Maccabees, The - Went Away Lyrics

Look at you with slimmer lines
Dirty toes un-showered
Unholy sight the state of you
And every sign that you're wired again

Just look at you in the trolley line
Wild eyed you're still flying
A little less and a little more
In the middle ground is still miles away

So hold me close don't let me go
I need you so
Tell me something I don't know
That I need to know
Hold those arms around my neck
I need you so
Somewhere sunk behind those eyes
a man I've always known

And if you go to sea again
We'll see it out to horizons
To see it all it's a little late
And better never but it's happening

So hold me close don't let me go
I need you so
Somewhere sunk behind those eyes
A man I've always known

That never went away
Hold me close don't let me go
I need you

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Maccabees, The Went Away Comments
  1. Andy Webster

    Where's the bass player?

  2. Clive Williams

    Now what have we got...sexist disgusting videos😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  3. Antonio González

    Alguien escucha esta obra de arte en 2019?? Jaja

    Nicolas Pardo

    si obvio.

    Sektor Rodriguez

    Claro! noviembre!!

    Juan Mauricio Arrieta López

    Noviembre, igual.


    I gotta sneak and watch these FINE ASS boys because my husband gets jealous...SHHHH 😶

  5. Roberto Iván González Bueno

    I love how just before the chorus the drums seem to go out of time and then come back just like that.

  6. gerson brancoBL


  7. Brain Puzzle

    Sooo good good...

  8. Lucy Lu

    My favorite band, My favorite song.

  9. Bobainthome

    Love this; that's all I can say about this song

  10. norevel cooperativa

    esta canción tiene algo que no se que es....................... Quiero massssss

  11. wills bela

    Top songs

  12. Debbie Millar

    Great tune. smashing looking guys. what more do you need

  13. Egypt B

    "Hooold me close don't let me go there is something that I need to know "

  14. Parvez Ahmad

    rupeez a lot , lot to parvez ahmad and i am giving tutions , see , and take 20 and best
    and gold and message to amna

  15. Now It's So Vivid

    I'll miss this band.

    Bryan Poveda

    Now It's So Vivid I don't think my life keep beeing the same without them 😪 so really sad

    Craig E.

    Them and Anberlin. Hard to absorb the loss. The way their music inspires, and the feelings summoned. great full for the past 14 years of their music and Anberlin.


    Just wait for the re-union tour in a couple of years!

  16. María Ríos

    I love this song. It's amazing. Orlando's voice it's beautiful. *u*

    Joao Hamilton Pereira Muñoz

    +Lupita Weirdo se parece mucho a la cancion Hurts like heaven de Coldplay

    María Ríos

    No manches!, no es cierto OuO, no se parece en nada. Y no tiene que ver que no me gusté Cold Play; sino objetivamente escrbiendo no se parecen, el ritmo es completamente distinto a Went Away.

    Joao Hamilton Pereira Muñoz

    yo creo que si, tiene esa alegria, ademas el tono es muy parecido y sobretodo el riff en el que me parece que utilizan el mismo efecto de guitarra, una mezcla de ligero overdrive y un toque de reverb

  17. Jim Smith

    Best band in Britain. Bar none. Shivers down my fucking spine.

  18. Arielle Seerattan

    This song has a special place in my heart. I went away for the first time, to an entirely new culture, for 3months. I was alone and overwhelmed. This song brought me peace

  19. Anna Michell

    I swear this isn't "just a song". It really gets me into this nostalgic and melancholic atmosphere.
    This is, by far, my favorite song from Given To The Wild. I really feel my love for this song strengthens each time I listen to it.

  20. Stuart Ray

    Spectacular!!! like every other track on the album!

  21. Grisel Calderón M.

    Hold me close don't let me go, I NEED YOU SO

  22. Petrus Delassio

    pure eargasm!

  23. dodi amy

    qui l'on decouvert de wild souls *___*

  24. Sean Coulton

    what a tune it gets better with every listen

    Diana M

    +Sean Coulton couldn't say it better

  25. Amna Parvez

    i can't put into words what I feel everytime i listen to this. 

    che Waithe

    @Amna Parvez I know right, i get nostalgic... takes me back to a great summer...

    b fnc

    have the identical feelings ! touchy song and vibes !!!

    Amna Parvez

    I still haven't found the words.

  26. Andrea Bautista

    0:19 Doritos unshower? What!? hahaha

    Amna Parvez

    @Andrea Bautista ahahaha dirty toes!

    che Waithe

    @Andrea Bautista hahahahhahaha

  27. The Best.

    Steps to ever be famous:
    1) Be Hot as fuck
    2) Be sexy

    white owl

    Arent those two things the same? :)

  28. Tottal Dissaster

    The Maccabees lindos recuerdos de doble nueve 

  29. Ana Miranda

    My favourite song!

  30. kjames

    1:25-2:15 ughhhgudhsgrngjfnxpvoelz.

    ...hold those arms around my neck.....i need you so...... 

    kyle calabro

    kaylahjames v :&gh^ bvv

  31. Amanda Minnock

    So hold me close don't let me go I need you so..

