Lynyrd Skynyrd - Workin' For MCA Lyrics

Seven years of hard luck, comin' down on me
From the Florida border, yes up to Nashville Tennessee
I worked in every joint you can name, mister, every honkytonk
Along come Mr Yankee Slicker, sayin' maybe you're what I want

Want you to sign your contract
Want you to sign today
Gonna give you lots of money
Workin' for MCA

Oh, 9000 dollars, just to sow at the wind
But we smiled at the Yankee Slicker with a big ol' southern grin
They're gonna take me out to California gonna make me a superstar
Just pay me all of my money, mister, maybe you won't get a scar


Slickers took my money since I was seventeen
If it ain't no pencil pusher, then it got to be a honkytonk queen
But I'll sign my contract baby, and I want you people to know
That every penny that I make, I'm gonna see where my money goes


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Lynyrd Skynyrd Workin' For MCA Comments
  1. DrPsychedelic


  2. Sally Worsham

    I lik this song but I hate the typical fans but I live in Nashville so it might be different for you

  3. LogicBender

    January 2020 still sounds as good now as the first time I heard it 40+ years ago!!

  4. Pamela Barone

    This hits home. Love Skynyrd. Let people be where they are at. They know they brought it on you. 7 years. What happens to them is their Karma. Never reap on someone what they put upon you. They will meet their own demise from their actions. Let it be let it be. 🙏😇 9000.00 dollars. Platinum.

  5. Ken Oconnell

    Gonna take me out to Kalifornia gonna make me a superstar , there is a great story about this song .

  6. hydraulic hydra

    TY Youtube for recommending this. I added it to playlist within 5 seconds of its beginning.

  7. FourSticksbuff

    My first concert Oct 74 Skynyrd W Charlie Daniels when Second Helping came out....Century Theatre Buffalo NY, 12th row. First time I smoked weed too....been downhill ever since.

  8. biakabutooka

    Wonderful job by the rhythm section,particularly Art Pyle.And Ed King's solo is KILLER.It may be my favorite Skynyrd solo,and that's REALLY sayin' something as I like literally dozens(scores?)of Skynyrd tunes.

  9. Dagmurphy

    I spent the entire mid 70's listening to, and going to see this great band. American treasures all

  10. Rickey Pujol

    First CD I ever owned

  11. John Warren

    toin it up son.

  12. Ryan Stringman

    Ed King is awesome!

  13. mark

    They opened the show this one 7/77 Oakland

  14. David Heimbach

    agreed.  King was so under-rated....the best imaginative guitar player in the band.  A great ear.  He played a huge part in almost all of the best songs, both writing and playing.  It's not a coincidence that after he left, their music really dropped off.

    that smell

    No it didn't, everything skynyrd did was great because even though king left which was a big loss they replaced him with Gains who was in my opinion better

  15. LaVerne Baugher

    My only regret is i've only seen them twice.

    Dennis Anderson

    There's still a chance. Check out These guys are keeping the late 70's era Skynyrd alive & well.

  16. Phillip Pringle

    I recommend this as theme song for the new Trump MCA Trade deal! Roll Trump Roll! Greetings from Mobile Alabama (my Lynyrd Skynyrd world headquarters)

  17. Andrew Zamborsky

    My brother's favorite band!! Died way too soon, RIP Zam!!!

  18. Harlan Love

    I can listen to the music of this band over and over again. Florida should be very proud.

  19. LeeDuKe 951

    Listen to don’t ask me now questions then listen to this right after it just plays together so perfectly

  20. Denis M. Lacroix

    still sounds  fuckin G8T

  21. STUDIO BENCIVENGA Marcus Bencivenga

    this is not a song this a way of life - same goes for Saturday night special - it provokes whiskey drinking and hour long guitar jamming

  22. David Heimbach

    Ed King's riff on this song is unreal. They talk about how great Steve Gaines was (who I loved as well). But if you compare this studio version with King and Gaine's live version in Knebworth a year or so later....and uhhh yeah you'll see who was the better guitar player....Gaines, fast as hell....but King better feel and imagination....not even close

  23. John Warren

    seven years of hardluck....? roll on with yer bad self.

  24. John Warren

    have anutha sip of whiskey....

  25. John Warren

    ass kickn rock n roll from the south mister.

  26. Stonewall

    Seen'em at the Denver Colisuem in '74. When they did Sweet Home Alabama & that huge Stars & Bars came rolling down behind the stage, well, what can I say..

