Ludacris - Area Codes Lyrics

[Nate Dogg]
I've got hoes
I've got hoes, in different area codes (area, area
hoes, hoes, in different area codes (area, area

Now you thought I was just 7-7-0
And 4-0-4, I'm worldwide bitch, act like yall don't know
It's the abominabol "O" man
Globe-trot international post man
Neighbor-dick dope man
7-1-8s, 2-0-2's
I send small cities and states I-O-U's
9-0-1, matter fact 3-0-5
I'll jump off the d-4, we can meet outside
So control your hormones and keep your drawers on
'Til I close the door and I'm jumping your bone
3-1-2, 3-1-3, 2-1-5, 8-0-3
Read your hor-o-scope and eat some hor-derves
Ten I pump one these hoes is self serve
7-5-7, 4-1-0, my cell phone says overload


Now everyday is a hol-i-day
So stop the violence and put the 4-4 away, keeps you to hold today
5-0-4, 9-7-2
7-1-3, whatcha gon do
You checkin up the scene, I'm checkin a ho tonight
With perpendicular vehicular homicide
3-1-4, 2-0-1
Too much green, too much fun
I bang cock in Bangkok
Can't stop, I turn and hit the same spot
Think not, I'm the thrilla in Manilla,
Schlong in Hong Kong
Pimp em like vision, magic Don Juan
Man after Henny with a coke and a smile
I just pick up the muthafuckin phone and dial
I got my condoms in a big-ass-sack
I'm slaggin this dick like a New Jack, biatch

[Nate Dogg]
Is it cuz they like my gangsta walk?
Is it cuz they like my gangsta talk?
Is it cuz they like my handsome face?
Is it cuz they like my gangsta ways?
Whatever it is, they love it
And they just won't let me be
I handle my biz, don't rush me
Just relax and let me be free
Whenever I call, come running
2-1-2 or 2-1-3
You know that I ball, stop frontin
'For I call on something to free


9-1-6, 4-1-5, 7-0-4
Shout out to the 2-0-6
Everybody in the 8-0-8
2-1-6, 7-0-2, 4-1-4
3-1-7, 2-1-4, 2-8-1
3-3-4, 2-0-5, I see ya
3-1-8, 6-0-1, 2-0-3
8-0-4, 4-0-2, 3-0-1
9-0-4, 4-0-7, 8-5-0
7-0-8, 5-0-2
And different area codes..

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Ludacris Area Codes Comments

    2020 ...✌👑🖤 NATE DOGG G STYLE KING ...RIP 😔💔

  2. hawd fangaz

    i keep my condoms inna biggass SACK!
    slangin nis dick, like a New Jack, BEEEAWTCH...!!!

  3. mr ray

    When I heard this song on the radio, I thought it was some one back from shopping saying " I got all, in different areas ohh" now u just realise the meaning of this song 😀😁

  4. Jenn Koko

    yeah uh too yo

    Jenn Koko

    yeah hedo too

  5. Alan Hernandez


  6. Carlos Hernandez

    2020 we out here...

  7. Wesley Arlee

    2019 December 31 11:31 Oakland still slapping this

  8. Katrina Segura

    I'm liking the attitude but it's too fumny, ooooohhhh Jesus freak oh'h no she's mine name my Lorde off and on the light alot of street fuk you fuk off, you and you're sayings off and on thee lights oh'h my oh'h my oh'h my oh'h yes, crips and bloods huh. .. Hug forward kisses aren't stolen they are freestyling and straightish stayé a little while longer babe, look at me please I'm all at lost for my clohes and my shoes help thee lewigi and Mario and me both aren't here where are they wall to wall tip top tip stop

  9. Katrina Segura

    Goalie gear right reach and then some

  10. Reddit Gems - daily uploads

    fuck femenism.

  11. Eric Ernest

    R. I. P Natte Doggy

  12. Bomb meals Meals

    Nate dog could make any song a classic hot matter fact all songs featuring Nate dogg are classics RIP Nate dogg . There was no artist then who weren’t looking to make music with this talented voice

  13. Tony MONTANA

    I'm gay I don't need hoes

  14. Christ Alive


    Lil Tree

    Christ Alive He means shoot a gun bitch

  15. David Dy Aka Chino Ching

    925 415 209 707 408 916 530 650 510

  16. David Dy Aka Chino Ching

    Ludacris slapin yeeeeeeeeeeee

  17. Shannon Pollard

    This song should be played before Donald Trump gives a speech.

  18. Douglas MacArthur

    RIP Nate Dogg

  19. Ричард Клоудио

    RIP nate dog.#Rediculus my nega

  20. MOPZTV


  21. Abdu Libya

    Nate Doggs hook!!!!!!!!!! R I P

  22. Geoffrey Ryan

    Who’s listening 2020 January

  23. Ayoub Chaabi

    17-12-2019 cold and rainy weather but natte dogg make it sunny and warm RIP N 2 the Dgg

  24. joseph ifeanyi

    Ner dog killed this song men♥️♥️♥️

  25. Amy Geist


  26. Amy Geist

    i just BET u do hahahahahahaha

  27. Brandy Martin

    rip the soul man of g funk

  28. Relly Rell is Really Real

    None in 510..Rip Nate Dogg

  29. Lil ice Acc

    I came here from Gangster Granny

  30. Jarvis Showtime

    This song explains me..I got hoes in every state.

  31. Three Seven

    Back when gasoline was still popular

  32. Rant Radio

    Ludacris doesn't get enough love for his rap in the early 2000s.

