Lucy Woodward - Too Hot To Last Lyrics

Take it off and take me in
I am not your friend
It isn't hard to see the way this ends
But I'm dying to begin

Blame it on our past
Blame it on our circumstance
Say it sweet but say it fast
We're a fire too hot to last

I feel you feel me again
Sweating through your skin
I don't fear to lose, I don't hope to win
I just want you to give in

Blame it on our past
Blame it on our circumstance
Kiss me deep but kiss me fast
We're a fire too hot to last

We're a fire too hot to last
We're a fire too hot to last
We're a fire too hot to last
We're a fire too hot to last

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Lucy Woodward Too Hot To Last Comments
  1. Juju Ramsey

    I love her raspy voice

  2. Roger Żywopłot

    Love that scratch in her voice! So beautiful!

  3. WhyldH

    Those Snarky feats are always quality ...
    Introducing to other artits by intricating their style with smooth Puppy harmony, Puppy rythme and Puppy composition.
    What they are doing for the music scene is on point.

  4. Tomasi Akimeta

    I found Mal and Inara's theme song

  5. Riccardo Wright

    how does "sexy" sound like?

  6. tubenmarkus

    so good

  7. JD S

    Sublime...Epic! Lucy from heaven! Hands down! ❤️

  8. Jean Brownlee


  9. futt bucker

    What movie was this song on? Swear I'm having deja vu.

  10. Jose Sáez

    Maravilloso! Maravilloso!!!!


    This voice is something else, what an amazing performance ... goosebumps everytime ... ♥

  12. Tomasi Akimeta

    found Inara and Mal's theme song

  13. Chase Edmonds

    New bond soundtrack? ;)

    Dimitar Issussov

    Haahahhahha :D Just an amazing band with great singer.

  14. Elias Antonas

    Snarky Puppy, Jacob Collier, Dream Theatre etc, provide hope in this world of what skillful music is. (That is, worth listening to). I know music is subjective, but I simply appreciate skill. I’ll pick this over Tomorrowland any day, even though some of their stuff is cool too. Ha! Yeah! And stick Guthrie Govan in there 😊

  15. Lucas Busso

    That tremolo/vibrato Michael, just perfect

  16. Victor Jones

    drums are too loud but she is a great vocalist.

  17. Tim Kerwin

    Echoes of Joan Osborne's debut album.

  18. Cankut Bayhan

    bless that chick eh?

  19. RayfieldA

    This track feels like something from the Cowboy Bebop soundtrack! Very cool!!

  20. Łukasz Banaszek

    pure sex!

  21. SaltyTubers

    Still watching in 2018, oh my oh my!

  22. J Multy

    Absolutely perfect

  23. Eelco Vanhorik

    You are the drug of m'y soul !tank you so much !

  24. Guilherme Lopes

    Fucking awesome album....

  25. 8trigrammer

    Sounds like a track on a zombie movie.

  26. Snoo Lee

    "Ballad of the Sad Bhoozhie Life"

  27. Snoo Lee

    this is way too contrived. music school fakes lack sense of reality, have no experience, are in weak position to make art, but strong position to show off. Redux: this is horrible

  28. matt lew

    She really is too hot for me to last...

  29. Dylan Nat Baker

    League on guitar, Lettieri on bass... "Rien ne va plus", place your bets, the cast is upside down ! >.<

    Great song, Lucy Woodward's got an amazing voice !

  30. SatoriZei

    I dream of a family dinner with guest Jonah Nilsson from dirty loops !! please invite him !

  31. Alf Torp

    I'm giving this a "like" because I can't give it a "love".

  32. Rickie Nash

    I friggin loooooooooooove this song

  33. William Putt

    Kendrick Lamar plus snarky puppy would equal mind blown

  34. Max Bernuzzi

    very high level. Chapeau

  35. Gary King

    Absolutely stunning. Tarantino should use it for his next spaghetti western.

  36. Iracord


  37. Add Seymour

    Done. Ordering this CD. Today.

  38. Mains Blanches

    Nice electric barytone guitar!!...

  39. Marwich

    Mark Lettieri playing a bass looks so cool...:D

    Jazz Fusioner


  40. mON HC

    Amazing!! unique style.

  41. Schmutzgreifer

    Sounds like In my time of dying, Led Zeppelin  Just sayin...........................

  42. 머찜


  43. StretchDub

    Remind me of Skyfall

  44. denali637

    Seems like such a good track for a Lettieri solo...weird that he and League "switched"...

  45. Luciano Nogueira

    muito bom!!! linda voz!!

  46. MaskedMan66

    I love Lucy!

    (Hey, that'd make a great title for a T.V. show!)

  47. shay nakash

    shes defenetly hotttt....

  48. North Sound Audio

    This song is the epitome of musicianship. While not particularly complicated, the band is ON POINT, and FEELS what they are playing! Same with Lucy... A mastery of a vocal performance, from soft and sweet at the start, to loud and visceral at the end... I get chills every time!

    Jazz Fusioner


  49. Matthias Kiemle

    She´s too hot....

  50. Mike Slavin

    OhmyGod! Snarky Puppy plus Lucy - too much - but I can live with the overload. Wonder ful, Sexy, Groove excess, just plain Beautiful.

  51. Amanda Schiappacasse

    Me encanta *-*

  52. Ron c Shaw

    is she the female singer from Zero 7?

    North Sound Audio

    I don't think she's ever performed with Zero 7. The raspiness when she opens up at the end does remind me a bit of Sia Furler (vocalist on Zero 7 song "Destiny" among many others).

    Jazz Fusioner

    As Soundman says she didnt and indeed has that raspy edge like Sia. Other singers in Z7 were Sophie from UK...and Tina Dico from excellent composer and singer...

