Lynn Anderson - I've Been Everywhere Lyrics

I've been everywhere man I've been everywhere man
Cross the deserts bare man I've breathed the mountain air man
Of travel I've had my share man I've been everywhere

I've been to Reno Chicago Fargo Minnesota Buffalo Toronto Winslow Sarasota
Wichita Tulsa Ottawa Oklahoma Tampa Panama Mattawa La Paloma
Bangor Baltimore Salvador Amarillo Tocopilla Barranquilla and Padilla I'm a killer
I've been everywhere man...

Boston Charleston Dayton Louisiana Washington Houston Kingston Texarkana
Monterey Ferriday Santa Fe Tallapoosa Glen Rock Black Rock Oskaloosa
Tennessee Hennessey Chicopee Spirit Lake
Grand Lake Devil's Lake Crater Lake for Pete's sake
I've been everywhere man...

Louisville Nashville Knoxville Ombabika Shefferville Jacksonville Waterville Costa Rica
Pittsfield Springfield Bakersfield Shreveport Hackensack Cadillac Fond Du Lac Davenport
Idaho Jellicoe Argentina diamontina Pasadena Catalina see what I mean-a
I've been everywhere man...

Pittsburgh Parkersburg Gravellburg Colorado Ellensburg Rexburg Vicksburg Eldorado
Larrimore Atmore Haverstraw Chattanika Chaska Nebraska Alaska Opelika
Baraboo Waterloo Kalamazoo Kansas City Cedar City Dodge City what a pity
I've been everywhere man...
(I know some place you haven't been) I've been everywhere

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Lynn Anderson I've Been Everywhere Comments
  1. MrKenichi22

    Wow, Didn’t know she covered Johnny Cash too.

    I guess the $1,000,000 Question is which artist Lynn Anderson didn’t cover.

  2. Francis Gerald

    Besides a great voice Miss Anderson was so, so beautiful!!! That fabulous swept back thick blonde hair, beautiful facial curves, and such beautiful eyes. When I learned she passed away I wondered how the world could lose such a gem. She will live on in her recordings, and pictures. Remember when she was on an episode of Starsky, and Hutch.....great actress also!


    Francis Gerald I have to agree, Especially this period of her career (1966-1979) Yep even 60’s Lynn, which I confess in songs like No another time, Kinda sounded like Reba before Reba.

    I confess when I saw her the first time back in April 2019 (Thanks to a DVD set Dad bought on impulse, most likely for Kris Kristofferson). I was introduced to Lynn Anderson from her 1971 performance and award she won (Best Female Artist I recall).

    I confess she took me a back as Rose Garden was very good, Plus her singing voice was beautiful (even live) Plus yes, she is very beautiful At the time I thought she was a forgotten singer but I guess that wasn’t true, I feel bad that I never heard of her when I was a Country Listener (1998-2002).

    But Eventually I remembered that song and found it again on youtube, That was when I learned she died 4 years ago.

    It inspired me to watch that clip of Starsky and Hutch and listened to allot of her catalog of songs, very nice music.

  3. Sue Harrison

    Good job Lynn Anderson

  4. Aleksander Gargov

    HEY PLEASE ANYONE HELP ME TO IDENTIFY THE LAST WORDS OF THE FIRST VERSE, AFTER LYNN SINGS "LAPALOMA, BANGOR, SALVADOR ..." and what goes next and further on till the verse ends i can't understand. The very last words in the 1st verse i understand, they are "i'm a killer", but before that few words are undefined. Lynn's words differ in the end of the 1st verse, in google there's absolutely nothing about this. Anyone?


    Aleksander Gargov Well, I heard

    Ameter, Amarillo, Guden, Kilorama, Dilaramarillo, I’m A Killer.

    But to compare with Jonny Cash’s version:

    I've been to
    Reno, Chicago, Fargo, Minnesota,
    Buffalo, Toronto, Winslow, Sarasota,
    Wichita, Tulsa, Ottawa, Oklahoma,
    Tampa, Panama, Mattawa, La Paloma,
    Bangor, Baltimore, Salvador, Amarillo,
    Tocopilla, Barranquilla, and Padilla, I'm a killer.

  5. Frankie C

    A small hit on single (45) in April,1970.

  6. ronaldt491

    Had Greatest hits on eight-track!! Boy, that was a long time ago!!

  7. Bill Brower

    As I was listening to this today (10-23-16), I realized that the beginning is not the same as my 45 rpm !!! " Everybody, here's Lynn Anderson". I saw her sing this at the Madison Square Garden's Felt Forum !!! Also,with Doug Kershaw,and someone named David Bromberg. I had'nt ever heard of him. He was'nt country, he was a "Hippie folk singer". He got boo'ed, and heckled.. At first I did'nt care for him,or his kind of music,but then, HE STOLE THE SHOW !!! Kershaw was great !!! Broke many strings on his fiddle !!! AND, LYNN WAS BEAUTIFUL !!!

  8. Tc Shay



    Tc Shay You get a thumbs up from me.

  9. Bill Brower

    I remember the 1st time I heard this on either WTHE or WJRZ. IT BLEW ME AWAY !!! Thanks You for posting this !!!

  10. the winner

    You are right about this one Elizabeth! She does a darn good version of it. I'm gonna have to go find that live version of her doing it you mentioned.

  11. Muzikgirl67

    JUST AS GOOD AS GOLD!!...Thank you soooo much for posting and sharing this lil' country ditty that reached #16 on the charts for Lynn during the spring of 1970...I thoroughly enjoyed it!...(and the sound quality is quite good too!!)...Take care! :)