Maccabees, The - Go Lyrics

Left you there in the sunlight
In the sunshine by the windowsill in the kitchen
In light of what was to come it was not enough

Just like the cardboard that covered
The missing panes and cracks in our bedroom windows
We should have known they wouldn't keep out the cold

It was not enough
It's not enough
And it never was

And they'll call out with a name by which I'd never call you
And we'll grow out when it's time
And the skins we've known no longer fit us

It's not enough and it leaves you tired

See you there in the sunlight
In the sunshine by the windowsill in the kitchen

And they'll call out with a name by which I'd never call you
All things being well still feel it was not enough

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Maccabees, The Go Comments
  1. Puvin Terumalay

    i fuckin fuckin fuckin fuckin love this song

  2. Arben Dauti

    2020 keep it rrolling :))

  3. Cecilia Vargas


  4. Joe Bix

    This is my song!!

    Brenda Benitez Estrada

    Joe Bix ;)

  5. Danny middleton

    Amazing song

  6. Cihan Demir

    Muhteşem be!

  7. Secretly A Dragon

    And they'll call out with a name by which I'd never call you
    And we'll grow out when it's time
    And the skins we've known no longer fit us
    It's not enough and it leaves you tired

  8. Slayer Mulierem

    1,000th like, envy me

  9. Nurain Aliah

    Fav song atm.

  10. Claire Davies-Giannakopoulou

    Total eargasm!!

  11. Eleanor Hagelskjaer

    she's saying my ears are having an orgasm

  12. Lilla Bird


  13. Vegard Askjer Lien

    This is music!

  14. dark horse

    I saw 'orgasme' so I liked it.


    just go and bring me a banana

  16. J_VTZ

    no, pay for it and let them make more music

  17. Anthony Scruton

    Torrent that shit man.

  18. Franklin Murray

    really enjoying the new stuff, really different whilst maintaining that distinctive maccabees sound

  19. MrFyrea

    wow ur so special. here have a badge.

  20. Cesar Ventura

    hahaha Viva México!!

    Osvaldo Leal

    Jajaja nunca falta este comentario xd

  21. chud jackson

    Beautiful, amazing, resplendent.

  22. lee owey

    because the way the world is most dickeds listen to nicki minaj and justin bieber when us cool people listen to this soundd music

  23. mountainbythesea

    it took me a while to realize that white stuff was getting bigger

  24. abadeer

    But I like being silly :3

  25. Muckydoggy1

    now, now; let's not be silly.

  26. abadeer

    Why does Arcade Fire sound like this?

  27. EloisaYoung DuppruaS

    :33 Si me Caso con The Maccabees :DD

  28. Angelika White

    I saw them yesterday with Florence + The Machine! They were amazingggggg

  29. Carlo Dellamico

    no problem! just chill dude and like what you like,.. peace and love bro xx the vid is a bit weak but its a kick ass tune

  30. duddsterV2

    The whole point of disliking a video is to show your opinion about a video... If it was a bad thing to do then youtube wouldn't have the option.. As it happens I didn't like this video so I disliked it. Problem?

  31. Charlyne Nesta

    Mes oreilles ont eu un orgasme !

  32. BettyBettyBetty123

    How can then know if they dislike it without listening to it?

  33. MariluGravity

    I love this song! <3 but it makes me cry D;

  34. Aimee Barkany

    How great was this at Benicassim on Friday night? aahh

  35. Kimothy Nguyen

    Sickass beat in the beginning.

  36. viktoria perez

    lmbo :)

  37. MontseEscAM

    Wow this fucking album is BRILLIANT! This track is genius!

  38. Jen Hammond

    Also bloody love the comment from jonnyalallen.

  39. Jen Hammond


  40. Mark

    That riff... I want that to play whenever I enter a room

  41. Vio Cheiranthifolia

    lo mejor de temas como este es que parece que acaban y no, luego viene lo mejor

  42. Catherine Needham

    your trippin

  43. daconor91

    can u stop being a [email protected] and listen to the fuckin song?

  44. jonnyalallen

    u wat m8?

  45. Mark Delfigalo

    what are comments for?

  46. NippleSlipped

    im a zombie i needz meh some brainssss

  47. Symph Beatbox

    what do you mean 'am i in japan'

  48. 00chubbs00

    I like Carrots!

  49. Maria O'Neill

    The Maccabees sound best at 00:51 :')

  50. Cassie

    it is moving. i think. ha

  51. Jennifer Gonzalez

    can you just stop reading the comments??

  52. Robbie Hicks

    best track on the album maybe? Still not sure where to start on this masterpiece if in the car and on a short journey :)

  53. Darren Murphy

    class band just heard them properly last night huge fan already!

  54. jonnivvvvvvvvvvvv

    sound like arcade fire?

  55. HMR

    WHY are their songs so difficult to locate and buy? They are brilliant. I don't understand.

  56. selectriclight

    niezwykłe i bardzo inspirujące. Rewelacja.

  57. Lizzie Olley

    i neeeed this album.

  58. milly baiton

    awwww......where the fuck have i been, when i shouldve been checking out ma maccabees.....heartstopping....mwwhhhhh

  59. Marilyn Monroe Fan Channel

    Needs no words......................

  60. KK D

    zeds deads - hit me

  61. Carlo Dellamico

    is it just me.. or is this fucking awsome?

  62. XevelinaXx

    @jonnyalallen No, I think it does: move your cursor over the red bar and it will show you a thumbnail and the image changes...

  63. ktee7

    at 1:33 glorious pick up

  64. Jules Busshardt

    0 dislikes...I am proud :)

  65. Rob Wilson

    When the opening bars started I was worried that The Maccabees attempted a cover of SBTRKT's 'Wildfire', but when the vocals start and the loud production adds so much to the guitar, I got caught up in what turned out to be a pretty wonderful song.

  66. nuta84

    wzruszająca muzyka,"głos " GITARY,dzięki..

  67. Mother T

    @jnicewarner They take a lot of inspiration from Arcade Fire and have a few of the trumpet guys playing in their songs.

  68. Jordan N

    @CamilleAven Couldnt tell you

  69. Isis O'Regan

    fucking raw!

  70. josh27117

    next big single material right here.

  71. Marisa P

    Just went for a walk listening to it, i'm in love with this song!

    snowballs & ginger nuts ¥

    A go go

  72. Jordan N

    Why does this sound like Arcade Fire?

  73. Thomas Lowe

    Worth every penny... or cent :) This song is incredible

  74. 1night1day

    @MrGoatmonkey i ordered a copy (CD) from took 2 weeks though. about $15 after shipping and a conversion fee

  75. jonnyalallen

    @jonnyalallen nah do wat i fuckin want

  76. jonnyalallen

    @willpalafoxflow shut the fuck up mate

  77. Film

    bassthing stolen from I know it's over


    Lmao. Music is inherently repetitive. Everything and nothing is stolen, because everything humans like has already been written by someone somewhere.

  78. jonnyalallen

    @jonnyalallen nah mate do wat i fuckin want

  79. jonnyalallen

    can you all just shut the fuck up??

  80. jonnyalallen

    the image is fucking moving or am i just trippin?

  81. cidiberto

    amazing how almost nobody knows this band, one of the best I've ever heard.

  82. Makavelibombfirst

    best song on album sxc