  27. zeb Johnson

    That Ed king lead just nasty love it 👍👍💖

  28. Bob Dobbs

    I worked for MCA in Yosemite National Park at this same time, they were the government authorized sole concessionaire (Monopoly, backed up by government) to do business in the park. They ran all the hotels, grocery stores, liquor stores, campgrounds, etc. After hearing this song we became interested in unionizing.

  29. Michael Joiner

    glad I had a chance to see them before we lost them. RIP Ronny

    Dena Grippo

    You are indeed fortunate. One band I would love to have seen.

  30. Jackie D

    Can't imagine who owns the record industry.

  31. David Willis

    Cold Whiskey and Lynyrd Skynyrd!!!!

  32. Robert e Lee

    My country America

  33. DrPsychedelic

    One word... ED KING


    in my case "working for NTI"


    in my case "working for NTI"

  36. andrew f

    Blackberry Smoke do a great and faithful live version of this on YouTube from the Skynyrd tribute show a few years ago.


    Beat band ever you disagree I fuck you up

  38. Jared

    omg this kicks so much ass!!!



  40. John Warren

    Ass kickn rock n roll son

  41. Burleism

    Always loved some Skynyrd, Molly Hatchet, 38 Special, Blackfoot but Hey Pal, I'll meet ya in the alley and beat your ass while singing any Tom Petty tune you want.......... :)

  42. Dave Gill

    MCA/Musical Corporation of AMerica. Lou Wasserman, the Jewish Mafia/Sidney Korshak these men OWNED Governor Reagan of California and when he was head of the Actors Guild. Jack Ruby's Address book shows Joe Glazer of Associated booking, he handled Louis Armstrong the trumpet man and Creedence Clearwater Revival...Joe Glazer was a lifelong agent under the MCA. One last interesting fact is WIlliam Vandenheuval is married to Jules Stiens daughter. Lee Harvey Oswald wrote to Vandenheuval while in Russia! As he was part of the IRC and worked for Senator Javitts in NY City. Vandenheuvals daughter part of the Nation Magazine. MCA building is 598 Madison ave...same building disgraced lawyer Roy Cohn worked out of! Roy was a defender of mob heroin dealers. MCA was considered the 'Octopus'. I dont know if its true but I heard that after this song came out, the bands plane went down about a week or two after?

    Dave Gill

    JUles Stien was the owner of MCA in NY City

  43. dawg unit

    Cool beans..

  44. Christopher Bako

    I have to close my eyes During that solo.....
    As a player, I can say he was on FIRE

  45. Kevin Bedwell


  46. Antonella Ac

    🔴 Alex 🔴

  47. Jeffrey Simpkins

    Who? Another tube.

  48. Ken Wagner

    Who gave this a thumbs down? You ignorant bastards!


    to think when this was made there was so many ways to Rock From Black Sabbath to Jhon Denver All Had Very Unique Styles and at the Same Time were Able to Sell enough records to go GOLD/PLATINUM 40+ years later and Nothing New Unique or worthy of a 25cent Download Now thats Diversty CHANGE U CAN COUNT ON

  50. Jarrod Hancherick

    What does MCA mean?

  51. Christopher Bako

    ED KING shredded before shredders.

  52. Christopher Bako

    That solo?....It's MURDER

  53. Pearl E. Gates

    This song rocks!

    Christopher Bako

    Liked ur kwn5 comment...Lame

  54. Christopher Bako

    This Song Was Tough!!

  55. Willgregg10

    Thank you KZ106 for introducing me to some lesser known rock songs that are awesome.

  56. Gary Giampa

    hi sounds great I love it thank you the best band

  57. Melvin the Mop Boy

    9,000$ back then would equate to 50,000$ today

  58. Ryan Delmar

    Makin lots of money, workin for satan,

  59. Lathaniel Nail

    Visited ronnies grave today . Long live mr breeze 💪🤘

  60. Lance Clark

    They got screwed royally!

  61. Chad Ponder

    Been listening to this stuff since I was young (16). Dad grew me up on it. We are from Jax and he’s in the same age group as these guys. He grew up going to their schools football games and even has friends who personally knew them. Showed me the bars where they got their start and even the store mentioned in “The Ballad of Curtis Loew”

  62. Jake Paul Denino

    Damn that fuckin solo!

  63. Bop Coppins

    These boys had grit...

