Lynch, Stephen - Dear Diary 1 Lyrics

Dear Diary
Today was a good day
Papa and I picked wild flowers
Mama joined and we lay in the sunshine
Then we sang and danced for hours
I know tomorrow will be even better
So the good lord I thank
I'll write more later

Anne Frank

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Lynch, Stephen Dear Diary 1 Comments
  1. Joseph Lavergne

    This is so bad, but funny

  2. reelkena

    Dear Diary
    This was a great morning
    I woke up happy, had my homework done
    Got this girls number and I'm gonna call her
    But first I'm needed before I have fun
    My dad asked if I could get smokes from the store.
    I am happy to grab him a carton
    See you real soon Diary
    Trayvon Martin

  3. chaingangchad

    Dear Diary, today was a great day.
    I'm in a high profile match tomorrow night.
    I might end up becoming a champion.
    Life's been so good since I saw the light.
    I've been working so hard this past week.
    I know my family is proud of me.
    Now it's time to go brush my teeth.
    - Eddie G.

  4. nrrork

    Dear Diary, today is a fine day,
    They're just about to close the poll.

    My greatest dream is almost a reality
    At last my life will finally be whole.

    When I wake tomorrow, the world will be better
    Just you wait and see!

    God bless the land of the free,

  5. James Heath

    Dear diary today was a bad day
    I got raped ,in a hot tub
    I don't think my life will get better
    I think I'll go take a bath now
    So diary I'll talk to you later
    Love Hannah baker

  6. Kevin Foster

    Dear diary today was a great dayI went to the bar with the guys
    We took shots slapping backs giving high fivesSomeone challenged me to a street raceThis will be so much funI'll write more laterRyan dunn

  7. pornxflake

    Dear diary, I'm feeling better

    I finally got my life on course

    I'll get off drugs and keep making music.

    I think fame will be a positive force

    There are so many things to live for, I find it hard to complain.

    I hope this feeling lasts

    -Kurt Cobain

    Jimmy V

    pornxflake you didn’t mention his loving wife

  8. Funnerz

    Dear Diary, I'm living the good life, with my beard and didgeridoo, singing songs and waving my wobble board, making children happy for hours.
    Slept with a few girls here and there now, for I'm not embarrassed, tie the little ones down!
    Rolf Harris.

  9. Cluv22

    All yall dear diary comments are amazing. Lol. I love em.

    Alison Gunther

    Cluv22 They really are!

  10. Smiddy Fiveonefive

    Saw this live today. Amazing.


    Ooh - in Leeds - so did I! Great show.

    Smiddy Fiveonefive

    In Liverpool mine was, but I posted this at night :P

  11. ITR

    How come all of Stephen Lynch fans are good songwriters except me ;_;

  12. Isaac Davenport

    Dear Diary
    Today was a fun day, I played PS3 with Amin and Suley
    Then I talked on the phone with my pals, Bush and Dick Cheney
    Think someone's at the door now, maybe it's mama
    I gotta go and check, I'll get back to you
    Love - Osama

  13. reelkena

    Dear Diary, It's Bright out this morning.
    I see some people, having fun.
    I think I'll go out and join them.
    Not sure why I brought my gun.
    I hear somebody causing trouble.
    Hope they forgive my sin.
    Bye for now diary...
    George Zimmerman.

  14. Citizen G

    With as many messed up ones y'all have come up with... Im surprised there's not one about James E. Holmes yet.

  15. Kevin Foster

    thank you

  16. imthetube44

    The Benoit one was spot on :D

  17. Kevin Foster


    Love Helen Keller.

    B Raw


  18. Kevin Foster

    Dear diary
    Today was a great day
    Vince told me the good news
    I'm going to win the title
    Tomorrow at the ECW Pay per View
    I can't wait to tell my family
    Tomorrow will go off with no flaws
    Time for catch with my son
    Love Chris Benoit.