  53. gyrojomo

    What a voice; like Olivia Newton John on steroids. Love it.

  54. Mickey White

    HOLY >>>fill in the blanks!!!!

  55. salah alawi

    one of the best song iv ever heard guys ;)

  56. brian boyd

    Damn pop-screen in the way of her beauty

  57. Shuji Hirasawa

    Very cool baritone guitar and vocals

  58. Fweddy Fwintsone

    Awesome band playing a horrible song.

  59. Nina Njoroge

    I love her hasky voice. soulful mixed with Rock.

  60. Stephen Barlow

    shoutout to the video that made me buy a baritone

  61. Papi

    Fucking Amazing!

  62. Mary Tear

    Fabulous track. Love it!

  63. Connor Behrmann

    I got to see Lucy Woodward just the other day, and she is absolutely phenomenal. So glad that she's started touring again!

  64. Sitar&Guitar

    The Chord progressions remind me of Zero 7. Melody Harmony with Just that extra something funk with bass oomph

  65. Arjun Kumar

    sounds like Danzig's black hell

  66. jen8rve

    Killer- just incredible vocals and music

  67. Edoardo Giuffria

    Lucy is so sexy

  68. MusicLanding

    wow wow wowww ! 🎧🎧🎧👏👏👏

  69. Robert Green

    Is Mike playing guitar? What is this witchcraft?

    The man is a bonafide bass hero of mine!

    rafael marchante angulo

    baritone guitar, he's a producer and arranger as well as bass player so unsurprising! :) he plays keys too, he's awesome

    Robert Green

    He is awesome! I love his keyboard-esque style and groove. I sill think he belongs on the 4 string though! :)

    Terry Miller

    Everyone who studies music at the college/university level has to at least be "piano literate" as I call it. If piano is not your primary instrument, you study it.

  70. Shay Jones

    Sing girl! Wow!

  71. Doug Gross

    Walking through a Barnes & Noble the other night and this started oozing out of the speakers overhead. I had no idea who it was, so I googled "too hot to last". Someone else wrote eargasmic... yep. There's just nothing about this that's not sexy. I had never heard of Snarky Puppy or Lucy Woodward, but I have Family Dinner 1&2 on the way from Amazon.

    Stephen Barlow

    you should check out their other instrumental stuff as well

    Doug Gross

    I will absolutely.

    rafael marchante angulo

    and don't buy from amazon please!! buy from the artists: Snarky Puppy have a great bandcamo site where you can buy all of their music. Amazon pays 0 tax in many places and has horrendous worker policies at the very least here in the UK, I'm quite sure elsewhere too.

    Alf Torp

    "Oozing". Perfect description. There is no other way to describe it accurately.

  72. Marysabel Chininin Paquiyauri

    That voice so special

  73. John Swanton

    Love this...

  74. Julien Loffredo

    ;) à Mr Naulleau.

  75. Pablo Horteg

    I didn't know snarky puppy did stuff like this, I had only heard the mind blowing fusion work. This is just a GREAT song played with incredible delicacy and restraint, a real beauty.

    Wayne Blanchard

    Snarky Puppy's 'Family Dinner' CD/DVD sets (Vol. 1 and more recently Vol. 2) feature guest vocalists and a diversity of styles.

  76. mminsc23

    That head nod at as fuck.

  77. Toby Wright

    Remind anyone of firefly?

  78. Eric Fricke

    Haha Cory at 3:00

    agustin bugnoni

    +Eric Fricke a black panther attack xD

  79. Nahuman

    This makes me think of Firefly, and just so beautiful that I could cry.

    Nya Rvn

    +Nahuman the feels man, the feels.

  80. Mateus Santos Guitar7

    Snarky Puppy vem pro Brasil tocar samba, MPB, Baião!!! Desafio! kkkkk
    Com brasileiros!!!

  81. Craig Morrison

    M. League is playing a baritone guitar. The middle 4 strings are thicker and tuned down... Very hip sound.

    Nick H

    Craig Morrison I didn't even know that was a thing

    Guy Lozeau

    They also have a baritone or bass clarinet in the brass section. Very very very innovative guys

    Alex Price

    On a baritone guitar, all of the strings are tuned down a fourth.


    Ill get that same guitar on friday!! Excitet!!!!

    Rod Balingit

    you mean a Djent guitar?

  82. Leo Schroeder


  83. Harvey Mcknight

    Say it Sweet

  84. Cristóbal Belda Pérez

    AWESOME!! is the guitar tuned in B?¿


    +Cristóbal Belda Pérez It's a baritone guitar, standard tuning but down a 4th


    +David Easton please tell me more.... I want to purchase a danelectro baritone but have no clue about tuning..... grazie from Venice Italy!!

  85. Voodoo Mojo

    ohhh GOOOD !!!!

  86. Jack Fogarty

    Michael League on guitar and Mark Letteri on bass?!

    Ant A

    My thoughts exactly

    Dave Pinnell

    Baritone guitar

  87. Zidders Roofurry

  88. Mishonda

    This brought me to tears, gee whiz!!! 😩😪

  89. Simon Thill


  90. Chris Hardie // Function Saxophonist

    Stunning performance last night at Snarky's gig in Glasgow too!

  91. Peter

    They played this in Manchester last night. Incredible. Have never seen a better gig and never will until I see SP again.

  92. Rickie Nash

    Damn I love this song😊

  93. John Yeh

    That's some soul in that performance!

  94. Facundo tolosa

    Eargasmic.. I think I have a musical boner

    Will Hain

    +Facundo tolosa I think I have a real one.. I and wasn't even watching the video

  95. Mummy Piggles

    03:28 Bass face

  96. Peter Teare

    I think I need to take a cold shower
    That was beyond Beautiful.