Lud Foe - Killa Season Lyrics

Outwest 290 shit nigga you know how I'm rocking nigga
Get your guns up get your funds up
You on that opp shit get mop stick bitch straight gang shit
No hook let's get it

Alotta niggas breathing they shouldn't be breathing my young niggas kill for no reason
Its the killer season call me Cam'ron, pull up slam dunk shit call me Lebron
I be on the hide out when the police come leave a fuck nigga bloody he gon' need a tampon
I'm playing with no nigga no nigga no nigga
I'm playing with no nigga no nigga no nigga
Bitch I'm creeping in your bushes with this Mac on me
They gassed him up I'm a put that nigga back on E
Hit the club mugged up bitch I'm high off E
These stripper bitches always tryna put that ass on me
Hit the mall and fuck up all this cash on me
Point me to the nigga say he gon' smash on me
These fuck niggas fu, turned they back fast on me
The police watching me they tryna put a flash on me (gang)
These niggas soft, bitch I'm grinding like I'm Tony Hawk
We hit yo block then come back all we see is chalk
These niggas lie on these tracks all they do is talk
Nigga better use your head before we knock it off
I get loose in this coupe bitch my roof missing, ain't no competition niggas snitching call em stupid
These niggas fu and they cool with it
Somebody get whacked then we might have something to do with it
This street shit, bitch I'm too in it
Say you riding foreigns but I'm knowing that shit too rented
We do hits out the mini van windows too tinted slide back that door I'm a shoot this bitch for two minutes
Free my niggas out the jail cell until they free I'm a raise hell, hell yeah say it with your chest since you tough I put shells there
I grew up in the slums we had canned goods and welfare
Gang banging on some Foe shit I'm a rich nigga ion want no broke bitch dressed in all black like I'm Eazy E
Shout out to my jeweler got me looking like I'm Mr. T
Alotta niggas breathing they shouldn't be, one phone call have my youngins make a rest in peace
Hungry nigga eat yo face then spit out yo teeth, I'm a dog on a bitch walk up with a leash

Cruising down the block in my big box Chevy, feel like a baby on my shoulders cause my chain too heavy
Fuck a deal I go independent call me Webbie I'm sipping on this 1738 like Fetty
I keep a hollow in the chamber bitch I'm always ready I'm always getting some money I'm about my fetty
Bitch you gon' suck my dick or what doing all that frontin' that pussy boy went bankrupt doing all that stunting
Trapping like a fool some mechanic with a tool snooze get put on the news let this rap shit fool you
Preacher man I'm the teacher man I'm gone school you remember being a broke nigga made me easy to lose a bitch
Now I'm getting money and I love to confuse it
Bitch I make it work for me my daddy told me to use a bitch
Think twice before you lose your life in this music shit
I get so much money I don't know what to do with it
If you ain't getting no money I can put you in tune with it
I sweep you off yo feet, bitch this mac got a broom in it
Catching bodies became a hobby I be shooting shit
Find out where your house at then I send my goons in it
Bitch I been the hottest and I already proven it
Water whip the bowl bitch I put the spoon in it
Can't fit in my circle nigga it ain't no room in it and I won't hit the club if I can't get my tool in it
Bitch I'm young Rambo cooler on the TEC doing hits out the Lambo limo you get stretched bitch
I'm a young nigga fucking vet, he get in that jam and confess
That pussy boy got put to rest
I just want the money you can keep the rest
Went to jail knocked my celly off the bunk bed
Doing all that sneak dissing bitch we gon' bump heads Giuseppe'd up red bottoms are us got Margielas ion even wear bought em for what
Niggas dissing on my name cause I got some fame
I got perfect aim leave yo ass in alotta pain
Call my jeweler and I buy alotta chains remember I was broke as a joke hit alotta stains I line a nigga up what I see
Alotta brains smoking reefer like I'm Wiz Khalifa bitch paper planes
We hit the club on some gang bang shit run a train on yo bitch let my whole gang hit
Niggas tryna steal my shit everybody know I started this no hook shit
I'm in Chiraq this as real as it get
Where you gotta watch your back, tote a strap before you get hit
He gon' need a shit bag when he shit line that nigga ass up and I didn't miss

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Lud Foe Killa Season Comments
  1. Tae-007


  2. Joe Reyes

    Run a train on yo bitch let my whole gang hit

  3. Tree Toker 3 Taker

    Under rated

  4. Zombie Kuru

    That pussy boy got put to rest

  5. Clippa Marshall

    Put This On GTAChiRaqPls!!!💯

  6. Kobe Jamez

    Who tf is this nigga im sleep on ole boi

  7. Guuss 69

    Lud foe got mad barz💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  8. Rachel Camp

    Long time Foe fan. live for how he's doin some dipset shit. Killaaa Season!

