Machine Gun Kelly - Dark Side Of The Moon Lyrics

The dark side of the moon looks like an only child who can't fit into place
The dark side of the moon looks like a single mother bruises on her face
The dark side of the moon looks like somebody's sister yelling out "rape"
The dark side of the moon is eminent because you can't escape fate
Yeah, the dark side of the moon.

[Verse 1:]
Tommy was young
Tommy had everything you could want as an adolescent except for having fun
Tommy was young
Susceptible to all the repercussions of being a drunk fathers only son
Tommy was dumb
Get your ass in that room till I come back you piece of shit
But dad would never come...
Tommy was dumb
Students would laugh at him and attack him after their classes until Tommy would run
Tommy was numb
Too many years of feeling degraded now hatred is the only feeling that comes
Tommy was numb
Fuck this
Ran into his high school
[Click click]
Tommy's got a gun


[Guitar solo]

[Verse 2:]
Hailey's in love
But Hailey's in 7th grade entertaining and dating a 21 year old scrub
Hailey's in love
Bailing on class to give him some action in the back of his daddy's old truck
Now Hailey threw up
A couple weeks after their interaction, guess her man didn't use no glove
Hailey knew but
Couldn't bear it to watch the parents she loved and cherished see their little girl knocked up
Hailey's school bus
Got the word about what happened now even the faculty is whispering that she's a slut
Hailey's in love
But Hailey's more afraid of being hated now her and her baby brainless in the tub, damn

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Machine Gun Kelly Dark Side Of The Moon Comments
  1. Baba Yaga

    Eminem(t) because you can't
    escape fate 🔥Rap Devil🔥

  2. Kennedy Price

    Wait. Hold up. At the end of the song he talks about Hailey. Is Hailey the same girl dating “Bobby” in Merry Go Round? Did I miss something? Or am I onto something?

  3. Vanessa Reinelt

    1 am and I’m crying

  4. Dr. Kira

    Stans: MGK will never have a song that holds a candle to Sing For The Moment

    Me: *Points them to this*

  5. BossMoss

    Who is here in 2020 listening

  6. Pedro Juan

    This song hits too hard

  7. Mirza Husic

    Best song from Black Flag 🔥🔥

  8. Jessica

    Gave me chills

  9. Dayton Jacks

    2K19 who’s still listening????

  10. Shanita Walker

    😢😢😢😢 MGK is so real!!

  11. DJ SPAZZ

    It took me 3 years to understand the end of Hailey's story in this song... Man, this is the type of music that got me through 6 years of substance abuse, before I was even 21. Kells, General Admission Saved my Life.

  12. Lalhriata 23

    Love it!...reply me mgk....plizz.

  13. Ashley nolen

    I have ptsd from being raped so many times by one man and this gets me through my shut down modes

  14. Calvin junior sun e

    1997 cgc great ii

  15. Cameron Smith

    I swear it sounds like he’s say dark side of the moon is Eminem because you can’t escape fate

  16. Bubrox

    he got the power inside his voice

  17. Marissa Graham

    This is my favorite MGK song

  18. Hannah Beth

    Love this song but christ I did not need that 40-50 second intro music with no lyrics.

  19. Christie szabo

    This is deep as fuck, got mad chills
    As if this is the first time of listening

  20. lilrayray 3174


  21. Zaven Ouzounian

    Definitely a good track but its the great value of kendrick's 'Kiesha's song'

  22. Weird Boy

    This song is so fucking sad omg almost had me crying TWO times and I don’t cry

  23. olly murray


  24. Prem Ayer

    love you kells 💝💝

  25. Ashley nolen

    I’m a rape victim this hits home 😭😭😭

  26. Roy Harper

    I miss this version of mgk

  27. Trevor Fisher

    I miss the old mgk. Before he went all hippie!

  28. Marsguy Mongzar

    Thos who still listen in 2019...comment down

    N-Word Salesman

    Marsguy Mongzar stay positive bro

  29. Anthony Hanni

    @Eminem "mumble rapper?" Okay.... em hasn't told a story this deep in 20+ years

    N-Word Salesman

    Anthony Hanni so fucking true

  30. Maxy Beeston

    Probably where Nikolas Cruz got his motivation from.

    N-Word Salesman

    Maxy Beeston lol says the loser

  31. Jenness Williams

    He is literally the voice of people who can't be heard.

