Ludacris - Growing Pains Lyrics

[Fate Wilson]
Okay, I remember the days
High rights, low lefts, Even Stevens and Fades
Troops Lotto and BK's those was the days
High tech boots spray paintin' with you name
T-shirts airbrushed that read the same
They carry long chains
One gone but yo we miss ya'
Harris photos school shots can you remember
Bury him told his bitch go to the prom and die
Didn't lie shot his-self in the head with the 4-5
When she disobeyed hand off clated craze
Just to reiterate dog those was the days
Fo' the invasions of haters I ain't cool to mile around
Use to get down at True Flavas bumpin Key Lo
Walkin' Damage, Cross Colors, and Paco
While Playboys stepped at talent shows
Prom nights tux and cane know its so cool
Fuck them new model cars we ridin' old school (old school)

[Chorus - Keon Bryce:]
We were trying so hard
Hard to survive
Cause eventhough we were young
We had to stay strong
No matter what we went through
It was me and my crew
And that's how it went
When we were kids

[Fate Wilson]
In 3 months we stayed in Jamestown
Hamwood and Diplomats
Played with Transformers, G.I. Joe's and Thundercats
We was lovin' that
Before to started jacking jacks
For notes from Red Oaks had folks scared to come through
College Park after dark
Crown Victoria's police unmarked cars
Be aware... Wayne Williams was out there
But we didn't care kids was gettin' stabbed and ditched out there
To busy playin'...Double Dare
You touched shorty on the ass that's a bet
Want ya Kool-Aid and sugar smack ya hands and say sweat
It's mine now place it in my Louie Vaton pouch
Thump a nigga on his knuckles make him say ouch
Slout socks box Chevy Caprice
Hot knees cut the holes Disturbing The Peace
Wit no conscience broke niggas call em nonsense
No com-mission this is little fate payin' homage to College Park

[Chorus - Keon Bryce]

I had a Long John but no Silver
No gold or plat
I was simply red from the years I been holdin' back
With 2 sides to a book I lick stamps and light matches
And set fires in garbage pales and cabbage patches
A child of the corn been wild since I was born
Climbin' over barb wire clothes got torn
Shoes got muddy and my clique turned cruddy
Wherever I go they went they my buddies
I brush teef brush naps and cause treats
Dreamin' of Cadillac with wood wheels and plush seats
Cats with gold teeth and raps with such beats
Macks with no grief and some sacks of green leaf
When I loaded my cap gun I was ready for ACTION!
Starin' at beer cans and a moment to crack one
Wanna hang with the big boys and play with the big toys
And be with the people making all that goddamn noise

[Chorus - Keon Bryce (x2)]

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Ludacris Growing Pains Comments
  1. Pete Z

    this beat sounds similar to ricch forever

  2. monroe318

    2020 shytttt

  3. Siri Hall

    Who still listen in 2020🔥🔥


    I remember trying to find this song years ago and now I just randomly found it.

  5. Reggie Hutchins

    Still cold blooded mane 2020

  6. Indiana Gaming

    2020! We real

  7. Trae Barker

    Brah luda was that nigga memories of adolescents those were the days

  8. Sir-Lean Serve-Daily

    Place it in my Louis Vuitton pouch, thump a nigga on his knuckles make him say ouch

  9. Beatz96

    2020 anyone? 🔥

  10. Darrel Wilson

    So nostalgic

  11. Casey Curtis

    This song reminds me of high school dope as fuck

  12. Leon Wiggins

    Who's here 2020!!!! Timeless....😁❤🙋🏾‍♂️🙇🏽‍♂️

  13. Valerie Balderas

    2020 still "growing pains" 🙌

  14. Jordan Poth

    2020 still a good driving song. Relax and remember.

  15. chalmon Harrell IV

    2020 baby

  16. Kay Self Made

    Damn me n ex gf would jam dis everytime 💔 she introduced me to dis shxt

  17. Joseph Tinyes

    Underrated asf still in 2020

  18. Vanchai Xiong

    Whose bumping in 2020?

  19. Zinziley Mccrary

    2020 still bumping 💓

  20. Smoke_dawg1k 0

    Who here in 2020 💯

  21. Robin Dumas

    Play with the big boys. Play with the big toys. And be with the people makin all that got damn noise! Still hits in the 20's.

  22. Blast Shofar

    Blast Shofar Nurogenesis

  23. Amazing Amy

    Doesn't matter you can't come around me

  24. Pocahontas Poca

    Here because 2020 almost here and how i miss when i was a kid #29 going #30 😭😭💪💪

  25. Eric Walker

    Child of the corn been wild since I was born. Luda is the man!!!

  26. Luis Miramontes


  27. Tina Jaye

    🎶we were trying so hard🎶hard to survive🎶cause even though we were young🎶we had to stay strong🎶no matter what we went through🎶it was me and my crew.🎶

  28. slypeppa

    This is why nobody front on Gen X.. We still the shit.

