Luther Barnes - So Good To Be Here Lyrics

I’m glad to be in service, this service one more time
Glad I got Jesus, Jesus on my mind
I’m glad to be able, to see your smiling face
I’m glad to be standing right here in this place

It’s good to be here
To give God the praise

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Luther Barnes So Good To Be Here Comments
  1. theresa webb

    Luther barnes mad e one the greatest song

  2. theresa webb

    Glad he made this song.

  3. theresa webb

    Luther barnes made a great like to hear it.

  4. Green Lady

    Oh how good is to be here on this computer listening to those sole electrifying/awaking brothers and sisters brings nothing but comfort and joy to my sole!! You all are good for the spirit, and I thank you for your upbeat spirit and work! May God bless and keep you all in good health/to be able to continue on in your work of spreading the gospel!