  32. Aidid Mdnoor

    yeap, still listening to this

  33. Isabella

    This song, this album, this band <3

  34. Sababa Shahid

    Is it just me or does his falsettos sound like Jonsi from Sigur Ros?

  35. SamChaplinify

    There's such emotion in this song! I love it!

  36. Alexander Casablancas

    Thank you, Indie Répertoire! :-)
    You can find it with Google.

  37. TheFrostKnight

    Es como si esta música estuviera echa para hacerte sentir bien :'D

  38. Joe Veel

    such an amazing song. if you like maccabees you should check out Forestears. another brighton band

  39. Edward lowe

    a beautiful song

  40. Florin-Gabriel Barbuceanu

    Anyone else got here from the Durex commercials?


    Yep ^_^ First good commercial seen on You Tube so far !

  41. JUN

    He has a beautiful voice

  42. Тврдо Паковање

    this lyrics :SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS hard to find from a radio station.......

  43. You are tearing me apart,B.B.

    Thank you!

  44. Lemon Peel

    If you love Maccabees, you could love Lemon Peel, a new band of indie pop

  45. bethanbeverly rivers

    In actual love this song stirs something within me!

  46. Ezequiel Pérez

    Excellent Arpeggiator

  47. Jon Gregory-Wood

    Briliant tune

  48. lemonthirst

    Monday, just Went away! :)

  49. Lightik

    I don't love this song, I'm in love with it. I mean, like being in love with a person. It's just pure beauty.

  50. dilara sarıpınar

    how beautiful song! <3

  51. arctic.ella

    hold me close, don't let me go, i need you so

  52. madi sun

    this deserves a billion views.

  53. Ross Paul

    Love this song so much

  54. fred hill

    Maccabees actually deserve soo much more credit

  55. Ghislain Rutayisire

    i never knew Bey could like this

  56. A. Lee Burton

    Outstanding!!!! Way to go!!!

  57. lilonaz

    Catfish the tv show brought me here and I am glad about it ;)

  58. Jonas Arvo

    Why do you compare bands? Music isn't about who's better and who's worse. Its music.

  59. Caroline Deschamps

    what is this song about ?!?!

  60. metalunder

    Even better than Coldplay ✓

  61. Lilisau

    lo sé a mi me mata siento que me lo dice a mi jaja! es hermosa su voz y en vivo se la rifa <3

  62. RACV15

    thank you Beyonce, I'm loving this!! great song guys

  63. Himmi Toledo

    I like songd this beutifulll !!!!!!

  64. Cindy Mary

    This deserve SO MUCH more viewers omg.

  65. martha stewart

    I like this song, it doesn't make me feel angry or sad. It doesn't make me feel happy, it just makes me feel alright, or doesn't make me feel anything special at all. It's really peaceful in that.

  66. AdriaN LopeZ LechaT

    I need you so... Carajo que voz!

  67. Hannah Pickard

    I love this song! I did a cover on my channel, the Maccabees are so awesome :D

  68. Fatima Richani

    its Jonsi meets Foals

  69. Youness Zahir

    Best 2:12 <3

  70. JuliOscar Tolentino

    Esta del 1 esta canción!!

  71. Miguel Angel Benitez

    Buenisima Canción!!

  72. JR Pascoe

    By far the best song on Given to the Wild

  73. Danny Herbert


    hello, have a listen please. you might like it!

  74. sparkie4eva

    just wish i had money to go and watch these guys there unreal!

  75. sparkie4eva

    one of the greatest songs ever made! sends a shiver down my spine!

  76. masterandmargharita

    Can't wait to see these in Montreal in 2 weeks !!!

  77. Melissa T

    This song, his voice. Ethereal. It soars, and takes my heart with it. <3

  78. Cesar C.

    :) everyone should listen to this song.

  79. genyy23

    Super cantec!!

  80. Anthony Langford

    Really excellent album - one of the best of '12 for sure.

  81. Gwen Hale

    I WAS THEREE <3 they were all so nice :)

  82. Chris Kline

    this real music not justin bieber rubbish

  83. Voralpenbiber

    höhre ich gerne beim holz fällen ;)

    schöne melodie

  84. iamwavestonite

    if only people of your age and older appreciate music in other way than look and merchandising and other staff and just hear the music and see the bieber no britney and no nicki minaj would be around here...

  85. Ana Miranda

    All their songs are great but this one has to be my favourite!

  86. andgeorgias

    If only people my age appreciated music like this instead of Justin Bieber etc.

  87. ThePeaceAround

    this is my alltime fav of the maccabees

  88. esvhgvtr

    orlando is so fiiineee

  89. wiinkywiinky

    can I just mention how beautifully this video is? The photography is absolutely stunning!

  90. john redmond

    can't get enough since 09 hope you get the same value!! i love how with ever album they keep it fresh and exciting to!

  91. HATTORI82

    I always try to find 'that song' when i'm on a plane looking out of the window at the clouds, this it that song right now.

  92. HATTORI82

    i know seriously!!!??? maybe they should stick to their club anthems 1999.

  93. JSASL

    A nadie le importa..

  94. ivan son


  95. Laury Jasper

    This is just sheer awesomeness, makes me shed a tear! :'(

  96. Matthew Rendell

    44 dislikes can fuck right off

  97. endzio77