    He was my Guy until he cut his powers off.


    Rest in Peace Nate

  34. RP2017 HTX

    713 🤘🏽

  35. money calling

    I got hoes is colombia in a different area codes as well

  36. Gerard Jacob

    I used to bump this shit at Rome Georgia . And from Mexico but living now i chi town chicahoooo

  37. Isaiah Samuel

    This song played in rush hour 2 when they going to the restuarant that don cheadle own in that movie 😂😭

  38. Lakia Hendrix

    I’m really finna cry 12 years ago man 🥺

  39. Herbert Finch

    Anyone here today???

  40. Greg Sansom

    Bad ass song ggt great idea for car wash

  41. Slavenska Zajednica

    Who got hoes in 2019??????

  42. lungani ngubane

    Underrated lyricist

  43. Teadra Davis

    This song the reason I let the word hoe back then a classy as I am a new meaning .

  44. James Crowder

    Still listening to this in 2000HoeTeen

  45. Tyler Villarreal

    gotta miss real hip hop

  46. ve de

    rip nate dogg

  47. Derp Cookies

    The kids: Mom! Grandpa is listening to his music again!
    Me: Move bitch! get out the way!

  48. Master Router

    240 all the way to 202...

  49. Fuzzy Ewok

    Nate the coolest of the cool. He was the bru to have featuring on your record mayne.

  50. df1phantom

    Lmao stup asf. Clowning they ass off on this. It was a much better time 19 😬years ago

  51. VnEv Boss

    Best song ever!!! ...2019 and for ever .. #RIP Nate.. see you dawg

  52. Calo Jones jr

    Rip Nate Dogg

  53. Mr. Allmighty Cornholio

    1:40 He bangs cock in bangkok?

  54. Zaria Dallas

    One of thee if not thee most underated lyricist EVER!!

  55. Mohamed Romdhane

    Before Autotune there was Nate Dogg 🐶

    Rest In Peace King of G-Funk 👑

  56. Kevin Stubbs

    I met my ex wife by singing this to her drunk as a motherfucker in Greece 😂

  57. Slayer_ Khry

    Man Nate Dogg was and is the greatest man. RIP my brother 😢

  58. Abdu Libya

    another sik hook by Nate Dogg R I P

  59. Prince Charles

    Hoes in 2020 🙌🏾

  60. Samuel Fortin

    Just realized that the ending scene is part of the inspiration for the apex twin video.

  61. T Dot P

    Word play is crazy when you really listen.

  62. Tyler

    My area code is in this.

  63. Srh Life

    I could never come up with I got hoes in different area codes just saying

  64. Copeland

    Still dope as fuck in 2019

  65. Rula Janiszewski

    I dedicate this to Mike

  66. Ismael Omar

    Luda's perfect rap with Nate dogg's golden chorus makes an unbelievable tube

  67. Hizkil Mustaza

    Im here because of wild n out

  68. Mamamia

    Stop copying Travis with your braids

  69. Mamamia

    Whos fault is that if one of them get pregnant,you can understand why they wouldn't give a f

  70. Dijana Bonevska

    2019 in different area hoes, one is business mayor, one is lawyer, one is a teacher, one is a cop, one got divorced, one has 3 children, one is in IT, other one is in crypto investments ^_^

  71. Benita

    Singing about hoes and still sounds like it could be sung at church, only Nate Dogg could do that.

  72. BDB b2DbU

    R.I.P Nate Dogg....

  73. Marios Tabajen

    305 Miami nu Bangkok

  74. Eugene Swift

    Luda had the pilots lit 😂😂

  75. chibaba chacho

    This, 21 questions and Regulate..... the best of Nate R.I.P

    Cresswell Chipman

    Don't forget he sang hook on the "Next Episode" by Dre and "Oh No" by Mos Def and Talib Kweli as well. He went in on those two classics!!!

  76. Marangely Marzan

    R.i.p Nate one love

  77. Corey Hudgins

    2019....STILL HEAT

  78. king kellz

    r. i. p Nate Dogg ( 2019) onehunga37

  79. Travis Rizzler

    I bang cock in Bangkok? Sounds a little suspect. Ludacris might be a little gay....... just saying

  80. kevin ncube

    my wife wont let me sing the chorus.Rip Nate

  81. Gee Garcia

    Aw man... in high school I stayed singing this shit when it came on in my little Civic... talking bout I had ladies I'm the 973, 862 & especially the 201 and my south jersey girls in the 732 lol. God I miss being young ...

  82. joseph ifeanyi

    Show some love for nate dog if u miss him❤️❤️❤️

  83. heyroohey

    What's your area code?


    heyroohey #6014life

  84. Shreyaak

    0:10 Error 404: Boobs not found :v

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    Tell tron to come pick me up baby.!?

  86. Lorendrawn

    When you land that second and third girlfriend.

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    wtf luda don't have ho''s in the 510...

  88. xtremeideaz

    still listening in 2019

  89. gerald Johnson

    Anyone else watch the music video after watching the vhs version of rush hour 2?

  90. DamianR

    When I hear this song I just think of Chris rock standup 😂 Saying back in the day it was easy to defend hip hop but now it's hard to defend "I got hoes in different area codes" lol

  91. Savio Sousa

    Nate Dogg cantava muito. Lenda! 🖤

  92. Paul Canniff

    I've, got, holes.

  93. Cesar Sepulveda

    My new ring tone

  94. Nedy Nedy

    Do they say I got codes or I got hoes, I got hoes?