Lynn, Maria - Lambo Lyrics

I'm not the type of girl who believes in fairytales
My mama told be better, I know very well
It takes a little common sense, a little luck
To try to navigate your way through love

'Cause you make me feel so cool
Like brand new rims on a Lamborghini
You make me feel so new
Like running 'round town in my brand new Nikes
Ooh, ooh, only you got me feeling so new

Got me feeling so new
Got me feeling so new

I'm not the type of girl who's quick to give her heart
You're not the type of guy I'd usually love at all
My mama told me that a girl should never show her cards
But it seems like you know you won from the start

'Cause you make me feel so cool
Like brand new rims on a Lamborghini
You make me feel so new
Like running 'round town in my brand new Nikes
Ooh, ooh, only you got me feeling so new

Got me feeling so new
Got me feeling so new

But I've fallen all for you
In a way that I never knew
Anything I would do for you
Anything I would do for you

'Cause you make me feel so cool
Like brand new rims on a Lamborghini
You make me feel so new
Like running 'round town in my brand new Nikes
Ooh, ooh, only you got me feeling so new

Got me feeling so new
Got me feeling so new

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Lynn, Maria Lambo Comments
  1. zzz

    Why is this so underrated?

  2. Khusbu Limbu

    even in 2019

  3. Vindex

    Who came here when searching Lamborghini?

  4. you are worth it

    Missing peach girl
    Kairi momo
    This song will always remind me of you
    Love it

    MJ Reoja

    I do miss it too!

  5. you are worth it

    Reminds me of peach girl

  6. Olek Wagner

    like if lil pump ,> lil skies

    Olek Wagner


    Olek Wagner


  7. Melchor Anareta

    Got me feeling so New <3

  8. Nathan Fernandes

    :p :p :p

  9. lol warrior

    No idea who peach girl is

    you are worth it

    A Japanese movie
    There was a video where the youtuber used this song with some scenes of peach girl
    But that video got deleted now😢

  10. Just Kayla's World

    Is it possible to use this song in videos?

    you are worth it

    Cause they deleted the peach girl video😢

  11. Laila Khan

    This song pretty nice I liked it the first time I listened to it

  12. Yaimi Duidzz

    Please karaoke

  13. Pang Thao

    Heard this playing at NorCal’s Night market from one of the food vendors this weekend and loved it- had to come search for it!!!!

  14. Harija Salipada

    Mostly came here coz of Peach Girl movie ❤️❤️❤️

  15. Mariantzy Xaritou

    No words....💘

  16. Robbins Family

    this song remiinds me of some peeps!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Mikee Pescos

    90% of people came here cos of PEACH GIRL
    10% cos of the song ........


  18. Bahia Bouafia

    Peach girl😍💜

  19. Bahia Bouafia

    Kairi x momo here ?

  20. Mavic 13232

    This song makes my Hart feel so fresh☮❤🎧🎶

  21. YA NA

    Who search this song after watching the movie PEACH GIRL? damn that movie is stuck in my head

  22. Nguyen Thu Ky

    Girl: do you even want to be with me forever? Boy: noGirl: do yo
    Girl: do you even like me?


    Girl: would you cry if I walked away?

    She heard enough and was hurt...she walked away with tears in her eyes

    The boy grabbed her arm

    Boy: your not pretty...your beautiful

    Boy: I don’t want to be with you forever...I need to be with you forever

    Boy: I don’t like you...I love you

    Boy: I wouldn’t cry if you walked away...I would die if you walked away

    Boy whispers: plz stay with me

    Girl: I will

    tonight at midnight your true love will realize they love you

    *something good will happen to you between 1-4 pm

    tomorrow it could be anywhere

    get ready for the shock of your life

    *if you don’t post this to five other will have bad luck in relationships for the next ten years

  23. Leon Vyiolet

    Hey people's got new Lamborgini huh? 2019😊😊😉❤️

  24. Daniel Garcia

    One Love ❤️🌹

  25. Daniel Garcia

    Haven't Started [email protected]!

  26. Karyll Mallari

    Peach girl made me come here 🤪🤪🤪

  27. Blue Orangeadeuszxc

    Peach girl, anyone?🍑

  28. frisse .

    I only came here for the intro from a YT

  29. Jessie Padron

    Came here bc of peach girl huhuhu

  30. Min Yoongi

    *Peach Girl brought me here*

  31. Ama Ne

    I’m here because of Peach Girl 💞

  32. Sam Mosabi

    The song is brings out the sweetness of a relationship if you treat her just right

  33. Marion Lingon

    Kairi And Momo💖 Came here cause of Peach Girl❤

    you are worth it

    And now that video got deleted😣

  34. gagulani pawani

    Beautiful song 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

  35. Saim Raja

    Here we Go !!! 🎉💼👓
    END Lyrics !!! 👏❤👏😱🎶

  36. Sham Sigua

    came here because of Peach Girl. 💖 Kairi my lovessss 😍💖

  37. Edna Javines

    Peach Girl 😂😍😍

  38. Argofen Naiobe

    Nice,,, perfect,,, awesome...

  39. Maeka Allada

    came here because of Peach Girl <3

  40. Trang Pham

    Love this song😍😍😍

  41. Aesthetic Lover


    Tobby Ohagan


  42. Andhito Gema

    came here coz PES18?