  29. Herbert Nazuruk

    R.I.P. Kyle

  30. casey hennigan

    Bout to hit up 2020 with this goodie😪🥴

  31. Kenzie Englehart

    My oldest brother tragically drowned in 2018. My little twin brother was shot and murdered in cold blood two weeks ago. This song will forever remind me of them. Once upon a time, things were much easier; growing pains 💔

  32. Molumo Johannes

    "It's mine now, place it in my Louis Vuitton pouch" always been my favourite line🔥😁 Here in 2019 until my time runs out on earth

  33. Nug Life

    Give the rapper on the first two verses credit

  34. bosshoggish1

    Real Hip Hop!

  35. AGbeatmaker

    the sample is "William Bell - I Forgot to be Your Lover" 1969

    Gian Saldonido

    AGbeatmaker i thought the OG was Worst comes to worst - Dilated Peoples or Put That woman first / jaheim


    @Gian Saldonido nah both those songs sampled the william bell song as well

  36. Reverend Brown

    Where’s my dude name featured on the verse man need his credit

  37. Valerie Boynton

    2 O 2 O💿📀 -

  38. jody effects

    I forgot all about this song but mad mems. 80 & 90 kids had a good life as kids

  39. Aaron Large

    I'm going to be an old man pulling up to my grandkids for Christmas still banging this lol

  40. Davina Marie

    Luda’s voice 😍😋😋😋

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    I lost my virginity to this song 😅

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    Making me tear up remembering those times

  43. Constandinos Monoyios

    nice song

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    Old school pimpin!! $💯%

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    This the anthem til the 🌎 blow ,💯,, Drakke&Ainslie

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    This brings back sweet memories

  47. Ploz

    roddy ricch - ricch forever

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    Yasss my favorite throw back

  50. Bryan Thacker

    Middle school

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    December 9th 2019 finna be 2020 who’s still jamming ??

  52. thatdudebonzo


  53. Terrence Jermey

    Before the invasion of haters !!!

  54. Dooby Cooks

    Oh I'm the only one that's gonna say Lil Fate shitted on Luda in this song, Luda u smell like shit LMAO 😂

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    Who else still playing this in 2019???

  56. Amazing Amy

    Checks come tomorrow lol

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    " Yo Skinny "

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    One of the best of all time!

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    Lembro do dipraia ouvindo esse som

  60. MC CM

    Now your slave shooting up slave owners dope everyone knows it now

  61. MC CM

    They fucked us in a other self for so long all these names I just posted

  62. MC CM

    They have my drugs the fucked up drugs too

  63. MC CM

    47 Fulton we had Ryan as slave

  64. Graig Munyaradzi

    Starin' at beer cans and a moment to crack one
    Wanna hang with the big boys and play with the big toys...

  65. MC CM

    Also her mom had mpd and sometimes was a little child they killed her that was the child the one with disorder.

  66. MC CM

    You have people that make a person who they are were not with them.

  67. MC CM

    And one of them will be who you are by a curse and that's the one that died.

  68. MC CM

    Now you know why all these fences are chained up everhware

  69. MC CM

    All you have to do is take someone through a fence and chain it up your slave owner.

  70. MC CM

    Don't remember very much but the fence is chained up .

  71. MC CM

    We go way back with Joe sephus also

  72. MC CM

    Falisha from Bank of Oklahoma was with me at 14349s 300th and your mom was dead

  73. MC CM

    Your in our places as slaves that don't do anything with us mc

  74. MC CM

    We're straight mc

  75. MC CM

    Fake ass news mc

  76. MC CM

    All you do mc

  77. MC CM

    Your just fake ass cops rolling around smoking slave owners dopemc

  78. MC CM

    Your criminals and a crime familymc

  79. MC CM

    We want report accepted

  80. Perry Duncan

    “That’s how it went when we were kids” still fire.
    bout to be 2020 👍🏿

  81. Delon Thomas

    We love music Caribbean ghettos

  82. rocky balboa

    I remember growing up in West side st. Paul as a kid in the 80s fuckin shit up!!! This song brings back memories!

  83. Vegan Atheist- Coral

    I listened to this album on repeat to block out the noise of my shipmates when I was laying in my rack trying to steal a nap before I had to be up for watch.

  84. Looney Mega

    idk bout yall but i believe luda is a the king of the south. not TI

  85. Iron Viper

    fuck the new models we riding old school wit me and my crew!!

  86. Sandy Fisher

    downloaded this on napster! took about 20 mins on my dial up connection!!!!

  87. N Vicentini

    long john but no silver

  88. prettybrowngurl18

    Classic! I remember blastin this with my friends when it first came out. I was around 10-11. Man how fast time flies! I miss these days!

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    NBA YoungBoy

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    Hey luda, man this a classic. Jerone the artist-wild hearts, just a halla homes.

  91. Benji melts

    Nothing like the old school ♡



  93. Rj Savage

    I remember thinking high school would never end on the first day of 9th grade over 2 decades ago. Time flies, follow your heart!

  94. Fola the ProVerbalizer

    this beat has been stuck in my head for weeks, the melody and chord progression are too nice. I coudn't even remember who's song it was, but the production has that Southern soul for real, I was even thinking maybe Nappy Roots

  95. edward boose

    lets do remeber tent tent over e out 😴

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    Anytime I have a flashback to my younger days, this song plays in my head