  19. Kevin Foster

    Dear Diary
    Today was a good day
    I set the people free who needed it most
    I will forever be in american history
    not trying to brag or boast
    I've heard nothing but good things
    So we're off to see the play
    Goodnight for now diary
    Love Honest Abe

  20. Johnny McGowan

    Dear Diary,

    Today was a good day

    I spent some time with my family

    We listened to some Beatles records

    They're leaving soon to meet Rosemary

    It's lovely to hear from Sharon

    But I'm losing the sun

    I'll finish tomorrow

    Love, Charlie Manson

  21. James Taylor

    i don't even feel bad that i laughed really heard at this, i'm a monster XD

  22. ushtemanushteunchaga

    Dear diary,
    Today was a good day
    I'm locked and loaded and my sights are set
    Moms been showing me since I was so young
    Aim real small and never regret
    I'll be goin in
    to have a bonanza
    Wish me luck diary,
    Adam Lanza

  23. LongJon859

    Fuck yourself dicklicker.

  24. bern

    Dear Diary, today was a good day

    Got some skittles and some ice tea

    Think i'll go watch a b-ball game now

    Wait a minute someone's following me

    I put on my hood and rush away, i think he has a gun

    Wish me luck diary, treyvon

    I like this better

  25. UziDusIt

    @ Ian Cooper: wow.

  26. Ian Cooper

    Dear diary,
    Today is a good day. we took role call and did all our rounds

    We learned some math. english and science. Now they're in music, learning new sounds.

    Pretty soon, it's gonna be lunch time. Give some food to these blokes.

    Things are all looking up now...

    -Sandy Oaks

  27. Ryan Pulliam

    if yall are gonna make these shits can you at least make them more than three lines and make them rhyme? is that too much to ask

  28. Baba Wethu

    Dear diary
    El Chombo

  29. Masterchief

    Dear diary

  30. Skyewars

    Dear Diary, this week was a good week.
    My 12 best friends are doing fine.
    We're gonna head to a private room now,
    To have a little bread and wine.
    I think the Word is finally spreading,
    and everyone's so nice.
    Peace to you, Diary.
    Jesus Christ.

  31. Baba Wethu

    Dear Diary today was a great day
    I flew to C.A in a plane
    I'm gonna be in a promising movie
    Tomorrow's going to be groovy
    I know that i will be very famous
    If i deliver my lines
    If not, no sorrow
    Vic Morrow

  32. Baba Wethu

    Dear Diary today was a fine day
    I found a place to store my cash
    The place is subtle and hard to discover
    Five thousand bucks, just hidden away
    I know that I'll sleep happy now that
    My money is safe
    See ya tomorrow
    Ramon Novarro

  33. Jay C-Nation

    Dear Diary tonight was a good night
    I finally won a match against Punk
    I thank Randy for being my partner
    And help me beat that piece of junk
    I'm starting to feel a little bit dizzy
    and my chest is hurting
    Ill write to you later
    Jerry the King!

  34. PedanticGaming

    Dear diary today was a grand day
    I won the match and stole the show
    I wrestled well, so did my opponent
    The crowd was cheering in all of the rows
    I think I may be champion soon
    I'll tell my family I may go very far
    Speak to you soon diary
    Chris Benoit

  35. hagiaiit

    i cant WAIT to Justin Bieber Dies so Stephen <3 can make a new vers for this song ^^ gogo Bieber Fall in some stairs tonight!!!!

  36. David Dumont

    Dear Diary,
    Today was a fine day.
    Got many new people on my side.
    Millions went down to the rally,
    To show love and their support.
    I know in time, I’ll change my haters,
    Equal rights, they will say.
    Wish me luck, Diary,

  37. Thomas Roederer

    Dear diary,
    Today was a good day,
    A day in Paris always does me good.
    Had some dinner at my dad-in-laws hotel,
    Now we're heading home I've understood.
    Not too concerned about the media attention,
    I'll get some peace while we drive.
    Got to go now Diary,
    Lady Di

  38. Pickles ParodyPalace

    R.I;P Rodney King

  39. Jason Pack

    it doesnt even rhyme

  40. ShadyGuy779

    marvin gayes gotta be my favorite

  41. Mitch

    Deary Diary,
    Today was a rough day.
    I signed the papers to end the war,
    Now our country can take a long rest,
    and maybe be at peace once more.
    I have a bad feeling about tomorrow,
    and I can feel my spirit sinkin'.
    Hopefully this play will cheer me up
    Love, Abe Lincoln

  42. Mitch

    Dear diary,
    Toady was a great day.
    I wrote some lines for my inventions.
    Then took a a flight to the TV set where,
    my life would reach new dimmensions.
    I feel something special in my heart now,
    It's been there for a couple days.
    Goodnight for now diary,
    Billy Mays

  43. Cluv22

    Dear Diary, Today was a bad day, got in trouble with law again, gave the bird to everyone and spat at the camera, now im in the car with my best friend, on our way to see a boxing match, gonna totally rock, peace out diary, Love Tupac.

