Lud Foe - Heat Lyrics

Lud Foe, Boochie gang bitch!
You know how I'm rockin' bitch
Bitch! No Hooks!
Get yo guns up, Get yo funds up! You on that opp shit get mopstick, bitch!

Pussy nigga watch ya' mouth when you talkin' bout' me
You gon' make me send them killa's in ya' house while you sleep bitch
Cause' niggas always wanna rap beef
You might find em' on the internet, won't find them in the streets
If you looking for me nigga you can find me with my heat
100 rounds, two deep, its just me and my heat
Got a hundred shot Draco on the passenger seat
Get a nigga off the streets, hit em with the street sweep
I heard you ain't getting no money so you mad at me
And they way I play the game you think I got a cheat sheet
Say she gon' put it on me guess she tried to warn me
Suck me clean like some bleach, that lil' bitch a neat freak
I got a lot of niggas hating on me but I like it though
I see my future already but I'm not a psychic though
Put my mask on now look like Micheal Myers hoe
And if we talking hoes nigga I done fucked alot of those
Bitch, I'm riding 26s rims big so I make wide turns
Fuck with me and foe nem' at yo head like some side burns
That hot shit, like you Katt Williams give you high perms
Bitch, I grinded til' it was my time now its my turn
When I was trappin' nigga I sold more weed than Big Worm
If you ain't talkin' bout' no cheese then I'm not concerned
I'm a young street nigga and I be with them
I don't fuck with niggas, they be beggin' like Felicia nem'
Foe nem' knock the top off his bottle, margarita him
Big booty hoes, stripper bitches, yeah I freak with them
I just fuck em once and kick em out, I can't sleep with them
Niggas tried to ride my wave thought that I wasn't peepin' them
Catch em late at night, up these pipes, Grim Reaper him
Bitches always tryin' to talk a nigga into keepin' them
Old school chevy paint wet, bitch its candy red
See the ginger man and we might rob him for his ginger bread
Since I'm up, bitches suck me up like some lemon heads
Monkey see, Monkey do, Simon says, music chairs
See me do some dirt boy you better not mention that
These bullets come with pain but ain't no tellin' where you feel it at
I keep big bank rolls and I ain't pocket pinchin' that
I got a stash, count the money, make it stand up where the ceilin' at
I hit you quick with this banana clip, then I peel it back
Its a panoramic roof, gave my dealer the ceiling back
You fucking up, say he cuttin' up, but where his scissors at
Millionaire baby paper chasin', where the billions at
The real killa's and the dealers know that you a pussy cat
Got the super soaker, can't wait to get ya' pussy wet
I met this bitch today and I'm already smashin that
She a big booty bitch but I fuck two bitches right after that
My watch a beast, Its a freak, Its a hoe catcher
Hit the club we 100 deep like some protesters
Pockets fat like that fat nigga Nutty Professor
That's his bitch but I just stretched her like a Bowflexer
I work out on the stove lifting pots like a bench presser
Whippin' strong, I get in the zone with the Arm and Hammer
Who the fuck this knocking at my do'?
Its a dope fiend
Say he want a deuce but he only had 15
Cold hearted young nigga, I was only 15
Remy's running round but I still had big dreams
Say she wanna settle down but I don't know what that shit mean
Keep ya' heart to yourself, bitch I don't need you to love me
Keep ya' hands by ya' side, bitch I don't want you to hug me
Only know who turn it be cause only God can judge me
This nigga lookin' at me, what fuck he keep on lookin' fo'
Make me cut ya' fingers off if I catch you in my cookie bowl
I started off selling dope, didn't know how to cook it though
Yeah, a fool with the wrist
Water whippin', make you think I went to school for this shit
Dope finger lickin', make a junkie drool for this shit
Got a pack money and bought a tool with the shit
Put it in my bookbag and went to school with the bitch
Just so I can have an automatic fully for a bully
You gon' take my lunch money always wished a nigga pulled it
I'll make it come in J cutler when I'm throwin' bullets
Rest in peace homes
Did alot of shit I will never speak on
Call my niggas if I ever need someone to reach on
Love them old heads cause they always get they preach on
I'm a dog, she a dog, cause I put a leash on her
Smoking cookie out the zippy smell like real reefer on me [?]
Hit the dealer cop a foreign nigga, ain't no leasing on it
Don't even know which one I wanna buy, too hard to decide
Wanna buy em' all, what I want, damn I forgot
Got no time to wrestle with you niggas, I don't like the box
Rather be up in a cell than laying in a box
Remember I was on the corner, I had rocks in my socks
Beat a nigga ass, watch my whole gang rush ya'
Bitch I'm fucking with ya' feelings, let my whole gang fuck ya'
Young nigga in the field, Gucci cleats on
I'm a street nigga so you know I put the streets on
Nigga playing with his motherfucking life, must not want it nigga
Better use ya' head before I put some bread on it
Since you sleepin' on me, I'm a put ya death bed on it
Trap filled with bunk beds, fruit meth heads on it
I switched lines cause I think the ATF feds on me
Pull up, got my trunk bangin' and my trap house bungin'
Niggas failure, I'm the teacher, I be flunkin' niggas
They be jealous, make me wish I never had to fuck with niggas
Glad I seen it early, now I don't got to be stuck with niggas
Think I'm Marshawn Lynch the way that I be trucking niggas