  64. Bop Coppins

    Well buddy there are a lot of great ones bro but I agree with you lynyrd Skynyrd is at the top of the line, while it's not really important to mention but I'm a black man but I love myself some lynyrd Skynyrd bro always have and always will!!!!!

  65. Carl Smith

    Maybe them folks didnt like him talking shit about their label....ever thought of that. Always wondered why Stevie went down in a Clapton Chopper. EC always said he felt like the world was ending for him as a guitar player. Why nobody ever question this, your guess is better than mine.

  66. the average savage

    What record label are they signed to?

  67. Colbert Petros

    Ed King solo rocks perfectly.

  68. Van Thorpe

    when I win the mega million lottery.. I'm gathering my lawyer/cpa and blasting this song .. at them.. if any are left in room.. they can do business with me...

  69. Loretta Santos

    on our way to Houston to hang with an old crew friend see SUPERSUCKERS.....the fucking rawk station played this after Rainbow long live RnR......I appreciate DJS who know their shit......Patrick

  70. budomarx

    Best skynyrd song

  71. MasterWitchDoctor

    Skynyrd will always be one of the greatest bands ever but the greatest American rock band title belongs to KISS. Theyve sold more records, concert tickets, created the concert Tee Shirt industry, own the equipment leased to other bands tours, and are Legends in this industry that have given us listeners bands like Van Halen. Gene Simmons is a marketing genius and theyve made in excess of 4 billion dollars. No other rock band comes even close to touching that. Disagree if you want but these facts are undeniable.


    MasterWitchDoctor 😂😂😂😂😂

  72. Tom Taylor

    Thanks for uploading!! Most excellent

  73. Arc Angel

    I'll back that man up in alley. Arcangel


    Too Bad ass!!!

  75. David Jones

    Ed King rules

  76. berna73

    Heavy riff. .metal was born!!

  77. Eric Schlam

    Superb guitar playing

  78. Μανωλης Φιολακης


  79. Colin Noel

    Is this biker music

    Adam Turner

    This is OUR music.

  80. Daniel Barnhart

    Ed King really rocked it in this song!

  81. Iowegian's Food, Guns n Gear Channel

    Best solo(s) ever performed. Favorite LS song! Thanks for many years of happiness boys!!

    Iowegian's Food, Guns n Gear Channel

    Guitar AND piano solos!

  82. Tiffany Melvin

    Lynyrd Skynyrd is the shit!!! I love this band so much!

    Dennis Anderson

    These guys were in a league of their own! Check out This band is the most authentic late 70's era Skynyrd tribute in the land, keeping this period of Lynyrd Skynyrd alive & well.

  83. Μανωλης Φιολακης

    - Simple man/the money!

  84. davide tiozzo

    What is MCA?

    Steven h

    A record label

  85. David Lovelady

    Y'all are the greatest !!! Thank you for allowing me to listen to all of my favorites all the time , keep rocking !

  86. Wombat32

    Saw them just a couple of months ago in Detroit at Freedom Hill Amphitheater, and yes, they opened with this song.

    LaVerne Baugher

    November in Nashville opened with mca

  87. Chris Hamilton

    This goes back to all the people in their various Hell Houses, that need to understand the eternal words of Bon Scott, when he simply said: "It's a long way to the top. If you want to rock and roll"!!!

  88. Aunt Floyd

    That "Yankee Slicker" was the huge reason LySky. made it big. A.K.A (Al Kooper). He not only discovered LySky. but produced the first 3 albums. He doesn't receive enough credit IMO. ……………#1 Fan.

  89. Wax Will

    I love this tune !!!

  90. igor n. dikulemhors ll

    here most days. "OHH!"

  91. Gladys Tunque

    Ed King and his incredible 1966 Fender Stratocaster!

  92. Carl Cross

    MCA live will Blow You Away

  93. Brenda Jansen

    Now it is right!

  94. David Lanphier

    This tune just flat out represents sledge hammer in you're face Skynard

  95. Kleber Nelson

    R.I.P Eddie.Another bird flying high...

  96. Damien Williams

    Everything after the doors first album absolutely sucked ass with a few small exceptions like rider in the storm, LA woman. Overrated. Lynyrd skynyrd is badass rock and roll

  97. E F

    RIP Ronnie Van Zant FreeBird

  98. Robert Underwood

    " Just give me all my money, and maybe you won't get a scar". In the documentary on Skynyrd on SHO, Al Kooper said " I was afraid of Ronnie".

  99. gravysopper