  44. RYan Trumbauer

    Thats dirty lol

  45. dustin10101

    Awee... Too soon bro... lol

  46. Charles Peter Watson

    Dear Diary, Today was a great day
    My show went off with the fewest of kinks
    To celebrate this, me and my buddy
    Are going out for some rounds of drinks
    It's getting late and we need to get home now
    And so we both have to run
    I got a place to crash at
    Ryan Dunn

  47. Aiden Degnan

    Dear Diary
    Today was a good day
    No barkin' from the dog
    No smog
    And mama cooked the breakfast with no hog
    Had to stop at a red light
    Lookin' in my mirror, not a jacker in sight
    Drove to the pad and hit the showers
    Didn't even get no static from the cowards
    No helicopter lookin' for a murder
    Two in the mornin' got the fatburger
    Even saw the lights of the goodyear blimp
    And the said i was a pimp
    Today i didn't even have to use my AK
    i gotta say today was a good day
    Ice Cube

  48. Cody Luhmann

    Dear Diary,
    Today is a good day
    A research opportunity came my way.
    I got myself a brand new cat.
    I want to put him in a hat.
    It didn’t work so that idea is scratched.
    I wish I knew where I put my socks.
    I found a pair in this huge box.
    I put that cat in there and wait and see.
    While I wait I decide to ski.
    A day later I check on the kitty.
    I take a look at the box and say “Isn’t that pretty”.
    Is the cat alive or dead I don’t know.

  49. Cody Luhmann

    Dear Diary
    Today is a bad day
    Mr. Fahrenheit’s temp is 103.
    All I want to do is break free
    And sail across the seven seas.
    Is there anyone out there who I can trust
    Before another one bites the dust.
    Is there anyone who can save me
    Freddy Mercury

  50. Cody Luhmann

    Dear Diary,
    Today was a great day.
    I wrote a poem about dismay.
    I think I'll bake my kids some cupcakes.
    And while they bake we'll go to the lake.
    I love my kids always smiling and happy.
    I love my life because it's never sappy.
    After we eat I'll give them a bath.
    Sylvia Plath

  51. Cody Luhmann

    Dear Diary,
    Today was a great day.
    I wrote another poem or three.
    I think I'll bake my kids some cookies.
    Then afterwards I'll give them a bath.
    Well that's enough writing for one day.
    So I'll just end in sayonara.

    Sylvia Plath

  52. Silly Gaijin

    @ThaMizfit how can hellen keller say her name correctly and nothing else? hah
    i like it tho :D

  53. ThaMizfit

    qewpk qweok qpwe9hgo
    wejiweiwjq qowiej oiji
    wwiejwijji eownsed
    wqeoiqwej qowiejqjeo
    Helen Keller

  54. potatoman9000

    whats the anne frank joke?

  55. Buttbuddy69

    Dear Diary,
    Today was a good day
    I chased ghosts while they were blue
    I know the pellets are ever waiting
    But they're so hard to chew
    I'm gonna eat all the spectres some day
    And I'll get it on cam
    Wakka, Wakka, Diary,
    Pac man

  56. IReallyAmIronMan

    Dear Diary,
    Today was a bland day
    My throat is hurting a little bit
    I called my girl, to see if she'd help me
    She said she'd be over real soon
    She's gonna bring some drugs right over,
    to help with pain
    Hmm.. why does she have a shotgun?
    Kurt Cobain

  57. Pickles ParodyPalace

    Dear Diary,
    Today was a swell day.
    Went to the mall then the grocery store.
    my life is fun and filled with lots of joy.
    And it'll get better more and more.
    My best friend gave me this little green pill
    for some energy boostin.
    And now it's time to have a bath
    Whitney Houston

  58. paul thomte

    Dear Diary,
    I'm a bag of shit.
    Justin Bieber

  59. MPotter

    'if i were gay', i'd marry lynch.....these songs are brilliant. I admit i had to look up the marvin gaye one but these are purely amazing.

