Lud Foe - What's The Issue Lyrics

You can look into my eyes, see the demon in me
She wanna have my baby, she like put that semen in me

I told my niggas that I'm live bring that nigga to me
I'm so anonymous and ain't no nigga bigger than me

My niggas kill for money, but for me to kill ya for free
When you jumped off that porch niggas in the middle of the street

Better be cool cause if you don't I'll hit ya ass with that heat
I told my mom I'm on a mission to take over the streets

I'm in that big body Bentley, pistol under the seat
I make these big booty bitches wash the dishes for me

And if you yelling bout some beef, bet not be mentioning me
Bitch my shades cost a G, double G's on my feet

She eat my babies, I refuse to take a bitch out to eat
We got 380's, Mac 11's, and we got 223's

Michael Jordan's on my feet bitch that's 223's
I just bought me a finger choppa for a couple of thieves

It ain't no pressure, get ya kill for a couple of fee's
We ridin foregin, put some bullet holes in ya entry

Dope man sellin dope, bitch I'm indianese
She said Lud Foe is you gon fuck me

I said bitch I'll see, she said Lud Foe you growing up
I told that bitch I agree

I gotta shout out Mama Dukes, just for raising the Beast
I [?] put you pussy's to sleep, aye I put the pussy to sleep

This nigga said he coming for me, but when I run into that Nigga he be running from me, bitch

Lil nigga you get RIP'ED, Balmain's on me use to rock
LIG'S bitch

I fucked this bitch named Victoria, and she keep begging me to keep her a seeeecret

I hit the mall buy it all, fuck a check up
Lil nigga I ain't really with that cheap shit

I seen him on the internet tryna sneak diss, but I know he ain't Really with that street shit

Nina Ross, she a freak bitch make her tongue kiss
Any nigga wanna sneak diss

We pull up on ya ass with them Glocks out
Mistake me for a janitor the way I bring them mops out

He running out of time he done clocked out
I told er Glock, but I still can box you get knocked out

Remember selling poles at the trap house
Now I'm doing shows adding money in my stash house

He fucking with me wrong I'd spazz out
Ain't shit to put some money on his head I'll cash out

Nigga, there's shooters that ain't shoot at shit
We pull up on you with them extended clips on that movie shit

Nigga, I heard you on that goofy shit, hating ass nigga
On my dick on that groupie shit

Nigga, already know we do this shit, all my niggas win we ain't really with that loosing shit

You figure, you thinking that we cool and shit
Dissing in ya raps 'I'm a show you how the oozie spit

I'm off pills and liquor, riding with the steal finna kill a nigga bitch. And no I don't feel these niggas

What the fuck I'm mugging to a real gorilla bitch
We riding late on that hot shit, I snuck inside the club

With the slump free, fresher than the cock pit
I'm a young nigga dripped in gold

I'm a go getter, she keep thinking she my girlfriend
I don't go with her

I got hot, fuck a body guard, I feel no nigga
[?] If you don't play ya part, you a smoke nigga

I run them bands up fast, never been a slow nigga
Hit the gas, do the dash, [?] gold nigga

I'm out West 290, I'm a real Chicago realer
He know where to find us, if he tryna bombard with us

Put them bullet holes in ya anus, if you fuck with us
And we gon make a fuck nigga famous put him on a picture

We roll a fuck nigga like a swisher, make a nigga bitch
Suck my dick then I dismiss her

She crying, ya mama need some tissue
When it hit you, now ya mama miss you

Fuck nigga what's the issue!

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Lud Foe What's The Issue Comments
  1. Ke V

    This nigga spits straight lava in every song 🔥

  2. MansonsLSD Plug

    Was rolling off dem yapps bendin em no hollup 💯💯💯

  3. Sage Kole

    People still listen to this in 2020? I lowkey still love this song bc it’s the song I used in my first video 🤑🤑🤑😈😈

    Sage Kole

    Ima make a montage wit this song

  4. tonia & tj

    shit sounds better then when I first heard it so props lol😂

  5. keke Kanu


  6. Diamond Cook

    yessiirrr 2020 !

  7. Dee Andrews

    Loved 😍

  8. Roseta Etienne

    He can put the seamen in me🐱💦

  9. Smokin Yo mama

    Wtf happened to lud foe on some rs where he at

  10. Inconceivable Jay

    2020 here this still 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  11. Yfn Kam


  12. Martin Thomas-Nowlin

    still bumpin it in 2020 ? 👀

  13. Ian Youngbull


  14. Deon Caldwell

    2020 HERE WE GO!!!

  15. d g

    2020 still gang sht

  16. The issue is we ain't got no 2020 ppl still bumpin this?

    @Ofxicialxjay ENT haappy new year

  17. Gboy Squad

    This cant die💥💣2k19

  18. YT Evening

    She wanna have my baby she like put that semen in me🗣💔

  19. Reckless 972

    whats the name of his j's please?

