Lukas Nelson & Promise Of The Real - (Forget About) Georgia Lyrics

Well I sure as hell didn't love her this much when I met her
Much as I was just captured again and again
She could turn her eyes away and still hold me under
A river of beauty and mystery pulling me in

And then when she told me her name I knew I would die slowly
I knew I was destined to live with this pain every night
For each night I stand with my father playing our music
We cry out her name and her memory under the lights

And each night I pray, I'll forget about Georgia
She'll never love me like I know a love's supposed to be
Each night I pray, I'll forget about Georgia
But a part of me hopes that she'll never forget about me
Oh, a part of me hopes that she'll never forget about me

We made love for the first time in a hotel in San Francisco
A night so perfect I try to forget about it now
And Ray Charles is singing her name like rain on my window
And I want to release her but I can't begin to know how

So I say Ray, let me forget about Georgia
Because she'll never love me like I know a love's supposed to be
I say Ray, let me forget about Georgia
But a part of me hopes that she'll never forget about me
Oh, a part of me hopes that she'll never forget about me

So I say Ray, let me forget about Georgia
Because she'll never love me like I know a love's supposed to be
I pray, I'll forget about Georgia
But a part of me hopes that she'll never forget about me
Oh, a part of me hopes that she'll never forget about me
A part of me hopes that she'll never forget about me

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Lukas Nelson & Promise Of The Real (Forget About) Georgia Comments
  1. oldn dayzd


  2. Urilla Graves

    I am in love with all of this.

  3. Linda Vayo

    If you haven't already, you're headed for the top of the charts, Lukas❣❣💖

  4. Hailee Hunter

    This is probably one of the most beautiful country songs ever written. I wish I could show it to my dad, he would have loved it.

  5. Deez Nutz

    Saw you in Dallas on the owl tour, usually I’m unimpressed by the secondary concert artists from past concerts but you were great! My first Zac Brown concert not only wasn’t life changing because of Zac and the band, but I also found a great new artist.

  6. Jan Ole Reksnes


  7. Jacob Dees

    A part of me Hopes that she will never forget about me

  8. Jacob Dees

    A part of me Hopes that she will never forget about me

  9. Luna Lovegood

    Now you have to sing about her more!

  10. Expatmarauder Robert Lawrence Still

    if youve lived and loved then we all have a Georgia

  11. Amanda Lightner

    I saw them in concert last night and heard this song for the first time live, I don't know that I've ever been so moved before. Beautiful song, Georgia is a fool if she forgets about you.

  12. Dustin7571980

    Saw him live yesterday in Virginia Beach, he was killer. This song was a highlight of his set.

  13. Arin Diana

    Beautiful 💘

  14. Shirley Brown

    I absolutely love this song!!

  15. Curtis Massey

    Your acoustic version of this song on The Adam Carolla Show was completely and utterly beautiful. Fantastic song.

    Eric Garcia

    Heard it there for the for the first time myself! I almost cried at work yesterday!

  16. William Cook

    After hearing this for the 2nd time on my go-to local FM station, he struck me for the incredible songwriting. I found his name on the playlist but didn’t equate him to being Willie’s son until I saw a comment in here mentioning the apparent fact. Amazing all his own. Whenever there’s a mainstream news article on pop music gone viral for the usual attention-seeking reasons, I see the typical lead comments griping “Where is all the talent playing their own instruments and singing without auto tune like in the ‘70’s etc etc..” I always say that I it’s there if you look, as opposed to allowing Billboard pop charts and social media to dictate what you listen to.

  17. Nick Thomas

    The track is even better it has a haunting guitar outro stunning would barley cover this,truly

  18. Linda Browne

    She will NEVER forget about you!!!!

  19. linda owens

    I sure love your song, & video Lukas!! ❤️❤️ it’s a great one, thank you!

  20. XXL gotem

    The fact that this is not the #1 musician in america is proof music died when the internet was born.

  21. El Flaco Yanqui C.N. de F.

    Heard Lucas Nelson for the first time at the rolling Stones concert in NJ.... This song almost made me cry... Trying to forget my ex and this song pulled on my heart and said gotta check this dude out after his set because all the songs he sang were fantastic.....

  22. Donna Marie Pszoniak

    Outstanding "" Beautiful video & song "" Lukas "" 💞💞💞💞🎶🎶🎶

  23. gregjam23

    56 people are friends with Georgia

  24. linda owens

    Beautiful ❤️🌷🌸🎼 Thank you Lukas!!

  25. Cassandra LeBreux

    I love his music he touches my ❤❤❤

  26. Nancy Vanderpool

    Lukas and Willie both coming here...Can't wait!! Always loved Willie...And his son has his own❤❤❤...

  27. Andrea Seabaugh

    You need to be loved by a real woman.. look for her... find her... I was lucly 46 years ago and you can be too!!!

  28. k Schiltroth

    Solo at 3:20 has a dead Kennedy tone. 😎

  29. Joni Mather

    I Iimaginep even after the 10,000 time I hear this song by then legendary, it will still move, stir, and compel thoughts of my heart and the tribe POTR led by Lukas Nelson buying Gardens all over the planets, this one for now...long may they reign.much gratitude for your love.

