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Murders in Chicago are on track to hit their highest level in nearly 20 years. There have been 441 homicides since the start of the year, up more than 40% over the same period last year. Now the number of shootings has also spiked, 2228 as of August 21st, which is up over 50% over last year. And home to close to 3 million people. Listen to this Chicago has more homicides and shootings than any other city according to FBI and police data. Well ahead of both NY and Los Angeles, which both have much larger populations than Chicago

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In Detroit, half of its residents do not work. In Milwaukee almost 4 in 10 African American men between 24-54 are not employeed and have no prospect of employment. Just yesterday the cousin of NBA star Dwyane Wade, a great guy, Dwyane Wade. Was a victim of a tragic shooting in Chicago

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The numbers are alarming and only getting worse for the city of Chicago. August was the most violent month in nearly 20 years for the city

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Over 420 homicides and over 2800 shooting victims have plagued the city this year. Statistics are on track to pass last year's totals. Chicago police superintendent, Eddie Johnson says his city has recovered nearly 6000 illegal handguns in 2016, enough for one every hour

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