Lynn, Cheryl - Encore Lyrics

Your love so good deserves an encore
(Your good love deserves an encore)
Your love so good deserves an encore
(Your good love deserves an encore)

Going to a show tonight
After working hard 9 to 5
Not talking about a movie, no
Or a Broadway play, this show is live

And I know it's you I want to see tonight
Want to see you tonight
I'll buy my ticket at the door if it's alright
So your show can make me feel good again

Your love so good deserves an encore
(Your good love deserves an encore)
Your love so good deserves an encore
(Your good love deserves an encore)

I can give you rave reviews
You sold out my heart with love
And every time that I'm with you
Boy, you take control, I'm your captive audience

And I know it's you I want to see tonight
Want to see you tonight
I'll buy my ticket at the door if it's alright
So your show can make me feel good again

Your love so good deserves an encore
(Your good love deserves an encore)
Your love so good deserves an encore
(Your good love deserves an encore)

Can't get enough, ooh
Of your gentle loving touch
I can't get enough
So intense, it drives me nuts
Makes me want to break it down now

Feels so good, feels so good
It deserves an encore

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Lynn, Cheryl Encore Comments

    Here 2020😍🤩✨

  2. Centrillionaire Marine



    Yesssss !!!!! Music from back in the day this is what keep's old schooler's moving and living longer just to be able to reach back in time a little bit in here some of our song's from back in the day 💃🕺💝💖💝💯💯💯

  4. Louis Woodard jr

    Legendary Mrs.LYNN,Great Times It Was 80’s Jack; 70’s Baby Here.✨🙌🏾✨💯✨🎸✨🥁

  5. Brenda Pipes

    I used this song to do Les Mils BodyCombat 11, what a blast!

  6. Ezequiel Florentino Florentino


  7. JIntoThaDon

    2020 still a banger

  8. roger church

    somebody get the barbeque pit going where the drinks and bring the big stereo speakers lets party encore for ms. lynn this is it !!!!!!!!! 2020 still grooving to this **********

  9. Booboo Travel Cameroun

    That what music is about!!!!

  10. Fernando Simões

    The synths of this track... gosh!

  11. Fernando Simões


  12. Jessica Wowwo

    Who still listen in 2020

    Louis Woodard jr

    Jessica Wowwo + Me, Feb,9 2020 & Counting 70’s Baby Here.✨🙌🏾✨👌🏾

  13. Kasirye William

    To all of you today’s gees, this is what they call beautiful music 🎶 periooood

  14. Deborah 4life

    This would be a great song 😍 at a male revue/strip club

  15. s w

    The 80s the best time of my life party from Friday to Sunday dam I wish those days could come back

  16. j doh

    Cheryl! Seen her hanging out at the Club in SoCal back in late 90s!!

    Louis Woodard jr

    j doh + That’s Great 😀 WOW Sensational Experience.✨🙌🏾✨🙌🏾

  17. Deborah 4life

    Yassss My jam for real

  18. bob lehr

    Cheryl Lynn was and still is one of my favorites from back in the day. She had an amazing voice and her songs had me dancing the night away.

  19. Frederick Weeks Jr.

    REAL music......2020

  20. Kerry Smith

    When I was a kid, my dad chased my sister's boyfriend down the street in his underwear, because he realized he stole this Pop

  21. Mark Anthony Martin

    Old School Party:

  22. F Hvlo

    Still beautiful track in 2020 timeless classic 💫💛👏💫💛👏🌟🧚🏾‍♂️

  23. foejj3 ABEND

    This song was stuck in my head all night at work!!! 80s babies

    Louis Woodard jr

    foejj3 ABEND + It’s Been Stuck In My Head Every Since I Heard This Song, 70’s Baby.✨👌🏾✨😂

  24. Joseph Griffith

    My moms (S.I.P) favorite Saturday clean up song!!!! I miss you Ma God knows I do!!!!# The Greatest Woman Ever

  25. Eric Groves

    I do deserve a encoore

  26. NYC

    Took awhile to figure out she's what talking about lol

  27. Yasuke Afro Samurai

    Whenever you feel like dancing and i mean getting down play this song because it is uplifting .

  28. Ade Toki

    Toki. Great song always.

  29. groniel rivera

    R & B, Dance, and Pop music of the 1980,s. Greatness!!!!!


    2020 🙌🏾

  31. Charis Taylor-Whitley

    2020 and this still my song✨

  32. Nicole Benitez

    Bx blazer ..use to love this at roof top skating rink in harlem

  33. Dante Daniels

    Listening in 2020! Ayyeeeeee!!!

  34. Marcelo Machado

    Show relíquia

  35. Tom Mageto

    the easy listening stuff. just lovely even in 2020.

  36. leperso100

    We still in here 2020 ❤️❤️

    Louis Woodard jr

    leperso100 + Same Here,I Never Left.✨😂✨🙌🏾

  37. The Instructor

    One of our top hits at the High School Dances!!!!

  38. Lesley McGill


  39. okema bell

    Drop a like if you are still jamming to this 2020?!!!!!❤

  40. Curtis Truesdale

    All time best

  41. Rebecca Akinmolayan

    2020 anyone?

  42. Larry Butler

    Back in the day is heaven !

  43. Lisha Davis

    DIVALEE stil🎧2020..321..👠🍷

  44. Michael A. Crump-Johnson

    I Love This Song!!! :)

  45. As Good As I Get

    Busting 2020 wide open with this joint...who's with me????