  32. Nick Grace

    He couldn't even finish without damn there crying I seen him talk about it in a interview

  33. Putri Khadijah Binti Megat Mohd Ariff

    hi Colson Baker hope u in the best of health. Take gud care of yourself. Yor music is the best! - LOVE PK -

  34. Samu Banda

    Or my lord people can rapper

  35. john doe

    yes.and day it to me for the 1st time why you aint built.i did prison time.i seen hell im born treat me like a piece of neice is goddaughter no questions.if i have to say it.PUSSY NIGGAS GOT MOMMY DADDY LIFE DRESSING THEM.I WENT UP TOP TO CALM DOWN AND YO I HAD FUN

  36. Leo Miller

    All MGK's songs fucking hit home.

  37. OverPowered PIZZA

    so did Hailey commit suicide or do an abortion on herself?


    She killed herself... I assume baby died

  38. cameron woodard

    calls it how he doesnt see the skies of the universe and the complex of the situations of humanity of striff and help to recover from pas present and looks to the new future of a new life to come

    N-Word Salesman

    cameron woodard your comment makes no sense you rambling autistic

  39. cameron woodard

    hell yea my dude

  40. FTG Meta

    EST 4 LIFE ❤

  41. Vanessa's World

    It’s sad that this isn’t the music that you hear on the radio. It angers me that his most heartfelt songs don’t get much attention.

  42. Duh Bruhh

    The dark side of the moon is loving someone whos heartless and doesnt give a damn.

  43. FTG Meta


  44. Rose

    MGK is a beast!!! Let's not forget about the amazing drums and guitar in this track. Fire forreal.

  45. Craig Hamor

    Who thought this was the Pink Floyd song???😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😊😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😥😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😣😣😣😣😣😣😣🏸🏸🏸

  46. Lisa Tirpak

    Hmmmmm... MUMBLE?!

  47. Kelly Bridger

    2018 and this still brings such a sad weight over me

  48. Sugar honey ice & tea

    Let me pick up,dark side of the moon is the"God's son",drak side of the moon is what you really want,yeah!

  49. courtney Renick

    All his music gives me goosebumps...just love him

  50. Harley's Shooter And King.

    Whats up then ?

  51. marionna stanley

    came up in a bad family situation and was bullied all the way until the end of highschool and my freshman year i found out about MGK and i feel his words i understand every meaning MGK is an idol for all the kids who grew up in broken homes or no homes at all i will always look up to him i dont care who he beefs with EST till the day i die

  52. Danijela Simic

    This song is everything! 🖤

  53. amamou achraf

    Who was here before rap devil, MGK Is our idol long time ago ❤️

    Awesome - O

    "our" ? Speak for yourself weirdo

    amamou achraf

    @Awesome - O I wish you look at yourself in the mirror before calling people weirdos so you can recognize the real loser weirdo who should get a life soon, and I am using WE so show me what you can do about it except writing stupid comments on YouTube, loser 😉


    🙏 Fr

  54. MI5 Handled

    Pink Floyd originators of Dark Side Of The Moon. MGK should take note of the tale behind 'Shine On You Crazy Diamond'. Drugs (LSD) fried the brain of an original band member. BTW Pink Floyd were in the charts consistently for 15 yrs. MGK should listen.

  55. Devan Wilburn

    Eminem tried to ruin him. lol. Pathetic. MGK🔥🔥

    Awesome - O

    Eminem didn't even try clown lol
    He's ruining himself by putting out dog shit like Binge

    Tia O

    Philly 4Life 'dog shit' can tell you've had an easy life.

  56. Luiza Sanchez ukulele project

    This is so good. Thanks Eminem for showing me MGK music 😀

  57. Courtney Mulligan

    I have listen to this everyday for the last 3 years at least 3 times a day

  58. Colourful 999 Real

    Great song............

  59. † Esiah †

    Man why i have strong feelings whenever i hear this, and why i'm crying everytime? This is so much like my life.

  60. Liable Wheel

    He fucked up going after Eminem, but his real work is amazing.

  61. FifiTheBeautiful

    MGK is as real as a heart attack! This is why I love ❤️ MGK! ❤️😘😍🔥🐐🤴👑

  62. Ben Bass

    The dark side of the moon is eminem, because kells can't escape hate.

  63. Liem Baker

    This song removed the depression out of my life. Something that Eminem's songs never did.