Gang, gang, bitch, gang gang!
Outwest 290 shit nigga
No Hooks, gang!
YSN, Young street niggas
Skrr skrr skrr skrr skrr...

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Lud Foe Heat Comments
  1. John Klein

    Who still listening to this is 2020 this shit still heat 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  2. John Klein

    Who still listening to this is 2020 this shit still heat 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  3. Icy & Edgar

    blastin dis in 2020 💯😈

  4. c russell

    Damn bro went off.

  5. Tyrell Wood

    Say he wants a duce but he only has 15

  6. Dom Money

    Fire I respect 🔥🔥🔥

  7. Jimmy Brown




  9. Mexico City

    Chief Keef hook + Lud Foe Verse > Anything Pac or Biggie could come up with

  10. Kd Hangman

    Mr collector That the whole torch that can't Wind out

  11. Candy Yams

    this my twerk anthem 🤣🤣

    Joseph Beattie

    Don't blame you. It's mine too 😂

  12. Kendall Rudd

    R.i.p ya ya white dis was his shit 😢

  13. Kapric Ken

    When I was trapping nigha I sold more weed than big worm 😂🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  14. jason wells

    Foe nem knock the top off his bottle margarita him 🔥🔥🔥OMG🤦🏽‍♂️this nigga foe got bars

  15. Rahi Murdock

    Fuck with me and foe nem at yo head like some side burns🔥👑

    Stash !

    Rahi Murdock on g😈

  16. Rez Royce


  17. jacob croft

    Lud foe say paint it wed not red wed

  18. OMGFuziion

    2019? The no hook god 💯

    CFN djwitdajuice

    Best believe

    tragic x lay

    He'll yeah

  19. daddy and daughter Cilien

    That’s a good song 🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤

  20. mackdaddy pimpin

    Yea this some heat alright

  21. GemGem 341



    Nah 3:44 to 4:35 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  22. Daygojit !

    Better use your head before I put some bread on it.. heat is a sleeper 88k views???

  23. Mikey Schwab

    Way to much heat

  24. SwitchBladeCrisis420

    Where the hooks at?


    He's the no hook God. U must not fuck with lud foe. 🤦‍♂️

    Joseph Beattie

    @OMGFuziion think he was playing 😂

  25. Matt Walker

    "Monkey see, Monkey Do, Simon says, music chairs" 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  26. RS3's&CLS -

    Hardest song so far from lud foe

    Juju Slater

    FortniteBattles 💯

    A fat 40 year old Mom

    R3L4X ur dumb this light compared to coolin wit my shooters or suicide or in n out

  27. Richard N


  28. Lo jumpman

    This shit raw as a bitch👌

  29. Lunden Tyler

    Im like Lebrun wit the heat

  30. Billy Johnson

    this shit is so much pass fire

  31. Bernard Mann

    on 20000%

  32. Bernard Mann

    grim reper him too much fireeeee

  33. Itzjuztmar

    Idgaf what anyone says this man is hot as fuck

  34. Big Daddy Bashir

    my manz lud foe is so fucking underrated

  35. Gavin George

    Wtf this fire asf 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Big Daddy Bashir

    of course

  36. curtis thompson


  37. misfit angel

    I like this instrumental

  38. Anthony Buggs

    boochie gang