  30. Dixiele

    She won't forget about you darling 💥😎👠🎶

  31. Davin Desborough

    I have to admit that I had never heard any of Lukas' music until I heard him open for Zac Brown recently. I was impressed with his set and this song live is simply beautiful.

  32. Myra kay Poncho


  33. Michelle Clarke

    Absolutely stunningly beautiful, with great love & admiration from Ireland xx☘️

  34. Falesha Taylor

    Amazing ❤️❤️❤️

  35. Falesha Taylor

    Amazing ❤️❤️❤️

  36. Eric Young

    Wow. Really, really eerily relevant.

  37. M G

    I just saw him live today. He may be my new favorite artist. Very, very talented. He sounds almost identical or better live. I am officially a fan. #williealisonmpp

    Jake Rowsell

    I took a colleague to his performance, he had never heard him before. His feedback was "He sounded like it would sound during a recording"

  38. B C

    Of course Lukas Nelson is a musical
    Genius and master guitarist and Jedi songwriter with a killer voice, of course all this is true. He’s the spawn of musical jesus. A god! The legend that is Willie.

    Brilliant song, this.

  39. Mary Ward

    Americana 17th Annual Honors brought me here. So happy I watch PBS!

  40. joni mather

    Lukas, i don't think anyone who meets you could forget about you... but if if you want to i pray you absolutely will mean while i am about to admit to Loving you,your dedication to your friends, your family, your music, your philanthrophy, your love of the planet, and in" general" most everything else It may be, or seem foolish; and as a woman who has often been hurt by her proclamations, or her admitions, i reserve the right to remove these words from this space. IT will not however change how i feel. ROCK on brother man. Peace and loving people till they can't take it, one show at a time.La❤🍇📯🔔♾👂📲🗝

  41. Jeff Borowiak

    Luke you are what is missing in today's so called country music. Soulful lyrics and a distinct voice just like your Dad.

  42. Justin D

    Beautifully Different.

  43. Blue

    Oh, excellent song. Twangs of Willie in there, but different enough to be his own man.

  44. Teresa Davis

    I adore Willie and his whole band/family!! Lucas is amazing and his brother, Micah plays everything and tours also. They have a half sister from Willie's previous marriage...Paula Nelson. She also plays and has a beautiful voice!! So much talent in that family!! Lucas has the ability to carry on his dads music, while using his very unique style!! Definitely going to see him in concert is way up there on my bucket list!!😎

  45. Ari-Pekka Pirinen

    Beautiful! I can say i like more your voice than willies but i dont say willie is bad, one of the best! And that makes you? Thats real music
    Im listening all the way from finland lapland.

  46. Sweet Pea

    the real like father like son ...

  47. Pamela Knowles

    Wow,Lukas Nelson!

  48. Donna Toler

    Wow,I just love him his is very good,I love the fact that his is great of course different from his dad in some songs but still I just lobe him as a great singer and player too! Thank you

  49. Courtney lynn

    Amazing... speechless 😯 this is real music folks.

  50. Christina Shepherd

    I'll never forget about ya lukas

  51. Petr Miškeřík

    Such a beautiful masterpiece.... I am so glad to found it.

  52. yael oren


  53. ChoppaWhoppa1

    Who, in their right mind, can dislike this? Such a fine piece of honest, rootsy music.

  54. joni mather

    Probably not till the day she takes her last breath.

  55. Benjamin Chambers

    Gorgeous song, gorgeous

  56. Donna Toler

    Wow, luska is Awsome and so beautiful voice, loved this song,sounds like his father! I will listen to his songs, Thank you,beautiful loved him,Thank you,God bless you!

  57. Angelle Supastar


  58. SPennell

    This song is so wonderful.

  59. Jerry Gomez Jr

    Apart of me hopes she'll never forget about me 😔

  60. Carolina R.

    Beautiful 😍😍😍

  61. Carolina R.

    Wow 💜💚🇧🇷 Congratulations Lukas 👏🏽👏🏼👏🏻👏🏽👏🏾👏🏻👏🏼👏🏽👏🏾👏🏻👏🏼👏🏽👏🏾👏🏻👏🏼👏🏽👏🏾👏🏻👏🏼👏🏽👏🏾

  62. Pamela Knowles

    Beautiful and video

  63. LaDonna Raney

    love it.

  64. linda ziu

    She won’t forget about you bro you are to cute to be forgotten.

  65. linda ziu

    I love you men. I hope you’re single because I am .

  66. Nancy Wingfield

    This is my favorite version of the great song. So proud of you Lucas.

  67. Sylvie Grenier

    Superbe 😉

  68. Spyder Ellison

    Awesome .. 🎶 🎶
    MLLH&R.To the Nelson Family....Safe travels....

  69. Kenan Quluzade

    Lukas sen bir super ifacisin butun sarkilarini dinliyorum.Eminimki sende turkceyi biliyorsun)))))

  70. Janice Charlton

    Hank Williams 111. He is good, goes a little to far sometimes, but good singer. Also Lukas Nelson is a great singer and performer.

