Maccabees, The - Child Lyrics

Never as a child
Would you give this time of day
You would take it from the shadows
And you give it another name

But now it's all that's left

And though it awful gentle takes you
And it awful slowly leaves
It's a weight I wouldn't wish upon
And I wish I wouldn't have to wait

Now it's all that's left

Never as a child
Now it's so vivid

Given to the wild
While the ways of a child
Are whiled away, whiled away

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Maccabees, The Child Comments
  1. Christian Price

    I need this to be heard by everyone

  2. ilan doesn't matter

    So pity they broke up. Hope one day they will get back together. Not too many bands out there that can compensate for the loss.

  3. Isra Alvarez

    when i hear a band for the first time and exclaim internally, "man all these years I've gone without this!!!"; but then i realize that it was destined to be this way. that this band and their music has come into me life at just the precise moment in time it was destined to. just like that little feather that fell on forrest gump's lap at just the right moment. man....that feather probably had fleas and whut not. but forrest didn't care. forrest is such a bad ass. like the honey badger....

    Gwen Grimes

    you go man

  4. Efrain Pereira Rodrigues

    como é bom ouvir essa música!

  5. Sean Coulton

    I miss you guy terribly so much talent over too soon

  6. Burak Kaan Bilgehan

    thank you for such amazing music, the maccabees!

  7. jose manrique

    The lack of recognition this band has

    Dale Watson

    I like it that way though,unique

  8. OilersFan937

    The transition to this song from the first song on the album, Given To The Wild (Intro), is amazing!!!!

  9. Maurizio Spagna

    V i v i i l rockXrock...

    "Un bambino è su di me
    Un bambino è con te.
    Nelle feste più esclusive della vita ritrovo i primi giorni da bambino
    Quando la spensieratezza era la voga 
    dei primi giorni insani...
    MA VERI!"

    Le battaglie per l'odio le lascio alle persone 
    Nate in comodità nella giungla di questi secoli.

    L'unica firma tra la folla della gente rock.
    L'unica firma vicina
    all'intelligenza anormale-

  10. Daniel Rodriguez


  11. Tanya Sarah

    @Sanchit Gupta