  20. Mason Mejia


  21. Kevin Taylor

    The only n*gga who aint from Detroit Or The Bay to ever eat these kinda beats with no issue

  22. Devan Brewer

    Still fire 🔥😤


    my homeboy use to get turnt in the hotbox to this song 😂🔥

  24. Zack Middleton

    This makes me wanna rob my self 😂

  25. mirra

    i fucked this bitch named victoriaaaa

  26. God 2This

    So dababy stealing people flow

  27. PapiSebas


  28. Braxton Clarke

    He stap though fire

  29. Insituals


  30. G IzGod

    Still bumpin Lud in 2019!!🔥 Anyone else?

    j Robinson

    Nooooooo 2020

    G IzGod


  31. Joe Reyes

    The Tylenol put the pussy to sleep

  32. Maz Rado

    Peep he had his hat off in a scene 😂😂😂

  33. Denise Whitaker

    He don't even diss them

  34. Stavo coronado

    Am I the only one who thinks he sound like young MA

    Clarence Vincent

    just you


    He has nice Song😀😀😀😀😀😀

  36. Joe Reyes

    I fucked this bitch named Victoria she keep begging me to keep her secrets 😂

  37. Mathieu Filion

    shit go hard as Fuck god damn

  38. Garysson Lindsey

    If I’m not listening to the song, I just stay for his vocals at 0:10

  39. James Nelson

    9 18 oo

  40. Bobby Jones

    Bham al. 205 been drumming dis shit when dis nigga had 4000 views.. Salute i C u been on yo grind cuzzo ni all yo shit on a mill +

  41. Devastation Upon Oblivion

    Anal rape

  42. Bobby Jones

    Salute from 205 Murdaham

  43. Zay Too Saucyy

    Man we need this foe back 🤦🏽‍♂️

  44. King Murda


  45. Relleckz Media

    Anyone know what shirt he’s wearing?

  46. Tae-007

    “We roll a fuck nigga like a swisher, make nigga bitch suck my dick then i dismiss her” gotdamnmm🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  47. slimmy kriz

    Who still bumpinn '19

  48. Bluebill Stackz


  49. Obtuse Rubber Goose

    okay, I'll be that person

    JUNE 20MF19❗??❗??❗??❗??❗YALL??

  50. Matthew Kibbey

    Independent AF, Ceo Shit,

  51. Tae-007


  52. Tequana Love

    2019-My Shit Still

  53. Nugg Nas

    [email protected]#$%$^%&^&*(*(*()_))_

  54. n.o big doe

    May2k19 lacoqui bitch

  55. Caz Martin

    Outwest 290 shi get ur Funds up get your guns up u on the opp shit get mop stick bitch

  56. Sha Zulu aka Brooklyn Brawler

    Shit fire

  57. A B


  58. Yungdav890 K

    Name these bullets Tylenol put ur pussy to sleep

  59. Veronica L

    “ i fucked this bitch named victoria ! she kept beggin me to keep her a secret “ .. 🔥 !

  60. Veronica L

    2019 ??

  61. 360 Leeky

    2019 anyone??

  62. All nights Reserved

    I just now discovered this man. Every time I discover a new artist , I then find out there actually dead. Please tell me this brother alive..

    Crazy Foe

    April Dawson he is

    All nights Reserved

    @Crazy Foe thank goodness! Lol.

    Third Echelon

    @All nights Reserved I feel bad that u discovering him... he been around a long time

  63. Edward Henderson

    Is he a crip or blood

  64. Gerry Bell

    Chiraq Savage 💪

  65. moddedRBLX

    The issue is we have no 2019 peoples here. Like if you here in 2019😊😊😊😉😉😉💕

    TopFlight Crew

    moddedRBLX 2020👀👀👀

    Sage Kole

    2020 gang

  66. DrillTeam NachoMan

    Who still bumping 💂🏿💂🏿🖤

  67. GREN Flames

    Who still here 2019?

  68. n0_tommorrow_ _

    What a nice young gentleman

  69. mmaakabook bag gang meet me andre

    Yo you are my favorite raper


    Always go hard damn

  71. Joshua Borom


  72. ry4nr4mirez

    Sneeaakk DIS

  73. xPoiSin

    i miss 2016

  74. dabthony wilcoxson

    What type of car is that

  75. West Savage

    Victoria keep secrets

  76. Chillah 90

    You can look in my eyes and see the demons in me 👀💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿🤘🏾💀🕯💀🕯💀🕯💀🕯💀🕯👹

  77. Jerell Joseph

    Lud foe is underrated, he need to be signed for real he been hot for years

    talk to me nice

    he got his own record label

  78. Christian Server69

    Folk killa!|!

  79. Endrit Bajrami

    Having dababy and lud foe in a mixtape would be interesting

    Veronica L

    Endrit Bajrami no they wouldn’t mix at all !