  46. Tommy Red

    We Still Here #2020 👁 ❤ You All

  47. B. K. Glover

    Say bruh hold up on that other thing he might be scamming I sent something let me see if he cont thru


    2020 anyone still listening?

    Louis Woodard jr

    A CHOSEN VESSEL + Me,Feb 9 2020 & Counting 70’s Baby.✨🙌🏾✨💯

  49. Sheon Graves

    2020 SOUND & VISION!!!

  50. Go-go Akins

    This is a great old school jam!😎👌

    Go-go Akins

    What a rare gem to hear ! I have this in my cd collection but to be able to upload it on utube is cool!! Thanks for uploading this 🙌😎🤙🤘👌👊👏the video is really cool too✌️great era for music!

    Go-go Akins

    Actually not this rare album but the song is on a classic soul best cd 💿 complication. This record must be awesome 👏 to add to one’ s vinyl collection. 👌😎🤘🖖I wish I had this vinyl , your music collection rocks 👊

    Go-go Akins

    Looking forward to the next old school Jam you upload next! Keep up the great work🙌👏👌👊😎

  51. James Allen

    Bless up to that person that makes you feel this way 💯

  52. Renaldo Anderson

    Timeless music

  53. Trae

    Whose jamming this classic tune in 2020? Aiight!

    Louis Woodard jr

    Trae + I’m Here, Feb,9 2020 Legendary Mrs.LYNN.✨🙌🏾✨♥️

  54. Antônio Carlos

    eu e + q ken ouvindo + esse clássico no futuro . deixe seu jóia

  55. Brooklynn Skyy

    Classic 2020 🎶🎼 her flava is amazing 💖💜

  56. Kirsty Lewis

    Excellent 👏🏽👏🏽

  57. Robin Dennis

    Who's giving this song an encore in 2020!!💃💃💋💋🎤🎤🎶🎶🍷

    Louis Woodard jr

    Robin Dennis + I Am Feb 9,2020 Well Deserving.✨💯✨🙌🏾

  58. Anthony Thomas

    I can dance like shit off this song

  59. Sha Smith

    Yessssssss still jamming in 2020. Good love deserves an ENCORE

  60. Carmelita Elliott

    I love you Pam. R.I.P. The best mom in the world. Your love deserves an encore!

    Louis Woodard jr

    Carmelita Elliott + Sorry For You’re Loss, Keep The Faith.✨🌹✨🙏🏾

  61. God Jesus


  62. Tomorria Austin

    Love this song still jam it 2020

  63. Simply Lilo

    2020 listeners ?

  64. cpinfx

    2020 and we STILL out here!

  65. Michael Cooper

    good music can stand the test of time......

  66. Queen Bee

    2020 on blast!!!

  67. bveezy15

    What’s up with all the dislikes???

  68. Miss. Benton

    Happy New Year everyone
    Currently hot finish cleaning my apartment to these jsms. Now dancing and typing.

  69. Mahoney

    2020 I’m blasting this ‼️

  70. Cynthia Gaston

    35 minutes away from 2020 still jammin this song!!!!

  71. AntoinetteBoo87

    3 hours before 2020 🥰

  72. Ida Hintin

    Don't make music like of my favorite. still is.Happy new year.Dec 2019

  73. Donna Bey

    Your love deserves an encore

  74. Brent James

    Encore December 31 2019 usher 2020

  75. AplusVibes

    Lizzo anyone?

  76. Dj Harris

    Now you can hear this to the end of time 💯🔥

  77. Britney Brisbon

    This thing is long but fire🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯

    Shirley Butler

    OMG Britney you just hit a homerun this awesome classic is straight FIRE INDEED!!!! I had to call the FIRE department LOL!!! Do you hear them coming? Some songs are just too great for words 4SURE!!!A blast from the past good ode days 4REAL!!! Still listenin how about January 03 2020

  78. Anthonie Ferguson

    When Music Was Good Enough To Feel

  79. Jeffrey Miller

    Yes I am finally need it

  80. Lightningstriker1

    Another piece of gold from the gods of R&B Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis. They could put a ham sandwich on the Top 10 charts.

  81. I'm Beautiful

    2019 where y’all at??

  82. Joli-coeur Wouter

    The firm - hardcore and Atlanta brought me to this banger ......

  83. Latisha Scott

    Your love so good deserves encore ❤️

  84. ceopimpwolf Goat-Vevo

    Dj Ceopimpwolf on that grown folk musik already son

  85. Sade Woodard

    This forever a jam. Classic!! 🔥😍😎👌👌👌 got me in my room getting down. Lol

  86. Ivalina Passe

    Its Dope Still oh Yes!!!!!

  87. flame phoenix

    this song be hit still i b having my head gone

  88. roberto francisco

    bom de mais

  89. yasmine yasmine


  90. Veronica McMiller

    Love, love , love this song!!!!!

  91. Katina Davis

    Playing it for clients in the salon,Woke everbody up..!!!!

  92. Zion Stay fit

    If they don’t play this maze sly and the family at the family gatherings card games cookouts I know the food nasty

  93. Zion Stay fit

    I fucking love my ppl damn where would this world be without the original ppl of this universe 💃🏿🕺🏿💃🏿🕺🏿💃🏿🕺🏿

  94. jpanama504

    Man I'm still slow rolling to this in 2019 lol

  95. doris hope

    2020 we rock good love