Luke Sital-Singh - Loving You Well Lyrics

It's hard to find a friend
It's hard to love
It's easy to pretend
Make it up
My body's nobody
My tired mind
Gotta stop myself from thinkin' all the time
Of the forest fires all around me
The deep dark mines where I fell

But it's the silent nights
Oh, when you're sleeping
That I can't help ask
Am I loving you well?

The bastard brutal beating of the clock
A day, a year, a decade shaded off
I find it so damn hard to turn and see
The miles stretching back behind me
The race is on to be faster
'Cause speed is all that they sell

But it's the silent nights
Oh, and you're sleeping
Either fast or slow
Am I loving you well?

It's the future now, like you never imagined
So much has changed, everything is the same
Your voice is deep, your eyes are pure silver
And the children smile from the photo frames
And there's a steadiness to the noises
Just a creaking house, I can live with myself

In the silent nights
We're both deep sleepin'
But we're holding hands
I'm loving you well

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Luke Sital-Singh Loving You Well Comments
  1. Joseph Torgerson

    This song is brilliant. It brought me to tears today, Luke. I've been married for 13 years and have three beautiful kids. These words and this music and that question is the song I've been singing for years amid our own fires and mines and damned hard difficulty in seeing behind us. I've never been able to say it or think it or hear it so beautifully as in your song. Thank you.

  2. Shiah

    For Cyndi ❤️

  3. stickchickels

    Oh my God ... This!!! You are so talented Luke! Great songs that I always love listening to.

  4. Elizabeth Koeppen


  5. solace in // solitude

    never clicked so fast 😭 luke sital singh thankyou for making such a beautiful music every time it fills my heart 💓

  6. Микола Тимощук

    Very beautiful...

  7. Aakansha Srivastava

    You're a genius Luke.

    All the love from India.