  43. Tracy Nguyen

    Hey does anyone notice that the first few beats sound like The Chainsmokers' Closer and the first few words sound like Most Girls by Haille Steinfields (sorry bout spelling😅) or it is just me?? But the beat of this song is SICK😍😍

  44. khus sanyok

    hearing this song after so long "1 year". it remind me of the same old places and moment I spent with my beloved one. thanks to WaveMusic

  45. khristine jhoy canlapan

    peach girl 😍😍

  46. hazzel nut

    can't stop listening this song duh 😍

  47. Ruby Jane_

    This song deserves all love

  48. Sley Sley

    love this song ❤️❤️❤️

  49. Mohammed Abdelfatah

    The song is so beautiful I saw it in a video for a Japanese movie and fell in love right away 😍😍❤❤

  50. Oliver Balasoto

    i don't have lambo and i can't afford to buy u a pair of nikes :(

  51. Andrea Pearson

    I clicked on this song cause it's called Lambo and my knickname at school is lambo cause I have one I drive and that's how ppl know me 😂🙄🤷🏽‍♀️ this songs lit

  52. Ruby Jane_

    I came here bcuz of PEACH GIRL😂

    nur Bella

    Me too❤

    Shai Rielle

    Omg hahahah

    Mariantzy Xaritou

    Me too😂😂 amazing movie btw 😍

    Lily May

    And the channel which made the Peach Girl fmv is disappeared... My favourite channel :((((

  53. Anne Niala

    Came here because of Japanese movie called PEACH GIRL 😍

    Ruby Jane_

    Anne Niala same

    Tobby Ohagan


  54. Shàxxy Kim

    the peach girl vid got me here

    Ruby Jane_

    Shàxxy Kim same

    m i n t r a s h

    same lol

  55. James Sydneys channel

    Kairi and momo

    Ruby Jane_


    • byuntaepul •

    Peach Girl. 😍

    Daniella Andrade

    Yeah 😍

  56. Raphael Vildren

    170 Ferrari fans disliked this

  57. Jared Lynn

    Anyone know how to get this song? Not available on google play and can't download via their link to soundcloud

  58. Helena Honey

    ME SO 💓LOVE💓 THIS💓🔊🔊…I got here to watch who was singing and then hit like 👊👊

  59. Amazing Dirt

    It kinda sounds like 'hideaway' at the start

  60. Marta Domanowska


  61. Putu Jadig

    lambo song

  62. Music Official

    this song ;)

  63. Chloe Gardner

    its amazing

  64. TimTim

    why she sound like selena


    vibe. <3

  66. Paula Bracho Araujo

    I like it

  67. Chrissy Wilbrink

    This is perfection 😍👌

  68. Just Kayla's World

    Is this copy right free?

  69. Hartsa Rahmadani

    This Song Is VERY NICE!!!!! 😍😍😍😍

  70. Count Less

    i just searched for lambo(CAR) and i saw this.-.

  71. Noa B

    mdr au début j'ai cru que c'était la nouvelle de mister v

  72. 9-nenz

    I love this song

  73. Shendelshane Eastwood

    lambo baby <3

  74. lianne gubat

    It sounds a little bit like Hide Away by Daya

  75. Paumonsu


  76. Amina xo

    The beginning sounds a lot like Daya 'Hideaway'. Who sang it first?

  77. Mush More

    Speed: 0.5 and you can listen to another version of the song :)

  78. Destiny R

    One word. amazing

  79. crystal bff forever

    1.25x trust me its cool and nice like remix

  80. ꧁Spice Princess Art꧂

    I just let youtube autoplay and this song popped up and it's so good, but the lyrics are so legitimately relevant to my personal life I feel SO SHOOK. I am being personally attacked lmao

  81. Mia Lovely Day

    Selena Gomez WHO

  82. DaleTFord

    Dope vocals! The hook is pretty suspect. Cool sounds all around! 👍

    Anonymous περίδοτο


  83. novia anggini


  84. Paisleyyfaith

    When the song first starts,it sounds like the chainsmokers wrote this song lol

  85. •Savy Filla•


  86. Random Media

    The first part sounded like closer- the chainsmokers
    the first line sounded like hideaway - daya


    i love ur song


    follow my ig : Leonardo _manurung___

  89. Diandra Ariesta

    "Got me feeling so new" I like it :*

  90. Tao Chu

    Love this music!!!! Is it ok to share this vid on my instagram~

  91. lucanada

    i love this song

  92. Karl Antonio

    is this free to use on a video?

  93. Gregory Wiley

    If I had a lambo I would go far as I could go away from here , as fast as a lambo could go thats the speed limit I would go to come back to you , but while not just me and my lambo riding with the sunset never letting it see it's ending untill gas on empty fill up at exxon

  94. 1stone1


  95. Blossom the Wolf

    i love it its so cool

  96. Blossom the Wolf

    Love it

  97. WaveMusic

    *REMINDER* Come hang out in the discord sever with us :)

    Aditya Agrawal

    been there done that long time back, just like subbing to you!

    Dominic Florczyk

    What Channel?

    Im Ariz

    Good good good😛😊😊😊😊😊😊

    Spotted Dog

    WaveMusic ‘My eyes keep me in trouble’ - Muddy Waters done

    ilhexm abbasxy

    WaveMusic you make me feeeeeel so gooooood wave music ❤👑💋💚