  60. stealapenguin

    @Eccentricexpert I signed in just to tell you I love you for making this. Just got done with ADWD :D (Ps i'm the top comment)

  61. George Greek

    Dear Diary,
    Today was a good day.
    Had lunch with my love, then signed some books.
    One particular fan caught my eye
    Nice fellow this Mark Chapman
    I'm going back home after a tiresome day
    Made lemonade out of life's lemons
    Hey who's that behind us?
    John Lennon

  62. ShortFingeredShreder

    Dear Diary,
    Today was a good day,
    Last night's gig had gone real well,
    I'm down in London with my long-time girlfriend,
    And my bandmates Mitch and Noel,
    I think I'll go back to her flat,
    Get drunk and have sex,
    I feel a little sleepy,
    -Jimi Hendrix

  63. ShortFingeredShreder

    @JakesHouseProduction As an AC/DC fan, I salute you! That's a good one, thumbs up!

  64. jhc1971

    @dreamofswapn Pretty much sums up all of his work.

  65. stealapenguin

    @BillHicks420 Your name tipped me off to exactly why you felt the need to comment and troll xD But I like it

  66. BillHicks420

    @stealapenguin Good idea, but meh, not poetic enough. Didn't rhyme. Good try though ;)

  67. cfostyfost

    Dear Diary,
    Today was a good day
    Lots of fun in my new place
    I made a new friend to take care of
    But I'm afraid I may spoil his face
    I know I'll have to clean the mess
    But dead, they'll be calmer
    They come apart nice, diary
    Jeffery Dahmer

  68. Ohtearsofjoy

    Dear diary

    Today is a great day,

    Before the great day, my mom sent me away

    She hated my music but the Samoans loved it

    Mom eventually just said "fuck it"

    Now I'm happy that i'm coming home

    I'm gonna punch my mom where it hurts

    I'm fuckin back diary

    Earl Sweatshirt

  69. sp33dzer0

    @kevcar77 okay that one was just dark

  70. MegaZeroBlues

    damn, that Chris reeves line was cold lol

  71. JerseyBoys918

    Dear diary
    Today was a good day
    It was cloudy, but I had fun
    I went out, with my boyfriend
    And we got home, just round one
    I know tomorrow will be even better
    Now to sleep like a mouse
    Good night diary
    A. Winehouse

  72. SadPandaPictures

    Dear Diary
    Today was fine day
    Got home, and smelled some flowers
    Gave my nose a real good work out
    Sniffed things that gave me powers
    I'm sure I'll live forever in my apartment, quiet as a mouse
    Write more soon,
    Amy Winehouse

  73. alkalinetriothebest

    Dear diary,
    today was a great day,
    I found my ring and my money,
    Later on I went to the movies,
    And saw Die hard 3
    tomorrow wil be better I know it
    i just don't give a fuck
    catcha later diary
    your firend chuck

  74. Juice Tibbs

    Dear diary,

    Tonight's been a swell night

    I'm seeing a brand new play

    I'm being perfectly honest

    In the words that I say

    And I have to be quiet now

    The show's about to begin

    This one's gonna' a be killer-

    Signed, Abe Lincoln

  75. ColorOurWorldBlack

    Dear Diary,

    Today was a grand day,

    I'm touring with my best of friends,

    Scoring girls and playing so sweetly,

    I really hope that this never ends,

    Drifting off in my favorite bunk bed,

    It won't break, I'm certain,

    Good night Diary,

    Cliff Burton

  76. ColorOurWorldBlack

    Dear Diary,

    Today was a good day,

    I'm playing drums in my favorite band,

    I'm downing whiskey and making albums,

    And lying on the Orange County sand,

    I think i'll go and lie right down now,

    In a strange position,

    Til Morning Diary,

    Jimmy Sullivan

  77. Tom Revan

    @stealapenguin WIN

  78. pancakehorse

    I'm wasting the rest of my day just to look through all of these Dear diary's in the comments :D

  79. andy haynes

    Dear Diary,
    Today was the best day.
    'gunna be the greatest star.
    Released my first song ever,
    i know i will soar so far.
    Now i'm nervous, what if it fails?
    We can't get that money back,
    no need to worry,its friday diary
    Rebecca Black

