Maccabees, The - Unknow Lyrics

Just while love remembers

Unknow me as hard as it seems
Decide it and feel light on the breeze
And it’s alright you can lean it on me
And I know it’s all you can see and to shake it
To make it fall from the tree

And you’re called into the water
And it holds you like a tropical disease

And you lean into the weather and it drops you
Just while love remembers

I was given these lungs
And I won’t be ashamed no more
We were ripped from those arms
They no longer protect us
Unknow me pour me away
Just while love remembers

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Maccabees, The Unknow Comments
  1. Emre Ata

    Best game music ever

  2. NEMR


  3. Bouhadjar Houssam eddine

    Nothing to say 💪💪💪
    best of the best ❤❤

  4. Foxy !

    Drive in fairheaven mountain road and relax with lamborgini aventador


    *NFS MOST WANTED 2012*

  6. Nithin Pm

    Lost my friend yesterday after a car crash. This was his favorite song. May his soul rest in peace.

    Steve Red

    R.I.P. Brother

  7. Michael Gonzalez

    The Best Soundtrack of NEED FOR SPEED MOST WANTED 2012

    2019 ?

    Wolf 100

    Michael Gonzalez Yes!

    Hey Siri

    This game is one legend that the original nfs players will never forget


    NFS 2012 <3

  9. MetallicScimitar

    those 11 people has no life


    Best song on NFS( Need For Speed) Most Wanted. My try-hard song right here. 2019

    DJ Bonnie

    THAGAMERIZHERE I loved this. Now i want my ps3 back. I have a PS4 now

  11. Link o Paladino

    mlhor jogo melhor trilha sonora

  12. sinejan yasar


  13. Smigueh

    I gift mi playstation 3 with need for speed most wanted 2012 im a stupid and i still remember when i am in a chase of Police heat level 6... And the music says me Poor me Poor me Poor me away... i cry in my koenigsegg agera r


    7554.325 speedpoints now are only in my mind no in the game

  14. Khawaza Shahzeb

    It's December 2018 but I'm still listening to this masterpiece 🖤

  15. sasuke uchiha

    What Happened ? .... Axe Happened

  16. Lemik

    Almost in 2019...

  17. Woodwose88

    Isnt it Uknow?


    This song touch me!);

  19. Karl Ohtsuki

    Pagani Huayra and Koenigsegg Agera R in Need for Speed Most Wanted (2012)

  20. blackneos940

    The song to listen to when you have manic depression..... :)

  21. Sam Shiell

    This track was also from sleeping dogs. Anyone come here from that?

  22. ɱś༒Śŏufŷ

    2018/7/12 nfs most wanted brought me here ,this song so deep

  23. M3NI 021

    this track kills me from the inside.. best song ever.. (NFS MW brought me here)

  24. Abady Joseph

    I love this song so much!!!!😍 who still hears this song👌✨

  25. Michele Veras

    Porraaaaaaa! Que song! 😍

  26. Berk Kaya

    Thanks to one of my best friend ofc and his Focus! This song will always stay a deep one, forever..

  27. Jevoughn Gregg-Fuller

    This is the most relaxing song ever

  28. Rutvik Sardal

    2018 (^3

  29. Humayra Hossain


  30. Mitchel 7346

    NFS Most Wanted brought me here.

  31. Hoper01 games

    2018 this is my best song 💪💪💪

  32. ZapperFiend

    Song is called Unknow, not Unknown, sorry.

  33. Jorge Flor


  34. osiris meza

    Who here likes most wated 2012 better than nfs 2015

  35. The Last Enderman the Final Outcast

    I usually usually use powershot pro at 1:06 or just drive fast

  36. dfdfd dfdfdf

    love this <3

  37. Hamidul Haque Reham

    you believe or not believe i do not now iam the best driver of nfs mw 2005 and yeah i am also play nfs mw 2012

  38. Alejandro Bernardo

    this song is good when you are flipping in slow motion in your crash

  39. jean carlos salas aguilar

    3:46 that part sounds like cirque du soleil music

  40. Clive Barker

    Лучшее их произведение!

