    DG is no initials


  13. Augustin Kells

    Syatish. Kells

  14. Gemma Aboagye

    This song is so powerful and inspiring and helped me get over situation s which I can relate to my father's a shit father and was never there for me Mgk should be proud of himself being there for his daughter and should win father of the year award

  15. Riku

    But i never had to sell my soul ✌️


    lol, first part he says "I heard that boy done sold his soul" and I was like, yo did he really made the deal with the devil?? But then I was relieved at the end haha.

  16. Luigi Torres

    Whoever has any spare time please check out my new song "Ghost Of A Painter" on my music channel and if you like it please Subscribe.Thanks to everyone who decides to check it out,I appreciate it🙌🏽🙌🏽

  17. Mamoudou Kane


  18. Paulina

    <3 MGK is a GOAT.

  19. brandi Sparrow

    33 looking up like wtf

  20. Chase Mehlhorn


  21. byDavidd23

    thanks for the lyrics

  22. Tessa Horner

    one of all time favs by him love mgk

  23. Chelsea Frank

    Did anyone else hear "Smoke hard' cuts in this??

  24. N-Word Salesman

    Tryna figure out my dreams

  25. Jason De Lima

    Keep on chasing pavements

    Reall mgk fans will know what I mean

    Lase up

    Leo Miller

    Litteraly just finished listening to that song

    Leo Miller



    @Mustard 00 the way you spell lace up is LACE THE FUCK UP!

    Machinery Gunnard Kellyclarkson

    @Mustard 00 A real MGK fan will know how to spell ' know '

    Sheogorath XX

    Real MGK fans stand up for each other not against one another

  26. chris filice

    What project is this from?

    Andres Gonzalez

    Black Flag

  27. Gemma Aboagye

    I love this song

  28. Isaiah Jairam

    💛that song

  29. Fred N

    I'm here to steal some fans from MGK. let me know what you think. good or bad

    Big Boy Vape Reviews

    ha, you aint stealin any MGK fans, no matter how good you are we are still EST. 4 LIFE

  30. nikki dollar

    i love this song,,,wish that more ppl apreciated his music,,,,,,,,,,

    Khris Rotruck

    nikki dollar mgk is legendary. His music will go down in history and so will he. He's one of a kind.

    bobby armstrong

    Khris Rotruck you definitely got that one will remember these lame rappers but MGK will live on in the books

  31. Dan Lee

    MGK for realz.......

  32. Vise Versa

    ♡♡true shit

  33. OMA - أوما

    " Follow your dreams until those visions come to life " 👌🏻☝🏻️


    Missing 4 syllables there bud! Not a quotation if you don't use the whole verse!
    Being said - I've rinse and repeat written this quote down a million times since listening to this album release. haha

    Raju Pradhan

    Let. Go. I don't. Is. Song. Boy.. Good

  34. Lucas Chavarria

    well no duh the make lyrics...

  35. Alex for the Winn hg Alex Daniels

    I didn't know people still made lyrics


    it enhances the visual experience instead of staring at a blank picture haha