  71. Chase Carter

    If you are reading this, and sure enough you are 😉 I will leave you with this one statement of my own. I LOVE YOU. And it's unconditional 💓

    Linda McCusky

    When I WAS 14. I. TOLD MY DADDY WHEN I GROW up Im going to marry WILLIE. NELSON. he looked at me and and said "the hell you are." I AM GOING TO BE 79 january 31 2019 AND I KNOW I LOVE HIM AND I PRAY I AM GONE BEFORE HE IS BECAUSE I HAVE LOVED HIM ALL MY LIFE. TAKE ONE DAY' AT A. TIME AND JUST. Sing and be who. YOU are. give '''your dad my love" LINDA LEE MCCLUSKY

    joni mather

    Linda McCusky Linda Lee i feel your pain, but i have to ask did you grow up with Willie, and he was that older boy in school you just crushed on.
    And i really do feel your pain. We almost always what want we can't have i too had a crush on a red headed young man who was probably 15 years older than me but i just thought he was great. Lucky for me he was in construction, and not a performer, so the wound could heal. Maybe give a Listen to Willie's 'Something you get through' might help a bit.❤✌

  72. Heather Schultz

    I love you Lukas Nelson!! 😍💕❤️

  73. Marcella Mance

    I get tears in my eyes every time I beautiful...

  74. Joe Kelly

    The ultimate song.

  75. N0rthwestRadio

    Excellent song write. Three chords and the truth!

  76. Alberto Tillmann


  77. Christopher Wade

    minutes into hours, hours into days turn weeks into months and years I try to forget about the my own Georgia but I can't. To many good times had and the pain of a broken heart keep the thought of her alive in my soul. I know I'll never forget, I just hope she doesn't

    linda ziu

    Christopher Wade i am sorry to hear that bro. But life goes on . You live only once. Enjoy every moment. You will find someone to make you happy!!!

    Chuck Lutter

    Perfectly said

  78. loveforelvis1488

    Can't stop listening to this beautiful song. Thanks for sharing Lukas.

  79. Lucy Love

    Beautiful song Lukas.. Can't wait to see you in "A Star Is Born" in October.

  80. Chris Diablo

    He has a Ted talk where he explains that he had an ex-girlfriend named Georgia and touring with his dad he had to play "Georgia On My Mind", by Ray Charles every night. Thus, the song, "Forget About Georgia". Great songwriter. This guy hits me harder than anything I've heard in awhile. I've been tearing up listening to his songs all evening.

    Bernie Basset

    Ironic that it's about the pain of singing about Georgia... He's done it to himself now lol.

  81. Chris Diablo

    So glad I heard Willie talking about his son and I searched out his music. Truly his own talent and not standing in anyone's shadow. He's the real deal.

    michel cunningham

    Amen, Amazing ,just like his father.

    countrygirl countrymusiclover

    His son sucks

    linda ziu

    countrygirl countrymusiclover fuck you idiot. You don’t know anything about music. Stay away from any kind of music. You are a loser!!!

    Chris Cote

    Countrygirl countrymusiclover
    Why dont you stop trolling all the old country and modern traditional country videos? You prefer the mainstream? Great! Listen to that! There's plenty of room for everyone. It's bad enough radio refusues to play anyone that wont conform and be controlled by Nashville, we don't need you to come to our music and troll.

  82. cooks1

    Beautiful. So hoping I can get to see you live next year. All that has to happen is you come to UK.

  83. R. S.

    Lukas.. Girls do that. Get used to it. Stay in music and you will survive well. Luv you man.

  84. Mickey Bowser

    Thank you i pray to forever forget about him
    Thank you for the song.

  85. Lisa Adams

    Can't cure 💔 but BELEIVE ME the whole state of Georgia lifts you up in Healing Huggs, Prayers,💛✌ you know the rest of 🍑 LOVE you & wishing to Wash away any of your pain!! Beautiful song brother!

  86. Carole Tremblay

    You are awesome 😎

  87. Jeroen Kuilman

    Very nice song...thank you.

  88. Fade Mohamed

    U'r one of my greatest inspiration specially u'r songwriting skills I'm looking forward for new stuff and thank you for helping gaga and Brad for their soundtracks

  89. Frankie Moughton

    I have lukas nelson live 2018 at c2c london on my channel check it out guys hes awesome live

  90. Carole Tremblay

    Very beautiful and amazing and together Vidéo ♥️🎸🙏🏽😡🥁🎶🎼🌹😁

  91. Eric You

    *Very Nice Lukas*

  92. VonBluesman

    Viva la Barbarosa Jr. I love your music, lyrics, guitar playing, and singing. You have a major gift from heaven. I sure hope you will star in a great western movie, that would be real cool. Thanks and GOD bless you and your family !!!

  93. Alexandra Watson

    When the son doesn't make you think about the father. Beautiful.

  94. Mikaela Couey

    😍😍😍 Love this, just awesome, all around. I'm so happy he made a video for this song! 😍😍😍

  95. Toni Francis

    So beautiful.