  41. Salem Wolf Spirit

    saw them open for Florence in October of 2013. bloody amazing. never heard of them beforehand. this was the first album I bought on iTunes 😂

  42. Erick Villz

    I go beast mode o. need for speed on this track mofo computer couldn't even see me had the mofo glitching lol

  43. Berkay Akça

    after listening,I said that,this was must be our song

  44. Damian Trango

    Este tema lo escucho cada vez que me subo a mi moto, y es increíble la fusión de la melodía con el paisaje, sin duda uno de mis mejores momentos.

    Franjefer SP

    Una de las canciones que no se me quita de la cabeza gracias a need for speed.

  45. mehu112

    Sleeping Dogs

    Plague God Vicious

    Yeeesss same broo

  46. Dominik Giljevic

    Brutal sound of everything

  47. chris vasilef

    I admit tha a lof of The Maccabees's songs touh my heart really deep but this one nearly made me cry though


    chris vasilef Is it weird that this song had the same effect on me!? I literally discovered this song about an hour ago while listening to music at work on an app. The guitars and harmony caught my attention so I took a screen shot so I can look it up here on YouTube.
    I kid you not, I bad tears in my eyes by the time the song was done! I don't even know the words, but the overall sound of the song is fucking beautiful! Especially at @03:45 when the woman's singing kicks in.

    This could be one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard. And I'm a fucking metal head! Lol


    hersh23 i had the same experience!

  48. Charbel AJ

    Does anyone have this song on his phone who can send it to me please? It says here that This video is not available. Nad I really want to hear this song again. I'll apreciate your reply❤

    PaRaDoX Gaming studio

    Charbel AJ still want it

    TheGamingCop #

    How can I send you

  49. MrStratoXl

    когда гонял в nfs most wanted 2012 еду такой на бугати, и тут эта прекрасная песня начинает играть ) ощущение классное гоняешь 350км/ч под эту песню) с тех пор моя любимая песня из игр вообще!

  50. Allwyn Vincent

    This song gave me the feels while cruizig in my lamborghini in nfs :D

  51. Alexandru Anton

    NFS Most Wanted + Shazam Great work!

    Charbel AJ

    Alexandru Anton Hey. Do you still have this song on your phone? I'm looking forward to hear this again if you can by chance send this to me via anything. Thank you❤❤

    Alexandru Anton

    Give me your facebook account,or something else...e-mail adress?!

    Charbel AJ

    Alexandru Anton Hey facebook yes:

  52. Avis Ubaidillah

    perfect soundtrack for racing

  53. Marty Alencar

    All I hear is "Just Swallow"

    chris vasilef

    you must be talking about the x ambrassador's song named unconsolable i does not say just swallow xD

  54. Pau Franco

    Awesome track
    I listened for first time in NFS
    I had lost my pursuit of the first runner because of the airport DLC (wich I didn't have)
    I went on to a normal race on nightime, and winned it. As I finished, this song started to play, I drove along the other racers at a moderate speed, enjoying the music.
    Suddenly, a car hit me from behind. My first thought was "who dares...?" Then I saw the colour: white
    I chased him through the woods in nightime, with this song in the background, and struck him down.
    One of the most epic moments in my videogane history

    Mateus Vinícius

    Sometimes, the most simple things might become the best moments of your life. In our case, gamers, anything and everything is to be appreciated intensely. I played Forza Horizon for 3 years and I still remember the first time I drove down the Red Rocks with that Mustang Boss on sunset. I stopped the car at the side of the road, turned to the hood perspective of the car while a very emotional song played on Horizon Pulse. I dropped the controller and watched that virtual sun go down the horizon. I am a person that doesn't display much feelings, but I swear to God that this perfect combination of beauty and perfect music was enough to drive me to verge of tears. I still dream to one day go to the United States and look for that exact same spot, driving the exact same car and park there, watching the exact same sunset, but this time, finally a real one. Forza Horizon is the reason I bought an Xbox 360, and I don't regret one bit.

  55. Aong Kung

    I always burn NOS at 3:46.

    Doaa Akhtar

    Same ✋🏻

    The Last Enderman the Final Outcast

    Aong Kung SAME

    Harsimran Sangha

    Me too ❤️❤️😎😍😍

  56. —`Rαveղ . x • 。

    NFS mostwanted brought me here .!