  80. FlyingFrog

    Dear Diary,

    Today was a dream for me

    Life is looking oh so bright

    I haven't felt this young in quite a long while

    I have to say, it feels so right

    Yes I know, she's only seventeen

    There's only one year to go

    I know we'll be married someday

    Love, Buttafuoco

  81. linkinpaak

    Dear Diary,
    Today was a yay day,
    Skiddlie bop ba beedlie bee.
    I'm snortin' Lunesta and it's the best-a,
    E to the Z and tweelie dee.
    I use my show to hook up with hot chicks,
    Dude looked like a lady what a liar.
    Here's to staying clean girl.
    Steven Tyler

  82. Joshua Knoerr

    @ZoutePap to soon :|

  83. arron daniels

    @stealapenguin hahaha very good

  84. stealapenguin

    Dear Diary,

    Today was a great day,

    I hear the bombings in the city went well

    I'm safely tucked, away on this compound

    Surely noone will find where I dwell

    For ten long years, I've lived in seclusion

    Noone can find where I'm hidin

    Be right back, diary, there's somone at the door,

    Osama Bin Laden

  85. Antrix


    OMG that made me laugh more than Stephens. xD

  86. foos

    Dear Diary,
    lsjksdf kjh oenas a dsjl
    sadflij lkjad
    n,z ;lzkdxi lasd
    asenh lsilo liop.
    Hellen Keller

  87. dillonator42

    Dear Diary,
    Today was a great day.
    Austria-Hungary's doing alright.
    The world's completely at peace.
    No one has any reason to start a fight.
    Millions of people still quite alive.
    What a wonderful day in such a wonderful land.
    I think I'll take Sophie for a nice quiet drive.
    That's it for today,
    Franz Ferdinand

  88. Depressed dork

    Dear diary,
    Today was a fine day
    This is the highlight of my year
    Im finally flyin’ to the Windy City
    I say this is the height of my career
    The helicopter is a little bit crazy
    I wonder what he is on
    Here goes nothing Diary
    Stevie Ray Vaughan

  89. Blue_Stork

    Dear Diary,

    Today was a great day,

    Ranted about Stalin cuse hes a dick,

    Nothing can ruin my great mood you see,

    Not even an ice pick,

    To my study my study ill go to read

    Even if the door opens with a click

    Itll just be my wife with some tea,

    L. Trotsky

  90. S R

    Dear Diary,
    Going to the bar tonight,
    Maybe meet some chicks,
    And I just might,
    Get lucky with a hot girl,
    I'll let you know tomorrow diary,
    Joran Van Der Sloot

  91. S R

    Dear Diary,
    Today was a swell day,
    I think I did good on my commercial,
    Right now I'm super fucking wired,
    Just did 4 lines but I'm still tired,
    I think I'll go to sleep now talk to you in the morning,
    Billy Mays

  92. Tubbs Lennycoma

    @TheHoops06 .....whatever.

  93. Tubbs Lennycoma


    mkay then

    Dear Diary

    Today was a sweet day

    Bought Porsche 550 Spyder

    Washed it an and waxed til gleamed bright

    And drank a loada beer and Cider

    I think i'll go for a drive now

    and see waht i can see

    I'll write more when i come back Diary

    James Dean.

    At least it's more factual now at least.

  94. violentrealignment

    @Lennycoma ... James Dean died in his Porsche 550 Spyder.

  95. Tubbs Lennycoma

    Dear Diary

    Today was a good day

    Bought myself a nice Motercycle

    I filled the tank and drove it for hours

    People said I went a bit Psycho

    Tomoorow will be even better

    I'm gonna drive it full speed

    I'll write later Diary love

    James Dean

  96. kingblargle

    @9872rob Nice love em all

  97. Tubbs Lennycoma

    Anyone know where i could find the James Dean Version of this song

  98. Soto maru

    @rassler1 well I seen a 15 secound cell phone video of it, you might be able to find it but the one I seen was removed.

  99. Oat Sharpener

    Dear Diary, today'll be a great day,
    I'm feeling good, wife by my side
    I've never been to Sarajevo
    Packed our bags, for our ride
    Our rooms ready at our royal hotel
    and our time will be grand.
    Wish us luck diary

    Franz Ferdinand

  100. Soto maru

    People needa stop geting so mad about all the people other people are talking about and just understand it's a joke, laugh for those who've lost, for laughter is the best medicane for a broken heart.