Lud Foe - No Hooks Lyrics

I post on that block, I was just a young bull
I was the smallest nigga with the biggest tool
I got niggas dry snitching, dropping interviews
I'm a street nigga, I don't do subliminals
Grew up in the projects, bitch I hang with criminals
They get in yo grill, like a dentist with a bunch of tools
They be big bad wolves, they'll blow ya house down!
Little Red Riding Hood, came to rob the whole town!
Margielas on my feet, selling white girl, Cinderella!
Hit the club, make it rain, don't forget ya umbrella!
Cooking in that trap, got the stove on high
Niggas sneak dissing me, I expose those guys
You'd think I was the bakerman, how I serve those pies
That's yo ass! Boi, ya trash, I dispose those guys
Pinocchio, ya nose get broke if you believe those lies
He don't want his bitch back, my whole gang done smashed
We just fuck hoes and dump em' like a cigar ash
I'm selling Mary Jane, got a bus load of that gas
You mug in the club, stomp a mudhole in yo ass!
I'm a shooting star, fuck a porn star, still drive a foreign car
Told the dealer lose the roof, so my bitch can see the stars
I get these hoes wet! Call me wishin well
Wish ya well! Niggas dissing on me, telling fairytales
Glowing like a Christmas tree, hoes singing Jingle Bells
I knock the meat out yo taco, bitch I got plenty shells
I went to jail, I made bail, then back home to that scale!
You dissing for some fame, you get hog-tied up!
Since we young street niggas, they gon' criticize us!
Posted on that block! I was selling crack rocks!
Glock cocked, leave him in the desert by the pit stop
Gold rollie on my wrist, it's a foreign watch
Take a nigga bitch, even if he was a cockblock
Trapping out the bando, why? Cause the block hot
Pull up in that European, yea it cost a whole lot
My new bitch European, teach her how to work a pot
Work up straight drop, Flintstone, make a bed rock
Rap game ain't shit to me, I got it in a head lock
These fucks niggas envy cause I made to the damn top
I'm on my Eazy-E shit, 64, droptop
I'm on some Mr. T shit, Cuban links, tank top
I'm not the one to beef with, we pulling up, sending shots
Built with that street shit, I fell in love with toting chops
With the extended clip, 30 shots, yup we call em' mops
Slidin on the opps, we do high speeds on the cops, bitch!

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