Lynch, Stephen - Classic Rock Song Lyrics

Get home late from work tonight
Baby, my body's achin'.
Can't stop thinkin' 'bout you and me
And the love that we'll be makin'.
So I chill the champagne
Light a candle or two
(Baby, all the things I'ma do to you)
I love you so much my little heart is breakin'.

Let's make love
Oh baby, let's make love
Your body fits me like a glove
So baby, let's make love
(Baby, let's make love, oooh yeah)
Baby let's make love, yeah, yeah, alright

Ain't nobody in the world
In love as we are.
Making love to you's like being inside a shooting star.
Now I'm in so deep, baby, we're groovin
(Love the way your body is movin')
Then I pull it out just a little bit too far

And I accidentally stick it in your butthole.
I put it in your butthole.
I swear that wasn't my goal
To put it all up in your bootyhole.

And I swear
I'll never do it again.
...Unless you kinda liked it.

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Lynch, Stephen Classic Rock Song Comments
  1. rodney dheel

    Dude, same intro to every fucking song? Really?

  2. Lord Malkom

    immer diese behinderten intros, unerträgliche scheiße... echt mal

  3. Mephostopheles

    I think this is my favorite Stephen Lynch song. The punchline and it's delivery are perfect, and the song itself is way catchy.

  4. Hell Billy

    Jesus I'm tired of these intros

  5. Isouldoutlongbeforeyoueverevenheardmyname

    sounds like Warrant

  6. Trae Dillahay

    if it wasn't there the vid would get taken down for copyright

  7. Ante Radić

    They would be amazing singers, if they were serious :P

  8. iTwerkley

    R.I.P headphone users that watched the intro

  9. iTwerkley

    R.I.P headphone users that war he'd

    vyncent putnam

    Patrick Star 65rethjjdr6

  10. AceInExile

    One minute and forty seconds of buildup to the punchline...It's like a Family Guy joke, except that the punchline is actually funny.

  11. alex mccully

    7 women watched this video and had this happen

  12. Speirslol

    @RatafakTehPlachta It's the intro to the song "This magic moment" By jay and the americans..


  13. TehPuffls

    shit i accidentally did that with my girlfriend O.O

  14. James A

    @RatafakTehPlachta ... um... if i am not mistaken that would be the uploader...

  15. shadowslayer51

    @roflcoz You got some cools parents man.

  16. XmirGaming

    u should of became rockers why did u choose casual comidic song writing

  17. Dennis de Mol

    @imafang just showed my parents about 10 of em and they loved it xD their joining me to see him live in amsterdam now 0_o parents can take more then you think:P

  18. Corey McQuerry

    wow this video actually isn't insanly dirty xD i can show this one to my parents

  19. TheCatwoman27

    I really thought at the end, that it was gonna be a sex doll.

  20. Kate C

    He sorta reminds me of Jim carrey. I think thts his name

  21. Vekke

    @imtylerduh who cares ...

  22. T. Merrifi

    That should be the other way around. You should say that he's so messed up but you love him.

  23. james anderson

    @i1wingedangel its called marijuana

  24. CChissel

    Idk why ppl get so upset about the beginning, first of all it's like 3 seconds, and second it's not even annoying. Yall are just being stupid, its a vid of Stephen Lynch doin what he does, you get what you came for so quit bitching and complaining like little girls. Enjoy the humor and forget the rest.

  25. Christian Emerson

    i put it in your butt HOOOOOLEEEEEEE

  26. SuperBandgeek23

    the thing with the intro is because the company aka the owner of these vid's: there name says magic moment

  27. Kendrakk Schaden

    That hit my like a fuckin' rock xDDD I mean I they were going to say SOMETHING horrible but by god... xD I laughed so hard.


    i think he was the one who invented awesomeface

  29. EvanTyler14

    @i1wingedangel Sometimes I feel ashamed to be laughing at his song's because they are so messed up but I just can't help it...He is a genius

  30. Graham Dent


  31. Bayonet300

    1:50 hit me like a shot, I couldn't stop laughing!

  32. WelshDanFtw

    I don't remember many people getting all rowdy about the intro on the Rodney Carrington video's :S (it's the same intro, cause they're on i1wingedangel's channel.)

  33. Nicole S

    If you dont like the INTRO, then DONT watch. Duh?

  34. Icemanwn

    Then i pull it out just a little to far..........OMG... funny as hell

  35. Kash Knoth

    Thumbs up

  36. コリーンの日本語

    i always mute my comuputer until i see stephen when i watch these videos

  37. RatafakTehPlachta

    omfg the MADDICK MOMENT is driving me nuts. which IDIOT added it to the beginning of Stephens videos...

  38. Jesse Haughton

    cant stand em i have to turn the volume down lol

  39. Pk3dut0d4y

    i liek the begginings L this mgic moment!!

  40. Jesse Haughton

    i fuckin hate the begining of his videos!!

  41. Anne L.

    yep, 36. my bad, sorry. that comment was like1 week ago thow. know i know he's 36, next week, on 28th, he'll be 37 :-P

  42. Anne L.

    geez get a life! doesn't matter how the song it's called, it rocks and that's what counts. besides, stephen changes the name of the songs kinda often [search she gotta smile live at el rey]

  43. Anne L.

    38 but whateva =]

  44. Jon Horvat

    write that he is 49, cuase im telling them, that he's fucking MARRIED!

  45. yrael08

    not exactly.

  46. yrael08

    actually, it's called Classic Rock Song. ^^

  47. yrael08

    yea, I know. it doesn't help that I'm a guy either, does it. :p

  48. Jon Horvat

    he's like 39 u kno..

  49. Alexander Holmeide

    he is my GOD :D

  50. yrael08

    That was hot. The singing I mean. Stephen is pretty hot too, but you won't catch me saying that... >>

    Comedic genious. I love this song and Old Pub.

    Thanks for putting this in! Yours has the best/loudest sound quality for my comp :)

  51. Derick Moore

    He is like the mad scientist of musical humor. We could never hope to dive into his head and see how he comes with this stuff. But he is hysterical

  52. MagicKittyQueen

    lol i love him but he's so messed up lol