  9. kevin magee

    Went to jail knock my celly on the bunkbed doing all that sneak dissin bitcg we gon bump heads

  10. Sebastian Barasciutti

    This is underated

  11. Damere Bailey

    The 816 dislikes probably don't under standing #ready2die

  12. Kyle Thomas

    Most Underrated LUD FOE Song ❗

  13. Marii Mariee

    Damn what happened he was my fav

  14. Brendan Larsen

    Play dis in yo car u gon end up Ina driveby

  15. ronbenjamins

    Lud foe the goat 🚨🔥


    2019 bitch 💪🏽🔥🔥🔥🔥

  17. Alex_ Playz

    2019 AnYoNe iF NoT WeLl ShIt

  18. edgar rivera

    I love foe but most of his songs the same beat

  19. Toby Patterson

    We do hits out the minivan windows too tinted slide back that door ima shoot this bitch for two minutes🔥

  20. El Cutiee

    If you ain’t making no money I can put you in toon with it 💯💯

  21. daniel moore

    Leave a fuck nigga bloody he gon needa tampon lmao

  22. John Mayes

    Remember when this dropped in the backseat Wildin with the 380 and the 45 full of dat gass ready to hit sumn

  23. Marvin Williams

    Who still listen in 2019

  24. Axtown Va

    Eat yo face and spit out yo teeth🔥🔥🔥🔥

  25. Matt Ysn Griff

    Slide back that doe I'ma Shoot this bitch fa 2mins 🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯💯😈👿😈👿

  26. Rayray Molina

    They gassed him up ima put that nigga back on. E... That part was Rough asf like if u agree. 😂😂😈💯🔥

  27. David Prince

    Omm this hardest shit ever 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  28. Will Vincent

    “They gassed em up ima put em bac on E”😴🙏🏻🔥

    brando simpson


  29. Dee Davis

    This My favorite song by Lud Foe

  30. Osvaldo Flores

    2019 shit🔥🔥

  31. A B

    2019 baby 💯

  32. Kaelin Muldrew


  33. Jaylon Stanfield

    2019? Imma imma still slap this when I’m 50 talking bout “ y’all youngsters ain’t know nun bout this”😂

  34. R6Mute Main

    Dude makes Keef look like Katie Perry!😁

  35. Omar Leon


    Zombie Kuru

    Fuck you mean 2029

  36. deyonte love


  37. Dallas Drew

    this shit is fuckin crazy fireee , nobody knows about this smh its a shame

  38. Burns When I pee

    “They gassed him up imma put that nigga baCC on E” 😷😷🔥🔥🔥🔥

  39. Darren Toledo

    Can’t fit in my circle ain’t no room in it

  40. hayden hugguns

    Why he sounds like Remy ma

  41. TrapGodMc

    This is hardest song ong

  42. Armando Alarcon

    "Im in chiraq bitch thats as real as it gets"🔥🔥🔥🔥

  43. Billy Times

    Best rapper out 2018

  44. A Paige Of A Shaolin monk

    This shit cold af

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    SLIDE BACK that door im ah shoot this btc fo 2mins🔥🔥🔥

  46. Anthony Carter

    Slide back dat doe Ima shoot this bitch for 2 minutes

  47. Producer Iroc-z Beats


  48. sorry not sorry

    Young Ma >> lud foe

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    No lie shit hard even is cold lud foe still rock in this 2019

  50. Michael Anthony


  51. Justan Jones

    He slick sounds like Gee money 😂😂😂

  52. Kkevin

    Under rated asf

  53. hot head swippa gang

    I almost change the song into I heard the beat drop

  54. Punkin,P Da Boss

    snoop dog gin and juice....

  55. Mike B

    I fucks with it

  56. suzuki400boi

    Not even bullshitting he's the best to come out of Chicago imo. As far as lyrics and delivery and just overall style, montana being a close second.

  57. Christopher Carter

    GTA 5 Shit🔥🔥🔥🔥

  58. Christopher Carter


  59. Keshawn Hunt

    Hi I just wanted to make

  60. gang gang

    Makes me want to go commit crimes

  61. marquis fripp

    He gonna need a tampon😂😂

  62. Christopher Carter

    Remains me of Master P with that Bounce love from Baltimore City Maryland🔥🔥🔥🔥

  63. Jayden Williams

    It’s always kills season. ☄️💦 wet a nigga up.

  64. M L

    Slide bacck that door ima shoot this bitch for two mintues.....goddamn🔥🔥🔥

  65. Erick Rogers

    they gased him up..imma put him back on

  66. Nelson Empowered

    Went to jail knocked my celli off the bunk bed

  67. Anderson Taylor

    I’m a dog on a bitch walk her with a leash😜🔥💯😈

  68. Brandon Norris jr.

    Lie bout that dough umma shoot this bihh for 2 minutes

  69. corey lambert

    "feel like a baby on my shoulders cuz my chain too heavy" twooohh dat boy gasses shit

  70. Max Thc

    this belongs on a gta game

  71. UFO 145

    Aye nba young boy alwayes fire 🔥🔥

  72. UFO 145

    Shout out to my Jeweler got me looking like a mr.T- 🔥🔥🔥

  73. Devonte Wise

    Got a Old school West Coast vibe to it.

    Kerm24 Heard

    More of a down south vibe

  74. Maleek Dasilva

    Imma shoot this bitch for 2 minuets

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    Cruisin down the block in my big box Chevy/ feel like a baby on my shoulder 'cause my chain too heavy

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    why is the beat so hard

  79. 108 Chaunso00

    Go subscribe " 108 Chaunso00 " Chicago music coming soon Y'all gone fuck with my music

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    Does this beat have a spice 1 sample in it?


    H Gin and juice by snoop dogg sample

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  91. yung racks

    Came here to listen after ybn nahmir stole his lyrics

    Jack Cough

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  92. yung racks

    Came here after ybn nahmir stole his lyrics

    24/7 Bangers

    yung racks what song?

    Magic Siddiq

    @24/7 Bangers ion remember but it's the perfect aim bar