  57. Igor Guimarães

    abro need for speed 2012 pego carro e fico viajando o mapa td ouvindo essa musica


    br hue hue


    2 kkkkkk só faço isso aquele jogo e muito ruim mais ficar viajando escutando essa música e bom

  58. Asriel Dreemurr

    This song is so perfect when wei shen lost Jackie ma and Winston

  59. The Polar Express

    There's 666 likes the Devils number

  60. The Polar Express

    When I here this song in races calms

    me down and don't crash my Bugatti that much in nfs 2012

    Dallas Lawson

    Lamborghini Gallardo. Done.

  61. The Polar Express

    When I here this song in races calms me down and don't crash my Bugatti that much in nfs 2012


    when i listen to this song at night, it makes me feel like im last racer there is,

    osiris meza

    The Polar Express same man it actually helps me get the most wanted all I used was the countach cuz thats may dream car

  62. Piranavan Uthayakumaran



    best track on NFS most wanted 2012


    I have the game too but Ive never actively heared it.

    xxCMP05x x

    ABDUL SHAIK butterflies and hurricanes is better but this is really good too.


    @Niki because trash mw 05 fanboys hate it

    ruben medina

    And Butterflies and Hurricanes the No. 2

    Bouhadjar Houssam eddine


  64. Zezinho das coubes

    to people that each time listens to this music and no sleeping dogs or any thing but just nfs most wanted *.* +.+

  65. sergiocast345

    Sleeping Dogs brought me here


    +Nah Bee same

    Akos Gergely

    Release date(s): Sleeping Dogs (14 August, 2012), Need For Speed: Most Wanted (30 October, 2012) - Conclusion: Sleeping Dogs > NFS: Most Wanted.... :D


    Though, only 2012's remake has this song

  66. S1mple

    #Máté Kormos lol

  67. André Ferreira

    Essa música no Need for Speed é muito foda

  68. Aina holopainen sonozaki

    Yeah, sleeping dogs haha

  69. Leonardo Costa

    Musicão hein!

  70. Aletz

    Need for Speed Most Wanted!! A great soundtrack!!

    Fernando Vega


    Zee Nthink

    nice song, thx need for speed


    Not quite, majority of the soundtrack is absolute trash.....except for few marvelous gems like this....

  71. Inhuman0

    Incredible song. 

  72. Franz Czech

    Girl name ???

    Daniel Ratliff

    Catherine Pockson of Alpines (from album info itself)

    Franz Czech

    @neutropia Thanks :)

  73. Destined Star

    reminds me of a-ha

  74. Dayana Barros


  75. Máté Kormos

    There weren't any dislike since 3 months ago when Linkof44 wrote it!

  76. Máté Kormos

    Of Course 1 fu*king dislike!

    DJ Bonnie

    Máté Kormos and 4 fuck

  77. Harrden

    Reminds me of colplay

  78. sam trinidad

    cars... just while cars... just while cars... remembers NFS hahaa

  79. L1NKLESS

    0 dislike ! this is the Best music from youtube :D Trololol =)

  80. Ryzen 5 1600

    when i start to listen i just set the track repeat mode ! cant stop listen <3

  81. 0AvZ0

    Koenigsegg Agera R

  82. Le Senpai

    love you NFS MW !

  83. Hamoood909

    D*mn , so true dude

  84. Christian Ramos

    I never lose a race on NFSMW when this track is one ^_^

  85. Abdurrahman Keskiner

    my awesome music taste brought me here.

  86. mariotam417

    Sleeping Dogs brought me here..

  87. alex acosta

    i love drive the nissan GT-R in need for speed most wanted 2012 whit this song :D *-*

  88. David Eduardo Pardo Rincón


  89. The Marquim

    Me tooooo hahahhahaa. This song is awesome ! This is the best song of the game !! Actually the soundtrack is very good.

  90. Peter1997

    Sleeping Dogs And Need For Speed

  91. RoodR10

    The Best 2002 theme songs and all !!

  92. RoodR10

    NFS Most Wanted !!

  93. Nuch

    i dont mean to start an argument, but i think that butterflies and hurricanes is better :P

  94. nero lesma

    melody sounds the best theme song I've heard in 1999 nfs from that game

  95. xArt3mis

    I don't really like the "X made me come here" comments. but this is the best song on NSF MW2012. I'm so glad I got to know it.