Maccabees, The - WW1 Portraits Lyrics

Just so beautiful
Inside out more colourful
Fair hair tied back casual
A go-getter, go-getter
You’re the best of all
You’ve seen it four, five hundred times on repeat
You’re like a leftover better than a ribbon-tied treat
Narrow roads, never limit, never temper your speed
And when the river froze solid you’re still swimming upstream
You’d hold your own in the presence of pauper and a king
Leave a singing bird silent, make a hummingbird sing
You are a rope-a-doper coming back queen
They all want you so bad, of course they do

Just so beautiful

You break your back for the mission because you know where you stand
You live your life to a letter writ on the back of your hand
The way you move, you float, never know where you land
Give a five star rating if you know that you can
You are a rose-tinted underground fail
You are a red arrow fighter jet trail
You are the best of both, feel I know you so well
And I lay here beside you and I’m golden now

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