    Free M93

    Beautiful Pain ft Sia

    Dr. Kira

    @Free M93 yeah, no. Also, whoever said that Eminem's "Sing For The Moment" is better than this clearly is either a rapper or a musician because, I can't relate to a rapper having a tough career because of the "fact" that his lyrics are so violent, that very early in his career, they'd blame any act of violence against another innocent person on lyrics in his songs. On the other hand, many can relate to that kid who's been abused by his father at home, and bullied at school. Or that girl who was bullied by pretty much everyone for getting pregnant. A good ol' philosophy I like to live by is that Human Progress isn't measured by industry, it's measured by the value you place on a life. An unimportant life. Whether the stories in this song are real or not, these kids aren't important to many in the grand scheme of things. But maybe by shouting these kids out in these rap songs and telling others their story can open one's eyes up and can either say, "Yeah I *can* make it through the day! Despite how I'm treated at school!" Or, someone who isn't bullied can (not saying that they have to) can look at someone who *is* bullied and try to stick their neck out for them. Junior High and High School is dangerous to people who aren't "popular" or "cool". So, they need friends. And again, I'm not saying that it's specifically *you* that has to be their friend. I'm just saying that they need *someone, anyone.*

  64. Lehlohonolo Mofa

    Who's here after killshot and is confused why people think Kelly is wack yet he made classics like this

    Fenrir The Fenerous

    mgk is my boi

    I Love Sandy Perkus

    210 FAKE FANS here after the EM beef!


    Cause his new music is trash but his old music is good asf

    Bobinski 23


  65. hellgirl

    This song is so much more relevant nowadays, I thought I understood it a couple years ago but I didn't.

  66. 7Seven7

    This is the real shit no one else talks about, Good on you Richard.


    If you love music like this that spreads positivity and that you can feel from the bottom of your heart, then I really recommend you listen to Kevin by Louie Faith its an amazing song search up Louie Faith - KEVIN on the youtube search bar you won’t regret it! After listening to the song subscribe to his channel!! This is your chance to support an artist from the very bottom!!

  67. Liem Baker

    MGK is a king. He is in 2pac and Eminem's level. He pours his fucking whole heart to his songs. He is definitely A LIFE SAVIOR.

  68. Alexis Jones

    I love MGK this is one of many of the realist songs I've heard by MGK and I really felt it people say they don't like him and I'm tryna figure out why he is on another level and I don't care what they say he is amazing and his music has really changed me

  69. Forbidden Soul

    Still makes me cry in 2018.

  70. DeX teR

    This song made me cryy bro.. Love MGK ❤❤❤

  71. Courtney-lee Fischer

    these songs have meaning to them they tell us the story of how they fell.
    Sometimes they tell my story of my childhood life

  72. *Ɲɛѵɛʀɱѳʀɛ* XoXo

    This is real..dude that rift!!!!omg I fucking love it.😎😎😎😍😍😍

  73. Patrick Densmore

    "The dark side of the moon looks like seeing a 16 Yo od. The dark side of the moon is watching everything tear away at the seams. The dark side of the moon is still hearing the screams. The dark side of the moon is having to re live it in your dreams." Former first responder. His music has helped me through a lot. Can releate bc a lot of it I have seen even b4 I became one.

  74. Keela Cahill

    There's a difference between the rap music where you can't even tell what they say and this. This is real

  75. Megan Merrell

    Am i a slut because i had sex with one guy and the he left me in two weeks?🔫💉🔪🚬

  76. Kaitlyn Steele

    I have hella chills

  77. Shawn Marshall

    tech n9ne
    Eminem best modern rappers out there yet

  78. ATLmade

    Tears run down my face as I listen to this song

  79. Don Tringali


  80. Adam Homburger

    This is just a fucked up song

  81. Aj Ay

    Hatred the only feelings tat comes

  82. Laila Rashidioun add to the MGK knowledge of hip hop..add some mob deep to that also..this generation needs help;)

  83. Harley Simons

    Ive watched it ruin an kill so many of my familys friends an also took my sisters life an the love of mylife is there actively. Please everyone paas the word on love.. love is the strongest thing in the world when one is dyeing theythink abut there loved ones..

  84. Jaz Kingrey

    1K people who disliked it are just mad they didn’t come up w/ it

  85. Dustin Pate

    Lead you on

  86. Ramen1998

    can't believe the transition from black flag till bloom.

  87. Spaghetti Samurai

    Hailys storied is the. Saddest

  88. Unleash The Nova

    easily one of the most emotional and influential artists in the game. Been a fan since 100 words and runnin. Its been a long fucking road but hes gone so far in the industry. Its honestly amazing. It proves that no matter who you are you can always reach whatever you put your mind too

  89. eddyvideostar

    Hello Lace: This is good, but minus a couple of bad words would be better. Was this inspired by the Pink Floyd or did he just steal the title?

  90. Reaper_of_god420 Juggernaught

    "The dark side of the moon looks like a lonely child who can't fit into place" gotta be the deepest shit I've ever heard. #2018 still jamming to you mgk

  91. Cristy Allen

    Love MGK!!! ❤💕❤

  92. Heroine has hero in it

    Bruh he just described my life except i wouldn't shoot up a school

  93. Gerhard van der Bergh

    I wanted more like a 20 min song so many issues to be adressed